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Posted on October 11th, 2023 by Clyde Lewis

The mainstream media, in its framing of the latest war, will tell you that conspiracy theories are divisive, dangerous, and evil. They are going out of their way to vilify the internet and throwing around all kinds of accusations about misinformation and disinformation, or that something needs to be done to curtail anyone who challenges the propaganda. Truth is the first casualty of war and the best policy is to not believe any ‘official’ narrative at all - it is almost certainly a pack of lies. The events are not the end but the beginning. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with investigative journalist and radio host, David Knight about THE ART OF GATEKEEPING - TWICE BAKED PROPAGANDA.






I want to remind everyone that I believe in old-school talk radio, where the hosts are not constantly bloviating about the political stand they have taken. In the situation I find myself in, I have to be as objective as I can in order to facilitate a discussion where all sides can be heard no matter how uncomfortable they become.

This is not an echo chamber, it is a forum of ideas that are meant to be heard - so that we can get an idea of how the public truly feels about what they are hearing from the legacy media, their political leaders and the internet.

I cannot deny your anger about the war in Israel nor your right to pick a side. But remember that to take sides is to subscribe to a narrative that may not be yours.

The narrative is served to you in hopes that you agree with it and act accordingly to the whims of whoever is speaking.  They will tell you to stand for this, or stick up for that- but it has never been the mission of the media to seed guerrilla activism- they however do not care and do it anyway.

They want you to worry and care about every crisis that comes our way and rather than reporting what is happening, they make up things that they want you to think are happening.

As a person who has his nose in the news most of the day undefined I am beginning to see a pattern in some of the news stories coming out of the latest war -some that are simply twice-baked propaganda that most people may or may not have noticed.

Today I saw a headline that read:

undefinedHamas rocket attack devastates Israeli childrenundefineds hospital and supermarket.undefined

Now While I am fully aware that the war is very real, and that I am sure there are rockets firing everywhere and both Palestinians and Israelis are terrified undefined this story is very similar to one that was released just as the Ukrainian war was unfolding.

It was the story about Russian rockets attacking a Maternity Hospital.

It was reported in March 9th  2022 the Russian Air Force bombed Maternity Hospital No 3, a hospital complex functioning both as a childrenundefineds hospital and maternity ward in Mariupol, Ukraine.

It is not necessarily a word for word repeat, it is just a rhyming story devised to facilitate hate for the chosen enemy.

Tp point any of this out would make you a conspiracy theorist -even if you were to point out the similarities of the story and the timing which alone makes the story suspicious.

The mainstream media in its framing of the latest war will tell you that conspiracy theories are divisive, dangerous, and even, evil.

They are again going out of their way to vilify the internet and throwing around all kinds of accusations about Misinformation and disinformation. Again the word goes out that the internet must be shut down, or that something needs to be done to curtail anyone who challenges the propaganda.

Again the media has declared war on Conspiracy theory undefined but it is only a conspiracy theory, when it contradicts the mediaundefineds stronghold on information.

The term ‘conspiracy theory’ has long been used to discredit anyone pointing out collusion between powerful people, but efforts to pathologize dissent as ‘conspiracism’ are doomed to collapse under the weight of reality.

Corruption is rampant in the halls of power, that is as certain as death and taxes and will continue to be this way no matter what party controls the government. However deep division continues in the United States.

It has gone from a form of team rivalry to a form of Middle Eastern sectarianism. it is a fight between cults and the biggest enemy of all is waiting somewhere in Davos waiting to install their beast system and a number of other surprises like a world war, another pandemic, and the eventual culling of those who were swindled into experimenting with their bodies through a process of coercion and blatant criminality.

The biggest tool that the current administration has been using is the weaponization of the security state and the weaponizing of the fourth estate.

Now with renewed tensions in the Middle East, the efforts to censor and bridle information are becoming a world endeavor.  This is another way the globalists wish to create a ministry of truth undefined and so censorship and oppression is not limited to the United States but the entire world is now under the microscope as to how allies and enemies are portrayed.

The headlines have been filled with nothing but Israel and Hamas since the “surprise attack” on Saturday, with the predictable back and forth of historical grievances and accusations of racism, punctuated by unsubstantiated claims of atrocities.

Atrocity propaganda, agitprop- is starting all over again, and the stories they opt to report sound very much like the same propaganda we have heard forever.

It is the opening salvo of every war as state combatants try to win the public to their side.

For example, the totally unsubstantiated claim that Hamas “threw forty Jewish babies out of their cribs and beheaded them”, which was doing the rounds yesterday-  this claim echoes the same story that ran about the Nayirah testimony during the 1990 Gulf war.

In testimony to the House of Representative’s Human Rights Caucus, a young woman named Nayirah said that she saw “Iraqi soldiers come into the Kuwaiti hospital with guns, and go into the room where 15 babies were in incubators.

They took the babies out of the incubators, took the incubators, and left the babies on the cold floor to die.” What the public was not told was that Nayirah was the daughter of Kuwait’s ambassador to the US, and that her performance was coordinated by the White House and choreographed by the US public relations firm Hill & Knowlton on behalf of the Kuwaiti government.

It is also uncanny that the Hamas Baby story that made headlines recently was reported October 10. 2023 undefined exactly 33 years to the day of the similar story.

Johan Carlisle reported, former CIA official Robert T. Crowley, who served as a liaison between the agency and PR firms, acknowledged that “Hill & Knowlton’s overseas offices…were perfect ‘cover’ for the ever-expanding CIA.

Unlike other cover jobs, being a public relations specialist did not require technical training for CIA officers.” Furthermore, Crowley admitted, the CIA used its Hill & Knowlton connections to “put out press releases and make media contacts to further its positions… Hill & Knowlton employees at the small Washington office and elsewhere distributed this material through CIA assets working in the United States news media.”

Looking back, it is important to note that of you want people to demand war you need an ideological justification.

Is the latest baby beheading story and the attack on a childrenundefineds hospital just agitprop that has been used before in order to seed the hatred and division in these wars?

These lurid claims of graphic and pointless violence directed against the innocent, survives just long enough to cause some outrage before being “debunked” or walked-back.

No matter, of the story spreads far and wide without proof, it can only perpetuate more violence and anger.

That is the point.

That is the mission of approved propaganda.

Within the past twenty-four hours Reuters, NBC, YahooNews, and the AP have run stories criticizing the proliferation of “fake war news” on social media.

Again the same thing happened when war broke out between Russia and Ukraine.

Almost all of those accusations have been directed solely at Twitter.

The European Union reportedly “warned” Elon Musk there would be “penalties” for the spread of war-related “misinformation” on his platform.

It’s not just “misinformation” either, but also “hate”. In an unusually subtle headline, NBCNews warns of the “increasingly fraught nature of online speech”. USA Today reports that “online hate” is “surging”.

Again these same stories were reported just after COVID-19 was announced and apparently, there was Asian hate surging. When the war in Ukraine happened another surge of hate undefined and now accusations are flying about a rise in antisemitism online.

As if hate speech against the Israelis is a new scourge that plagues the internet.

It is odd to me that most people will not question the propaganda for fear of being accused of hate.  But if the mainstream spins conspiracy theory undefined then do we have a right to challenge it?

Yes we certainly do undefined no matter what side you are routing for in the war undefined misinformation to otherwise a group of people, provided by the media is certainly not what the media was meant for.

It’s not hard to see where this leads.

The war is 5 days and is already being used to argue against free speech on the internet.

As with Covid-19. the Ukrainian war, and now Israel, You are witnessing in real time how powerful forces sculpt narratives.

Consider the improbable, the inversion of logic, the opposite of common sense. Because that is where society is heading. That is what the war narrative is going to be -as it was with Ukraine, and what is most disconcerting is that the propaganda may backfire giving conspiracy theorists and other reason to completely dismiss that war as a false flag operation undefined that is if it hasnundefinedt happened already.

Your right to express ideas is counterpoised to the needs of the national security state.

Both Israel and Hamas will be brutalizing each other undefined but it is only proper to exploit one sideundefineds atrocities while ignoring or somehow silencing the other.

Social media, populated with agents of the state, as the Twitter files revealed, will silence dissent. Anyone defending individual rights will be branded a friend of undefinedterrorists.undefined

These times coincide with an unprecedented push for censorship, by governments around the world. undefinedOnline safetyundefined laws to regulate undefinedhate speechundefined laws are already in place, to create undefinedprotected classesundefined and limit the discussion of certain topics. Corporations and private foundations want to decide who is a trusted voice. Criticism of the government is out; criticism of the police and military puts you in their sights.

You shall be banned from criticizing war, as has happened so many times before.

If it all becomes to overwhelming, I can easily see shutdowns of various forums and cyber attacks in the future- attacks by Hamas and perhaps their allies.

These will conveniently silence dissent -and put the information about the war in the hands of the framers.

In the aftermath, we will be told that every mistake, every inconvenience, every deadly attack that slips through the cracks will be called an undefinedIntelligence failure.undefined

And we have to take their word for it, without questioning the whole affair.

There will still be real victims, real corpses, real desecrated corpses. Nine of course will get justice- they will be forgotten or used as collateral damage -another number in the death reports.

What is most disgusting is that we will have sadistic psychopaths rejoicing in them. And huge numbers of people support those monsters.

If this war spreads into a world war undefined and the globalists control information and freedom of movement this will not only be about the Jews undefined it is going to be about every single one of us.

The globalists at Davos made it clear during their response to COVID-19.

Some people will not get it undefined but this is your undefinednew normalundefined and right now there seems to be no way out.

Just like sustainability = genocide. The New Normal = Brutality.

How many more lives will be needlessly extinguished over the anti-human policies of the globalist reset?

Like all wars, the anger induced by carnage stops us from recognizing our common interests. War has always been a tool to divide people and conquer them, regardless of whether the warmongers conspire or simply take advantage of a crisis.

The domestic population is the target in all wars, as much as the enemy.

This is no exception.

The immediate slaughter threatens to escalate. If this becomes a bigger war, such as an attack on Iran, it will likely be used to declare an emergency to push through the sustainability measures the power elite have already stated they want such as a  digital ID undefined the rationing of all important resources including food and water and the limits on free speech, freedom of movement, limits to travel, and social cohesion.

Those cheering on either side in this war are missing the point. The barbarity inflicted upon the innocent is abhorrent. The rules if behavior especially with speech is very telling about what is coming.

Truth is the first casualty of war. And the best policy is to not believe any ‘official’ narrative at all. It is almost certainly a pack of lies.

The events are not the end but the beginning.



David Knight is an Electrical Engineer who worked for Texas Instruments & Data General before becoming self-employed in video production and retail.  His involvement in 3rd party/independent politics led him to work as a Media Fellow for The American Tradition Institute on Energy Issues.

David was hired as a reporter at InfoWars where he covered the Bundy Ranch standoff, Asymmetric Warfare Training, Bilderberg, and Geospatial Intel Surveillance issues. This led to guest hosting duties and his own weekly morning show for over 3 years.

The David Knight Show is independent, both as a video broadcast and audio podcast. His website is https://www.thedavidknightshow.com/