Michael “Tex” Hearon

Michael “Tex” Hearon is an associate producer for Ground Zero with a diverse radio background. Working as a plumber for Weber State University Tex studied radio on an employee scholarship. Tex’s collegiate efforts landed him with a Classic Rock program with KWCR.

Tex cut his teeth professionally at Talk Radio Network with Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Monica Crowley, The late Jerry Doyle, Rusty Humphries, Tammy Bruce, Phil Hendrie and Executive Producer for Science Fantastic, hosted by Michio Kaku. Chasing a little girl brought Tex to Portland and hooked up Alpha Media USA. The rest is history in the making. Tex produces the montages for Ground Zero, screening callers providing excellent listener content and produces the nightly podcast for Soundcloud.

Tex is a Capricorn… and says more people than his mamma thinks he is pretty! Give us a call and “By God Don’t Swear!!”

He’s Texy and he know’s it!

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