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Posted on October 2nd, 2023 by Clyde Lewis

This week, two emergency “tests” will be conducted that sound rather ominous. The first one has Russia setting the stage for its first nationwide nuclear attack exercise on October 3 and will see Vladimir Putin’s regime present the West as a nuclear aggressor. The second one has the United States conducting a “Nationwide Emergency Alert Test” on October 4th. On Wednesday afternoon, televisions, radios, and phones all over the country will suddenly come alive at 2:20 PM Eastern time. So does this mean that we are to panic and believe there will be a nuclear attack or something worse? There are a lot of questions raised when coincidental tests from two superpowers get underway. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with military and geopolitical analyst, James Ponder about EMERGENCE - THIS IS A TESTundefined YOU ARE THE ENEMY.






I remember when we were kids, schools would carry out fire drills. We were taught as Boy Scouts to always have a preparedness plan in case of a disaster, and we were also told that you should have at least a two-week to a two-year supply of nonperishable food on hand just in case you cannot get to a store in an emergency.

Governments have always prepared as well. But when they prepare and run tabletop exercises they always end up happening in the real world.

We have learned from events like the 9/11 attacks, that groups like FEMA were activated just a day or two before the attack. We also knew of a tabletop exercise called Event 201 where world leaders gathered to discuss the outbreak of a deadly coronavirus.

It appears that our government, FEMA the CDC and other agencies, only practice for something that they think that there is a decent chance that it will actually happen.

This week, two “tests” will be conducted that sound rather ominous.  The first of these “tests” will happen in Russia on Tuesday.  Vladimir Putin has ordered the very first “nationwide nuclear attack exercise” in the entire history of his country, and that is making headlines all over the globe… Russia will stage its first nationwide nuclear attack exercise across 11 time zones in preparation for a potential nuclear war.

It is scheduled to take place on October 3 and will see Vladimir Putin’s regime present the West as a nuclear aggressor.

If Vladimir Putin had been entirely convinced that there was zero chance that a nuclear war would happen, he would not have ordered these drills.

Obviously, he believes that there is at least a remote possibility that the conflict in Ukraine could spark a nuclear war.

The one-day nuclear attack exercise, which has only ever been done region by region, will include preparation for the destruction of up to 70% of Russian housing stock and life support facilities. It will assume the scenario that martial law has been introduced in Russia and that is has gone through full mobilization. But that doesn’t mean that most of the Russian population would die during such an attack.

Russia has more than 16,000 nuclear shelters, and some of them can hold vast numbers of people.

Here in the United States, we have one.  It is in the Seattle area, and at the time it was built it could hold about 200 people…

In November 1962, only a month after the Cuban Missile Crisis, excavation of a shelter in Seattle began.

It was expected to be the first of several fallout shelters across the U.S. but ended up being the only one built in the country.

The May 15, 1962, Seattle Times identified the structure as “the nation’s first fallout shelter to be built into a freeway.”

And of course, the U.S. is not likely to hold a “nationwide nuclear attack exercise” any time soon, because our leaders have fooled themselves into thinking that the Russians would never dare fire their missiles at us.

But just last week thousands of Russians were involved in extensive nuclear combat drills now comes the Nuclear test on the 3rd undefined and of course we will be conducting a wireless phone test of the Emergency systems on October 4th.

The “Nationwide Emergency Alert Test” will happen just one day after the Russians conduct their “nationwide nuclear attack exercise”.  On Wednesday afternoon, televisions, radios and phones all over the entire country will suddenly come alive at 2:20 PM Eastern time.

Officially, the trial is called the Nationwide Emergency Alert Test. You know it’s a test and not an actual emergency because it’s accompanied by an explanation of the test.

Even if your phone is set to silent mode, you will still hear a very loud alarm…

The alerts include a series of loud alarms meant to attract attention. These will go off even if devices are set to silent mode. The test will last for about one minute on radio and television, and cellphones should receive the alert within a half-hour of the test starting.

The test system will broadcast a message reading, “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.” A translated message will be delivered for those whose language is set to Spanish.

So does this mean that we are to panic and believe that there will be a Nuclear attack or something worse?

The chances are a big no undefined But that does not mean we shouldnundefinedt pay attention, stay prepared and stay vigilant.

There are a lot of questions that are raised when coincidental tests from two nuclear powers get underway.

But this is not the first time we have had a test of the entire system undefined and there may be other explanations as to what is going on besides just a simple and harmless test.

In  October 2017, a new process of alert was tested called the Wireless Alert System. Many cell phones were alerted issuing a simultaneous test of the new system where the President can directly inform anyone about a national emergency if it is warranted.

This system would be primarily used for cell phone communication and internet alerts prior and during a national emergency.

This was first tested during the Trump administration which kicked off an uproar of left-wing protests claiming that the system would be abused to push right-wing political propaganda.

The test like many other previous tests was not successful and some people sued the government claiming it violated their 1st amendment rights.

This week a new test will be this Wednesday at 2:20 Eastern time.

Again this test has a number of people concerned about what itundefineds true purpose is.

In fact, they insist the nationwide test will activate something within the COVID-19 vaccines that could turn people into walking zombies.

While at this time there are conspiracy theorists who are saying that these tests will involve 5G bursts to activate the graphene in the bloodstream of those who have been vaxxed undefined there are some other possibilities that have been overlooked that certainly are in need of discovery.

As FEMA explains in a press release from this past August, tests of the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts, are crucial for alerting the public in the event of severe weather or any other serious event.

However, I would conclude that the wireless test carried out by FEMA and the FCC is being carried out in order to see how they can clear the network with an off switch if nuclear war breaks out.

During the Cold War, it was policy that if there was a nuclear attack, television transmitters and radio transmitters all be shut down for national security.

We live in a different time undefined and as the government has concerns about disinformation and misinformation being spread in the internet you can bet that this system has to be reviewed and tested for a possible shutdown.

Social media platforms could face shutdown in a national emergency.

The convergence of multiple red-alert warnings is staring us in the face, all pointing to a major “event” of some type in the upcoming weeks or months.

Whatever it is, this new catastrophe will hasten the collapse of the old world system, a collapse of economies and political structures that is already underway.

Predicting the timing of such an event is impossible but I do believe we are looking at a major shock event happening roughly within the next three to nine months, a year at most.

Those caught off guard by what is coming will find themselves completely dependent on exactly the wrong people for their survival. They will be at the mercy of the globalist cartel. Since this is a predator class of psychopaths, you do not want to be dependent on them for anything.

If viewed in a vacuum, the headlines of today would not be sending up red flags of warning. But when you look at them in totality, it becomes clear something big is going down that will forever reshuffle the deck of global power and change our outlook going forward.

The bottom line is that this is no time for normalcy bias.

Back in the 1940s and 1950s, the shadow of the bomb became a part of everyone’s lives -as the Department of Civil Defense always reminded people that at anytime a nuclear bomb could be dropped at any time and that the best protection is to duck and cover.

Keeping the people on edge is most certainly a tactic for wielding control and there are just too many “events” that are happening that make us wonder if we are losing our minds. It’s all about “Problem, Action, Solution”, and many people are falling for it because they are so easily duped into thinking that they have no control of their lives.

The current power structure is using this method to seduce the ignorant into participating in the furthering of their Open Conspiracy.

That is why they are prone to over-warning the populace: they know that a fearful populace will demand action against, or a solution for, the perceived threat.

These Open Conspirators have a great way of making Americans feel good about surrendering their freedoms, which encompass all individual rights, for an empty promise of security from the state. A state that is openly conspiring against the very rights they claim they are trying to protect.

In both war and peace, success in the battle for hearts and minds hinges primarily on one side’s ability to operate comfortably in the other side’s human terrain. In such an emotionally charged, competitive communication environment, the ability to affect the psychological and informational battle space of the adversary and the local population depends on the credibility of both the message and the messenger.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the mainstream news and various Billionaire drug and pharmaceutical King Pins are warning of a disaster more lethal than Covid 19.   This would of course bring back drastic measures and lockdowns that were first introduced to keep us from associating with one another.

It was as if there was a strange agreed-upon panic that swept across the nation without any need for emergency warnings or even active quarantine.  People were obliged to follow the media and listen to relatively unknown experts demanding compliance to whims that dissolved human rights.

This was also evident during the 9/11 attacks.

While our country was under attack there was no EAS broadcast that was cleared by the White House for the president to speak.

The excuse was that the media gave a quicker warning than the EAS system. It was also reported that during the tsunami and nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan, their country’s Emergency news network system tones were not used at all.

There was no explanation for this. It was later that the United States Government announced that there would be a nationwide EAN blackout test for three minutes on 11/9/11. It was authorized by the President to test its effectiveness in times of crisis. That EAN reboot in 2011 failed and caused more confusion and more speculation as to what was really going on.

The failure of this system spoke volumes of how ineffective it was undefined and so for some time conspiracy theorists have speculated that the strange tones that interrupt broadcasts are actually activation frequencies.

It is speculated that the activated parts of the fight or flight signals in the brain draw attention like a phone ring or a baby crying.

The entire world has been psychologically impaired as other warnings have been given and emergency signs have been seen appearing everywhere in the form of omens and harbingers; namely, missile tests, war games, troop movements and worldwide catastrophes.

We are now just beginning to understand just how the mind is reacting to day-to-day pressures and fears. With nightmares awaiting us.

Many years ago, Just prior to the full digital conversion of television and radio signals, I had prepared a series of shows about the possibility of vulnerability to government controls with regard to the broadcasting of all signals. This included radio, television, cell phones and the internet. I concluded that the Digital Television Transition that phased out Analog signals with digital signals, there was a potential to control the media with the use of digital “blackouts.” With digital broadcasts, there can be complete blackouts of information and programming.

We warned that networks you once loved could be shut down without notice. With the transition, some 80 percent of analog signals disappeared. This means that there are less transmitters providing the content. It also meant that with fewer transmitters or stations that provided content—there would be more of an opportunity to shut down signals in the event of a major crisis or uprising where communication is vital to prevent the spread of disinformation.

These blackouts can conveniently happen to channels that broadcast controversial opinions. Digital systems are vulnerable and now we have converted to digital systems we may have to get used to black-out scenarios and or possible grid manipulations that could cause harm or even create hysteria induced by misinformation and propaganda.

There is something we have grown accustomed to for over 70 years and that is the dreaded tone that is followed by an announcer saying that THIS IS A TEST. It was first known as Conelrad, then it was called the Emergency Broadcast System, and now it is EAS, the emergency alert system.

The names have changed but the creepiness of the whole affair still remains.

Every day we take for granted that the broadcasters in every state in the country provide an Emergency broadcast alert test. There are probably some of us who have heard it so many times we can recite the entire 60-second reminder that it is only a test.

There have been theories that it has been a psychological operation to prepare people for the eventual announcement of a nuclear attack.

Many of these signals have been provided to inform people of severe weather and yellow alerts.

But before the digital era they were just confined to your TVs and AM radios where you were instructed to tune in to designated frequencies for news and information.

Back in the days of the Conelrad system, it was 640 Khz AM or 1240 Khz AM.

They would transmit for several minutes and then go off the air, and another station would take over on the same frequency in a undefinedround robinundefined chain. This was to confuse enemy aircraft who might be navigating using radio direction finding.

Now with so many areas to get information undefined the powers that be would have to shut down the peopleundefineds press to avoid having any inconvenient information to be sent out.  Those would give them justification to hunt down those who they feel are pushing conspiracy theories.

This will not be a time for people to use to their entertainment and creature comforts.

So a wireless test seems to be the ticket for being able to take over all your internet-based information sources.

Canada has already passed their online streaming act, requiring podcasters to register with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

The government claims the regulation will “ensure online streaming services make meaningful contributions to Canadian and Indigenous content.”

But of course, the move is just the Liberal government’s latest attempt to control what Canadians are able to see and hear online.

It is again a passing of new censorship laws and creates a totalitarian creep.

The Censorship Industrial Complex is the name for a consortium of “government,” Big Tech, NGOs, and “Fact Checking” organizations that were discovered to be censoring information.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is continuing to hold back information about its efforts to police online speech in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

The Americans For Prosperity (AFP) Foundation, a political advocacy group, has spent years attempting to get the DHS to hand over records on its efforts to censor “misinformation, disinformation, and misinformation.” However, the DHS has responded by heavily redacting any records it turns over to the group.

The DHS is citing FOIA Exemption 7(E), which protects “techniques and procedures for law enforcement investigations or prosecutions,” to justify the redactions.

The knowledge that one’s online whispers and digital footprints might be under the watchful eye can put a damper on free speech. It can make people think twice before voicing opinions that swim against the current or stir the pot.

A total false flag shutdown of social media would be a good cover for governments to have more control of the information.

The thought of the DHS and the FCC being able to control your phone by activating it en masse can also conjure all sorts of thoughts of them shutting them down en masse.

It can be argued that the nation needs this emergency test in order to guarantee that people will be informed in the event of a national emergency or martial law.

It also reminds us that as we cross into darker territory, believing that our world is ending, we must understand that this is not a test but reality.



James Ponder was in the Army from 1975 to 1987 as a Missile and Testing officer and Chief Data Officer. He was privy to Soviet tactics and strategies, Russian and Warsaw Pact equipment, and specialized in their nuclear and space systems as well as their deployment of forces.  In 2011, he was taught that the Iranian government-based cyber attackers were branching into all fields of attacks on Western sites (esp. US, UK, and Israel), including logic bombs, DDoS attacks, hidden malware, and ransomware.  James is a co-founder of EMP Survival Systems.