I know there are people who have listened to my radio show over the years and are aware of the various subjects we talk about – from the parapolitical to the paranormal, high tech, health and beyond – we have watched as these stories go beyond science fiction into the realms of fact.

I have to say that the Winter of 2017 and into the new year, there are stories which have been piling up that indicate strongly we are on the verge of the realization that some form of extraterrestrial intelligence is about to reveal itself in a unique way.

Questions about the potential for life beyond our solar system are much sharper now than they were in 1995, when my show Ground Zero first started, largely because space surveys have established that there could be billions of potentially habitable planets out there.

Less scientifically grounded developments, such as The Pentagon funded secret UFO investigations have helped sharpen interest as well.

With UFO studies carried out by the Defense Department, to the sudden interest in space affairs with capable nations aiming their rockets into the heavens to discover what is out there – all we can do on planet earth is look up and dream.

Now, when we look up we are chilled by the flash and rumble of various rocks from space. After the Detroit bolide sightings, there were many listeners who called my show indicating there were flashes in the skies over Ohio and Indiana.

The mainstream media confirmed it and even NASA reported that data from the GOES16 satellite also caught the meteor entering earth’s atmosphere.

However, there is some other data that was caught and experts are now pondering again the possibility that something out there is trying to communicate with us.

New data indicates that more strange signals or bursts have been detected embedded in strong magnetic fields.

Researchers have never quite seen anything like it, but theorize that some combination of exotic cosmic phenomenon may explain the awesome power source required to propel the bursts across the universe.

Of course, mainstream science at the moment will not say they are coming from aliens, but they are not ruling out the possibility.

It is remarkable how scientists insist these developments represent nothing so sensational. Ask a killjoy astronomer or physicist about any of the recent oddities that have been reported and they will tell you, as they have time and time before: It’s not aliens; it never is, but it is always an open secret that it appears to be.

This is what is meant by the notorious NASA acronym NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER.

A well-known scientist, Frank Drake has told us with confidence that the galaxy is bursting at the seams with alien civilizations, and we simply have not looked hard enough, presuming we are capable of properly looking at all.

It was Enrico Fermi that asked a half century ago, “Where are they?”

Given that we have a 10-billion-year-old galaxy filled with stars and planets, and an Earth less than half that age, Fermi guessed we are unlikely to be the first technological culture on the galactic stage. If just one space faring civilization predated our own in the Milky Way, he calculated, even moving at a very languorous pace it should have had more than enough time to visit, explore and colonize every planetary system in the galaxy.

This is what is known as Fermi’s Paradox.

These questions, doubts and critical thinking are perfect for skeptical technocrats who feed a mystery or debunk a myth, but they cannot debunk or deny the open secret that the channels are open and that once again, after all of the reports of UFO threat assessments, military sightings, and huge bolides exploding, there is something out there trying desperately to get our attention.

Astronomy researchers at Laval University studied signals from 2.5 million stars to look for periodic patterns, or what might look like regular pulsing signals.

They found 234 of them, and they have no clear explanation of what they are. One of the possible theories they mention in their published paper is extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI).

They think the pulses look like a signal an intelligent alien might choose to send if they were trying to make contact. Of course, the researchers aren’t concluding that this is what it is. They also looked for alternative explanations like naturally occurring spectral lines or rotating molecules, but none of these are good enough to say for sure that it isn’t aliens, either.

The researchers themselves are cautious and call for additional independent studies to confirm their findings. The Breakthrough Listen Initiative, which works on listening for potential messages from extraterrestrial intelligence, agrees. They’re quoted by Tech Insider saying “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, an attitude that speaks well of their commitment to using reliable scientific methods and avoiding unfounded conspiracies.

They are however making plans to study some of these 234 stars further, to see if they can replicate the findings from the original study. It is still possible that this could be the signal that confirms someone is out there, trying to let us know they’re there.

Thos would be big news and it is surely becoming a progressive study in a time line of ET confirmation.

The Fast Radio Bursts and Gamma Bursts from space have been in the news since last year.

An MIT astronomer by the name of John A. Ball has an even more intriguing theory as to what these gamma bursts are caused by. In a paper entitled, Gamma Ray Bursts: The ETI Hypothesis, Ball suggests that the explosions that trigger gamma bursts might actually be communications from across the stars.

According to Ball, gamma radiation could contain 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bits of information in a tiny two-microsecond burst, which would be “comparable to the estimated total information content of Earth’s biosystem—genes and memes and including all libraries and computer media”.

As far-fetched as this idea might sound, it does make a certain amount of sense.

After all, the Fermi paradox suggests that we should have come across alien signals by this point, and as we haven’t noticed them, it makes sense that these aliens don’t communicate using technology that’s in any way comparable to our own.

Plus, if humanity had the power to blow up a star in order to issue an enormous message to the universe, we’d definitely try communicating through gamma radiation, especially considering everything we know about how these signals could last endlessly as they travel across the stars.

Indeed, other celestial anomalies that we spot across the stars could be aliens’ attempts to communicate with other species. Blinking lights in space have been observed, and these do match up to a certain extent with our own species’ attempts to communicate with extraterrestrial life.

There is, though, one big challenge standing in the way of proving Ball’s theory: in order to figure out whether aliens are actually trying to communicate with us, we’ll need to decipher their code.

This is no easy ask — first off, we don’t know which, if any, of the gamma bursts that we spot across the night’s sky might contain hidden messages from aliens.

Then we have the challenge of actually trying to spot patterns in otherwise random data. It’s easy to jump to conclusions when seeing a repeating pattern and assume that this is part of a message, but it could just as easily be caused by a dust cloud or a large planet obscuring our view of a natural burst of light whenever it reaches a certain point in its orbit.

Well, we certainly have a lot of planets to target that may have the potential for intelligent life.

The first planets beyond our solar system were detected in the mid-1990s, using a technique that looked for faint gravitational wobbles in the motion of stars. It was a big deal back in 2010 when the list of known exoplanets reached 500. Today, the tally of candidate exoplanets is past the 5,000 mark.

So far, astronomers have judged the livability of alien planets on the basis of their orbital positions, assumed densities and how much light they get from their parent stars. But to determine whether they’re truly habitable, and whether they have a chance of harboring life, much more information is needed.

Fortunately, more information is on the way and again after the heaven’s opened there is more data in the quick bursts and magnetic signatures that scientists don’t know what to do with it.

The SETI telescopes could tease out the spectral signatures of alien atmospheres, looking for chemical imbalances that could hint at biological activity. It’s more complex than just finding, say, oxygen or water vapor.

The evidence of life beyond our solar system may well be found by carefully combing the astronomical data that are collected every day for things that are anomalous, things that are a little different — it may not even be proven in the signals that have been received recently.

If we can detect some sort of biological anomaly or some chemical imbalance from a planet that would indicate remotely that perhaps aliens or something else have somehow changed the balance of their atmosphere.

It would be like the aliens were sending us some subtle cosmic smoke signal.

This of course fuels the theory that perhaps aliens watching us from a distance saw our nuclear blasts in the 1940’s. They may have noticed how it changed the atmosphere and the environment and then proceeded to send probes and saucers our way.

Such signatures of risky biological behavior are now included in the list of things for future space telescopes to seek out if it worked for the aliens – it has to work for us.

This also could explain why after the meteor event over Detroit and the firing of several rockets into space – the strange signals came back to Earth in the form of magnetic bursts — could it be that the aliens are wondering if we are all right? Or are they trying to warn us of something greater that is coming our way?

With all of the distractions down on here on Earth, I suppose the timing is perfect to somehow push away what is immediate in the mainstream and focus on what is buried in the areas of the margins that probably won’t be addressed on any talk show because the material is just too outrageous to make sense.

Our planet has come a long way in scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. Mainstream science is beginning to discover new concepts of reality that have the potential to change our perception about our planet and the extraterrestrial environment that surrounds it forever. Star gates, wormholes and portals have been the subject of conspiracy theories and theoretical physics for decades, but that is all coming to an end as we continue to grow in our understanding about the true nature of our reality.”

Reality should always be a word that we use in quotes. It changes every day and sometimes so many things happen on a day to day basis that it is hard to keep up with what may be happening and to pass judgment on what appears to be happening gets a lot of derision form those who believe that they have a logical brain that just can’t seem to wrap around what they feel is nonsensical or uncomfortable.

I am the guy who doesn’t care how uncomfortable or crazy I sound because the whole purpose of being an observer is to report what is unusual and taboo.

We have the comfort of faith and God – this is the security blanket; however, it takes courage to blaze out with information that is now becoming some kind of cosmic open secret that everyone seems to know which opens the mind to the eternal.