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Posted on October 19th, 2023 by Clyde Lewis

The way you can destroy a country or a republic is to program people into dismissing actual facts as erroneous even in spite of the obvious. There are crucial steps that are used to cause a government to implode and it is done by changing the behavior of the populace. Social engineering is molding and shaping a hive mind profile that is responding to authoritarian philosophies. The destabilization process by design, created by psychological warfare and mass mind control, has now supplanted the mentally healthy and positive American into one that responds only to chaotic solutions and barriers. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about BRAIN DEAD AND LOVINundefined IT.






The way you can destroy a country or a republic is to program people into dismissing true facts as erroneous even in spite of the obvious. There are four crucial steps that are used to cause a government to implode and it is done by changing the behavior of the populace.

The processes take time and with gradualism and in some cases, a little push through traumatic events, the people begin to commit civil suicide.

The first step in accomplishing this is demoralization – a process that can take about 15-30 years to perform. This time frame is actually about one generation.

During this stage, the moral fiber and integrity of the country are put into question, thereby creating doubt in the minds of the people. To do so, manipulation of the media and academia is required to influence and brainwash the youth.

As the younger generation embraces the new values that put the state’s interests above self-interests the older generation slowly loses control simply through attrition.

Again, true facts no longer matter during this stage. Creating altered perceptions is the key. Combine that with the use of sonic or psychotronic weapons and you have a marauding horde that needs to be monitored, controlled and jailed.

The Globalists are in agreement that many Americans are broken. The global psychological torturers bring to us more and more hormone-disrupting, DNA-warping, mental-draining and spiritual-tapping goods and services that have shackled us to a system of obsolescence, delusion, propaganda, and destitution. We are not a united nation of anything but belief in the cartoonish ideology we are Number One and Ever-Conquering.

We are all hopeful that we will return to those glory days undefined but it is beginning to become clear that part of the final solution is to transfer the consciousness-killing information into the brain to put everyone in a fog of semi-brain death.

They have the children in the public school system- but the elderly are also targeted with the warping of the minds with propaganda mRNA-drenched spare ribs, and GMO/pesticide-infused high fructose corn syrup.

The older generations we are told are disabled, debt-ridden, broke, blank-bankrupted, crippled, corrupted, and er-prone.

They have a long list as to why the older generations are a burden on the system.

The dream and the hope are now a requiem- and the young see the old as responsible for the climate catastrophe.

The number of people on planet Earth – not just in the Chronic Exceptional Diseased America – with chronic illness and dripping concentration and retrograde humanity – is huge, largely tied to the so-called green religion and unending exploitation of each square acre of god’s green earth.

We are allegedly expendable and therefore prime candidates for the transhuman experiments.

We are brain dead and loving it, meaning the human race is racing away from the solutions to the disease of the mind and the pollution of land-atmosphere-air-water for dreams of being H+ more than humans not thinking about what they do Posthuman.

Posthuman is the mechanical butterfly stage.. where puny larvae lockdown in a cocoon and transform into cyborg Pinocchios under the control of injected chips and connections to the mainframe interface.

Choices forced on us by algorithms are turning Americans into spies and enemies, suckers and marks.

With these mental breakdown tools, they have triggered an army of tens of millions that are ball-and-chained to the disease of fearing a worthy death in order to overthrow the powers, the militaries, and the mad men and women crafting the biggest lies about the transhuman resurrection and the simulated second coming.

These elitists and thought experimenters, are literally sticking their intellectual tongues out at us, the majority of us can be depopulated for a cool million, or how better the world is with a point-zero-zero-one Percent controlling us with their counterintuitive ideas, their products, their tools of oppression, their war is peace simulated psycho-babble. We are subject to their whims, their marketing, and their disease-generating ideologies — arrogance, immorality, all things filtered through the lens of the mainstream media.

Klaus Schwab, eternal CEO of the World Economic Forum, published his book, “Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, writes about such significant topics as Embedding Values in Technologies; the Internet of Things; Data Ethics; Artificial Intelligence and Robotics; and special chapter on “Altering the Human Being”. Schwab addresses biotechnologies, and neurotechnologies, transhumanism, and DNA Data.

We have discussed how DNA data and collecting it are part of sustainable development strategies. They want to know everything about everyone and put it all in a database.

Just to show you how valuable DNA is 23and Me has recently acknowledged a breach of security thatundefineds seemingly led to its customersundefined genetic info circulating online.

An unidentified hacker posted on a data-selling forum that they had access to a million lines of DNA information on the consumer DNA 0f 23andme.

Even more darkly, the hackers are specifically offering data on users they say have Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry — even teasing, with no evidence and in starkly antisemitic terms, that some data belongs to notable public figures.

On offer are DNA profiles of millions, ranging from the worldundefineds top business magnates to dynasties often whispered about in conspiracy theories,undefined one of the posts on the data-selling forum reads. undefinedEach set of data also comes with corresponding email addresses.

This all sounds like futuristic crime that you would see coming from a Philip K. Dick novel- but no it is modern-day stealing of data that can be used for experimentation and creating biological weapons that target certain ethnic groups and blood types.

It is all part of the control mechanism that they wish to impose on all of us in order to push their agenda of the digital ID and the chip that they are aching so badly to lodge in your brain.

Mastercard and the Gates Foundation have joined forces to launch ‘Community Pass’. All citizens of the world will be required to carry one if they wish to participate in society. The pass will be linked to a social credit score, which will increase or decrease depending on how compliant you are.

Reports say ‘Community Pass’, or ‘Farm Pass’ as its also known, will initially be “a platform for digital IDs aimed at individuals such as business owners and farmers.”

The focus right now is to get the pass and the chips ready to be used in African countries first.

Mastercard wants to register 15 million people in Africa by 2027. And Asia-Pacific region should not rest on any independence or self-determination laurels, either. Mastercard is after you as well – the same number of people, by the same date, is the stated goal.

In Africa – Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritania – 2.5 million people are said to be on board, and Ghana and Ethiopia might easily be next, as the global payments behemoth tests the levels of these farmers’ financial desperation.

Ostensibly, for testing comprehensive Digital IDs, for the whole world.

It is all there for your brain and body to tap into the digital infrastructure.

This concept underpins inclusive financial systems. Foundational DPI is based on three core, interoperable components: digital identity, payments and data exchange. In practice, this gives countries and people the ability to digitally verify identities through the use of biometrics, and have it be done securely and instantly send and receive money, and safely exchange information.

This is only the beginning undefined the brain interface with the world network is the ultimate goal.

If we connect the dots, we realize that the “Brain as the Battlefield of the Future” and that we were warned way ahead time.

The Globalist Death Cult has again given people warnings, according to its “rules” – way ahead of time, so, They may be successful.

In April 1953, CIA director Allen Dulles gave a lecture at Princeton University, detailing Soviet developments in the field of mind control. He stated they were out to control the mind of free men, both individually and collectively.

He argued that brainwashing had effectively enabled the Soviets to tamper with the mind until it became “a phonograph playing a disk put on its spindle by an outside genius over which it has no control.” With this control now in place, Dulles proclaimed that the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare, which Dulles characterized as the battle for men’s minds.

In the 1970s, some of this “secret war for our mind” was exposed in a number of Congressional inquiries, but most commentators seem to believe, or accept, that everything stopped, and largely from the little information that had not been destroyed prior to the investigation began. During our Bicentennial year, it was definitely clear that it did not end.

In 1976, U.S. Intelligence was monitoring radar and electromagnetic signals from the Soviet Union. What had their attention was a pulsing signal that was being sent at 3.26 and 17.54 megahertz. The pulsing signal modulated at a rate of several times a second, resembling the sound of a Woodpecker. It was soon traced to an enormous transmitter array near Kyiv in the Ukraine.

Within a year of its discovery people in Canada, Washington State and Oregon were complaining of all kinds of maladies. Eugene, Oregon suffered the most. People complained of pressure headaches, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, lack of coordination, and numbness, accompanied by a high-pitched ringing in the ears.

No one had really thought of the possibility that strong electromagnetic microwave radiation could have caused these symptoms. However, residents who lived between Eugene and Corvallis Oregon were being subjected to a powerful radio attack with a signal centering at 4.75 Megahertz.

People were claiming to hear tones in their ears and later feeling sick and fatigued. There were unsubstantiated theories that were taken as facts as to what was causing these health problems. One such theory was that winter-damaged power lines were emanating frequencies and tones to the ultra-sensitive ear.

It was later realized that something nefarious was happening with the so-called Woodpecker signal. It was being targeted to Oregon by a Tesla-magnifying transmitter.

This technology was able to beam a radio signal through the earth to any desired point on its surface. It could even increase the signal’s power as it emerged from the earth. It was speculated that a Navy ELF communications system using an 850-mile power line was jamming a Soviet pulse signal.

Back then, the systems were new and their power was obviously capable of harming human nervous systems and brain function. Today, the systems are far more advanced and have the potential to be weapons of mass destruction.

Why is it, that we never take note of such warnings?

Because we do not believe in so much built-in evil in humanity? Or, because we do not want to leave our “comfort zone”, our dystopian view of a “safe world”?

They know it. And we MUST break that boundary between comfort and reality. If not, we are doomed.

They will tell you that you will own nothing including your thoughts. You will be brain-dead and loving it.

With these biometric intrusions and your chip in the brain you can easily be targeted -and analyzed if you are unfortunate enough to wind up on the list for Intelligence harassment.

Letundefineds say you want to demonstrate or get behind a cause that is considered anti-government or anti-world order.

If you want the lead demonstrator to stop demonstrating, you target his brain with ultra-short waves.

Active denial systems that are found in 5G. You can make anyone considered a domestic terrorist depressed, so they do not want to demonstrate or protest anymore; you make them suicidal and the problem is resolved. You do this as many times as you want and create an ambiance of depression. Even to anyone who follows the group.

Low-level micro-waves can cause all sorts of cancers and leukemias all because of the evil objective of total surveillance and enslavement that they have planned.

Through “Electronic Telepathyundefined they were able to monitor the brain. If at one point, technology foresaw that tiny, hardly visible chip implants were necessary for the brain to be able to electronically access individuals’ thinking.

Mind manipulations may take many forms. One of them is that people physically hear voices – it is not that people are imagining voices, but they can physically hear voices… it can be anything, anything you want to hear, or you are scared to hear, angelic voices or diabolical voices; to repeat the words of neuroscientists.

This technology may have been applied to the US Embassy personnel in Havana, first reported by US and Canadian Embassy staff in Havana, Cuba. The so-called Havana Syndrome, of 2016. This may be a cluster of idiopathic symptoms experienced mostly abroad by U.S. government officials and military personnel. The symptoms range in severity from pain and ringing in the ears to cognitive dysfunction.

Havanna syndrome has been reported by many individuals after the first incident.

DARPA let a couple of contracts in 2011 / 2012 with the University of California for what is called “electronic telepathy”, to be able to monitor the brains of people at distance and to determine what they are thinking.

Under a separate contract the university was to investigate sending in signals to the brain of a person, literally sending them messages saying what they must think – and do. This is where the technology is today.

This could be used in your private life, as well as your professional life. It means, today, they could make you do and behave as whatever they would like. They could make you a murderer, a sleeper agent or just simply obedient to orders that may follow.

It is important to remember, especially since we should pay more attention to our surroundings, and to people’s behavior, than what we are used to. We may deduct many lessons. So, that we may continue and expand the field of connecting the dots.

ime Magazine reported that Washington had known for some 15 years that its Moscow Embassy had been bombarded with microwaves. The purpose was to jam the sophisticated electronic monitoring devices inside and on the roof of the building. But the State Department decided to launch a medical investigation of the thousands of US diplomats and their families who served in Moscow since the early 1960s.

In the wake of the microwave disclosures, former embassy employees and their families recalled suffering strange ailments during their tenure in Moscow, ranging from eye tics and headaches to heavy menstrual flows. Some pointed out that former ambassadors to Moscow, Charles Bohlen and Llewellyn Thompson both died of cancer, though an official link between the cancer and the microwave bombardments was never confirmed.

At the end of the Cold War, the signal was turned off, and NATO accepted the official Soviet explanation, that the signal had been an unfortunate by-product of Russia’s Anti Ballistic Missile system.

That didn’t change what happened behind the scenes.

When it was discovered that the technology used by the Russians was capable of causing brain damage and damage to the nervous system the CIA purchased from a front in Canada a “woodpecker” torture device called a LIDA. In 1985 CNN did a report on the LIDA machine experiments.

Extremely Low Frequencies and microwaves can cause agitation in humans and frequencies have been known to cause sickness and eventual deaths are a matter of record.

Why are they doing it? They are the “monsters”, which cannot easily be called humans.

To create terror, constant fear, to keep you on your toes. To get you used to terror and violence, as worse, much worse is to come, if they have their way. And we just comply, become depressed and passive, instead of rebelling in unison and Peace, but strongly rejecting the dominion of a few over us, the many.

Curiously, the Fourth Industrial Revolution does not give one single valid reason why all digitization, transhumanism, and total control of humanity is good for humanity and for planet Earth; nor does the Great Reset, nor does UN Agenda 2030.

The majority of the people have no clue and are totally vulnerable but, as such, perfect guinea pigs for trials, to perfect their “brain battlefield”, so to speak.

The World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum see us as broken and they wish to hack the human brain for what they say is the greater good.

Many will find it so off their current-thinking matrix, they will just shake their heads in disbelief, or call such facts and news “misinformation”.

But the history is there and the future is being paraded out there by the likes of Elon Musk and his Neuralink system. He also has a competitor. Precision Neuroscience acquired a manufacturing facility in Dallas, which can produce the key component of its brain implant.

The company has started testing the implant on human patients and believes it could ultimately help people with paralysis operate digital devices with their brain signals.

Precision also received the Breakthrough Device designation from the FDA, which is given to medical devices that could provide improved treatment for debilitating or life-threatening conditions.

Precision’s electrode array is thinner than a human hair and could easily be mistaken for a piece of Scotch tape. The system’s flexible design allows it to rest on the brain’s surface and generate a real-time, high-resolution rendering of neural activity without damaging any tissue.

There are other companies like Synchron, Paradromics and Blackrock Neurotech. Choosing your company and your chip will be like shopping for a cell phone.

Indeed, the era where our brain is the next battlefield needs its arms dealers undefined and we have Bill Gates and Elon Musk helming the data gathering and the know-how to usher in the beast system to make our minds function with machines.

Social engineering is molding and shaping a hive mind psychological profile which is responding to authoritarian philosophies.

The destabilization process is by design, created by psychological warfare and mass mind control has now supplanted the mentally healthy and positive American into a republic that responds only to chaotic solutions and barriers which will place in exile anyone who does not agree with the agendas provided by the waiting authoritarian rule.