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Posted on October 25th, 2023 by Clyde Lewis

You don’t have to rent a horror movie this Halloween to feel spooked - just take a look at what we call American foreign policy under this administration that promised peace and equality; that Joseph Biden was better than that old orange fascist, Donald Trump. But this time, the villain isn’t Freddy Kruger, or Michael Myers — the boogeyman in this film is Sleepy Joe and the Deep State takeover of the USA. When arguing over your various political ideologies, why not ask yourself if all of this is worth the cost - the three-theater war, the loss of life, the bankruptcy of America, and, the way we are headed for Armageddon? We already had The War on Terror. Perhaps this time, we should appropriately call it, The War on Horrorism, or “Horrific Horror,” as President Biden put it. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with the host of The Paradigm Shift, JP Bovenzi about THE WAR ON HORRORISM.





Do you like Horror films? I certainly do especially during the Halloween season undefined but of course, I have to interrupt my regularly scheduled horror - films and watch the horror I see on CNN and Fox News.

Do you like scary movies?

You don’t have to rent a horror movie this Halloween to feel spooked—just take a look at what we call American foreign policy under this administration that promised peace and equality- that he was better than that old Orange fascist Donald Trump.

But ask around the liberal camps and they will tell you that we never had it so good.

Inflation is clocking in at 40-year highs.

Over the weekend my friend helped me with my laundry undefined I offered him gas money to go to the laundromat undefined $50 dollars only gave him enough gas to float above the empty mark. I asked him how much it costs to fill his SUV undefined he told me $150 dollars.

Fentanyl from the open southern border is wreaking havoc across the US. Good-paying energy jobs have been nixed. Our small-town communities aren’t safe anymore, and cities across the country are grappling with an exponential uptick in violent crime. The current state of America is frightening.

But this time, the villain isn’t Freddy Kruger, or Michael Myers — the boogeyman in this movie is President Biden and the deep state takeover of the administration.

And we can chat about that good old American foreign policy where we will be paying for three wars undefined and these wars most certainly are an investment in Armageddon and scorched earth policies.

A September 2021 report from the Costs of War project at Brown University revealed that 20 years of post-9/11 wars had cost the United States an estimated $8 trillion. Worse, those conflicts had killed more than 7,000 U.S. military personnel, maimed tens of thousands of other soldiers, and claimed the lives of more than 900,000 people in foreign countries.

Biden is attempting to entice the American people to embrace a new amorphous, U.S.-led global crusade against evil. If he succeeds, the consequences are likely to be at least as bad as the wreckage that Bush’s policies have wrought.

Again the whole good vs. evil monologue is why I tend to read the bible more undefined The Russians said the same thing about Ukraine undefined but they said it was a war against Satan.

That is very telling now isnundefinedt it undefined the war between God and Satan.

I was reading today some concerns from a listener who was asking about why I have been focusing on religion and prophecy. I thought the question was weird -since the current events seem to be building into an apocalyptic event.

I was chastised because the listener thought I was reading into things and that I needed to calm down.

Well of course I have been reading into things. That is the point.

Religious writings and commentary on end-times predictions I think are appropriate in times like these, they contain theological principles and play a crucial role in the building of eternal faith.

The Bible to Christianity, the Koran to Islam, and the Torah to Judaism are texts that are taught from the time we are kids, becoming absolute, undeniable, and exclusive truths.

What is most interesting is that it seems like there is one battle after battle, wars for strictly religious motivations, history shows that, for the most part, wars have been motivated by a combination of economic, territorial, ethnic, and political factors. Whatever the motivation, the consequences of war are always devastating.

They are also triggering for those who are apocalyptic watchdogs, who are vigilant in watching the eschaton play out in their various realities.

Watching the mainstream news is like watching a horror film, as the cameras roll and we witness the carnage, of burnt bodies and crushed bones.

We can chalk it up to knowing and understanding the story, as it can be seen as a retro-causal holocaust undefined one that had been foreseen in the holiest of scriptures, in the holiest of books.

The three Abrahamic religions , which predominate in Western and Middle Eastern culture, all enshrine the principle of “an eye for an eye” which implies equal or worse punishment for the crime committed, thus satisfying the revenge desired by the victim and society.

Its religious origin may explain why this principle is so deeply rooted in human relations and in relations between states, and why it is so difficult to take the first step in building a peaceful coexistence.

We are so easily divided, and we are also encouraged to find a side at record-breaking velocity and already we are compelled to mention the death tolls, and the inhumanity being levied on both sides.

It is not just another war- for some, it is THE war undefined and this is why it has come to this.

It will always be easier to apply “an eye for an eye” because it does not require the courage to engage in dialogue and seek a healthy coexistence.

Remember the old Klingon proverb- undefinedRevenge is a dish best served Cold undefined is actually a French saying undefinedVengeance is often more satisfying if it is not exacted immediately.undefined

It is obvious that what has happened has been building for some time.

This is what we are seeing in the Middle East. A long-standing conflict in which leaders display religious justifications, tirelessly repeated because it is easier to identify an enemy and align their own people. And in the pursuit of biblical, tit-for-tat justice, unimaginable atrocities and barbarities are being committed, which must be unambiguously and unhesitatingly condemned.

The force of politics and the media, which also respond to political interests, promote polarization, so that anyone who condemns the violence on both sides is made to look like a traitor. Condemning violence perpetrated by those you sympathize with is not treason, it is collaborating in the first steps towards peace.

But lo and behold we are back to the same old war cry Democracy is under attack by the Axis of Pure Unadulterated Evil!

It’s time to switch off your critical faculties, wrap yourself in the American flag, or the Israeli flag, or the Ukrainian flag, or, better yet, all three flags, and stand with the Forces of Freedom and Goodness as they exercise their God-given right to defend the world from the Children of Darkness, and the Putin-Nazis, and Hate, and Rape, and Baby Murderers, and Baby Rapers, and Baby-Raper sympathizers!

Grab your Bibles, your Tora, and your Koran, it is time to do this religious war and declare it a holy endeavor undefined a fight against horrorism.

At the moment, we’re being inundated with narratives, the official narrative, the unofficial narrative, the official unofficial narrative, the alternative official narrative, the alternative unofficial narrative, the bull-goose-loony unofficial narrative, etc., all of which is standard procedure when you are rolling out a War on Horror, or an Apocalyptic Psy-op, or some other major revision to the official master narrative.

Seriously, though, this is only the beginning. The torrent of official and unofficial propaganda, gaslighting, and emotional manipulation is only going to increase over time.

Probably the best thing to do at this point is pick a “side” and back it unquestioningly, no matter what it does or says. If you’re a professional person, with a career, and a mortgage, and kids, or aspiring to be such a person, I would recommend going with The Powers That Be- otherwise you will wind up a pariah.

Calling for coexistence and peace is out of the question undefined because we need a satisfying retaliation.

Democrat Ilhan Omar freaked out when a reporter asked why Israel shouldnundefinedt have a right to defend itself against the terrorists who brutally tortured and killed so many innocent children, women, and men- She was asked why we should be talking about a cease-fire when Israel has lost all of those victims.

Of course, Omar stood up for Palestine undefined the point was made about how many men women and children have to die to satisfy the blood lust of the war merchants.

Children are born free of evil and prejudice. They are a blank sheet of paper that begins to be written by the adult world, which is why it is important to always distinguish between organizations and individuals.

In the Middle East situation, being Israeli or Zionist is not the same as being Jewish, and being Hamas or Islamic Jihadist is not the same as being Palestinian.

But as my mother says labels are for cans of beans and peas, and should never be used to qualify hate as an indulgence.

To seek an “eye for an eye” is to go against the civilizing efforts that seek to have a recognized and legitimate rule of law that resolves conflicts between parties, avoiding violence and barbarity.

But in this time of mass communication, it is easy to be a virtue signaler or a hashtag activist. It is an ugly affair these days to try and strike a balance about whose lives are being taken and whose aren’t.

The world is seeing more bombs being dropped in a day than what was dropped the whole time in Afghanistan undefined but this is something we canundefinedt talk about undefined the loss of life where one says they want to wipe the other off the map.

Israel declared war not just on the terrorists who attacked its territory, but on the entire population of Gaza itself. Israel’s policy of collective punishment – razing Gaza to the ground – has inflamed Muslims from the Middle East to Asia to Western capitals. The anger rages more fiercely than we have seen in decades, perhaps since the founding of Israel in 1948.

This is why you should realize how important this war is and the slippery slope of what it could lead to

But it is easy to shut down discussions on the matter and remain in your echo chamber.

All you can do is unsubscribe from, and block, and otherwise close your ears and mind to “conspiracy theorists.undefined Stop what your doing and only listen to the magic words that you can cherry pick to accuse people of being antisemitic.

It is so hard to be balanced on a world of Pick a side undefined in a world where there is a holy war on Horror.

Always remember what happened with the knee jerk reactions after 9/11 undefined two needless wars, and more division because of religious overtones and differences of belief.

President Joe Biden announced last week that the United States would be funding – and possibly fighting – three wars in three different parts of the world at the same time. It is an ambitious foreign policy for a president who doesn’t even seem to be able to express a coherent thought without the help of a teleprompter.

Can we understand just who is in charge? It certainly isnundefinedt Biden.. It is the same neocon warlords and deep state assets that keep the blood running in the gutter undefined with ambitious propaganda that continues to pit brother against brother.

Biden says undefined“American leadership is what holds the world together. American alliances are what keep us, America, safe.”

But hold on- if we are so safe, then why have we abandoned our border, where terrorists can filter through and beat the system only to later create disasters and tragedies here in the United States.

Bidenundefineds platitudes are so archaic undefined that he thinks this is the leadership we need.. just more reinforcement of foreign policies at the end of a tank turret.

Biden also repeated the line that “Israel has the right to defend itself.” While that may be true, it is not Israel defending itself. It’s the US government intervening to defend Israel. And as the entire Muslim world rages against Israel over the destruction of Gaza, how do we think they will feel about us as the financiers and facilitators of that destruction?

Yes the infiltration is happening undefined and the end result in the United States will be a brutal response.

By dragging the United States into this war, President Biden has planted the seeds of innumerable 9/11-style blowback attacks on the US. Yet he has the audacity to claim that all of this is keeping us safe.

As Biden demands another $105 billion to fund the wars in Ukraine, Gaza, and Taiwan, his speech seemed to have a touch of campaign rhetoric in it.

“I’m told I was the first American [president] to enter a warzone not controlled by the United States military since President Lincoln,” he said in his speech.

The statement is blatantly false, but he must believe it gives him an air of bravado.

They say that it is advantageous to be seen as a “wartime president” when elections roll around, but Joe Biden may have miscalculated the level of support he will get for being a “World-War-Three-time president.”

Joe Biden’s approach to international issues increasingly resembles George W. Bush’s disastrous foreign policy. One key tendency in common is that both men view complex world affairs in dangerously simplistic terms as an existential struggle between good and evil.

In Bush’s case, the folly of that perspective became apparent with the seemingly endless armed crusades to impose western values in such alien settings as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.

In Biden’s case, that attitude was apparent with his administration’s ongoing attempt to portray the Russia-Ukraine war as a stark struggle between democracy and authoritarianism, between the rule of law and the law of the jungle. Just a week before Russia attacked there were scores of articles, and op-eds stating that Ukraine was one of the most corrupt countries in the World.

Now we are told that they are a democracy fighting fascism.

Biden is now using another one of Bush’s destructive ploys: trying to portray disparate events and political movements in different parts of the world as part of an organized conspiracy on the part of evil regimes. That perspective and its accompanying propaganda is reminiscent of George W. Bush’s infamous “axis of evil” passages in his 2002 State of the Union Address that sought to link Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as manifestations of a unified global threat.

When arguing over your various political ideas undefined why not ask yourself if all of this is worth the cost.. the three-theater war, the loss of life, and the way we are headed for Armageddon?

For those of us who are old enough to remember 9/11 and its aftermath, it’s déjà vu all over again. Except we already had The War on Terror. So, I don’t know what we’re calling it this time. Maybe it’s The War on Horrorism, or “Horrific Horror,” as President Biden put it.

Or maybe we should call it, The War on Whatever. After all, it’s all the same war.


JP Bovenzi is the host of The Paradigm Shift, author, and screenwriter. He wrote the book, An American Doper. JP also wrote and co-wrote the screenplays, New Methico, La Desgraciada and Mark of the Mob, just to name a few. He is an entrepreneur and currently own and manage three businesses. TPS is on the Ground Zero Radio Network, Saturdays from 6-8pm, pacific time.