Tetrad: A Blood Moon In The Grand Cardinal Cross


When a celestial event is about to occur, there is plenty of excitement and anxiety that accompanies such an event. There are always heavenly signs and anomalies and depending on which astrologer you ascribe to there are many different causal models that influence humans on a psychological level. Humans can be influenced by these celestial events by means of minute disturbances of “the energy force” that is accompanied by other known forces such as electromagnetism and gravity.

Much of what we can call the mechanism of a celestial event not only interferes with energy forces, but it also creates a familiar symbolic anticipation that connects to past present and future events that if exposed will show that humans do respond to celestial events in ways many skeptics will dismiss as coincidence.

When you open your mind to conspiracy history and mystical histories you will find that there have been cycles in those histories that point to cataclysmic cycles and apocalyptic cycles that coincide with celestial events.

Many people who are religious realize that there astrological overtures and ancient ritualism found in the holy books of the Koran, Bible and Talmud.

World events are not simply circumstantial, but the result of an organized campaign by an elite group of unseen and widely unknown world leaders whose movements are mysterious and at most times correlate perfectly with events that happen in the stars. Beliefs in ancient symbolism, secret societal occultism, and ritual magic affects us all regardless of religious beliefs or practices.

Leaders of the world, including religious leaders like the Pope, answer to other philosophies secretly while outwardly they combine new age and biblical symbolism to exercise absolute control over the world. Warlords are also guilty of timing military campaigns to celestial events and as we move towards the days of the “blood moon” we must stop and analyze exactly what is happening around us and how these celestial events trigger changes in how we as humans see ourselves.

Events that have been triggered during these powerful events have had a more prolific effect on all of us, whether we choose to believe it or not.

Susan Miller, a well-known astrologer, was interviewed earlier in the year by the Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom. She raised awareness about how crazy of a month April would be because of the celestial events that were going to happen. She stated that not since the times of the American Revolution has there been this many celestial events. Miller was probably the only astrologer that not only pointed out the coincidence of the “blood moon” eclipse on Passover but also pointed out the symbolic nature of “The Grand Cardinal Cross.”
The advent of this formation along with the “blood moon” tetrad is causing astrologers to exhort their followers to stay awake, have faith, be brave and be prepared to face events that will change the way we see ourselves and humanity. They also are warning that the latter part of April into May will be very troubling as tensions flare and wars begin abroad and at home.

Some are saying that we should prepare for a close brush with death.

Now, for those who aren’t familiar with this ‘blood moon” phase, it is normal to see a blood moon during a lunar eclipse. This is normal. The rareness of a blood moon tetrad is that these “normal” blood moons appear at the most abnormal of times.

The blood moon tetrad will begin on Passover April 15, 2014, and will happen again during the feast of the Tabernacles on October 8, 2014. It will occur again occur on Passover April 4, 2015 and Tabernacles September 28, 2015. There will also be total solar eclipse on March 20, 2015. This will fall exactly on the day of the Jewish New Year and a partial solar eclipse on September 13, 2015 on the Feast of Trumpets.

It is an amazing coincidence that the blood moon tetrad falls on Jewish holidays within a two year period. Many believe that past tetrads have been mentioned in scripture and that the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation describes a celestial event where the moon goddess gives birth to leviathan. Leviathan or the dragon is described as red and as it appears in the sky a great war breaks out in heaven and on earth.

There are others who interpret the times of the blood moon tetrad is the time tha the incarnation of Satan or the moonchild will take place and that leviathan will take the form of man and will use is influence to create great wars all over the planet. Upon his incarnation there will be great disasters, mainly earthquakes and devastating storms all over the globe.

The earth will be as a tempest, rocking to and fro with seismic activity and triggered wars where blood will flow.

The tetrad or “the set of four” or “The revelation of the four stations” of the earth has been noted in the past histories as portents for war and chaos.

It most certainly has significance to the Jews as the tetrad falls on Passover and Succoth. Historically and statistically the tetrad has had a major influence in Jewish history.

In the years between 1493-1494 a blood moon tetrad occurred, and the Jews were expelled from Spain. Between 1949-1950, the Jews as Israel became a nation. This was also a blood moon tetrad. Also during a blood moon tetrad in the years between 1967-1968, the Jews recaptured Jerusalem.

As you can see, there is a pattern to be seen and observed.

The tetrad also can be seen as a sign in eschatology as a signal that the second coming of Christ is at hand. Following Christ’ ascension at Pentecost, Peter preached a sermon in the book of Acts; It was about the prophecy of the prophet Joel. In this sermon, he mentioned that during the end times, the moon would turn to blood before the return of Christ.

According to eschatology, this is also a sign of the opening of the sixth seal.

I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The Sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair. The whole Moon turned blood red.“—Revelation 6:12

Keep in mind this is not the first tetrad of the century. This happened in 2003, however it is the first time in the century where the tetrad falls on Jewish holidays and continues again in the year that follows. The next event doesn’t happen until 2032 and it won’t happen on the Jewish holidays.

It is also important to note that the Tetrad also kicks off an alignment that takes place called “The Grand Cardinal Cross.” In this case “Cardinal” means “hinge” or a turning point. The alignment signifies a turning point in our cosmic history.

As explains: “The exact Cardinal Grand Cross hits maximum effect on April 22, when Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries and squares Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn.” Some astrologers are saying that this alignment can be described as an astrological four car pileup that will shake us psychologically on earth.

There are predictions of a world shakeup so devastating that the financial world will see some hardship and people will also see prices soar and bank accounts diminish.

This “has been a long time in the making, its pieces fitting into place from divergent realms and with many different players.” Gears and levers of history have been moved and adjusted, and a large-scale game of cognitive dissonance plays against your cognitive bias.

The real nightmare scenarios are usually muted by psychics and astrologers to prevent a dismal attitude. However there are just too many heavenly disruptions that we will see real human currency, land ownership and real assets shifting hands – a game with very real winners and losers a real struggle of life and death as wars spark over who has ownership of various areas of the earth.

A few days ago when Ground Zero was reporting new findings in space during its “Reborn X” program, we mentioned that a week prior to the show Barack Obama met with Pope Francis. The week after that the Pope met with the Queen and in various publicity photos the Pope,Prince Phillip and the Queen are posed next to a very curious painting.
We at first interpreted the artwork as depicting human forms or even extra-terrestrial forms embracing in a wormhole as the angels were observing the event. It was coincidental that this painting was shown as it was speculated that the Pope had news of an extra-terrestrial event or possible disclosure about aliens that he was giving privately to world dignitaries.

There were many people who saw this as a coincidence while others felt as though we were taking liberties with the photo and that we were reading too much into the strange piece of art.

Clay Hart, a Ground Zero listener that was familiar with the artwork told us that the piece was most definitely an artwork that had an extra-terrestrial meaning.

The painting is called “Abbraccio Cosmico” by Camilian Demetrescu.

The title of the artwork translated means “Cosmic Embrace.” The painting represents love eternal even amongst the stars in the cosmos.

What is most interesting about the painting is that while it has an extra-terrestrial theme it also presents an astrological clue.Abbraccio_cosmico_demetrescu_close up

Surrounding the embracing hominids, there is a circle within a circle. The circle looks a lot like a wormhole or an open star gate in heaven. There are planets that are swirling round the beings. In the circles within circles and among the planets are four Zodiac signs or symbols.

The symbols represent Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Aries.

Anyone care to guess the significance of these Zodiac signs?

They are precisely the signs that make up “The Grand Cardinal Cross,” the very same astrological signs where you will find the “blood moon” tetrad. All four of these blood moons will happen in Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Aries.

Abbraccio_cosmico_demetrescu_largeNow, the alignment is set, the moon will turn to blood as Mars is aligned with the moon in Libra. Mars is the bringer of war and will move to the grand square to take its place in the Cardinal cross.

After April 20th, as notes, “Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter come to an exact alignment that provides friction between the planets involved. The degrees will all be at the 13th degree.” The number 13 has been associated with bad luck and threatening revolutionary upheaval.

It was the number selected by our Founding Fathers as the number of the colonies, the number on the seal of the United States and, of course, the revolutionary blood-letting.

We must remind ourselves that even without the blood moon in our future, the month of April has always been known as the cruelest month as we cross the Rubicon or Mars and Aries.

During the month of April we can look back in history to major violent events that have coincidentally occurred.

The Waco siege and massacre occurred April 19, 1993. The Oklahoma city bombing also happened on April 19, in 1995. The Columbine shootings occurred on April 20, 1999, and the shootings at Virginia Tech happened April 16, 2007. This year we observe the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings that happened April 15, 2013, which coincidentally occurs on the date for the tetrad and eventual formation in the Grand Cardinal cross.

As says: “The Talmud teaches that lunar eclipses are negative omens for the Jewish Nation and solar eclipses are a negative omen for the other 70 nations. It also says that when the moon is red it is indicative of war and bloodshed.

In Hebrew astrology, a lunar eclipse is thought of as an amplification device. It amplifies the power of cleansing and freedom during the feast of the Seder. The feast of the Seder will take on an even bigger significance after the tetrad begins.

The Seder will be needed in order to ease the confusion brought forth during the planetary crossing. Those who are fed, and find nutritive value in body and spirit will be able to endure the anxiety and hysteria that will come with the changing times.

There seems to be an overwhelming fear that all of the signs point to a time of upheaval. We are being urged to prepare and feed ourselves now before there is a time of famine, war and pestilence.

We will see if all of the prophetic prose will come to pass.