7/23/13: Wartime 2025: The Enemy After Next


Today, I was surprised to hear once again a talk show host on a radio station attempt to somehow convince his audience that conspiracy theory or any story that questions the mainstream narrative should be treated like a cartoon. In other words, it was apparent that what I was hearing was a radio talk show host that was demonstrating how out of touch he is with how the media has been out-communicated by the people’s press.

I admit that the people’s press at times can be wrong; however, I do not believe that the press that has been said to be the source for catch-all conspiracy is raking in billions of dollars in advertising to keep the Pentagon’s interests in tact.

It appears that traditional media has now taken on the responsibility of now twisting and manipulating a story for the interests of government. Whatever agendas exist in government today are part of the itinerary for media to shape public opinion on those agendas.

Lately, the objective has been blatant and there really is no reason to believe that observing and calling out the hypocrisy and psychological operations present in media is a paranoid delusion.

Anymore it isn’t what is being reported that is raising eyebrows it is what the media ignores and what the people’s press and social media talk about. Facebook and Twitter are quite simply “dinner time” talk that most people used to reserve for table discussion with the family over a meal. Now it seems that everyone is aware of every conversation, that is if you are liked in to intelligent and well-informed people.

This has its advantages for the average person and it most definitely is seen as a disadvantage for the government. This is why a new war policy is being drafted where it is the imperative for all governments to have control over all aspects of life.

The government has been very open about the fact that they are compiling a list of their enemies. There are a lot of speculations that many of these enemies are on kill or silence lists and contrary to popular belief silencing does not necessarily have to be some bloody or murderous affair. There are plenty of agents out there that are more than happy to sabotage or malign the messengers among us using methods of character assassination, citing half truths, and using accusations of all kinds to discredit those who are in the process of whistleblowing.

It is obvious that this administration had declared war on whistleblowers or anyone who seems to want to throw a wrench into this well oiled machine of open ended war, militarized force, criminality and social war in the United States.

To many who true believers in what was once “hope and change” it is uncomfortable to realize that much of what is happening in this country has been proposed and documented by those who see trends and approximate a world where we will see war being waged using weapons that are silent and yet still make their mark on a few targeted individuals.

Today’s silent weapons are an outgrowth of approximation parameters where there was a proposed need to somehow control or kill a group of people that simply are getting in the way of the government’s ability to expand upon their literal quest for total control of the entire planetary grid.

We have discussed military programs like H.A.A.R.P. where power arrays are able to control the weather, communications and mental well-being. From there the sky is no longer the limit and new documentation is now being uncovered that shows that while real enemies and threats are being pursued by the government there us always that enemy after next that they are also planning for.

This is why we are constantly having discussions about internment camps that were introduced during the Reagan administration. This is also why we are vigilant in keeping a close watch on the Federal Emergency Management Agency or the Department of Homeland Security and their actions. Whatever the government does, whatever they prepare for – we, too, should be prepared for because it is only common sense to assume that there is always that ‘day before’ the event where we say to ourselves that we should have prepared and have neglected to do so.

There is no harm in listening to those who are revealing information that is not being covered in the mainstream narrative. Most of the time the media usually picks up on these topics and ideas.

However, by the time they do it is usually too late to do something about them and so, once again, it is heard and later thrown somewhere in the memory hole as something that really has no solution to it.

Recently there was an ad that was broadcast on television that features an evil character form ‘The Matrix’ movies. Agent Smith who has a disdain for humans is seen as a spokesperson for General Electric. The character played by Hugo Weaving was quite literally the technological equivalent of Lucifer and now appears to to convince you he is an that General Electric (Agent Smith) is an agent of good and that G E is now making it possible for the governments to carry out their plans for the world wide medical data link for the medical surveillance state that has been sold to America as Obamacare.

It is ironic that Agent Smith who in ‘The Matrix’ was quite literally an anthropomorphized virus is speaking to you about new software that collects thinking data that connects “patients to software, doctors to nurses to the right people and of course machines.

Now, on the surface having a known representation of technological death being a spokesperson for GE may be a misstep, however it can be said that Agent Smith represents inevitability and those in power know this because they have issued documents that clearly say that the new wars that await us will be various technological introductions that will create a conflict with people who do not necessarily believe in being slaves to technology.

One document that has surfaced was created in 2001 for NASA and was written as a PowerPoint by Dennis Bushnell, the chief NASA Scientist at Langley. The document is called “Future Strategic Issues: Future Warfare 2025” (PDF) and states directly on the cover of the document that this technological terror that people are afraid of is being introduced now. At the time, “now” was 2001 and the document was released and its warnings were lost in all the noise that took place after the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

Twelve years later, the document has resurfaced and was discussed during The Conspiracy Conference held in 2013. The details of the document and the power point itself were presented by reporter and activist Deborah Tavares.

In the document there are some very interesting points that indicate that the government has plans for total control of the population grid and will gradually use silent weapons to depopulate the planet.

The elite of the world see a conflict between an overpopulated planet and the ability to maintain resources.

I guess this is really nothing new; however, this report illustrates the use of silent weapons like H.A.A.R.P. and things like smart meters on every home to monitor the energy consumption of every human that is on the grid.

While these things alone sound like food for thought in the conspiracy circles further reading becomes more and more like a science fiction novel and yet you have to maintain the reality that what is being called future events are in reality happening now and that the technology spoken of is advanced silent weaponry for quiet full scale warfare.

Some of the more remarkable passages include “Hunger Games”-like scenarios where torture and other brutality will be caught and broadcast in prime time to indicate the need for a more brutal and militarized police force.

There is also the projections for the scenario of ‘Battlefield America’ where extremists will use binary biological weapons capable of taking down vital infrastructure. Furthermore, there is also an indication that terror or extremist cells do have silent weapons that not only can affect the weather but can also create a pulse capable of destroying the power grid of heavily populated areas.

There is also a section dedicated to microwave technologies that are capable of mental control, rendering populations passive or even lethargic.

The document also mentions clearly that television networks are vital in creating what is known as psywar operations and will maintain the public opinion that the United States is most definitely in need of a surveillance capable of preventing attacks that are simply “false flag” events.

It is the opinion of these architects that American citizens are too fat, too unhealthy, too tender and absolutely too expensive to maintain.

One of the reasons I was paying attention to this discovery is because of the information that Dr. Nick Begich gave us about how the H.A.A.R.P. project has been shut down temporarily and that they will soon have new owners. The proposed new owners of this facility are all mentioned in the wartime document.

The NASA document states that the agencies that want ‘full spectrum control‘ are the Air Force, CIA, DARPA, FBI, SOUTHCOM and the Australian Department of Defense.

Now keep in mind that a facility similar to H.A.A.R.P. has been also involved with grid control in Australia called Pine Gap. Recently there was an article published in Australia about how Pine Gap is an integral part of the United States spying arsenal.

The Canberra Times reports that:

While details of the US presence at Pine Gap remain classified, it is a matter of public record that the highly secretive National Reconnaissance Office (responsible for the design, construction and operation of US spy satellites) is present. Also represented at Pine Gap are the National Security Agency (the US signals intelligence organisation recently made notorious by the leaks of whistleblower Edward Snowden), the Central Intelligence Agency, and the US Geospatial-Intelligence Agency which provides imagery and geospatial intelligence to the US government. All arms of the US Armed Services also have personnel working at Pine Gap and uniforms are common at the facility’s annual ball.

It is important to know of this relationship with Pine Gap and H.A.A.R.P. because governments of both countries have their fingers on the pulse of the world and are closer to having full spectrum control of intelligence.

The primary contractor companies engaged at Pine Gap are the US aerospace systems and defense suppliers Northrop Grumman and Raytheon and the computer systems supplier Hewlett-Packard. Seventy percent of the total workforce is contractor personnel.

Northrop Grumman is responsible for operating satellites controlled from Pine Gap.

Technologies now are unbelievable and there is much to be discovered and reported however we are beginning to see the nativity of something similar to the fictional “Skynet” from the ‘Terminator’ movies.

This intelligence network will give ‘full spectrum dominance‘ to all of the agencies that are utilizing these silent weapons to maintain a sense of order that they want.

The strategy is an ongoing, silent war using these weapons that no one can see, but their presence can – and will be – felt in the future.