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Posted on January 23rd, 2024 by Clyde Lewis

Recently, Pope Francis sent a message of praise to the World Economic Forum and its founder, Klaus Schwab. The Vicar of the Roman Catholic Church did not mention anything about Christianity but instead, highlighted the role of the WEF in the global future. Could this be an endorsement for the worldwide replacement of legacy government and religious tenets that point to the Grand Imperial Cult of the Antichrist? We would be wise to recognize the patterns of domination and resist it before the Invisible Hand has us by the throat, Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with radio host, David Knight about VICARIUS FILII DEI - TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DOOMSDAY.




There is an old passage in the Book of Luke in the Bible where Christ in his final moments says undefinedFather forgive them for they know not what they do.undefined I remember learning about this and knowing the forgiving nature of God because it was Jesus who interceded for the peopleundefineds forgiveness for undefinednot knowingundefined what they were doing—their seeming inculpability.

Is it that they did not know they were participating in a murderous act; that they did not know Jesus was innocent and were following orders from someone else?

This is a hard thing to contemplate as we are not as wise as Jesus and we know that denying Jesus when we know for a certainty that he is a savior is one of the most grievous sins you can commit undefined and encouraging the growth of what can only be seen as the kingdom of the antichrist should also be seen as an unforgivable sin undefined the equivalent of murder in the eyes of god.

Now I know this only applies to Christians undefined and that some do not pay attention to Christian melodrama undefined but whether or not you care is beside the point. Christianity has influenced our cultures and the Catholic church has been a major influence on the major religions, and the religions that have branched from its mighty trunk.

Just recently Pope Francis the Vicar of Christ sent a message of praise of the World Economic Forum and its founder Klaus Schwab, writing that the group’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, is an “important opportunity” in the wider attempt “to explore innovative and effective ways to build a better world.”

Francis wrote:

“It is my hope, then, that the participants in this year’s Forum will be mindful of the moral responsibility that each of us has in the fight against poverty, the attainment of an integral development for all our brothers and sisters, and the quest for a peaceful coexistence among peoples,”

From January 15 through 19, the WEF’s annual meeting was held as it normally is in the Swiss ski resort of Davos.

Francis did not mention Christ, Catholicism, or the role of the Catholic Church in his message, but instead highlighted the role of the WEF in the global future.

Some see it as his endorsement of the worldwide replacement of legacy government and religious tenets that point to the grand imperial cult of the antichrist.

It is a forum where unelected leaders come up with all kinds of restrictions to levy upon nation-states to meet their sustainability goals.

Just to demonstrate how moronic they have become During a panel discussion Swiss banker Hubert Keller said coffee production is bad for the environment and is exacerbating climate change.

“The coffee that we all drink emits between 15 and 20 tons of CO2 per ton of coffee,” he said. “Every time we drink coffee, we are putting CO2 into the atmosphere.”

This assessment came after another WEF speaker described fishing and farming as environmentally destructive activities. The same speaker advocated for destructive activities to be recognized as “ecocide” under new international laws that would punish crimes against nature in the same way genocide is prosecuted. The WEF has also advocated for plant-based diets, the widespread use of electric vehicles, and the introduction of “tiny homes” to replace traditional dwellings.

They can remove my cup of coffee from my cold dead hands. This is preposterous.

Kevin Roberts, President of the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation spoke directly to these clownish globalists and declared that THEY are the problem in the world, not the solution.

During a discussion titled “What to Expect from a Possible Republican Administration,” Roberts let rip on the elitists.

“I will be candid,” Roberts began, adding “the agenda that every single person member of the [future Republican] administration needs to have, is to compile a list of everything that’s ever been proposed at the WEF, and object all of them wholesale.”

He further urged that “anyone not prepared to do that, and take away this power of the unelected bureaucrats and give it back to the American people, is unprepared to be a part of the next conservative administration.”

When the discussion turned to Donald Trump, Roberts told the host of the panel, Sir Robin Niblett, ‘Distinguished Fellow’ of Chatham House, that “It’s laughable that you or anyone would describe Davos as protecting liberal democracy,” adding “It’s equally laughable to use the word ‘dictatorship’ at Davos and aim that at President Trump… I think that’s absurd.”

He continued, “The very reason I’m here at Davos, is to explain to many people in this room and who are watching, with all due respect – nothing personal – that you are part of the problem

“Political elites tell the average people… that the reality is ‘x,’ when in fact, the reality is ‘y,’” Roberts further declared, going on to give several examples about open borders, immigration, gender issues, and the constant guilt trip elites subject everyday people to over the “existential threat” of climate change, while they hypocritically fly around in private jets.

Not everyone is on board with this lunacy and people are fighting back –and yet the Pope who should know better endorses this anti-life group.

They are building their beast system and boasting about how they will be able to have full spectrum control with new technologies and the companies that they have absorbed to help them in their schemes.

The World Economic Forum proclaimed they “have established the Quantum Computing Network, which facilitates collaboration with companies like Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, as well as academic institutions and national governments… to prepare society more broadly for the significance of the transition into a transhuman existence.

What quantum computing can do is unlike anything we have seen to date. Not only will this technology have the ability to control every aspect of life, business, finance, medicine, and government-but it will also be able to do this with such precision and speed that every person on earth could be placed into a one-world system.

This technology will virtually force the world into a one-world financial system, a one-world government, and eventually a one-world religion. This super technology will cause the world’s systems to merge into one unified and computerized way of life. Choices will be eliminated. Freedom will be severely limited. Control will be delivered into the hands of the one who oversees this worldwide interconnecting network.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is modeled and designed after the human brain. AI developers claim that this revolutionary new technology can learn and reason. The creators of AI have modeled their neural network after the human brain. However, artificial neural networks will never fully replicate what was designed by God.

This is why the religious dispensationalists believe that the transhuman ideal is anti-life and leads to the destructive path of post-humanism -which defies all natural creation and brings us closer to human extinction.

Can this technology and the commitment to transhuman transition an offense to religion and God? Could a massive computer networking scheme be the genesis of a system where you must receive a chip or tattoo to participate in commerce?

Scripture warns that mankind will succumb to a one-world government. Quantum computing and AI are the technologies that will make it possible. Understanding the anticipated threat is one thing, but witnessing end-time technologies and events fall into place before our eyes is amazing.

Having a man who sits on a throne in place of Christ over a worldwide church encouraging this forum would or could be seen as an endorsement by a false prophet- is the Popeundefineds endorsement of what may be the foundation of the New World Order blasphemy?

This raises a lot of what can be called dispensational paranoia.

The reason is that we all know that a global government that does not recognize sovereignty is the end game. Yet it continues to creep full steam ahead with all kinds of philosophies and goals that will turn everyone into tenants of the world. The sustainable goals include human population reduction, forced vaccine passports, and a world of codependence on those who see themselves as the Gods of this world.

Total control of every aspect of life for every single person on the planet, that’s the goal.

That’s been apparent to anyone paying attention for years.

They use death as their ally- a component that guarantees compliance for most people undefined fear keeps people in line undefined fear of the unknown is useful when death is being used as their stock and trade.

Covid marked an acceleration of the globalist agenda, a mad dash to the finish line that seems to have lost momentum short of victory, but the race is still going.

These merchants of death have already discussed their placeholder pandemic that they are holding back until it is convenient again to release it and watch the bodies hit the floor.

This is called Disease X.

Disease X, is a hypothetical virus 20 times deadlier than COVID-19.

While such a virus isnundefinedt known to currently exist, researchers, scientists, and experts are hoping to proactively come up with a plan of action to combat such a virus and prepare the health system if it were to emerge as a pandemic.

In 2022, the World Health Organization brought together 300 scientists to look into 25 virus families and bacteria to create a list of pathogens that they believe have the potential to wreak havoc and should be studied more. Included on that list is Disease X, which was first recognized by the organization in 2018.

The WHO says the virus undefinedrepresents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by an unknown pathogen.undefined

The President of the WHO, in partnership with other global organizations, has already put initiatives in place in preparation for the next major pandemic or epidemic.

These efforts include the pandemic fund to help nations with resources, the mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub to ensure vaccine equity for low-income nations, and the hub for pandemic and epidemic intelligence to improve collaborative surveillance between countries.

The WHO has called on countries to sign on to the health organization’s pandemic treaty so the world can prepare for undefinedDisease X.undefined

Some of the preparedness responses could include an early-warning system, organizing supply chains, and advancing research and development to test drugs. Primary health care would need to be looked at, too, given that wealthy countries did not fare well during COVID-19, since they struggled with basics like contact tracing.

Contact tracing seems to be one way to implement a chipped society marking individuals and tracking them, preventing them from buying, selling, or any other kind of commerce if they are not properly vaccinated or not properly vetted by a world health authority who has basic criteria that must be adhered to.

You see it is not about declaring that a globalist cult has been established for the reign of an anti-life leadership undefined it is about the creep of such an organization that preaches ideas that are keen to the intellect, and beguile those who are on the fence to joining them in their new Luciferian government.

You can be sure Klaus Schwab, the Pope or even King Charles III isn’t ever going to appear simulcast on every television in the world announcing that we’re all citizens of the world now and that nation-states no longer exist.

In part because that is likely to focus resistance, but mainly because tribalism and nationalism are just too useful to all would-be manipulators of public opinion.

And, of course, the continuing existence of nation-states in no way precludes the existence of a supra-national control system, any more than the existence of Rhode Island, Florida or Texas precludes the existence of the Federal government.

No, there will almost certainly never be an official “world government”, at least not for a long time yet. That’s a lesson they learned from COVID-19 — putting a name and a face on globalism only foments collective resistance to it.

We are already aware of their World government plans undefined but many still are unaware and still play by the left-right paradigm that is useful for their plan to divide people to the point of civil war. It is there to divide people over archaic religions and philosophies that they hope will create a way for the population to eat itself.

This will lead to worldwide civil wars undefined and even a nuclear confrontation in the future that will most certainly harden their resolve for a new world order that will preach peace and prosperity and a new religious bond with the earth and with mankind’s future as machines with godlike minds.

We will not be told we are united under a new model, instead, the illusion of regionality & superficial variance will camouflage a lack of real choice across the political landscape. A thin polysystemic skin stretched tight over a monosystemic skeleton.

Capitalism, communism, socialism, democracy, tyranny, monarchy…these words will steadily dilute in meaning, even more than they have already, but they will never be abandoned.

They still need to use these philosophies for a fool’s game undefined that will lead to a deadly schism that will lead to a moment that can be seen as one of many doomsday scenarios.

The Doomsday Clock announcement happened at 10:00 am, Eastern time.

Since its inception in 1947 by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the Doomsday Clock has warned humanity how close the world is to catastrophe every year, with midnight acting as a symbol of the apocalypse.

National security, climate change, and nuclear danger are all factored into the decision of where the clock is placed.

In 2023, it was set at 90 seconds to midnight. The closest it has ever been.

It was not changed today.

It now remains at 90 seconds – the clock did not move. It is like a doomsayer’s Groundhog Day – the clock is about as important as the groundhog’s shadow.

The clock isn’t designed to definitively measure existential threats, but rather to spark conversations about difficult scientific topics such as atom bombs and climate change, according to the organization.

By the way – Climate Change never used to be a factor. Now it is to appease the climate cult.

The official statement as to why the clock remains at 90 seconds is because of the ongoing concerns about the war in Ukraine, the Israel-Gaza conflict, the potential of a nuclear arms race, and the climate crisis.

It appears that the agenda of the doomsday clock is the same as the UN agenda, the World Health agenda, and the world order that is being forged by the WEF.

It is all a dog and pony show to remind us that the sword of Damocles that dangles above us by a hair is about to fall.

The joke is on you because they control the fear porn, who lives and who dies.

In a New World Order scenario, there will still be war undefined only because we see that there will only be a collection of nation-states largely in name only, operating superficially different systems of government all built on the same underpinning assumptions and all answering to an unelected and undeclared higher authority.

Keeping all these so-called undefinedLiberated Nationsundefined under their framework takes a new structure that included

Digital Money, Digital ID, Climate action, health and DNA protocols to guarantee travel, and implemented social credit to be monitored by a very strict and ubiquitous thought police.

The only major aspects missing are the mechanisms by which this rough model can be transformed into a flowing network, where all corners are eroded and all genuine sovereign powers become entirely vestigial.

Again as they reported in Davos they are now ready to unleash their quantum computers in the world to keep the world network intact.

You need to be aware of how they name their new enterprise. It has been called the Great Reset undefined but of course, this too can evolve as well.

Nowhere will you hear it being called a global empire or the imperial cult of his infernal majesty undefined that is too obvious. You have to understand that there won’t be a global government in name, there will be an international panel of “impartial experts”, appointed by the UN who make “policy recommendations”.

Most or all of the countries of the world will follow most or all of the recommendations, but anyone who calls these panels global governments will be forwarded fact-checks from Snopes or Politifact highlighting that “UN expert panels do NOT constitute a global government because they have no legislative power”.

The WEF has told us: We will own nothing and be happy. So nice to have everything done for you- but it is a trap.

Historically this has never worked but then since when did history matter? Even the American constitution only promised people “the pursuit of happiness.”

Given the nature of the Antichrist’s future government, it seems that any push for centralized economic or political power would align with Satan’s objectives, regardless of whatever “humanitarian” goals such centralization touts.

Nation-states are stubborn, irresponsible creatures and can’t be counted on to prioritize the world’s long-term interests over their own immediate desires. Thus they must relinquish sovereignty in areas influencing the environment, outsourcing regulatory and oversight power to supranational entities run by WEF-approved elites who, naturally, understand the needs of individual nations, and the impact of those needs on the climate, and humanity much better than those nations’ citizens.

The arrogance even smacks of demonic hubris.

But can we accuse this movement of evil based on their grandiose views of how capitalism and socialism can shake hands and lead to a happy ending for all who decide to commit to this lofty utopia that promises paradise?

How could the biblical literalists who were once spooked by credit cards and UPCs look at the WEF’s infatuation with the Digital ID quantum system and digital currency and not think immediately of the Second Beast of Revelation 13?

How could the Pope overlook this and not feel a sense of disturbance in his soul?

Apocalyptic anxiety occasioned by dispensationalism is far from an exclusively evangelical or even Christian phenomenon. It so permeates our culture that even secular progressives teeter between postmillennialist optimism and premillennialist despair.

This quintessentially American anxiety may have quieted down after spiking in the wake of 9/11 and briefly resurfaced in speculation that our first black president was the Antichrist, but it is now on the verge of exploding stronger than ever—and maybe it should.

If one surrenders their prejudices and the Americanization of dispensationalism – then you can see that we may all be being misled because we are counting on God to somehow tap us on the shoulder and say Beware!

Well unless you hear that small voice in your head guiding you you may just go along with all of this existential threat business. You see you need to open your mind and see that the threat is bigger than you realize.

We would be wise to recognize the patterns of domination and resist it—before we find the “invisible hand” has us by the throat.


David Knight is an Electrical Engineer who worked for Texas Instruments & Data General before becoming self-employed in video production and retail.  His involvement in 3rd party/independent politics led him to work as a Media Fellow for The American Tradition Institute on Energy Issues.

David was hired as a reporter at InfoWars where he covered the Bundy Ranch standoff, Asymmetric Warfare Training, Bilderberg, and Geospatial Intel Surveillance issues. This led to guest hosting duties and his weekly morning show for over 3 years.

The David Knight Show is independent, both as a video broadcast and audio podcast. His website is https://www.thedavidknightshow.com/