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Posted on October 19th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


What I am about to share with you is a nightmare. It is a nightmare that you have to wake up from and when you do, you will awaken to find that this nightmare is reality.

We live in confusing times. The plague of COVID-19 began with a run-on toilet tissue and ended in totalitarianism.

This technocratic terror is only beginning and what is in store may sound like hyperbole, but the more you dig into the rabbit hole you begin to wonder just who has taken control of our leaders –what Satanic order to moving in to change us into enslaved peasants willing to do anything to avoid death.

I was in the mood to watch a horror film over the weekend, and I noticed that “Spiral: A Saw Story” was available to watch for free. I wanted to see it in theaters but waited for the video. It stars Chris Rock as a hard-boiled cop investigating torturous murders of police officers.

Saw movies are torture films and they are well thought out torture films where the victim is given a choice to live – but the choice is a barbaric alternative.

For example, one of the first victims is a corrupt cop named Detective Boswick becomes the victim of a Jigsaw copycat. The cop is hanging in the subway – the only thing holding him up is his own wait and his tongue that is somehow places in a razor sharp contraption.SAW: SPIRAL Movie Clip - Tongue Trap Opening Scene (2021) - YouTubeSuddenly, a video comes on and there is an image of a man with a pig’s head mask and a hood and says:

undefinedHello Detective Boswick, I want to play a game. The three train is arriving in two minutes. It is up to you to decide of this will be your final stop, you have taken the witness and many times and have railroaded people with your lies. Putting them away in jail. Today it is you who will be railroaded. You have one chance to live. Tear from your mouth the tongue that has been so often used to lie and deceive. Take a leap of faith and you will live. Only your weight will rip away your lying tongue will save you -live or die undefined make your choice.undefined

Of course, there is really no choice undefined either you want to live your life without a tongue or just die.

Again, this is coercive torture and many people today feel like this is happening to them in the real world.

In these times, we are supposed to consider alarming, chaotic and, above all, frightening, we can witness a complete absence of subtlety in the moves being made by people in power.

Many people will say that we are living in a horror movie and by all means what we are seeing in the world is unreal undefined or even hyper real.

We are now preparing for the world reset and the decisions we made have edged us closer to being part of the world plantation.

Apart form conventional warfare, we will learn through various crises that there is looming a science, technological, and agricultural war.

Many events such as these have been set up in order to change the way we view our sustenance and survival. The scarcity that is coming will push us in directions we have never gone and will shape us into a more beastly nature.

We will be treated like peasants; we will be given what is needed and anything more will either be taxed or owned by the government.

The American experiment appears to be over – and whatever happens next is certainly an indication of dark days ahead. It would be totally awesome to tell you that things are looking brighter but as I have predicted, the powers in charge are pushing the masses into becoming useful idiots for the state and they will give them all that is needed and take away the comfort and confidence that most Americans have about how unique our lives are.

You canundefinedt be unique if they look upon you as being a parasite or a pig who swallows up resources that they wish to own and keep for themselves.

That’s what it all boils down to. And yet doing the work to understand ourselves and the world in which we live is no small task – as we are constantly being presented with policies, ideas and perspectives that present this challenge to us in increasingly, significant and meaningful ways. And made all the more important for their intensity and wide-spread ramifications.

We live in the 21st century and I find it hard to conceive that in order to meet the quota for Net Zero carbon we are going to have to live like we are in the 13th century, complete with plagues, scarcity, starvation and debt.

Is anyone feeling the pinch yet? Do we all know what happens when store shelves empty and there is a sense of dread as you worry that someone may take you out over a crust of bread.

But I am told that it is just hyperbole undefined but look around you and listen to the warnings undefined the winter will be dark and foreboding without food or shelter or even power.

In Denver, public-school children are facing shortages of milk. In Chicago, a local market is running short of canned goods and boxed items.

A&W Restaurants earlier this year had to cancel a marketing deal for chicken tenders when its supplier couldn’t get extra stock of poultry. Instead, the chain, which has about 560 locations domestically, went with chili-cheese fries.

Meat prices are soaring undefined and many people who are aware of the food agendas through 2030 are cynical of this move.

If you recall, there was a story dubbed a conspiracy theory by the media that stated that President Joe Biden’s climate plan demanded that Americans drastically reduce the amount of meat they eat.

Meat is, and long has been, one of America’s fiercest political battlegrounds and while many PolitiFact checkers tried to downplay the meat conspiracy, it is evident that there are activities happening that give the technocratic planners of the “new normal” plausible deniability.

Sure, you are told there is no direct conspiracy with the Biden administration and that may be true but it seems a little outside help is giving a solid push for scarcity which is all part of the plan for the great recent and the conspiracy to starve Americans into submission.

But we are told that there’s plenty of food. There just isn’t always enough processing and transportation capacity to meet rising demand.

The supply of basic goods at U.S. grocery stores and restaurants is once again falling victim to intermittent shortages and delays. The over all blame goes to the plague undefined and this will be an excuse for some time.

We have been in the middle of this plague for nearly two years, and we are being told that we are unable to adapt?

Statisticians say that early in the pandemic, panic buying was the cause of many of the out-of-stock situations that grocers experienced. According to Yahoo Finance, the food industry was able to somewhat rebound, the sustained nature of the pandemic, combined with the slow pace of vaccination globally and the recent surge caused by the Delta Variant, have resurfaced the problem.

Many food suppliers are planning for these hiccups and shortages to last.

We’re supposed to accept our newly constrained lives as “the new normal”—in a phrasing that’s already very tired and worn out.

Actually, repeated references to a “new normal” aren’t just tired; they’re ominous.

These are words that are calls to action and as they wish us to continue to utter the words “new normal” people begin to believe that the new normal of oppression and the peasant class is a foregone conclusion.

The undefinednew normalundefined becomes an ominous proposal as we enter into the moment where COVID-19 becomes endemic, lockdowns become common place and the prices and availability of culturally appropriate foods become an obstacle for the normal American.

For 10 years, the plan has been to graduate the public into eating culturally inappropriate foods and unconventional protein sources which include the consuming of meal worms, crickets and other foods that poorer countries have been used to eating every day.

The European Union’s food safety agency put out a report that stated that they have determined that worms are safe to eat.

The Pharma-based agency published a scientific opinion on the safety of dried yellow meal worms and gave them a thumbs up. Researchers said the worms, either eaten whole or in powdered form, are a protein-rich snack or ingredient for other foods.

Allergic reactions may occur, especially depending on the type of feed given to the bugs, known officially as Tenebrio Molitor larva. But overall “the panel concludes that the (novel food) is safe under the proposed uses and use levels.”

Thus, the European Union has now thrown its weight behind worms in much the same way the United Nations has. The U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization in 2013 championed edible bugs as a low-fat, high-protein food for people, pets and livestock that are good for the environment and help feed the hungry.

Some see this as a breakthrough — but in reality, it is disruptive.

The other day, I was watching in disgust as an ice cream roll vendor created and ice cream concoction that used live Coconut worms. Big beefy worms that he proceeded to chop up and put into ice cream.ASMR - Coconut Worms Ice Cream Rolls | How to make Ice Cream out of Coconut  Worms - YouTubeThese food videos popped up from time to time on my Facebook page undefined I watched the video wondering if this was a joke or a nightmare.

It was no joke. Imagine buying your five-year-old an ice cream treat and then realizing that those mushy little bites are huge meaty worms.

The Agenda 2030 proposals combined with the World Economic Forum are creating what can be called a “peasant class.” The peasant class unable to eat conventional foods will be forced to eat unconventional foods as their goal is to eliminate world hunger.

The goal however is to eliminate famine and food scarcity by providing sustainable agriculture that is carbon-free and “green-friendly.” This means that our future foods will include genetically modified plants to boost specific vitamin chemicals while having no idea of the long-term consequences of genetic pollution or cross-species genetic experiments carried out openly in a fragile ecosystem.

Meanwhile, edible insect start up companies are now taking our advertising campaigns in order to acclimate people to making foods with recipes that include bugs.

A company called, Bug, is providing bug recipes that they believe yields 69% protein and less Co2 than beef or Chicken.

Their slogan is eat bugs not B.S. www.bugs.recipes #AllbugNoBull.

They will provide Bug Kits for cooking simple meals like stir fry, tacos, and spaghetti-all like a Kraft dinner undefined but with dried crickets and meal worms.

Itundefineds like getting undefinedHello Freshundefined complete with bugs, herbs and spices and all of the side effects from knowing that you will be eating like a low life peasant.

Other oddities that will be introduced into our foodstuffs are modified proteins from other sources.

Perhaps you will be surprised as to what is being proposed. Not only are they synthesizing meat from human excrement it is being reported that some schools are teaching kids about cannibalism.

It was reported that students in Georgia were instructed to consider ‘eating babies’ as a way of solving world hunger.

In the ongoing series entitled ‘US Schools Go Insane,’ one institution apparently thought that by slapping a ‘satire’ sticker on the most profane idea imaginable, the contraband would go unnoticed.

High school students at Richmond Hill were tasked with finding ways of ‘raising and eating of babies to solve the world hunger problem.undefinedSatanic or satire? US school preaches 'cannibalism,' yet - Freedoms Phoenix

Rhonda Thomas, founder and president of Truth in Education, broke down the details of the class assignment in a shocking interview with The New American. The information from the lesson plan that she divulged is nothing short of – as Thomas herself described it – “satanic.”

The class was told to come up with a marketing strategy to end world hunger by eating babies undefined the instruction stated:

“Since the child has passed we don’t need to take up any more land for cemeteries so we slap [the babies] on the grill and cook their flesh and make delicious hamburgers…For mass production, we would encourage the US government to create a business negotiation with China about trying to reduce their population by donating children to our government,”

We also take children from all organizations, including foster care.”

This ribald lesson in ‘satire’ does not end there. It goes on to discuss the creation of a ‘Dahmer Mini Camp,’ where the motto is ‘you are what you eat.’


Once you have held that throw up in the middle of your neck , take a guess as to the demographic that would be targeted for the baby burgers?

Times up:

“Low income, poverty areas and countries,” the very communities, incidentally, that Planned Parenthood has been accused of catering to in the past. The very communities that Henry Kissinger wanted to starve in 1973.

How did the government respond to this and other complaints forwarded on behalf of parents who might just have some say as to what enters their children’s heads? Incredibly, it sided with the school boards, suggesting that these “contentious” parents could actually be charged as “domestic terrorists” in the future. Even The Washington Post, called the move a “big mistake.”

Since it is obvious that such discussions in the classroom will only invite controversy, what on earth could be the ultimate purpose?

After all, the teacher could just as easily suggest the mass production and consumption of bugs or vermin, for example, if the purpose of the lesson was to enhance the understanding of satire and creative writing skills. But clearly something else more sinister is at play, and it doesn’t seem to have been an accident.

In China there are pills that are promoted as Stamina boosters that are made from babies that either are aborted or delivered still-born.

The tiny corpses are then bought, stored in refrigerators before they are removed and taken to clinics where they are placed in medical drying microwaves.

Once the skin is tinder dry, it is pulverized and then processed into capsules along with herbs to disguise the true ingredients from health investigators and customs officers.

There has been controversy over whether or not the new Covid vaccines use fetal kidney tissue for tests, In the past we have reported that stem cell and human fetal cells are being used as test tubes for flavor enhancers for certain foods.

In the 1970s, a scientist named Alex Van der Eb was able discover a cell line from human embryonic kidney cells was called HEK293. In essence fetuses that have already been aborted are being used for renal cells. Those cells are being used as artificial taste buds.

The cell line has been cultured and grown in laboratories. Its primary use is as a protein or a protein vessel — sort of a natural test tube. It’s also pretty common and seems to be available at most laboratory supply companies and used by many R&D facilities. This cell line and natural test tube is used in synthesizing many things. One thing in particular is the food additive known as Senomyx,Were Food Companies Caught Using Aborted Babies in Flavor Additives? |  Snopes.com

Senomyx has been known to be used in Campbell’s Soup, Nestle Cocoa. Kraft macaroni and Cheese and Diet Pepsi.

On the company website, Senomyx describes research to find new ways to improve food flavors by taking advantage of the mouth’s taste receptors.

While the Senomyx Company says that they have no ties to stem cell experiments or use of fetal tissue on their flavor enhancers Research on Google turns up a patent that was issued in 2008 for “Recombinant Methods for Expressing a Functional Sweet Taste Receptor,” in which a line item mentions using HEK293.

We have also reported that the year 2022 is not only the possible starting point for Year Zero but it is also the year that the story called “Make Room, Make Room” by Harry Harrison takes place undefined many people are familiar with story of Soylent Green.

The scarcity story that forces people to become unwitting cannibals takes place in 2022.

The Earth in 2022 has very humid air because of the greenhouse effect. Oceans are drying up and the environment is collapsing because of overpopulation and the people have legalized euthanasia of the elderly because of resource depletion.

40 million people live in New York City, and there is a shortage of water, food, and housing. Only the city’s elite can afford clean water and natural food, and even then at horrendously high prices.

Soylent Industries, which derives its name from a combination of “soy” and “lentil”, controls the food supply of half of the world and sells the artificially produced wafers, including “Soylent Red” and “Soylent Yellow”. Their latest product is the far more flavorful and nutritious “Soylent Green”, which is allegedly made from plankton and is in short supply. As a result of the weekly supply bottlenecks, the hungry masses regularly riot, and they are brutally removed from the streets by means of police vehicles that scoop the rioters with large shovels and dumps them elsewhere.

Soylent Industries are keeping a secret. Investigators find volumes of oceanographic reports that indicate that the oceans no longer produce the plankton from which Soylent Green is reputedly made.

So what is in the Soylent crackers that people are eating?Why Soylent Green is More Relevant Now Than Ever - Den of Geek

Protein provided by human remains.

Welcome to the bleak and dystopian future.

We are not far from 2022-and with all of the supply chain scares, the bug eating recipes and the teaching of cannibalism in schools we are not far from Soylent Green either.

America is being set up right now with its beggar-my-neighbor trade and geopolitical approach, and the left using climate disruption and scarcity as a reason to redistribute wealth with state socialism is going to result in a crop of troubles. The radical leverage of US interests to the point of zero-tolerance of others’ interests is actually having us all wondering if there is a Plan B.

Well, there is an answer to all of this and again – you may want to brace yourself because Plan B looks very much like the plot to Soylent Green.

If this country were a more ancient version, soft tyrants that are creating scarcity would be trapped in a windmill and be burned as villagers with pitchforks and torches would see to it that the ones who abuse power meet a horrible end.

The socially inept but politically adept Bill Gates and his partners in crime like President Biden, Kamala Harris, Al Gore, and Klaus Schwab are so emboldened by humanity’s mass surrender to Covid that they see themselves as saviors. Gates has become or vaccinator and farmer in-chief and is now asking us to prepare to eat Soylent Green rather than beef.

He even wants the people to drink filtered excrement.

He has invested in what he calls the undefinedOmniprocessorundefined a machine that converts waste water and excrement into pure drinking water and electricity.

The machine extracts water from sewage that’s piped in or delivered to the facility. The dry sewage is then incinerated to generate steam, which powers the entire machine.

How soon before they proposes that dead bodies can be used to generate electricity and food sources that humans can converted into energy?

How soon before we hear the technocrats say that we could all solve the food problem and the Co2 problem by just drinking our own sewage, and eating our neighbor as we eat our bugs?

This is a far cry from the organic, GMO-free, natural healthy lifestyle the corporates sold us yesteryear. The same sheep are now beguiled with sustainability and its underlying code: forever eat your own poop or let’s talk population cull. The population cull would also solve the food problem undefined it is a demented satanic circle of life.