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I have been in a tweet battle with what I assume are listeners that act like extreme left-wing provocateurs. They hear just a sample of what I say on the air about a particular group or political ideology and for that one day, I am wearing the hate hat, whether it be for the left or for the right. It aggravates me because for those who know me and the material I do on my show are fully aware that I have walked that thin line for over two decades.

The idea that one particular ideology defends individual liberty more than the other is ludicrous. But most people have to tell themselves this in order for them to sleep at night.

It is like one side defends their cheating father and the other side sympathizes with their abusive alcoholic mother and the scary part is that those who defend the Father thinks that God blessed us with him.

Of course, we have people like Maxine Waters that say that God is on the side of the liberal left when the liberal left and right should be thinking about being on the side of God and not the other way around.

This has also bred the likes of groups like “The Proud Boys,” “Patriot Prayer” and “Antifa” – all mobs in their own right, protestors who have sort of morphed overnight, into a clique of moral monsters, whose political tactics border on terrorism and unmitigated evil.

When I get into contentious bouts with people online who want to assume my political views, I tell them that as a conspiracy analyst and a student of history that was reared in old school journalism I need to draw a clear separation between what I believe and what the programmed bourgeoisie believe.

It is a difficult task to choose a path of indifference or neutrality when you live in a country where political leanings take precedent over being an American that should be aware of the wolves that wish to misguide the sheep into negating constitutional values for the awaiting tyranny of global world order and empire.

The riotous behavior of the mob, meaning the so-called protest counters protest groups –reminds me of a little-known book that ranks up there with Orwell’s 1984, as a precautionary tale about where we are today.

It was Dostoevsky who wrote the pre–Revolutionary “Possessed of Devils” where it details that the middle-class society would be destroyed through a crackdown on dissent. The nihilists expected a revolt and awaited the time where the people would rise to the occasion and give the power structure a reason to pounce on them and remind them of their place in the food chain.

It all began with the silencing of the people. Their free speech and their freedom of the press were taken from them. Little by little information became scarce and the result was a ferocious anger that erupted and several fires destroyed the main city.

Then came the flash point. A will to power that ended in destruction and violence. It ended in a huge war where the young were sacrificed in order to empower the leaders with a blood bond that would hold their grip on a frightened world.

The American people have managed to be solidly adapting to an intolerant ideology to dissent in many forms because of the advent of Neo-Nazi groups disguising themselves as Patriot groups and Anti-fascists hiding behind a left-wing umbrella that shades a communist agenda.

Whether they are conscious of it or not it can be said that both groups are frighteningly anti-liberty. This reality turns out to be very difficult for the media to understand or accept.

So they use the thought of resistance to cloud their vision of what each side is doing and forget that any violence used to further a political goal is in reality terrorism by definition.

We must also remember that history shows that there are two main dangers to liberty, one that comes from the left and the other that comes from the right and that the bond we see from the warring groups in the cities is literally blood cement that will harden the resolve of anyone that believes that the United States needs to be stopped for its own good.

Simply put the so-called protests that we see are not protests – they are excuses for the angry and the disenfranchised to destroy property and play war in a contained area that appears to be referred by the police rather than stopped by them.

Yesterday, there was a Republican event in Manhattan, where those who protested, were violently beaten by members of the right-wing group “Proud Boys.”

Despite New York Police Department officers being present at the time of the attack, none of the Proud Boys were arrested for the beatdown. Police have not yet explained why there were no arrests made in the assault on the protesters.

Ahead of the Proud Boys event, the Metropolitan Republican Club’s headquarters had been vandalized by Antifa. The building was covered in anarchist symbols, and there were broken windows and doors, according to the New York Times.

A note was left on the building by Antifa that was pretty clear that what they are doing is an overall attack on America and what they see as fascist elements within the United States.

The note said:

Tonight, we put the Republican Party on notice, in defiance to the policy of mass misery they have championed.

“The U.S. government has established concentration camps around the country for Latino people, shamelessly murdering black people, and continues its war machine that has slaughtered Muslim people with impunity for decades. The so-called “Land of the Free” leads the world in incarceration rates per capita, all the while profiteering in the new plantation within the prison walls.

While these atrocities persist unabated the Metropolitan Republican Club chose to invite a hipster fascist clown to dance for them, content to revel in their treachery against humanity. The Republican Party joined by their spineless partners in crime, the Democrats institute a policy of domestic and foreign terror felt the world over.

Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize. Those of good conscience and clear mind know this state of oppression cannot remain. The US fascist political system is one of the most savage institutions in history and we will combat it relentlessly until all are free of American barbarism.”

The term “hipster fascist clown” appeared to reference Vice Media co-founder and CRTV host Gavin McInnes, who was expected to speak Friday at the club. McInnes says he stands up for “Western values,” and is the founder of Proud Boys.

The thought of the left-leaning media embracing Antifa as a counter-protest organization is simply dangerous—the thought of any right-wing group or media siding with Proud boys and their acts of violence is unconscionable.

The NYPD said that it had police officers assigned to monitor the protest outside of the Metropolitan Republican Club on East 83rd Street and said that there were no incidents at that location.

The beating occurred about two blocks away.

Meanwhile, in Portland Oregon, the viral video that documented a showdown last week between a driver and Antifa demonstrators stoke national commentary about Mayor Ted Wheeler and the appearance that police officers in Portland allowed the confrontations to take place without intervening.

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw said the bureau didn’t want to escalate tensions that could have lead to injuries.

Dozens of people gathered for a march in the area of Southwest 4th Avenue and Madison last Saturday, to protest the deadly police shooting of 27-year-old Patrick Kimmons.

Videos posted to social media showed the members of Antifa eventually stopping traffic, while some directed traffic themselves.

On a video captured by Brandon Farley, the driver of a Lexus sedan is seen turning right and hitting one protester who was pushing back on his car. The group then chased after him and some pounded the car with batons. The driver briefly stepped outside, then got back in and drove off.

The driver filed a police report claiming protesters did around $3,000 in damage to his car. Portland police officers were on scene but didn’t intervene.

Other videos surfaced of the Antifa protesters abusing people verbally, insinuating that they were racist if they did not comply with their roadblock.

Mayor Ted Wheeler on Friday addressed the response to the protest.

“This is the story Goldie Locks and the two bears. The porridge is either too hot or too cold. At any given moment in this city, the police are being criticized for being too heavy handed and intervening too quickly, or they’re being criticized for being too standoffish and not intervening quickly enough,” Wheeler said.

“I support the decision of the Portland Police Bureau not to intervene at that time. They’re law enforcement professionals who have to weigh complex legal issues complex safety issues not only for the people on the streets but for themselves.”

That is good for a sound bite, but we need to be able to go through our American cities without being harassed, threatened or even beaten.

These inactions should generate meaningful dialogue from Americans; dialogue that should apply critical analysis and forethought.

What we are seeing is the most pressing and urgent threat to our freedom to be safe and secure in our cities.

The clear and present danger to freedom comes from the inaction of law enforcement to stop the riot mentality we are seeing in the ideological spectrum of political protest.

Peaceful protest is a right of all Americans – terrorism is not.

Nothing can be solved when a belligerent ideology seeks to impose their vision of politics on the world. In any case, by this time the evidence for the malevolent transformation of America is all around us.