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Posted on October 16th, 2023 by Clyde Lewis

The tech world, video games, the internet, and virtual reality have become literally an embalming fluid for the living. Arguably, they have become the walking dead, in a trance that has reversed evolution to the point of ennui. Technology has usurped direct human experience as peopleundefineds souls are gradually being sucked out of them by their machines. Moreover, these developers and experts of Artificial Intelligence are also warning us that A.I. could get out of control, so we must be careful and take appropriate action or we risk “extinction” in a transhuman and post-human existence. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks to metaphysical lecturer and author, Dr. Christopher Macklin about A.I. FRANKENSTEIN.







Halloween is an odd holiday. The concept — as it has evolved to become — is to shock, startle, frighten, petrify, horrify, and/or terrify… all while consuming enough high fructose corn syrup to keep the American Dental Association content for another century or two.

Okay so I am becoming a cynical old man undefined but I do love Halloween undefined it gives me a lot of opportunities to tell scary stories, or take simple everyday things and turn them into dark and foreboding objects of disdain.

It is like who would have thought that the sound of a chainsaw on a dark desolate Texas highway could be so terrifying?

Well, tonight I have decided to turn conspiracy theory on its ear and then convince you of how an absurd idea can be based on a truth of true terror- a terror where you find yourself in a situation where you have no ability to control yourself.

Even though I have been called a conspiracy theorist I often struggle with that because a lot of the theory and facts I produce can be easily researched.

Believe me, I have heard some outrageous conspiracy theories, that I donundefinedt even report because I donundefinedt want to be perceived as someone spreading manure in the mix of the hard work a lot of alternative researchers do.

I often wonder what happens to people who fall for an outrageous conspiracy theory that is made on a whim and fails to transpire.

I believe that most of the obviously outrageous ones are spread by intelligence agencies.

But I would like to give a bit of a caveat to all of this -intelligence agencies spread these conspiracy theories based on some truth undefined based on deep-seated fears that they tend to harvest from the zeitgeist.

Before we forget about it undefined there was a conspiracy theory that was going around about the national Emergency Wireless tests that happened on October 4, 2023.

If you remember that weeks prior to the test, there was a conspiracy theory, that was spread around the internet that the FEMA test would send a signal to cell phones nationwide in order to activate nanoparticles such as graphene oxide that have been introduced into people’s bodies through the vaccine.

Even though I did not entertain the conspiracy theory, I received e-mails asking why I wasnundefinedt talking about it. The fear was palpable.

There have been horror movies that have taken on the subject of some unknown force taking over human bodies, turning them into psychotic killers, Zombies, or even monsters.

A couple of great horror films come to mind and some that are not so great.

undefinedThe Craziesundefined is a movie that I sometimes watch around Halloween because it is a very troubling film about a small town that descends into madness because of a secret environmental issue that changes the brain of an individual.

One by one the people of the small town lose their humanity, and it is terrifying to watch because no one knows who will be triggered next. It feels like a zombie movie, but the terrifying thing is the people are not the undead, they are very much alive and they know exactly what they are doing but they canundefinedt stop it.

Imagine what your family would do if the world suddenly turned into chaos if our friends and neighbors were coming after us with pitchforks and butcher knives, no expressions on their faces. And then the military moved in to undefinedhelp us.undefined

Yes a very terrifying scenario undefined we would wonder what triggered them- Is it the GWEN Towers, is 5G causing the problem, has it activated something in the blood or even the spinal fluid?

Yes this conspiracy theory that floated around on October 4th, 2023 comes to life and people start to rise up against one another.

A war or something worse.

There is a movie called undefinedCellundefined -  an electronic signal later called undefinedthe pulseundefined is broadcast across mobile networks worldwide, turning cell phone users into rabid killers.

This same Trope was used in the film undefinedThe Kingsman.undefined

The Valentine Corporation intends to change the world by having the company give away SIM cards that can provide unlimited calls and Internet on its network.

Much of the worldundefineds population is delighted by this offer and accepted, but unknown to them, every single one of the SIM cards can transmit a neurological wave that triggers aggression and switches off inhibitors in a personundefineds brain, which will make that person violent and resort to killing.

It later turns out that the entire Valentine Corporation is involved in a plot that will use the SIM cards to engineer a series of mass murders throughout the world that will reduce the human population and allow Valentine to set down a new world order for the survivors.

So it appears that the seeds of the undefinedrevelation of the methodundefined were already there, and the idea that a 5G pulse would activate the graphene and nanite particles in the bodies of those who took the vaccine was a possible fear that the government would make all of us A.I. Frankenstein’s capable of voluntarily killing each other.

Well thank God that didnundefinedt happen, but of course, we are now being switched into supporting another war undefined and allowing our biases to take over and our political ideologies are being shaped into demanding that one side or the other suffers horrible slaughter.

Things like this are easy to do thanks to Artificial intelligence, algorithms, and the Internet of Things.

I have determined that 2023 was the year that Artificial intelligence took everyone by surprise. That it has become a toy for the internet, but a possible nightmare for those who have created it.

The tech world, video games, the internet and virtual reality have become literally an embalming fluid for the living. Arguably they have become the walking dead, in a trance that has reversed evolution to the point of ennui.

Reality is now taking a back seat to virtual reality. It is like when a mouse is given a button to push for heroin. Eventually, the mouse just wants the heroin, he doesnundefinedt want food or sex or much of anything only the drug.

I think many people today sense, but can’t admit, that technology has usurped direct human experience while presumably enhancing it with so-called awe-inspiring, tech-enhanced products.

Just as people walk around embalming time with their camera phones and texting, there is something funereal about activities that have been rehearsed, reviewed, and planned on digital screens before they are undertaken.

It’s as if the hearse doesn’t come rolling in soon enough.

Peopleundefineds souls are being sucked out of them little by little by their machines. I hate to admit that I go into a sort of manic panic. when I have misplaced my phone.

I remember when my cell phone was stolen, it was as if I had lost a loved one to death.

If the novelty of the experience and the real objective value of the outside world have been crippled by the repetitive and predictive nature of technology, it is worth reminding ourselves of the simple truth that technology does not just happen; it is rooted in a philosophical premise of control, the inability to let the earth breathe and to stop trying to control life.

We have voluntarily made the choice to be dependent on technology to tell us what to do, what to wear, and who we choose to lead us.

You may remember hearing about a North Carolina man who died after driving his car off a collapsed bridge while following Google Maps directions.

His family is suing Googe for negligence, claiming it had been informed of the collapse but failed to update its navigation system.

Philip Paxson, a medical device salesman and father of two, drowned Sept. 30, 2022, after his Jeep Gladiator plunged into Snow Creek.

Paxson was driving home from his daughter’s ninth birthday party through an unfamiliar neighborhood when Google Maps allegedly directed him to cross a bridge that had collapsed nine years prior and was never repaired.

State troopers who found Paxton’s body in his overturned and partially submerged truck had said there were no barriers or warning signs along the washed-out roadway. He had driven off an unguarded edge and crashed about 20 feet below.

The question is who is at fault? You can blame it on the Department of Transportation for not marking the area. You can blame Google Maps for not updating their system- or should we blame Paxson, for not using his common sense and trusting his instincts rather than a computer program?

I often believe that there are too many people relying on GPS rather than learning about the areas they are driving through.

We are far too trusting of technology to look out for us and have us deny our intuitive nature.

The machines are making us machines in many ways-

We understand that human beings are emphatically not machines but spiritual and moral beings. This has seldom been the case in modern times.

To do so demands asking what our first principles and what are ends we are seeking. This requires subordinating science and technology to higher values. We now realize that all technical decisions are political and all political decisions are moral.

Human point of view is being changed where even evil is a point of view. Humanity is a point of view, gender is a point of view. Nothing is set in stone undefined and we are functioning like machines and are changing our pronouns, filtering our pictures on dating sites and socializing without any physical contact.

Most new technologies of the past two hundred years have been touted as “revolutionary,” machines that will radically transform life for the better – leading to less labor, more equality, and the enrichment of human experience.

Well, it can be argued that in the beginning, the Internet made that promise. But rather than liberating us, it made it so tasks that inece took or day or two could be done in minutes, therefore creating a greater workload. It has not shown us a bit of equality, as we are now hearing that people have creative ways of killing or silencing people they donundefinedt agree with.

It is debatable that the internet has enriched our human experience as we are more than likely engulfed in the tech cloud more so than we are communing with nature, and understanding it.

The internet tells us that the harsh weather we have been having is all about Climate change, and yet many of us donundefinedt get out and understand that the planet can be a violent place and that weather patterns are always a part of life.

However, the internet plays a key role in putting people in a national trance. Something has activated us into becoming triggered, infantile zombies looking for entitlement.

Currently, you hear a lot of complaining about artificial intelligence as if its development is some great surprise.

Much of this scary warning attitude has been coming from the very people who created AI and continue to develop it.

It is odd that people like Elon Musk warned us that we were playing with a demon -when speaking of A.I. but continue developing brain chip interfaces with machines.

He says it will improve the lives of millions of people.

These same experts are warning that A.I. could get out of control, so we must be careful and take action since we risk “extinction” in a transhuman, post-human existence.

AI has been the stuff of popular screen and book entertainment for a long time, dress rehearsed in the popular consciousness far in advance of opening night.

It is seen as a retrocausal Frankenstein, a Djinn or Golem, that can be activated by the voice of a controller.

Now that the hearse has appeared and the identity of its occupants has become clear, much chatter has erupted on the Internet.

Could we be dead? Are we living in a computer simulation, can we be triggered by the impurities in vaccines? Are we being controlled? Are we clones?

What if all of the answers to these questions were yes?

Wouldnundefinedt that be a whole new nightmare to consider?

You are no longer in control. You are virtually a dead soul in a rotting meat suit. You have been poisoned by mad science, you are under control by your own fear in a simulation created by social engineers undefined who see you as merely a sim undefined in their game.

I think you can guess, who whispers these things to human beings today- I think you know who now lives in the world of technology undefined it is no secret that there are ghosts in the machine, and they are more ruthless and more soul-sucking than anything we have experienced in any lifetime.

The process of creating dread has been rather smooth, so the surprise is an odd reaction no surprise as to why people fear that 5G pulsed in the right intervals would turn them into drooling zombies that put poodles into microwave ovens.

We have been in simulators for a long time now undefined and we are part of a massive social experiment in mind control undefined it is mass MK Ultra with everyone being manipulated and triggered.

First, they created millions of artificial people drip-by-drip by drugging them with the “magic” of technological devices that were “irresistible,” when most of “reality” had become unreal and people had downloaded their natural lives into the devices, they warned them that what they are doing is contributing to the growth and well being of the Beast system. Of course, this is something that is at first considered absurd undefined but then comes a conspiracy theory that with all of the poisons we have taken into our bodies undefined it would be easy to send a pulse into all of us triggering us into seeing the apocalyptic times we are in.

Begging for salvation, preparing for the rapture, and white-knuckling the roller coaster ride into hell.

What on earth could be triggering this? What on earth could be creating a technotronic schism?

Be afraid, for “you have no freedom” has been the message for decades. This is the repetitious, implicit message of fear used to paralyze people. The AI experts who create the instruments of “control,” even as they continue to develop them, then warn of their dangers.

Dr, Frankenstein has been so kind as to create these monsters only to warn us about them.

Do you know what is most terrifying about this?

We have heard it all before. We have seen it all before. Itundefineds the same-old, same-old getting us down.

It is like déjà vu or perhaps a very hard-to-swallow Mandela Effect happening undefined right before your eyes. Your life seems rehearsed and official history has been produced in advance.

Have the demons arrived? Are we becoming a family of A.I. Frankenstein monsters?

Do you sense their presence? Are you letting them in?

It is a clear case of information overload that destroys your ability to think, to remember what is important, and to forget the inessential.

The normal brain can immediately become an abnormal brain with the overload you are getting every day undefined the same type of abnormal brain that was placed in the creation of Dr. Frankenstein.

The glut of repetitive information deranges regular people but is a boon to the elites who think they are in full control of people’s minds and the technology they promote.

Repeat the Big lie, create the egregore, train it to be a trickster, it’s still a lie undefined its alive undefined its alive.

There is no “space” for new thoughts. It is analogous to those individuals who have suffered some childhood trauma but because it was so overwhelming, keep unconsciously repeating it in disguised form, rather than facing its truth and creating a new future.

Repeat and repeat the lies so that those hearing them can’t imagine there could be another truth. And then those hearing them can’t forget what they have heard so often because it is so hard to forget what it is worse than useless to remember.” And of course, they can’t remember what they never heard since it has been omitted.

Did we need a 5G pulse to trigger that? Did we need some tone in the phone to trigger people who are already dead? Did we need graphene to say that people will go full zombie undefined more so than they already have?

People were wrapping their phones in tin foil, they were putting them in the microwave undefined it is so amazing to live in a simulation that people will do things like this in the face of absurdity.

When I went away for three weeks my time on the internet was limited undefined in fact, I was rarely online because there were just too many people hogging up the time.

But I learned a valuable lesson at that time:

If you stop reading or viewing the Internet for a week or more, and then return, you won’t miss much.

Most major events are repeated for weeks, and really nothing is said undefined only daily death tolls, and details on the negligence and incompetence of those who were responsible.

I have also noticed and addressed the idea that the same war propaganda of the past is rhyming -from Yom Kippur in 1973 to The Gulf War, to the Hamas-Israeli conflict.

I addressed this with David Knight and I believe that understanding these ideas is necessary for understanding what has become of us in the era of digital simulacra, and how we have lost our way while learning to imitate rather than live.

Our reactions have become copies of copies. History has become a series of pseudo-debates with fewer and fewer matters factually settled so one can forget and move on.

For example undefined when David Knight and I pointed out the baby beheading stories were similar to stories from the Gulf War undefined we said that it was rhyming with other propaganda stories and like with the Gulf War we found out that they were untrue.

Later it was reported that The Biden White House walked back the inflammatory claims from the president that he saw undefinedconfirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children,undefined admitting to the media that undefinedUS officials and the president have not seen pictures or confirmed such reports independently.undefined

But that hasnundefinedt stopped conservative talk radio hosts from repeating propaganda that was devised back during the Gulf War of soldiers kicking over incubators and killing babies.

It is not hard to believe, it is just that it gets repeated over and over until it feels like we have lived through this before.. it is like the simulation has run out of ideas.

It is hard to remember or forget when one subjects oneself to a steady stream of electronic images that speed through one’s mind like flashing lights.

We know that the significance of the past depends on its importance for the future and only once one takes a stance toward the past can one create a new future. This is true for individuals and society. Learning to remember the past so as to forget it for the future is central.

It is like we are flying in circles and the lies continue but no one can see them or detect them.


Dr. Christopher Macklin is a spiritual and metaphysical lecturer, author, and remote viewer who shares his insights into spirituality, health and wellness, and the paranormal. His topics include SADS, 5G and the public’s effects, UFOs, raising the immune system, Divine Sovereignty, and lectures on the physical, spiritual, and emotional guide to health & wellness.

Dr. Macklin specializes in healing abductees and others who have suffered related negative ET trauma. He assists people in removing negative ET presences from their lives, clearing homes and land, and closing multidimensional portals.

His website is: www.globalenlightenmentproject.com