Former CBS news anchor Dan Rather told an audience in Aspen Colorado last year, that journalism has declined to such a point that it is time for the government to intervene.  Rather said “traditional journalism is under siege” and called for media reform to become an “immediate national priority.”

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I am beginning to feel technically the same way about Independent media online.  Not that the government  should intervene,  but because of the idea that now anyone who claims to be an alternative or independent thinker can mislead people who have no interest in using discretion with the information they receive. Those who present information should also see it as a responsibility and not some inalienable right.

There are many people who are looking for answers to questions about the distribution of power and wealth in the world. They need answers about crime, political corruption, and the cover ups of uncomfortable information.

Many of them look to mainstream media outlets for this information and find themselves coming up empty.  Now with the internet it is possible for individuals to find new outlets that reinforce their opinion of the world, reinforce their own perspectives and unfortunately their own prejudices.

Much of what is written and produced on blogs has been demonized by the mainstream media as collective rumor or Conspiracy theory.  Even in the face of certain extinction the mainstream media networks and Newspapers fight to the death in order to keep its mental grip on the people and demonize the internet and those who report stories outside of the framed narrative.

There is information that the political world wants you to believe.  The media then takes that world and through hyper reality reinforces the opinions of the political world.   There used to be a time where the media questioned and challenged the political view.  Made people aware of what was really happening.  Now they make Gods of politicians.

Political action in the form of new social movements protesting international meetings, socialized health care and over-taxation has gained media attention.

Research suggests that the media marginalizes and delegitimizes protest activity.  The Media will take the side of the powerful and will malign the protest with reports of violence.

The violence that we see at protests may be may the product of a well thought out counter attack created by agents provocateur or sleeper agents that are paid sums of money by the FBI, CIA and NSA to create an air of criminality in order to give probable cause  for  mass arrest and harassment of  the public.

The internet is also being used as a tool to marginalize those who try to get out information that is not being covered by the mainstream.  There are many so called ‘conspiracy theorists” or “fringe narrators” who are followed religiously by those who think that their information is sound.

However it needs to be pointed out that there are admittedly agents who are part of COINTELPRO and they enter into the independent media and tend to steer it into areas that can create lawlessness and bigotry.

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COINTELPRO  in  a simplified  definition is where the FBI uses ’spy’ citizens to provoke other normally peaceful citizens into doing violent and criminal activity.

Hal Turner  a talk show host and alleged White supremacist told his blog readers to “take up arms”  against Connecticut lawmakers. He also said government officials should “obey the Constitution or die.” In June he wrote that the Illinois federal appeals judges “deserve to be killed” because they issued a ruling that upheld ordinances in Chicago and suburban Oak Park banning handguns. Turner included photos of the judges and the room numbers of their chambers at the courthouse.

Turner now has been arrested for this and in his defense his lawyers have revealed that he was a “plant”  by the FBI on the internet to get people to commit violent acts.  Hal Turner allegedly was an FBI trained agent provocateur, his attorney told reporters that Turner worked for the agency from 2002 until 2007. His job was basically to publish information which would cause other parties to act in a manner which would lead to their arrest.

Recently 9 members of a Militia group known as the Hutaree were arrested and were allegedly preparing for what they believed would be an apocalyptic battle with the forces of the Antichrist, who they believed would be supported and defended by federal and local police agencies.

The nine had been indicted by a Federal grand jury in Detroit on charges of seditious conspiracy attempted use of weapons of mass destruction, teaching the use of explosive materials, and possessing a firearm during a crime of violence. The indictment said that the Hutaree planned to attack law enforcement vehicles during the funeral procession for the officers they planned to kill, using IED Bombs.

It was later revealed that an undercover FBI agent was accepted into group.  That FBI Agent taught them how to make and successfully detonate these bombs.  Court papers suggest that the FBI Agent encouraged members to use these weapons in order to carry out their mission.

Homeland security has now determined that the new terrorism will not come from the Middle East but from home grown extremists.  They have underlined in their new watchdog agenda, groups like fundamentalist Christians,   white supremacists, conspiritorialists, paramilitary groups, and all forms of extremism.  The media  has gone out of their way to compare groups like the 9/11 truth movement, The Obama birth movement ,  Global warming skeptics and the tea party movement to Holocaust deniers, white supremacists and anti Semitic groups.

According to a recent report President Barack Obama’s appointee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs advocates “cognitive infiltration” of groups that  support “conspiracy theories” like the ones surrounding 9/11.

According to a report by Daniel Tencer , Cass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor, co-wrote an academic article entitled “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures,” in which he argued that the government should stealthily infiltrate groups that pose alternative theories on historical events via “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine” those groups.

As head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Sunstein is in charge of “overseeing policies relating to privacy, information quality, and statistical programs.   He is here to quite literally abolish freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

What is their plan?

The very groups and sources of the conspiracy or extremist views have to be infiltrated. Sunstein, suggests that the government “enlist nongovernmental officials in the effort to rebut the theories. It might ensure that credible independent experts offer the rebuttal, rather than government officials themselves. There is a tradeoff between credibility and control, however. The price of credibility is that government cannot be seen to control the independent experts.”

They are preparing to infiltrate and obfuscate.

Sunstein advocates the infiltration of what he deems “extremist” groups so that it can undermines the groups’ confidence to the extent that “new recruits will be suspect and participants in the group’s virtual networks will doubt each other’s bona fides.”

In other words what Sunstein supports is a fascist maneuver that encourages the infiltrating and spying on Americans, their groups and organizations to obstruct Free Speech, disrupt the exchange of ideas and disseminate false information to neutralize Americans that might openly question government policies and procedures.

Sunstein has also expressed views that are considered to be outrageous in fact borderline loony. Among many of his weird concepts He advocates the idea of animals being permitted to bring cruelty lawsuits in court against humans using human representation.

He has even gone so far as saying that if a rat “suffers” after being expelled from a house, it can be considered animal cruelty. He says that if people kill rats they should do so in a way that will minimize their distress and suffering.

Needless to say his record on the second amendment, animal rights and now conspiracy theories shows that he is an extremist and should be exposed as such.

It doesn’t change however the very real infiltration of the information sources that are not filtered on the internet and even information that comes from so called independent media sources.

Now this is where the police state also becomes an “information surveillance state” where undercover agent provocateurs are hired to disrupt meetings, protests, any group or individual who wants to expose the fascist policies of the government.

As History unfolds it becomes quite clear that how we interpret it is based on quick glances at a newspaper, a magazine or new program that is owned and operated by a company that has a controlling political interest in what is being reported.  This type of journalism is what you would expect in a country where the press is not free.

What we see now is a highly controlled propaganda machine that is now going to fragment any questioning activity or report. What we see now are active agents from alphabet agencies hired to create a desired chaos to harden the resolve of those who wish to support the police state.

It seems we have traded one despot for another that is clever, charismatic and fearful of opposing opinions to his policies.

This once again widens the gyre for social war and divisive civil unrest.  Evidently we are in a social cold war now with partisan, divided and racial tensions.   We see family members turn on family members, churches war with other churches and political parties’ war with each other. This new form of infiltration is another recipe for disaster.

Soon we have the potential to see a Military agent leading a group or police agent leading a group –fighting for control of a region and declare a regional government that does not recognize the central government.

It happens in other countries that have devalued themselves with social war. There are agents that are paid by governmental operative agencies and other groups to infiltrate and encourage violence. Sometimes these agents become blowbacks or go rogue becoming organized, gang leaders, mob bosses or warlords.

Not to mention other groups that are violent like the Black Bloc being infiltrated by undercover police and FBI agents that destroy property and attack police causing a riot that could lead to Martial law.

As a matter of fact it has been discussed before on NPR and Democracy Now that Law enforcement already has been caught placing highly paid agents in anarchist groups that set the agenda for Black Bloc protests that aim to disrupt normal protests and get the attention of the media. Here is a picture of the police actually taking down alleged Black Bloc protesters.  Notice that the “Bloc” members are actually wearing the same boots as the police.

In every report the media files about protests, not one singles out the Black Bloc as the perpetrators of violence.  They merely say that the protest becomes chaotic, property is damaged, police are called in and arrests are made.  This is followed by public opinion that something should be done and the protest should be silenced.

The question is when the Black Bloc incites violence whose side are they really on?  Who benefits from their violent behavior?

The police do.

This is why some people even conspiracy theorists question their motives.

In the United States you always take for granted that you will never be in the cross hairs of a rogue element within a government.  You see that policies are now being aimed against you.  Paid informants and even organizers of urban warfare are going into extremist groups to have them fire the shot of a bloody and pointless revolution.

If they are doing this now and admitting it, what makes you think that this “criminal element”  has not been used before? Think of Jonestown and their association with the “World Vision” association and UNITA. Who were they and why were they tied to the CIA?

Nine days after Jonestown, San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were killed. Both men had received financial support from Jonestown Cult leader Jim Jones while he was in San Francisco and were involved in an ongoing investigation into their involvement in the disappearance of Peoples Temple funds.

Dan White, described as being in a “zombie state” at the time of the killings, murdered them. Was white some sort of secret operative?

White’s lawyers attempted to defend their client by stating that White had been temporarily insane due to the effects of eating too much sugar, a defense which was mockingly known as the Twinkie defense.

Now think of Waco and the notion that David Koresh and his followers committed suicide on April 19, Th 1993.

The FBI and army attack the Mount Carmel compound of the Branch Davidians.  Tanks ram holes in the building and CS gas is pumped inside.  Pyrotechnic devices are fired into the building, igniting a fire that soon becomes an inferno.  Seventy-four men, women, and children are found dead inside the building.

Who is there to witness the murder of the cult members?  Timothy McVeigh, the man who detonated a bomb at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Now think of Oklahoma City and “John Doe.” The involvement of a John Doe or unknown male suspect other than McVeigh or Terry Nichols in the bombing has remained a simmering controversy. Skeptics ask why the FBI canceled an investigation into the whereabouts of a Middle Eastern male fleeing the scene in the immediate aftermath of the explosion.

Numerous eyewitness accounts had identified Middle Eastern men in the company of McVeigh in the days and weeks before the April 19th, 1995 bombing. Now there is no mention or even an investigation. McVeigh was executed.

April 20th, 1999 two armed high school seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, walked through Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. They assembled bombs and used military style weapons. In the end, 12 students, one teacher and the two suspects were dead.

On April 21, a press conference was held by Jefferson County District Attorney David Thomas and Sheriff John Stone, saying that they suspected that other people helped plan the shooting.  Who were these other people and why are we no longer interested in finding them? Who taught the two gunmen how to create weapons of mass destruction?

Think of April 16th 2007 and the Virginia tech shootings.

On April 27th, 2007, I appeared at Dante’s and during a Ground Zero Lounge I mentioned that the Virginia tech shootings were the product of an agent provocateur or a sleeper agent.  There were triggers and coincidences that pointed to nefarious undertakings and trauma based programming– maybe even agent training and microwave mind control with the case. I stated that violence such as this benefits the “cause” or the resolve of the tyrannical king.

The king at the time was George W. Bush.

[google 796735512005318795]

As you can see, three years have passed.  We have a new president and the policies have stayed idle.  Those men and women that he chooses to be a part of his cabinet are now supporting the idea of creating and embedding agents that could create the kind of violent outcomes that we have seen in the past.

Government is obviously composed of corrupt and paranoid people, and therefore they are a legitimate object of criticism and constant exposure.

If your own political party is in power, then it is easier for you to say that all things are moving smoothly.  Yet it has been demonstrated time infinitum that the State has become infiltrated by individuals with corrupt secret societal philosophies that if implemented can dramatically change the way we live.

Their party affiliation has no bearing on their hidden agendas.  Those that hide in the shadows make policy in order to secure the state power hold and continuity of fraudulent government.

Now think of the biggest crime of the century, the attacks of 9/11.

It has certainly created chaos and has fragmented attitudes in this country.  Is it any great leap of logic to determine that if agents are being used now to cause chaos that agents were used for the attacks of 9/11 to do the same thing?

And now they are being used again to throw everyone off of the trail of lies and deceit.

What a brilliant plan to harden the resolve for a police state.

Our economic depression is still with us.  Even though we hear of spikes of economic booms it is still a major problem.  We have been hearing the words of our President.

The words have been that no change is in store for the war that was handed to him by George W. Bush.  We are now caught in the notion that we may see another 10 years of full on war.

We may see within the next year a full on World War. This time however the tables will be turned and we will be the target of a nuclear bombardment.  We will be in the midst of disaster economy, collecting money from the sick and the families of the dead to establish the new Government and Military rule.

Remember George W. Bush had 9/11 to fall back on. When the war effort became a worn out notion he and Dick Cheney could rally the people by referring to God and 9/11.  He told us not to question the attacks, or the motive or even bring up that it was a conspiracy when it most definitely was.

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Obama has nothing to fall on anymore.  To continue support for these wars Obama needs an event too.  He needs his quest, his direction and his rallying center for the battle cry.

He is now obviously swatting at flies by attacking conspiracy theorists.  Obama needs to realize that he looks like he his hiding something and covering up the criminal behavior by encouraging Moles to behave like mob informants.

[youtube cuASoVK8f9c]

I ask is this America?

How is it that during the Bush years we were obsessed with getting out of these wars that we are fighting? Now we have accepted them. Now we are ardent supporters of a bigger war in Afghanistan when history has shown time and time again that Afghanistan is virtually unconquerable. It doesn’t make any sense that we have given Barack Obama more room to move his pieces where he wants in order to insure another World War.

A world War that many believe will be the war known as Armageddon.  How are we not protesting this?  Why is it that if we question these moves we are being labeled as conspiracy theorists, racists, or extremists?

And if we do protest or question who will be the hired hands available to disrupt our protests with violence, or confuse and censor the message?

Will we even notice?  Or will we blindly self censor to neglect our responsibility of discernment.

The biggest truth in war is that there is no truth.

The idea of moving towards this beefed up war is extremist and confusing.   It points out that people aren’t paying attention to history or that they merely don’t care because they believe that we are too big and too powerful to fail in our resolve.

But what is the resolve?  The American hegemony ?  The New World Order?  National Socialism ? Communism?  Why are we at war?  Can anyone give me an answer why peace is no longer a priority of the change we can believe in?  Why have we forfeited justice? Why do we seek to shut people up about the attacks of 9/11 or the origin and birthplace of our President?

[youtube proi6NFdKVs]

Is there something being hidden?

These actions of obfuscation should not be able to stand in America. They should send up red flags as to what is to come.

This is evidence of mass mind control and mass compliance.  It is evidence of pathocracy.  Evil has been adjusted to fit the needs of the powerful.

I can shout this from the rooftops but I can’t change anyone’s opinion.  The only way opinion is swayed in this country is when someone with enough power can demonstrate that they are losing– that disaster is eminent.

I contend that disaster is sure.  It will come to us like a thief in the night. We will be forced to act, or die.  You will either be with them – or part of their extremist dragnet.

We all know how we personally feel about health reform. But the majority of Americans stop short of caring when it comes to killing suspicious brown people.  We stop short of understanding that the guns will eventually be pointed at us.

[youtube VmoghK44jdI]

We can’t fathom the idea that corruption has no conscience and that trained paramilitary thugs have no conscience when their trigger fingers have an itch to hunt those who cause dissent.

The elite had no “care”  when they ritualized the attacks on New York in 2001.  They swiftly made it their starting point for deceit and profit from an over budgeted war machine literally kicking the corpses of those who perished for loose change.

Can anyone see that the charge from homeland security that extremism will not be tolerated is merely an excuse to justify martial law if we do not comply with their wishes?  How is this healthy for America? How can we trust our government when they do not trust us?

How can we say that we are functioning as a united country when the ideas of “extremism” are being thrown around at people who question whose side they are really on?

This is supposed to be a country that encourages free thinking, it is supposed to listen to meaningful protest and do the will of the people.  It most certainly is not at this time in history and it is not just with Obama we can point the finger – it is with every previous administration that rejected the rule of law for the rule of the War machine.

I am sure that the idea of foiling the conspiracy theorist narrative, and infiltrating protests with violent anarchists excites people who crave deterrent drivel.

It helps to keep us ignoring the original concern that the economy is going bankrupt, and that the criminals have robbed us of our financial futures. That this administration is still supporting two wars that were forged by men who had no exit strategy. It is obvious that there was no plan and no way out and now the solution is to encourage the growth of the Military industrial complex which includes urban warfare, martial law, surveillance and undercover spying.

The game is up, our Empire is losing international relevance the Emperor has no clothes, we are going broke and yet we still refuse to accept this obvious reality because an irrelevant mainstream press continues to push Hope and prosperity. The powerful have hope and prosperity.  Those who have no power are living under the gun. We see footage on the news and online that shows bullying, and police brutality.  We see footage of soldiers firing on innocent civilians in Iraq as if they are avatars in a video game. We see Dystopia instead of functioning government.

Where is the progressive opposition to dropping powerful bombs on crowds of innocent people, invading their land, overthrowing their government, occupying the country, breaking down the doors of the citizens, killing the father, raping the mother, traumatizing the children?  All based on lies that were spun out the September 11th, attacks.  Now if I question, or if I listen to someone else’s views I may be mislead by a government agent that has been carefully placed in a spot of power to confuse my thinking.

And how is it that I am an extremist if I oppose it?  How do I go from being an extremist to being racist if I oppose Obama’s policies meaning that this IS the policy of Barack Obama.  Obama says he will find the right war to save our economy and guarantee our might.  He has left the door wide open for an attack on our homeland.

He has left the door wide open for homegrown terrorism.

A year ago MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, Air-America and  rallied an anti Bush audience against policies of war.  Now they have to support the war policies of Obama.  This is amazing if not more than pathological.

The Bush administration warmed us up for an invasion mentality and now Obama gives it a bit more of a Hollywood glimmer.  We have gone from being evil aggressors to humanitarians in one election. Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize.

This is a nightmare.

This also confirms that Keith Olbermann, Air America and Move are now irrelevant and in denial.

Conservative hosts like Limbaugh, and even Alex Jones  are irrelevant too because all they can come up with for shock value is a poster showing Obama as the Joker  and screaming socialism because of a health care plan that has numerous flaws.  It’s easy to attack these things. Jones says he is taking down the  New World Order when he is merely taking notes.

But they purposefully avoid the war subject because the foreign policy of Military adventures still remains intact.  Wire tapping still exists, Patriot act is extended and I am sure they too would wish the 911 truth movement would be discredited.  They have more money behind them to spread whatever they want and they are human and can be bought off.

The mainstream news usually sides with the powerful and neglects their responsibility to the powerless.  This creates a huge schism.  The powerless lose their trust of the mainstream media and find relationships with other media online.   Now those relationships could mean confusion and a complete stall of freethinking. This attacks your cognitive liberty.

Your protests now will also be suspect.  Those creating violence in protests and gatherings will be suspected of being agents running afoul with constitutional presence and support.

Fueled by Blog-and Website culture, entertainment, shock-value and megalomania has become more important than journalistic truth.

Attracting readers and sparking controversy is valued more than presenting reliable information. Underlying this, are roots of deep seated  physiological and psychological trauma from which the Dark Side of Conspiracy Theory takes hold.

This is the flaw that the controllers of information want and need to exploit.  Even if groups like the Black Bloc are not agents of the police they now benefit them by creating violence at protests and wearing masks to hide their identity.

America has now been devalued. Prepare yourself for divisions of philosophies and the encouraged discontent to provoke a clash.  There will rebellions, total strikes, transportation halts, and mass terrorist attacks from Americans that are worried about the future.

Can you imagine food riots, gas wars, and mass arrests at rallies and protests because of information and actions that obfuscate the American people?

As governments accrue more power to themselves, they seek out ways to expand and complete their control – and fear and dread secure the ideal atmosphere in which to enforce this type of mindless conformity.  Prior to 9/11 the United States was a country that had a healthy suspicion of the policies of their government.  There was investigation after investigation into wrong doing conducted by the state.

After the attacks people turned to government as a protective entity.  Now we are being told that it is not patriotic to question those in authority.  The Government somehow is now synonymous with country and constitution.  Now that we know that there have been sins committed by our leaders no one wants to cast the first stone.  And if a stone is cast it is either by a government trained extremist or the agent that is sent to encourage the stone throwing.

The death of our constitutional rights has been encouraged by the fearful.   The Power of the police state will not be relinquished.

Choose your information and your social and political friends wisely.

Because not everyone who rebels, or commits acts of violence, bullhorns at rallies and speaks against the government– speaks the truth.