The Day the Birds Didn’t Fly

The Day the Birds Didn’t Fly

On New Year’s Day there was a report about birds that fell out of the sky in Arkansas. This created an eerie sense of déjà vu as the same thing happened in 2011 on the same day. As I was reading the story about the incident reports were varying on what exactly happened. The story that seemed to be agreed upon was that someone decided to intentionally set off fireworks in a tree causing the birds to panic and then die.

This was a different scenario than what happened the year before, even though it was speculated that the birds and fish in Arkansas died as a result from trauma caused by fireworks last year I believe that what we are seeing is a copycat effect instigated by humans to somehow cover up the fact that something far more intriguing going on and we should pay close attention to these anomalies so that we can familiarize ourselves with some of the more Fortean elements of these cases.

In 2011 during the incident of the bird deaths I noted that there was actually a moment of predictive programming that I remembered seeing on network television where there was a depiction of a murder of crows flying over Somalia that eventually fell out of the sky. A young shepherd boy is a witness to the bird cull. The Television show was called Flash Forward. It only lasted for one season but the overall plot of the show was that during an experiment at a Super collider the entire planet blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, which in effect causes the entire world to see a glimpse of life 6 months into the future.

The first experiment caused birds to drop out of the sky, some blacked out and the others died. The cause of the bird deaths was the result of electromagnetic perturbations caused by the experiments that were being carried out using pulses in order to open up star gates or wormholes.

While it was already decided that the 2012 bird deaths in Arkansas were caused by bored teenagers looking to create a prank – the 2011 deaths seem far more mysterious.
A year after the scores of bird deaths all over the world there is a phenomenon far more frightening happening and can only be marveled as a result of something that we cannot explain.

There are reports from Japan that birds no longer have the strength or the will to fly. A video posted by a resident somewhere in Fukushima Prefecture in June last year shows two birds in /her front garden unable or unwilling to fly even when approached by a human.

Due to the language barriers the video did not surface until December 23rd, 2011 and was reported on the internet on January 4th, 2012.

On December 28th, 2011 the associated press released a story that Alaskan seals were washing up on shore. They did not flee when approached by humans. They would just stare at the human and would appear to be lethargic, many of them suffering from Epistaxis or severe nosebleeds.

Many of the seals eventually died. Necropsies of the seals yielded abnormal brain growths and undersized lymph nodes. The deaths of these seals have been called an unusual mortality event.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also identified diseased and dead walruses. These Walruses have also shown the same symptoms of lethargy, the same stare, not fleeing when humans approach. It is as if they have turned to stone, stunned and unable to move. Walruses and ringed seals in Russia, and ringed seals in Canada, have reportedly suffered similar symptoms While it is not clear if the disease events are related, the timing and location of the disease suggests the possibility of transmission between the populations, or shared exposure to an environmental cause.

So birds and walrus’ seals and more are becoming lethargic. Seals and walruses don’t run away from humans and birds in Northeastern Japan refuse to fly. What is happening and are we seeing this in humans?

A strange story out of India was reported on the internet on Tuesday and admittedly appeared as if it was from the pages of Ripley’s believe it or not. However the story was strangely true. At about 1:00 am villagers were awakened by earth tremors. Many of the villagers in a Muslim community there claimed that when they tried to awaken some of their families many of them “turned to stone” unable to move move from their beds. The Muslim clerics urged the people to flee to mosques stating that the relatives that were turned to stone were an indication that Qayamat – the Muslim end times had arrived.

Can it be that the people spoken of really turned to stone? Or were they exhibiting signs and symptoms similar to the Birds, walruses and seals?

Ever since man was able to look up he wondered about heaven. It was an open space that made him feel vulnerable. Whatever came down from heaven was spectacular and even deadly. I have always thought that if we looked up and our skies changed we would be frightened beyond belief. People see UFO’s all the time and want to report them or maybe they see balls of fire coming down from heaven and worry that they are rogue meteors that may hit the earth and create some extinction level holocaust.

Equally there would be a queer sense of eeriness if we looked into our skies and saw nothing. No clouds, no lightning, no hint of star light and a moon darkened into a blood red sphere.

Much of this has been talked about in biblical passages and fairy tales. The stories are multiple in the bible of destroying angels, plagues, whole cities being decimated and humans turned into soap or stone.

We have read these stories many times over and we can recite them like nursery rhymes on the playground. The question is if we were confronted with the same tribulations as those we read about in fables and biblical texts would we reject them?

Once again I say that 2012 is the year where the most unbelievable events will happen and we will realize what it is like to experience the biblical type events and perhaps can come to some sort of explanation as to why they are happening.