Last Saturday, I appeared at the Ground Zero Lounge. It is simply a gathering of people in a local bar where I conduct a discussion that is a cross between a town hall meeting and a stand up comedy routine.


I decided to kick off my talk about the flu. There was some tragic news about local residents who had died from the flu. In fact, two of the fatalities happened in a town just two miles from my home. One both of the victims had to flu and it eventually became a bacterial infection that was left untreated.

It is terrifying to think that something as simple as influenza is killing people close to home. While I was at the Ground Zero Lounge, I was complaining about my knee. It was giving me pain, so I sat down to do my discussion. I had knee pain before and the doctors would give me a shot of some steroid to help with Bursitis in my knee.

I got a shot just few days before the lounge and it apparently didn’t work. The pain kept getting worse. Last night after I wrapped up my show, I started to feel feverish. I went to my office with the chills and thought – this is it, I am now going to have a bout with this deadly flu.

I asked one of my producers to take me home because I knew that I would not be able to bear the cold if I was having a fever. I took some Tylenol and the feverish fatigue was over — I went to bed relatively early. Before I crawled into my bed, I noticed something that really had me scared.

In the area where I got my shot, there was a red rash that was painful to the touch. I knew then that I had some sort of infection, part of me was relieved that this was not the flu, but another part of me had me wondering how I got such a horrible infection.

The doctor set me up with some antibiotics and now I just have to watch and wait – hoping that this infection gets better.

Now, for the record I have gotten infections before – I know we all have but this time I seem a bit more concerned than usual, because of the many people who have died from various bacterial infections that have spread and mutated in people with the flu.

At this point, anything can happen and I thought to myself, “This isn’t the Dark Ages” I should be fine – and then the worry comes again.

During the Dark Ages, before the introduction of improved nutrition and sanitation, the world was intermittently visited with epidemics of all kinds. Now you can’t watch the news or read the paper anymore without hearing about our terrifying and expanding crop of strange “killer diseases.”

It can be argued that many of these strange “mystery diseases “and lethal flu that is baffling the entire medical world, are the sordid products of vaccine poisons that disturb the chemical balance of the body and interfere with normal functioning.

It can also be argued that our worst epidemics now are epidemics of vaccination in which more people are killed every year by “vaccinal diseases” than by the diseases that the vaccinations were supposed to combat.

It is estimated that there are 900,000 physicians in the United States. These physicians can cause about 120,000 to 225,000 accidental deaths each year. Many of these deaths are caused by well intentioned “cures.” These deaths are called “Unintentional Injuries” by the CDC and rank as the fifth biggest cause of death behind heart disease and respiratory failures. These “unintentional Medical Injuries” are known as iatrogenic artifacts or diseases caused by medical advice or procedures.

There is also the situation in medical practices where the cure or the solution to an aliment seems to be far worse than having the disorder itself.

Although there are a number of far more successful and efficient systems of healing in this country, the medical system is the only one that gets endorsement and support from the government. All our tax supported Departments of Health, hospitals and institutions are under the domination of medical personnel.

Many of those have appeared on TV shows and talk shows to encourage people to get the flu shot. However, as we have reported, this flu season gas been different and the vaccine that was administered to the public was only 10 percent effective.

Even with that knowledge, the celebrity doctors all say – it is never too late to get a flu shot.

Every time I hear this I always wonder why they are encouraging what George Orwell calls “Doublethink.”

In his book, 1984, George Orwell describes doublethink as the act of holding, simultaneously, two opposite, individually exclusive ideas or opinions and believing in both simultaneously and absolutely. Doublethink requires using logic against logic or suspending disbelief in the contradiction.

Most of the time doublethink is the result of political indoctrination. It can be determined that the coercion involved with vaccines is financially and politically motivated.

The benefits and the risks of vaccinations have been debated for some time and now it is being determined that people who prefer to not take risks with their bodies and children’s bodies are now being called “anti-science.”

This is a new political pejorative that will divide the nation even more as most of the so called real science is being politically aimed at the parties so they can find ways to undermine each other and create more reasons to make mandatory reasons for their so called miracle cure-alls from things like climate change to measles.

An opinion that has been rendered as conspiracy and fake news is the fact that collaboration with big business and special interests, and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is plotting a new program to track Americans’ vaccination records, wage a massive propaganda campaign to “encourage” more inoculations, and foist more controversial vaccines on adults against their will.

That isn’t all.

At the moment, there are now special AI programs that will be used to determine the outcome of your diagnosis and the chances of you dying.

It was reported last week that one of Google’s top AI researchers are trying to predict your medical outcome as soon as you’re admitted to the hospital.

A new research paper, published Jan. 24 with 34 co-authors and not peer-reviewed, claims better accuracy than existing software at predicting outcomes like whether a patient will die in the hospital, be discharged and readmitted, and their final diagnosis. To conduct the study, Google obtained de-identified data of 216,221 adults, with more than 46 billion data points between them. The data span 11 combined years at two hospitals, University of California San Francisco Medical Center (from 2012-2016) and University of Chicago Medicine (2009-2016).

While the results have not been independently validated, Google claims vast improvements over traditional models used today for predicting medical outcomes. Its biggest claim is the ability to predict patient deaths 24-48 hours before current methods, which could allow time for doctors to administer life-saving procedures.

It is nice to know that the chances of you dying in a hospital are now being determined by Artificial Intelligence.

In a broad oxymoron, it is advanced science in the new Dark Ages where a shot in the dark can make a plague for profit.

Of course, those who are true believers in vaccinations will say that “greed” and “profit” are cliché motivators for celebrity doctors to encourage vaccinations. For some reason the true believers think that there is no corruption or anything that is misleading about vaccines.

However, it was reported that CDC director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald was forced to resign her post following a report that exposed her ownership of shares of Big Tobacco companies as well as Merck, a prominent vaccine manufacturer whose products are promoted by the CDC.

The gross conflict of interest didn’t stop there, either: Fitzgerald also purchased shares of junk food companies and a tobacco corporation, according to media reports, all while she was serving as director of the CDC. “Documents revealed Fitzgerald had holdings in Reynolds American, British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands, Philip Morris International, and Altria Group.

Just so we are clear, the head of the CDC bought tobacco stocks and Big Pharma stocks, even when her own decisions at the CDC were neck-deep in gross conflicts of interest related to public health.

Now we can see one of the many reasons they encourage flu vaccinations even though it is only 10 percent effective.

CNBC and the Daily Mail reported that: Along with her Japan Tobacco purchases, documents confirm Fitzgerald also bought thousands of dollars of shares in several health-care companies, including Merck & Co, Bayer and Humana, which the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services deemed a conflict of interest.

In other words, the head of the CDC stood to profit from vaccines, medications, tobacco use and “disease profits” reaped by health care companies.

Of course the advocates of the Flu shot would say “pay no mind” don’t let that discourage you from getting a flu shot.

Furthermore a bombshell, new scientific study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) finds that people who receive flu shots emit 630% more flu virus particles into the air, compared to non-vaccinated individuals. In effect, this finding documents evidence that flu vaccines spread the flu, and that so-called “herd immunity” is a medical hoax because “the herd” is actually transformed into carriers and spreaders of influenza.

The alarming finding is documented in a study entitled, “Infectious virus in exhaled breath of symptomatic seasonal influenza cases from a college community.”

Details of this bombshell study have been revealed by Sayer Ji at Green Med Info, a site that’s rapidly becoming one of the world’s most authoritative sources on intelligent analysis of real science. Green Med Info has published 500 studies that document the adverse effects (and injury) of vaccines.

Meanwhile, another report was released about a disease that acts like the flu but it is not the flu.

The virus is called Adenovirus, and it can cause very severe flu-like symptoms. It’s so risky the U.S. military vaccinates recruits against two major strains.

But most people are not vaccinated against Adenovirus, and doctor’s offices don’t test for it.

Some doctors say that this has to change, which means another vaccine will be developed for the consumer.

Adenovirus infections often look like the common cold, or influenza. They cause fever, headache, body aches and sometimes but not always cough, stomach distress and breathing problems. Some strains cause eye infections. There are 52 different strains.

An outbreak of Adenovirus killed 10 people in 2007.

There were so many outbreaks among new military recruits that the Department of Defense vaccinates personnel against two of the more serious strains with an oral vaccine. Vaccination was stopped for a few years in 1999 and outbreaks soared again, but there haven’t been many since the vaccine was re-introduced in 2011, the CDC said.

But, is it such a threat that we have to be inoculated from yet another strange virus?

Something rare like the Adenovirus, go from being simple viruses to tools of psychological warfare as the propaganda makes every virus a potential death sentence.

This type of psychological warfare has always been used by government to force a result. The result is a highly-crafted causal engineering where a government can create a reason for the people to fear something, create propaganda urging people to demand action and then carry out a policy that may not be in the public’s best interest.

New and emerging diseases seem to generate some underlying panic brought on by political and economic design. The plagues, pandemics and even the proposed mass inoculations are connected to money generating operations. These plagues seem to be self-induced; reported for the fear factor and resolved by government in creating more laws and more provisions that could eventually take away your freedom of choice.

But… don’t let that discourage you from getting a flu shot.