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Posted on January 26th, 2024 by Clyde Lewis

25 out of the 50 states now publically stand with Texas against the rogue and illegitimate federal government handling of illegal immigration. In fact, Texas has the right to undefinedlevy war.undefined The Biden Administration is in obvious dereliction of its duty to keep the country safe from foreign invasion. Moreover, we may be seeing the beginning of a civil war where states declare war on the federal government. If the current trend is allowed to continue, the stage will be set for a host of emergencies that will be exploited by the elites to erase what constitutional protection we have left. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with law enforcement veteran, Michael Letts about TEXAS NEXXUS - A WAR BY ANY OTHER MEANS.



We Americans have been encouraged to think well of ourselves and our way of life. We are told that the way we live in this country is superior to other countries, even though this ideal life is quickly fading into history; even though other countries, which live differently, seem to have lasted a lot longer than we have.

With this in mind, we can assert that most people in the United States are becoming desensitized to concepts as vast as this New World Order and in the process, to the ever-present encroachment on human dignity and rights.

We know that there is severe division in the United States and a resistance that has created a cold war on political fronts.

From the manipulation of intelligence, the spinning of strange narratives, and a media that deems itself part of the resistance, there is still an air of civil discord in America.

America is unofficially on alert status and with the latest news about th emigrant incursion people must prepare for flash uprisings in various cities across the United States.

I want to make it clear that I am not saying that these events will happen because most of these uprisings are organic; however one cannot rule out the possibility of false flag operations that trigger civil unrest and other riots that could occur at any time this year. Strategists and military planners have always been prepared for the future of homeland violence.

Back in 2012, the Pentagon implemented new rules of engagement for US military forces operating on American soil to provide “support” to “civilian law enforcement authorities, including responses to civil disturbances.”

The document declares sweeping and unprecedented military powers under a section entitled “Emergency Authority.” It asserts the authority of a “federal military commander” in “extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the president is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances.” In other words, the Pentagon brass claims the unilateral authority to impose Martial Law.

These powers are not being asserted to defend the US population against terrorism or to counter some hypothetical emergency. The US military command is quite conscious of where the danger lies.

They see border clashes as a flash point for civil unrest and possible civil war outbreaks.

For nearly 25 years I have described several military operations that were set aside for possible invasion of our country at its borders.

In 1968 the US Department of Defense at the request of the government drafted a civil disturbance plan called ‘Operation Garden Plot’ which outlined what was essentially a martial law response to large-scale social breakdown. One of the main factors listed in the plan as a trigger for martial law was the uncontrolled mass migration of minorities into the US, as well as riots by minorities in light of economic uncertainty.

Garden Plot has provisions designed to install a long-lasting domestic military presence in the US if deemed necessary, and was even tied to programs like REX 84 which planned out the installation of “FEMA camps” or detention facilities meant to hold large numbers refugees during a mass migration crisis. These programs were accidentally exposed during the Iran/Contra hearings of 1987 and were kept secret from a majority of representatives in Congress.

In other words, political elites designed a set of operations to swiftly impose martial law if a migrant disaster occurred. But were these measures meant to solve the crisis? Or were they meant to use the crisis as an excuse to put boots on the ground in the US and permanently end whatever constitutional protections we have left? That is to say, it may very well be the plan of the establishment to keep the borders open until illegals overwhelm the system and the public is willing to accept martial law.

Back in December when people were watching the Netflix TV movie undefinedLeaving the World Behindundefined the specter of another civil war in America rose from the dead -and haunted those who watched the movie demonstrating in how we all could turn on each other if the grid went down and of course we were all treated to subtle racism and blame on a micro level undefined but we also knew that the environment in this film was so toxic that a civil war was most certainly happening.

It was certainly some creepy predictive programming. But no sooner were we seeing a Civil War-themed movie on Netflix undefined A24 released a trailer for the new Alex Garland film undefinedCivil War.undefined

The trailer depicts a not-so-united near-future U.S. in which 19 states have seceded, and breakaway republics are advancing on Washington, D.C.

The film is slated for release on April 26, 2024, just in time for a potentially fabric-of-society-destroying election year.

The reaction from critics ranged from horrifying to chilling and scary.

But one reaction that probably wasnundefinedt expected was that it was confusing.

But one aspect of the trailer that was harder to swallow than the concept of civil war itself: the part where the president refers to “the so-called Western Forces of Texas and California” teaming up to start this civil action.

Sure, a second civil war is conceivable, and yes, that’s quite concerning undefined but how are you going to convince a blue state force to team up with a red state force to take down the government?

In what scenario would the two almost diametrically politically opposed states, that the L.A. Times just labeled “the liberal bastion on the left coast, and the conservative Southern garrison on the Gulf,” possibly secede together?

Well, I think it is obvious undefined the immigration problem in the United States is illustrating quite perfectly why we would see an unlikely pairing of undefinedwestern forcesundefined- because the issue of immigration is becoming a major problem.

It appears that we are being invaded. We all know about Texas undefined but California is also having its share of immigration problems.

In his 2022 nonfiction book, The Next Civil War: Dispatches from the American Future, Stephen Marche foresees a splintering into four countries: North, South, Texas, and California. “Unlike many other regions searching for independence, California and Texas could work as independent countries,” he writes, citing the global-top-10 GDPs each of the two new nations would boast. Scotland or Quebec, Marche argues, would still be somewhat dependent on outside forces if they excised themselves from the U.K. and Canada, respectively, but “Texas and California share none of those vulnerabilities. California and Texas are the new economies. Both states are donor states: They give more in federal taxes than they receive. Military infrastructure wouldn’t be a problem, either. California hosts the most active-duty personnel, followed closely by Texas.”

Based on a close look at the trailer, Garland’s Texas and California aren’t even part of a larger separatist bloc. They’re a union unto themselves, though they still retain their names and maybe some measure of sovereignty. In one shot, a map on a TV screen reflected in a window shows the old U.S. divided into three (or possibly four) coalitions.

The cluster of same-colored southern states likely represents the “Florida Alliance” also referenced in the trailer, but Texas and California constitute their entity.

You need to also understand that it appears that one of the main characters of the film appears to be Latino. He and his family are confronted by a soldier.

The character says to the soldier undefined undefinedI am an Americanundefined The soldier then says “What kind of American are you?undefined

Certainly, it is obvious that California and Texas would both share a problem with an invasion of illegals and could team up.

More than 20 illegal immigrants were caught on video arriving by sea at a San Diego beach early Thursday morning, vanishing into the streets of La Jolla before authorities could apprehend them.

The Joint Harbor Operations Center notified CBP law enforcement personnel of “two suspicious vessels” carrying suspected illegal migrants towards Ocean Beach at about 5:30 a.m. and Windansea Beach about two hours later, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection

But, by the time U.S. Border Patrol and CBP Air and Marine agents responded, they found only the abandoned boats. The migrants had already fled.

It was like they just vanished and blended into the city undefined chances were slim that they would be apprehended.

Elected leaders in San Diego County, including a supervisor and a mayor, are asking the federal government for an immediate change to border enforcement policies after more than 50,000 immigrants were “dropped” in the area since September.

Citing unprecedented levels of illegal border crossings, officials said swift action is needed to address a growing crisis. More than 3.2 million immigrants entered the country from Oct. 1, 2022, through Sept. 30, 2023, a jump of nearly 16 percent from the previous fiscal year—recently released customs data reveals.

Additionally, more than 8.2 million immigrants—about half the population of New York City—have entered the country since 2021. About two-thirds were single adults, according to border patrol statistics.

Customs officials have recently also noted that individual family members seeking to join others already in the U.S. grew substantially the last year, with more being denied entry between May and October than in any previous year.

Hundreds of millions of people all over the globe would love to relocate here. But we simply do not have the resources to support them all.

Those that wish to live in the United States are supposed to go through the legal system of immigration.

That is how it is supposed to work.

But instead, the Biden administration has left the back door completely wide open, and now millions of desperate people are pouring into this country each year.

The stage is being set for unprecedented chaos in our major cities, and our federal government will not be able to control it.

We may be seeing the beginnings of a civil war undefined where states declare war on the federal government.

Republican governors across the country escalated their conflict with the Biden administration over the southern border by invoking the same legal theory that slave states wielded to justify secession before the Civil War.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, joined by 25 other GOP governors, now argues that the Biden administration has violated the federal government’s “compact” with the states—an abdication that justifies state usurpation of federal authority at the border. This language embraces the Confederacy’s conception of the Constitution as a mere compact that states may exit when they feel it has been broken. 

Abbott and the supportive Republican governors have written:

“The federal government has broken the compact between the United States and the states.” That language is strikingly similar to the very first line of the secession ordinances passed by slave states when they purported to leave the union. Most of these ordinances began with a declaration that the state sought “to dissolve the union” that was “united under the compact” or the Constitution. 

President Biden has pretty much abolished American borders. In December, ten thousand illegals were marching in from Mexico every day.

A rate of three hundred thousand a month; is like the entire population of Pittsburgh. Under President Biden, even the northern border saw a 550 percent increase in illegals caught.

Texas has declared it is being undefinedInvadedundefined and other state Governors are now entering into Compacts with Texas to repel that invasion.

Texas governor Greg Abbott is furious, and the state’s battle with the feds is between people who think Americans should decide who lives here and people who have put the place up for grabs.

Abbot stated that “The only thing that they we’re not doing is was not shooting people who come across the border, because of course the Biden administration would charge them with murder.”

The chairman of the Texas Democrat Party, Gilberto Hinojosa shrieked: “Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans have made it abundantly clear they have no morality or humanity.”

The latest round in Texas versus the Democrats was at Eagle Pass, a town of 28,000 people, right on the Rio Grande.

The city’s welcome sign is in Spanish because the town is 95 percent Hispanic.

Last year, up to 3,000 illegals a day got to read the Bienvenidos sign because this is the perfect place to wade across the river right into the open arms of Joe Bidenundefineds America.

Illegals waded over to Shelby Park and the Border Patrol gave them space blankets to keep warm. They lazed around in the park for a while – there they are, as far as the eye can see – waiting for tour buses to take them on the next leg of their North American adventure.

On January 10th, Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas National Guard to build a fence around the park and keep the feds out, as the Texas military explained, “to restrict access to organizations that perpetuate illegal immigrant crossings.”

White House Assistant Press Secretary Angelo Fernandez Hernandez – (yes, there is such a person) – complained that Texas was trying to “politicize the border.”

The feds blame the Texans, of course, and have asked the US Supreme Court to order the National Guard out of the park.

This isn’t the only battle between Texas and the feds. Last summer, Gov. Abbot ordered 1,000 yards of buoys anchored in the shallowest part of the river to keep illegals from crossing.

Texas also put up razor wire on the US side, easily visible from the other side to discourage waders. The feds got a court order to make Texas take out the buoys and asked the US Supreme Court for the right to cut Texas’s razor wire so it could help illegals walk through it.

Kamala Harris is bursting with virtuous indignation of course calling out those who wish to thwart the crossing of illeagals undefinedExtremists.undefined

She said Texas is being “outrageous” and “unAmerican.”

The Democrat position is simple: Anything that keeps illegals out is cruel and un-American.

Greg Abbott then drew a hard line in the sand, putting the Biden administration on notice that heundefineds declared the migrant crisis an undefinedinvasionundefined and invoked Texasundefineds constitutional authority to defend and protect itself.

Abbott is not backing down, and a whole bunch of other red states have publicly announced that they support what he is doing. In response, the Biden administration has reportedly issued a 24-hour ultimatum and is warning that Texas will “face the consequences” if the Texas National Guard does not stand down.

Does anyone remember a time when a state defied the orders of a president? Could this throw us into a constitutional crisis undefined or worse a civil war?

When was the last time we witnessed a conflict of this magnitude between the federal government and a state government?

Following the Supreme Court’s stunning decision in favor of the Biden administration, Texas Governor Greg Abbott invoked the right to self-defense in Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution…

After the Supreme Court vacated an injunction against the Biden administration cutting razor wire along the US-Mexico border installed by the state of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has declared an “invasion” and invoked the right to “self-defense.”

“The failure of the Biden administration to fulfill the duties imposed by Article IV Section 4 has triggered Article 1, section 10, Clause 3, which reserves to this State the right of self-defense,” Abbott said. “For these reasons, I have already declared an invasion under Article I, section 10, Clause 3 to invoke Texas’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself.”

It would have probably been smart for Joe Biden to just let this go.

But that is not going to happen.

The Biden administration appears to be determined to keep the border wide open.

Biden can federalize Texas National Guard leaving Abbott with no power to resist federal might. Biden, as President, has the authority to federalize National Guard units, bringing them under the control of the federal government.

However, this is typically done in specific circumstances and with legal justifications, such as responding to a national emergency or protecting federal interests.

So we wait and see what happens if some or all of those troops refuse to follow Biden’s orders.

Donald Trump is calling for all “willing states to deploy their national guard to Texas” to help protect the border.

And it is now being reported that “25 Republican governors just signed a joint letter” in support of Texas.

Twenty-five of the fifty states now publicly stand with Texas against the rogue and illegitimate federal government handling of Illegal Immigration.

What these states are doing is undefinedentering into a Compactundefined with Texas, and because Texas is being invaded, they have the right under the supreme law of this land, to do exactly that.

Texas now has the right to undefinedlevy war.undefined

Members of the Armed Forces of the United States are already inquiring as to how they can join up with the various State Guards in the event the Biden Regime tries to order the Army into the affair or tries to undefinedNationalizeundefined the Guard to serve the Biden regime. Troops are also researching the implications of going AWOL, Resigning from the military, or outright changing sides, to side with the States.

Sales of Rifle Ammunition are skyrocketing throughout much of the country, as Americans stock up on body-armor-penetrating Large-caliber rifle ammunition. Sales of Level Four body armor and its armor insert plates are also skyrocketing.

The Biden Regime is running into additional problems of its own making, in terms of the number of troops it can muster. In addition to having to staff the eight hundred or so bases the US has created around the planet, Biden has now also deployed hundreds of thousands of troops to Europe, for NATO, over the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and is now in the process of deploying thousands more for the upcoming Yemen activity.

With all branches of the US military suffering several years of missed Recruiting Goals, if push comes to shove with this Texas situation, Biden may not be able to muster troops in the numbers necessary to take any effective action. Put more bluntly, Biden can no longer muster enough troops to keep himself, and the federal government, in-power should things turn hot.

There are also very widespread discussions in liberal states about what may have to be done with THOSE state governments if this turns into an actual Civil War. Should Conservatives in Liberal states up and leave, or should they stay and undefinedtake outundefined the liberal state governments?

Itundefineds not a far-fetched question because those liberal states have the unique vulnerability of having long ago DISARMED their populations through gun control laws. So the people of those liberal states canundefinedt defend themselves - or their state government undefined if things turn hot.

By far, the strangest aspect of developments so far is a run on auto parts stores for an over-the-counter auto engine product called undefinedTuf-Oil.undefined It contains undefinedthe slipperiest substance on earthundefined which is reportedly even slipperier than Teflon.

By dropping a few drops on the tips of full metal jacket bullets, some people say it allows the bullet to slip right through level three and level IIIA bullet-resistant vests, which is what most police utilize. Thus, any police choosing to side with illegal immigrants may not stand much of a chance if the nation goes into a Civil War.

On the horizon: States that choose to side with Biden, will likely be the ones to start getting (more) busloads of illegal immigrants from Texas. So unless those states want to end up like New York City and parts of Illinois, where the costs for supporting those migrants is wiping out budgets, those states may find they have to support Texas, to avoid getting tens of thousands of migrants.

You can imagine what kind of riots and problems these states would face in the throes of a national upheaval.

Troops could be sent into Mexico to put a stop to these cartels and migrant caravans, Perhaps rogue groups would send military factions to Washington, DC, and declare a war there, They could go directly to those responsible for what is happening at the southern Border,

Could you imagine a military coup undefined that would be far worse than the January 6th -so-called insurrection? This time it would be a coup -and not some propagandized Reichstag fire.

Texas is already using force against the feds, it has seized Shelby Park, a location where tens of thousands of illegal immigrants stream through every day. The Texas National Guard is already using force to keep the feds out of that park because the feds are failing to detain those illegals and instead are letting them enter the country.

Are we witnessing the intended break up of the United States over the willful infiltration of illegal migrants that are overwhelming the system?

Texas is Authorized to engage in war if it feels it is being invaded.

According to Article 1 Section 10 Clause 3 of the constitution we read:

undefinedNo State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.undefined

Abbott cited the dissenting position in Arizona v. United States which determined that federal law overrides state laws when it comes to regulating those who are unlawfully present in the US, except when it comes to a stateundefineds right to require officers to verify the citizenship or alien status of detained migrants.

Regardless, Abbott has drawn a line in the sand - and whatever litigation may play out in the courts is secondary to the fact that this is happening now.

Abbott has Biden over a barrel.

What is Biden going to do? Send the military in to forcibly open the border? In an election year?

There is no doubt that elements of our government are deliberately encouraging the acceleration of illegal immigration across the southern border and they are actively sabotaging any attempts to stop the madness.

The expulsion of unwanted or destructive groups of people has been an emergency measure used by civilizations for thousands of years.

The cultures that don’t protect their gates end up being erased or absorbed into a completely different population that may not hold the same values and principles.

The majority of nations on the planet today have strict immigration rules, but in America, we are now seeing a complete negation of the responsibility of protecting our borders from an invasion.

This is unsustainable and the establishment knows it. Biden has actively tried to hide the crisis from the view of the American people for years, denying that there is any threat and claiming that the border is more rigid today than ever before. Anyone who questions the validity of this claim is immediately accused of racism, white supremacy, and conspiracy theory.

Border states have become so angered over leftist denials that they’ve started busing thousands of migrants into blue “sanctuary cities” like New York, Washington DC and Chicago. The result has been a calamity for their welfare programs and local economy. Even progressive voters in these areas are enraged by the flood of migrants into their neighborhoods.

Schools in New York are being emptied and shut down to make room for migrant housing. Homeless shelters in DC have been inundated with migrants begging for handouts and the citizen homeless had far less food over the holidays because the illegals ate it all. The Chicago O’Hare Airport is being turned into a migrant shelter and the city is trying to prevent the media from documenting the situation.

Democrat mayors are finally calling the event a national emergency; funny how they refused to admit to the problem until they were directly affected by it. Of course, they blame conservative governors instead of their sanctuary city policies. In other words, Democrats are indignant because they are being forced by red states to suffer the consequences of their warped ideals. Leftists have a rule: Never admit when they are wrong, even if it means self-destruction.

And though low-level progressive politicians are made to look foolish in their continued defense of sanctuary status, there is the greater issue of engineered crisis. Why have establishment elites and the Biden Administration been lying despite the clear and present danger? And why is it considered particularly wrong for Western countries to defend their borders?

The shape of this secure border action will require trial and error, but as long as Texas is willing to continue arresting illegals and shipping them out of the country, all that is needed is a contingent of deputized Americans to help watch the border and catch people trying to cross. There may also be a need for people to defend border walls and fences from federal sabotage.

Some will argue that this constitutes a violation, a defiance of federal authorities-and it does, but that is how civil wars begin- someone will be tagged as the criminal, the bad guys, and the good guys.

The Biden Administration is in dereliction of its duty to keep the country safe from foreign invasion. Doing nothing and leaving borders undefended from mass immigration is no different from refusing to defend the border from a foreign military.

If the current trend is allowed to continue, the stage will be set for a host of emergencies that will be exploited to give elites the excuse to erase what constitutional protections we have left. This cannot be tolerated.

It’s time to end it.


Michael Letts is the Founder, President, and CEO of InVest USA, a national grassroots non-profit organization that is helping hundreds of communities provide thousands of bulletproof vests for their police forces through educational, public relations, sponsorship, and fundraising programs. He also has over 30 years of law enforcement experience under his belt, hence his pro-police stance for his brothers and sisters in blue. Those interested in learning more may visit: https://InvestUSA.org