Usually it is a difficult task as a conspiracy theory researcher to convince people that psychological operations are real and effective tools which the elite use to steer the public and the public consciousness to an approximated goal.

Someone like me can drone on for hours about mind control, and I can take calls from people who claim to be victims of mind control and I am sure there are people out there that can be cruelly judgmental of the callers, thinking they are absolutely nuts.

Well, there is a massive psychological operation underway and when I point it out to you it will convince you that there is most certainly a manipulative project underway where neurolinguistic programming, neuromarketing, micro targeting, and other methods of grooming has sparked a meme that exposes just how easy it is to brainwash Americans and move them towards a desired outcome.

This psychological operation began Sunday night at the Golden Globe awards.

If anyone is familiar with the Golden Globes, recipients of the award have a chance to voice their thanks to those who have put them where they are – if they go too long, the music swells up and the winner of the award is whisked off the stage by a smiling attendant.

Oprah Winfrey received the Cecil B. DeMille Award and when she made her acceptance speech, it ran longer than most and it felt very much like a campaign speech. Simply judging the speech by its words proves it to be a message to the citizens of this country; not our politicians telling us how we can take the painful lessons from the #MeToo movement and make them a reality. It was incredibly powerful and what happened next unleashed a viral response to Oprah’s neurolinguistic programming.

NBC tweeted a picture of Oprah with the caption “Nothing but respect for OUR future president.” #Goldenglobes


NBC then deleted the post but the seed had already taken root and the viral psychological operation was well underway.

On Sunday evening, #Oprah2020 began trending on social media and soon the topic of an Oprah presidency began gaining momentum in the mainstream narrative.

While Oprah has in the past ruled out running for public office, her longtime partner Stedman Graham just told the Los Angeles Times that “she would absolutely do it,” and CNN is reporting that Oprah is “actively thinking” about running for president.

Three days after the social media went crazy over Oprah toppling Trump in 2020, two internet companies have already began marketing hats, tees, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies that encourage voters to dump Trump and vote for Oprah.

The design on some items is reminiscent of Barack Obama’s logo, while other T-shirts are emblazoned with a regal black and white pic of Oprah along with the phrase “A New Day is On the Horizon.”

One of the companies “Pizzaslime” says that anyone who wants a T-shirt should move quickly because they admit that they did not get permission to use Oprah’s likeness for the campaign shirts.

Another thing that I think we should emphasize here is that regardless of the memes, the tweets, and the social media polls there is no campaign and Oprah so far has not said she is running for any public office.

Once again this is a psychological operation that demonstrates a lot of terrifying things about the United States and the conspiracy to destabilize it.

While the Oprah 2020 psy-op continued to gain momentum it was her speech and her image that was inserted in most news casts either immediately before or after news reports of the new book, Fire and Fury, which fuels an equally pathetic psy-op campaign to put the President’s mental health into question.

If what is happening right now isn’t blatantly obvious to the American people then there will be nothing to convince them that they have been brow beaten by the media to the point of literally the political culture of our country inept and pathetic.

America now has too many issues that are being blasted at them through hyper information inoculation that they lack the general understanding of how a government affects them. It can also be argued that the court of public opinion has no idea what is happening around them.

In fact some social circles are already hoping that Trump’s impeachment happens soon so that Oprah can take over.


This is a clear case of vulnerability before the Oligarchy and it is a terrifying result of mass brainwashing and propaganda.

A big reason why our politics are so oligarchic is that we have abandoned the idea of a citizen-run government, and instead have depended on “good” and “bad” politicians who inevitably all succumb to the manipulations of the deep state and globalist controllers.

We have boiled everything down to the idea that if we hate a leader, then he is mentally ill or a fascist but if you say motivational things have a magnanimous personality and a whole lot of fans, then immediately you are a perfect candidate for president.

If you want Oprah to be president solely because she made a good speech and seemingly is someone you like, then you’re making a decision that is part of the cult dynamic operation that throws power to anyone that is charismatic and charming.

America is now ready for the reaping because now the elite know and the American people should know that we the people chose our leaders based on their celebrity status.

This is exactly how we got Donald Trump as president.

However the plot sickens and the psy-op has been now analyzed and the odds should be seen as a warning to all Americans as to how bad our civic health is.

According to online gambling company BetOnline, Oprah has a better chance at taking the Oval Office than former Vice-President Joe Biden, who currently sits at 25 to 1 odds. Winfrey herself has 20 to 1, while Mark Zuckerberg, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand all sit at 25 to 1.

Beating out Winfrey, however, are Democratic frontrunners Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Kamala Harris, both of whom have 12 to 1 odds. Taking the top spot, naturally, is Donald Trump, who sits at 2 to 1 odds.

Meanwhile, according to ElectionBettingOdds.com, Winfrey has been bumped up to the second-most likely person to be elected president in 2020, after Trump. Winfrey’s ascension up the ranks had election prognosticator Nate Silver likening Oprah 2020 to Bitcoin.

Would that mean Oprah is a cryptocandidate, where her value is solely created via the internet and in social media?

This reminds me of the short science fiction story by Phillip K. Dick called “The Mold of Yancy.” It was a story dealing with a small planet that was placated by a man who is their leader. Their leader we realize is a computer generated man named Yancy. There are several things that Yancy says and does and the image is so life like that people don’t even realize that he is some animatronic puppet that has words put into his mouth by several “Yancmen.”

Yancy controls public perception. But some aren’t happy with what Yancy is creating. The story illustrated how conformity can be used as a psychological tool and if you create an all American Icon that is a cross between Ronald Reagan and George Orwell’s big brother, the people will not care about things like foreign policy and terrorism. They will only care about what the devil in the box has to say and what the graven image of a manufactured messiah can do for national morale.

Yancy is a manufactured media phenomenon rather than a real person, and we can say the same can be said for both Donald trump and Oprah Winfrey.

Trump may mean well, he speaks well; he is assuring, charismatic and was once a reality television star, but it blatantly obvious that he has not read the constitution that he took an oath to defend.

Just saying anything that puts a dent in the shiny veneer of his image angers the sycophants who voted for him, but what choice did the American people have really?

Hillary Clinton always was quick to tell us of her expertise, while falling over herself, hacking up mucus, and having what appeared to be seizures. Now the media is seeing too late that exposing a health problem with the president really doesn’t matter once he is locked in.

So they prop up another cult of personality that at the moment seems like a Philip K. Dick dream alternative, a cross between mom and Dianna Ross. Ask yourself seriously, why was Hillary Clinton running for president? Trump could very easily explain his candidacy (Make America Great Again), but Hillary couldn’t.

That is what did it really as Trump said what he meant, meant what he said, and he created tags or nicknames for his enemies. The media ate it up and now the media thinks that they can spit it out and give a punch in the mouth everyday to the Frankenstein politician that they molded from a reality television star.

Now, we fall for it all over again and the media has what they want – a woman candidate and a person of color. The trifecta would be Oprah saying that Gayle King would be her First Lady. Even Fox News reported that Gayle King might have to leave CBS morning news if Oprah runs for president, leaving me feeling like even Fox News is secretly giddy about the idea.


Once again – the question is not whether or not the President is mentally ill it is whether or not the country has lost its nerve.

One of the diagnosis’s you often hear tossed around, about the President rightly or wrongly, is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), a Class B personality disorder. Most psychologists and psychiatrists would tell you, that a number of Trump’s behaviors could be explained by NPD.

But that doesn’t tell us that much. Lots of symptoms and behaviors can be explained by many different diseases and disorders. Or, no disorder or problem at all. Yet the mainstream media has decided for us and the people begin to believe anything if it is reported and sealed with a kiss of anyone who decides to put on a lab coat.

It is also used as fodder for commercials that are bought and paid for by a billionaire named Tom Styer. Styer has continually been pushing issues that really have not been proven by any evidence to dupe people into paying money into his impeachment crusade.

He is using the same type of propaganda to prey on the ignorance of the American people.

While liberals mock Trump for being an inexperienced TV star, they embrace another celebrity with no credentials that would make her a good candidate.

During the 2016 campaign, it was Barack Obama who stated that Donald Trump as “uniquely unqualified,” lacking in “basic knowledge” and “woefully unprepared” to do the job of commander-in-chief. In stark contrast, he argued, there had “never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America.”

As we now look back and laugh awkwardly at those statements; perhaps it is time to break the psy-op day dream and say President Winfrey would be the second such president to be just as inept and unqualified.

Is this really what most Americans want or what the Deep State needs?

Just a clueless celebrity in possession of the nuclear codes.

No wonder Vladimir Putin is seen as a threat to this country; the leadership bar has been set way too low and he along with many other world leaders are now laughing at the choices we make.

Political culture in this country has been so debased that it will be easy to hand over the reins of power to a globalist government.

With Oprah as our leader, we will all be happy in knowing that our vote for her may be our ticket to a happy globalist government that redistributes the wealth of the world and gives everyone a new car.