Today the press released the photos of what is now being called the victim of the causeway Cannibal. The story has seemed to kick off what is being called the Zombie apocalypse because the attacker Rudy Eugene ate the face off of a homeless drifter on the Miami MacArthur Causeway. Police say they emptied 5 rounds into the attacker before he was killed.

This case was part of at least 6 other cases where people have demonstrated super human strength and have growled at police before they were apprehended. There seemed to be other unrelated cases where peculiar behaviors were noted by the police and many of them sounded like they could be included in a horror film.

Police in New Jersey report that A man stabbed himself repeatedly and then threw his skin and intestines at the officers.

The crazed man was in the corner of the room with a knife in his hand, and he stood up, he yelled at police while stabbing himself all over his body. Officers noticed that his intestines were protruding from a wound in his abdomen and when the man saw what he had done began cutting his intestines and skin hurling them at the officers.

Meanwhile in Canada a gruesome scene at the The Conservative party headquarters. The Ottawa coroner’s office confirmed that a package that was sent there contained a severed human foot.

200 kilometers away the RCMP were investigating the possibility that the foot came from a human torso that was on a pile of garbage.

The question I am sure everyone is asking is what the hell is going on? A friend of mine sent me a note from a twitter account that said “I heard a quote today Monsters are people who have stopped pretending.”

That chilled me especially with all of these horrifying news reports of Zombies and cannibals in the news.

When western anthropologists first heard reports of witch doctors who could issue deadly curses, they quickly found rational explanations. The families of the cursed often felt there was no point wasting food on the “walking dead”, for example. That’s why many of the cursed would die: simple starvation.

Many of them would walk in a daze; some were starving to the point of wanting to eat another human. Their normal lives were literally taken from them, they had nothing to live for, and really had no reason to behave in a civilized matter. It became evident that the so called curse was a traumatic psychological event and they would become more like predators.

This type of psychological cursing is very effective because if someone is told that they are defined by a toxic environment, they stop pretending and act like Monsters. Michael Crichton once stated that any group of people that are told by an authority that they will eventually die will prepare accordingly. Many will die as a result of the mere suggestion of death to arrive.

In voodoo it is known as “pointing the bone” science calls it a Nocebo effect the opposite of the Placebo effect.

In the 1970s, for example, doctors diagnosed a man with end-stage liver cancer, and told him he had just a few months to live. Though the patient died in the predicted time, an autopsy showed the doctors had been mistaken. There was a tiny tumor, but it had not spread. It seemed the doctors’ prognosis had been a death curse.

I am beginning to put together a thesis that we are being subjected to a large scale Nocebo event. The effects seem to be working on a few people and may spread to others unless we identify it and try to reverse it.

With the prevailing eschatology and the predictions of the world apocalypse I can now see that a critical mass of individuals are giving up or becoming hostile because all they hear about is how their future is going to be an apocalyptic cataclysm. We are seeing that people who used to love life begin to lose their zest for life. We begin to see children thinking about suicide or even killing playmates. We are hearing about children who sexually assault other children and we are hearing about bullying and how those who are bullied have an audience on You tube saying good bye and some taking their lives for all to see.

Since 2009 Ground Zero has speculated on the idea of a worldwide plan to create a social crisis and having it grow into a social civil war. It would have to be a pretty large wedge that equally offended both blacks and whites, immigrants and all classes. This would create a monkey wrench in the system creating division and chaos that would not be limited to partisan bickering or International differences.

Think of all the social concerns that are swirling into a Nocebo effect, anything from apocalyptic paranoia, to health care concerns, to radiation dangers, Climate change, and global contagion or pandemic.

A year ago there was curious blog on the Centers for disease control website that generated a swirl of controversy. The blog entry was written by Ali S. Kahn on the CDC website and it literally called for the American people to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. While there is debate over whether or not the entry was satirical the opening statement said emphatically “that you may laugh about it now but when it happens you will be glad that you prepared.”

The report goes into great detail about how the zombie apocalypse would begin and
how the sick and dying would roam the street infecting all that come in contact with

The CDC Zombie file indicated that there were checklists and scary facts about being ready to be relocated to government camps, even leaving dying family members behind that didn’t take the time or care to vaccinate against strains of flu and other maladies that may trigger the living to become plague ridden flesh eaters.

Hidden in the Zombie apocalypse agenda is the formality allowing the president to
declare martial law if he so chooses in the event of an epidemic. You can be jailed
if you do not surrender your medical records showing that you are healthy. Drug
companies are without liability if the vaccine kills anyone who gets it.

What the CDC won’t tell you is that if the so called zombie apocalypse happens it
could be the result of government testing and open air inoculations through the use of
chemtrails, contaminated food and that tainting of the water supply.

As It has been the agenda by the elite to cull 2/3rds of the world’s population. Agenda 21 and the meetings of Bilderberg and club of Rome, have all placed at the forefront programs and ideas to promote global sustainability. The biggest secret of all is that with the human genome projects and other genetic programs the elite not only can kill at will, but can make better soldiers, and also control the birth process through programs of Eugenics, abortion and designer babies. They are able to genetically change the plants we consume and use vaccines that can also damage us on a cellular level.

Government seems to thrive on a manufactured crisis to justify its existence and its policies and to stop its approval ratings going into freefall. This is very disturbing considering the idea of crisis was first proposed in the Project for the new American century in order to create a need for an expanded Military. It makes you question your own stability when you consider that perhaps there are crisis talks about what kind of manufactured crisis is to be initiated and when it will be carried out. The manufactured crisis must also have maximum impact in order to create a climate of fear and absolute urgency to create a fear based consensus that will demand a solution as easy and as fast as possible.

What we are seeing in the news as of late is so rare and horrifying that it defies description. We are told that it could be a designer drug that can create these flesh eating humans or humans that have no real desire to be humans, but to behave like cannibalistic beasts.

This new designer drug or whatever is triggering the so called Zombie activity could very well be the catalyst for the demand that has been sought by the Obama administration to enforce “healthcare reform” that is a more detailed form of a medical surveillance state where electronic medical records will be used and “Blood DNA” data bases will be amassed in order to maintain a gene based directive for future health coverage. These directives are hidden eugenics directives that have been proposed by the CFR and will be monitored by the F.B.I. and W.H.O., the CDC and the C.I.A.

People out of fear tend to think that if an authority says it is for their own good it must be. It has been shown that the mind can act irrationally during times of unrest or in times of stress. The threat of a Zombie Holocaust could trigger all sorts of proposals in order to guarantee enforcement of health defenses in the homeland.
Health authorities as well as Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano have been hyping the inevitability of a mass contagion that will inevitably wipe out American citizens. Are we beginning to see a mental breakdown and crisis where bacteria and or drug induced psychosis could trigger full scale mental breakdown across the country?

It’s becoming disconcertingly clear that post-9/11 America has no trouble accepting soldiers patrolling our streets with military equipment and Black Helicopters. SWAT teams have been replaced with combat ready CERT teams, and soon we could be seeing soldiers in digital camouflage patrolling city streets. With Obama’s Nocebo threats, the dread can be so great that soldiers and policemen can and will be interchangeable. In fact, most Americans seem convinced that the threat to “homeland security” is now an eternal struggle and once again rationalize their various opinions based on a Nocebo of terror fear and the necessity to eradicate it.

They are easily persuaded to dismiss more than 200 years of history, including posse comitatus and any other bulwark against military mission creep on the home front. If there’s a manual on how to create a crisis to fool the public, I’m sure it would say that it’s very important to plant false ideas when the public is in a vulnerable state. If the public are hit with crisis after crisis people will demand a solution or some may flood the streets in civil disobedience. The deluge will allow an excuse for control. Once again we will see “inferred justification” being used to allow the need for a Police state.

Most Americans are far removed from the idea that our government could be anything but a benevolent father figure. This type of attitude is the breeding ground for all sorts of state socialist policies. This would have been case regardless of who was at the helm of the country. The socialist “daddy state” creep is not the product of an Obama administration it is the agenda of the New World Order.

The agenda is clearly to get you to give up. The agendas are being created to persuade you to become a monster, a monster that no longer has morality, or the desire to be human.

They want you to become a monster that no longer needs to pretend. monster that decides that it no longer needs to pretend.