As 2016 progresses, we can’t erase what has happened in the past few weeks. I am beginning to reacquaint myself with the idea that as we see ourselves as more complex, we are far and away less complex and sophisticated than we think. The whole reason we think so highly of ourselves is because of political and amoral molding provided by that 1% of men and women we have never met.

Many of us are not aware that public opinion is highly-regimented.

It is a fact that in almost every aspect of our daily living, whether it is business, religion, politics, or social conduct, we are being told by a relatively small number of people who understand what buttons to push to get you to react.

They understand the mental processes of the group mind and the court of public opinion. They pull the strings and drive the social patterns of the masses. We go about our daily lives forming opinions and cheering on the political purity that divides and then binds us helplessly to a cycle that never benefits the general public.

Some people are totally unaware that it is all by design and the shadow government or the invisible government is the complex entity that is the true ruling power in this country.

This is not a byproduct of any conspiracy theory; it is part of what can be called political priest craft that is very effective in manipulating the unseen mechanism that powers society.

The invisible hand is crafting a new kind of psychological warfare, where the divided masses are unwittingly begging their government to bring death upon anyone the enabled police state can hunt down and kill.

The frightening thing is this so-called contracted killing is encouraged by both pro-gun and anti-gun lobbyists, both pro-choice and pro-life supporters, and the religious and secular groups we are told support civil liberties.

The public’s wishes for murder and death to anyone who doesn’t agree with their ideals is a newly injected poison that has convinced the mind into separating itself from the humanity in the world and forcing it to drift into a skewed version of the world.

The injected ideology is that people are disposable and it doesn’t matter who eliminates our scapegoats and perceived enemies; whether it be hero, anti-hero terrorist or criminal.

We can backtrack to a very sensitive topic of John McCain who traveled to Syria to meet with senior members of the Asifat al-Shamal Brigade as well as the Free Syrian Army – two groups that have admittedly “pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda.”

At the time, no one asked why we were even associating with an enemy that for the longest time we were told was responsible for the September 11th, attacks.

It all seems so confusing to the average American, whose politics have been narrowed down to right or left, red state or blue state. The truth is, the guise is slowly losing its ability to fool those who pay attention, especially when the men at the secret meeting with McCain were found to be al-Qaeda radicals accused of kidnapping 11 Lebanese pilgrims.

This is all for the war in Syria and the cliché idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It seems that we are all too forgiving of murderous terrorist that killed 3,000 people in New York but it seems that grudges dissolve when it comes to mass murder against those who our leadership does not agree with.

It sets a great example that we ignore and allow to continue while the confetti flies at the debates and the flag waving and baby kissing sickens the quiet ones who understand what is really happening.

We’ve created a system where virtually every state is under our hegemonic shadow and to do this you need to use every tool available including those who murder innocent Americans.

Who is the enemy of your enemy?

Is it within your character to make a Faustian bargain to hire a thug or a terrorist organization to kill for you? Would you offer plausible deniability if by chance this group of terrorist guerillas killed more than you bargained for?

Of course you wouldn’t because that would be wrong, but put it in the hands of a criminal government and you stand on the sidelines cheering on the murder of young unarmed black boy, in Ferguson or a unarmed cowboy in rural Oregon.

Now, we aren’t as complex as we think we are – we aren’t as free as we think we are, and it is plain to see that we adjust evil to satiate our political bloodlust. We never used to think that way, but thanks to the new intelligence inoculation, we are immune to a moral political conscience. We are reflecting the same immorality as our leadership.

People don’t even realize that this is how the state wants it.

It wants people to be at each other’s throats, demanding public executions without due process. The nightmare is that the majority of people who become apologists for the police state are the problem. They are spreading their immoral opinions and think they support law and order by defending the criminal element that exists and persists in federal law enforcement.

The State’s worst nightmare would be simple, and that is if all of its individual victims of their terror campaigns were to recognize the criminal and murderous activities as blight on our national security apparatus, perhaps we would all join in solidarity against it.

But why would we – they seem to doing their job and eliminating the thug black kids, the heavily armed white ranchers, the radicalized terrorists, without the constitutionally guaranteed red tape of a fair trial by a jury of their peers.

The progressives seem to be all happy with themselves now that the drones were dispatched and the gunfire erupted on the “domestic terrorists” for daring to occupy government “property” in protest over a federal land grab.

One of those men LaVoy Finicum was shot and killed because it was reported and supported by a loyal and government supportive media that he pulled a gun on federal officers.

It was reported the Finicum was shot nine times in the face, so his family suggested no open casket for his funeral. There are many progressives that say he had it coming to him, because the group calling themselves the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom was armed.

No one has pointed out that even though these men were armed, they had every opportunity to shoot at agents and they didn’t, even when they were shot at they didn’t return fire.

Even when one of their own were shot and killed, they didn’t return fire.

The same progressives cheering on this shooting are the ones that oppose the drone bombing of Muslims abroad, support civil disobedience and the occupation of public spaces that is if it is something like Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter.

It is unfortunate we reduce all questions of justice to confirmation bias, image and action parameters and identity politics.

With these criteria, we effectively consider human civil rights as a sympathy-based concept.

We cheer on the hired suicide squads in the police state that effectively shoot and kill what the court of public opinion deems expendable.

A few weeks ago, I sat in a room with a number of organizers of Wizard World Con – a convention that features celebrity guests from pop culture, movies and comic books.

I was discussing some of the upcoming movies and TV shows taken from the pages of comics. There was Lucifer on Fox, Dead Pool, a movie that showed promise, and a very dark film featuring Jared Leto as the Joker from Batman called, “Suicide Squad.”

The interesting part about Suicide Squad is how much it relates to the reality of a government hiring the worst of the worst in order to carry out covert murder and the missions that terrorize the public.

In the preview of Suicide Squad, US officials are talking over a steak dinner at a restaurant.

A government official named Amanda Waller says to two men dining with her:

“It’s taken some work but I finally have them: the worst of the worst, I want to assemble a task force of the most dangerous people on the planet. That way they can do some good.” A military officer at the table is confused and replies “They’re bad guys.”

“Exactly,” Waller responds, “And if anything goes wrong we blame them. We have built-in deniability.”

Another military official at the table says to the woman, “What makes you think you can control them?”

The woman arrogantly says to the men, “Because getting people to act against their own self interest is what I do for a living.”

This seems to be art imitating life and in some sick way, delivers a bit of tardy predictive programming. We all know that the United States embraces enemies, and uses them to destabilize countries.

Remember how Victoria Nuland spearheaded the operation that overthrew the Russian-allied government of Ukraine? The operation used Neo-Nazis to destabilize the government there. Even after World War II, we made nice with Nazi war criminals in order to gain the upper-hand against Russia in both weapons research, intelligence, and the space program.

We made nice with both Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin laden to meet our goals in the Middle East and now, we are employing extremist jihadist assets, making deals with al-Qaeda to destabilize and attempt to overthrow the Syrian government. Oh and while Hillary Clinton continues to hope you ignore Benghazi, the Defense Intelligence Agency concluded the assault had been planned by an al-Qaeda affiliate.

Oh, but in the words of Hillary Clinton, what difference does it make? We are now brothers in arms with the so-called al-Qaeda freedom fighters in Syria. al-Qaeda itself is a byproduct of the CIA’s Mujahideen. Remember, they were our friends when they helped us fight against the Soviet Union in Operation Cyclone.

Once again we will see a blowback from making friends with our enemies and using them to eliminate those that we see as the “other” enemy.

Whether at home or abroad, there will always be targets and the hired unknown Task Force X will be employed to carry out the surgical assassinations against citizens the public deems dangerous based on political state craft manipulation of what is really happening.

The control of the public opinion on matters of execution in the public square must draw a tight focus on American intelligence agencies, the surveillance infrastructure and federal law enforcement.

Now granted, no one wants terrorists or mass shooters to roam free without consequence, but must we have American citizens caught in the middle of deals made under the radar, that ensure the continuation of shoot outs and political foot balling before the bodies are even cold?

Our government officials make these deals of death abroad, so what makes us think that the deals aren’t made here targeting American citizens?

America has always had the sordid history of effectively hiring MK Ultra sleepers, patsies, assassins, and mercenaries to carry out effective trauma-based events in order to change our views about who is expendable and who should be marked for death.

Americans, in their politically divisive cocoons, are completely unaware the tools used to destabilize other countries are the same used to destroy our country in what can be called a controlled demolition.

On one hand, we see that the staunch conservatives pretend to not notice the same government threatening their gun rights, seizing their land, and regulating their livelihood to the point of scarcity. They are doing all those things by enforcing their will and laws on a whim, using the military gear that our tax dollar to pay for in order to keep the war over there instead of bringing it here.

Conservative groups supported those wars and also supported the draconian national security apparatus, and police state overreach that helped in the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

That same police state apparatus has been and will be used by progressives and liberals to disarm and destroy their political, social and cultural enemies. It is disconcerting that both sides of the political spectrum enable “qualified immunity” to federal officers during investigations into possible criminal wrong doing.

It just depends on who the mainstream narrative and the court of public opinion deems as terrorists or thugs.

Moreover, it seems that anyone’s civil rights can be violated, and when they are, we are all comfortable with the idea of “open season” on anyone we think is guilty without a fair trial.

I don’t know if anyone can see how dysfunctional this is in a constitutional republic.

Who will be responsible to rein in terrorist organizations created and embraced by our own government? Who is going to rein in what some are seeing as police brutality in the domestic affairs?

Isn’t there a reason for a second amendment stating that a well-regulated militia is necessary for the security of a free state? Doesn’t it also guarantee the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and that under all circumstances, shall not be infringed.”

Can we now understand why there is an effort to impose gun restrictions?

Aren’t we all just a little uncomfortable with the idea in which examples can be made out of close friends, love ones, and even casual acquaintances that decide to protest, occupy or even revolt?

The sick thing is that someone you might know may find themselves at the business end of a gun being pointed at them by a federal official or a UN strong cities network soldier, and if they are killed, it will happen to the cheers of some the state’s most ardent supporters.

Each time, it will be an object lesson in why you should never question authority and why we will never achieve the freedom we believe we all have.