Today, I was asked to appear on a radio talk show to talk about the vulgar comments that the president allegedly said or did not say about other countries like Haiti. I was merely giving commentary about just what the FCC might do to the various networks about constantly repeating the words over and over.

The FCC received complaints after NBC and CNN used the word “s—hole” in their coverage of the controversy over comments President Donald Trump reportedly made to lawmakers during a meeting about immigration.

An FCC spokesman said they received a “handful” of comments, but did not have an exact figure yet. The agency does not monitor programming, but reviews each complaint to decide whether to take any type of action.

CNN featured the term on its chyron, and it was also repeated on air multiple times. But the FCC’s jurisdiction over indecency and profanity does not cover cable and satellite programming.

The word was used once on “NBC Nightly News,” but anchor Lester Holt issued a viewer warning in advance. CBS and ABC chose not to use the word.

The FCC considers a number of factors in whether to act on a complaint, including “context,” and that in the past has included whether it has been a part of news programming. Broadcasters are confident that they would be exempt for using the term in the news context.

News organizations said they decided to use the word in print and on TV because of the news value and the person making the remarks, the President of the United States.

Now before I proceed any further, I do not want to argue over whether or not the President allegedly made racist remarks, or if he said it or not – or if the media is being unfair, or some other argument that has already been made by other talk shows and news organizations.

This has become nothing but fodder for this useless resistance that the media has helmed since President Trump took office.

Besides the vulgarity and racist accusations now being batted around the media, those in the mainstream that claim to be part of the resistance have levied disloyalty charges to the President or at least said that he is loyal to a hostile foreign power. They charge that he is abusing the powers of the executive branch, including the Justice Department and FBI, to vindictively punish political opponents while corruptly protecting the serious crimes of his allies, including his own family members and possibly himself.

The media has relentlessly insisted that President Trump is a lawless authoritarian of the type the U.S. has not seen in the Oval Office for decades, if ever: a leader who has no regard for constitutional values or legal limits and thus, poses a grave, unique, and existential threat to the institutions of American democracy.

People who hate President Trump will say, well it is all true Clyde – we must resist the tyranny, we must resist the bigotry, we must resist the misogyny…resist, resist, resist.

I get it, I get it and the whole accusations of vulgar wording is enough to fan the flames and get Anderson Cooper to tear up on live TV.

So, now the #Resistance hash tag fighters have hardened their resolve to genuinely view Trump as a menace to this country, right?

These #Resistance fighters would now do everything within their ability to impose as many limits and safeguards as possible on the powers he is able to wield, right?

We wouldn’t want a dangerous authoritarian to have any more power because what has happened is just too much and well we must impeach, because we don’t want a President that has so much power that there is no checks or oversight to what he can do.

The #Resistance is now determined right?

Well, no and the stuff hitting the fan in the storm over vulgarity is a necessary distraction from what the so-called #Resistance gave to the President.

Yesterday in Washington, congressional Democrats were presented with a critical opportunity to strip away some of the power that President Trump has and give it back to the people.

But they didn’t.

Today I read some damning material from The Intercept that was authored by both Glenn Greenwald and Alex Emmons and it leads me to say unequivocally that the Russian collusion conspiracy is disinformation and that the so-called #Resistance is ineffective in combating what they call fascism.

A proposed new amendment was scheduled to be voted on in the House of Representatives that would have imposed meaningful limits and new safeguards on Trump’s ability to spy on American citizens and their communications.

Yesterday’s amendment was designed to limit the powers first enacted during the Bush years to legalize the Bush/Cheney domestic warrantless eavesdropping program.

Alex Emmons a journalist for The Intercept detailed the failure of the so called #Resistance in taking away the power of President to Trump to continue the illegal spying activities on American citizens.

Although the Trump White House and a majority of House Republicans (including House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes) favored extension (and even an expansion) of the current law’s spying powers and opposed any real reforms, a substantial minority of GOP lawmakers have long opposed warrantless surveillance of Americans and thus, announced their intention to support new safeguards.

The primary sponsor and advocate of the amendment to provide new domestic spying safeguards was the conservative Republican from Michigan, Justin Amash, who, in the wake of the 2013 Edward Snowden revelations, worked in close partnership with liberal Democratic Representative John Conyers to try to rein in some of these domestic spying powers.


Despite opposition from GOP House leadership and the Trump White House, Amash was able to secure the commitment of dozens of House Republicans to support his amendments to limit the ability of Trump’s FBI to spy on Americans without warrants.

The key provision of his amendment would have required that the FBI first obtain a warrant before being permitted to search and read through the communications of Americans collected by the National Security Agency.

To secure enactment of these safeguards, Amash needed support from a majority of House Democrats. That meant that House Democrats held the power in their hands to decide whether Trump, the president they have been vocally vilifying as a lawless tyrant threatening American democracy would be subjected to serious limits and safeguards on how his FBI could spy on the conversations of American citizens.

Debate on the bill and the amendments began on the House floor yesterday afternoon, and it became quickly apparent that leading Democrats intended to side with Trump and against those within their own party who favored imposing safeguards on the Trump administration’s ability to engage in domestic surveillance.

The most bizarre aspect of this spectacle was that the Democrats who most aggressively defended Trump’s version of the surveillance bill — the Democrats most eager to preserve Trump’s spying powers as virtually limitless — were the very same Democratic House members who have become media stars this year by flamboyantly denouncing Trump as a treasonous, lawless despot in front of every television camera they could find.

One of the Democrats leading the charge against reform of the spying operation of the FBI was Representative Adam Schiff of California, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee who, in countless TV appearances, has stated, that President Trump is controlled by and loyal to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Jake Tapper who has been all over the Russian collusion conspiracy theory recently interviewed Schiff. Schiff accused Trump of corruptly abusing the powers of the Department of Justice and FBI in order to vindictively punish Hilary Clinton and other political enemies.

Referring to Trump’s various corrupt acts, Schiff pronounced: “We ought to be thinking in Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, beyond these three years what damage may be done to the institutions of our democracy.”

Yet just two days later, there was the very same Adam Schiff, on the House floor, channeling another state criminal, Dick Cheney and dismissing the need for real safeguards on the ability of the FBI to spy on Americans. He demanded the rejection of the warrant requirement safeguard. He warned that any warrant requirements would constitute “a crippling requirement in national security and terrorism cases.”

So much for the #Resistance to corruption — it should make every American that believes in constitutional rights stand up and ask — what so these special resisting liberals that march in the streets stand for?

The #Resistance movement is nothing more than a group of people that hate Trump and that about sums it up. They don’t want to improve our country; they don’t care about the constitution – they don’t decry these Democratic lawmakers that gave President Trump’s state watchers to spy on American citizens.

The #Resistance won’t take issue with the fact that many Democrats who allowed this spying to continue are the same ones that would impugn the patriotism and loyalty of anyone questioning their Trump/Russia conspiracy theories.

So I would like to say to the stupid #Resistance that the people you support have just handed virtually unchecked spying power to a man who you think reports to the Kremlin.

I think this should once and for all prove that this whole Russian conspiracy theory is a sham.

I mean, if they are so sure that President Trump is loyal to Russia then why give him more power to spy on e-mails, Facebook posts, phone calls, and texts?

Nancy Pelosi, the so-called champion of Democracy, stood on the House Floor and offered a vigorous defense of the Trump-endorsed bill that would extend to Trump’s FBI the power to spy on Americans without warrants, in the process denouncing the minimal warrant safeguards.

Pelosi’s speech earned praise from GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan: “I want to thank [Pelosi] for coming up and speaking against the Amash amendment, and in favor of the underlying bipartisan [bill].”

It is so comforting to now understand that the Republicans and Democrats that pretend to represent you agree on one thing – that you have no constitutional rights and that you cannot be trusted.

For anyone who believes in the basic value of individual privacy and the dangers of mass surveillance, what has happened to constitutional rights is far more important than quarreling over the potty mouth of the President.

Americans are simply unaware of what is happening in their country – they give opinions on a whim, they do not know what a real resistance is, and they fail to understand the basics of civic discourse.

Can you really take anything the media is presenting for debate seriously?

You have all of these so-called #Resistance liberals pretending to care about real rights and real issues and then they hand over more power to the very guy they think is a lunatic ready for impeachment.

The digital revolution and interconnectivity, has opened a whole new paradigm for nefarious behavior and easy access to anyone’s information and political views. Issues that are creeping up about privacy are often silenced in a media that supports any policy that would undermine anyone who reports or transmits anything that destroys their narrative.

The market for connected devices is skyrocketing. The vast army of appliances, vehicles, televisions, and everything else whose functioning depends on a web connection.

They are called IoT devices meaning that they are part of the “Internet of Things.”


In 2016, there were 6.4 billion of these devices, according to a report from the consulting firm Gartner, Inc; by 2020, the number is expected to more than double. Many IoT devices store highly-sensitive personal data, bank account details, emails, contact lists.

Within the illegal; surveillance debate is something called “exceptional access” for government agencies like the FBI to just spy on your personal information and communication without a warrant.

The #Resistance will tell you that Russia hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s email accounts, collecting information it would use to delegitimize Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy; well isn’t it odd that while they all decry it and blame President Trump for colluding and carrying it out – they have now enabled him to conduct more illegal hacking and distributing of illegal information.

The Russian collusion conspiracy theory is a lie – and these actions prove it.

The so-called #Resistance dupes who really don’t care about anything except protesting their victimhood have literally allowed for a threat even more destructive than terrorism: the eradication of freedom.

This is where we can expose this so-called #Resistance as nothing more than a tool created by neo-liberals and neo-cons to destabilize the country and take away the rights we have guaranteed by a constitution.

Making our country literally a “shithole.”