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Posted on October 27th, 2020 by Clyde Lewis


In almost every generation, politicians always seem to assert that certain elections are the most important of their time. I have heard that at ever rally, every protest and march and each time I have walked away with a deepening cynicism. I always think that it is just a desperate ply for politicians to show their lack of confidence in the people and their ability o choose a viable and productive candidate. If you remember the same thing was said in 2008 undefined and in 2016 undefined and each time, there was always speculation that there would be a violent or turbulent transition of power.

Well, now here we are in 2020, which has not been a banner year for normalcy. It is a different world now, it is somewhat like the various nightmares we have seen depicted in apocalyptic movies and comic books. Some 30 years ago, no one would have dreamed that the United States was willing to pull the trigger on its death nerve so soon in the 21st century.

In just days, the 2020 vote is taking place with the country in a historically dark mood — low on hope, running on spiritual empty, convinced that the wrong outcome will bring disaster.

Nothing is certain but threats and rumors of upheaval. We no longer are in our grandfathers and grandmothers America - this is not business as usual and the anticipation is gut wrenching.

Right now we are experiencing the calm before the storm. Many Biden supporters believe that a Trump victory would literally be the worst thing that could possibly happen to our country, but at the moment most of them are quite confident that Biden will win. Likewise, many Trump supporters are absolutely convinced that we will plunge into a horrifying socialist abyss if Biden wins, but for now most of them are convinced that the polls are wrong and that Trump will pull out another victory in November.

So with just a little over a week until Election Day, most Americans that really care about politics are pacified because they believe that a positive outcome is right around the corner.


However, I canundefinedt help but think that this is another set up. Those who are casting their votes by mail, and unfortunately posting their ballot choices on line are making a circus out of the process hoping that all of the clowns will play along undefined but when the show is over tens of millions of Americans will simultaneously melt down emotionally right in front of our eyes.

In 2016, the big national polls were dead wrong and Trump pulled out a close victory when the mainstream media had assured everyone that it was inevitable that Hillary Clinton would win.

And once again this year there are indications that the big national polls may be flawed and that Trump may be doing significantly better than the mainstream media is telling us.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton never came close to the 50 percent mark in most national polls in 2016, and Joe Biden has consistently been above that level in recent weeks. Democratic operatives would have us believe that indicates that there are far fewer undecided voters this time around.

Because so many Americans are voting by mail, it is going to take a lot longer than usual to count all the votes, and a number of key swing states are likely to be very close. If the results are close enough, it may take weeks before we have an official winner. Once an official winner is finally declared, there will be tens of millions of Americans in deep emotional pain.

When all of those deeply hurting people start lashing out, you won’t want to be anywhere around.

I think that just about everyone realizes that national psychological breakdown is coming. It is just that most of those that deeply care about politics assume that it will happen to the other side.

At this point, even Facebook is preparing for the worst. In fact, they are getting ready to implement “emergency measures” that are usually reserved for the most “at-risk” countries.

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that Facebook plans to limit the spread of viral content and lower the benchmark for suppressing potentially inflammatory posts using internal tools previously deployed in Sri Lanka and other problem countries. According to Facebook, these new “emergency measures” will be implemented if there is “election-related violence.

So what would those “emergency measures” look like? Well, that could potentially even include manipulating your news feed to alter what sort of content you are allowed to see… they are already giving you a taste of this as some incendiary information on Joe Biden is being suppressed and how dismissive they have been with regard to age old conspiracy theories tweeted and retweeted to expose the Biden campaign of cover up and malfeasance.

People have asked me why I decided to move my content to a pay wall and why I moved all my writing and recordings to a private spot. Well, I am doing it because of a potential meltdown undefined where information, real and solid news, will be censored and that the major networks will retool their format to act as state-controlled media.

Even terrestrial radio has made bold moves to ensure that the opposition is controlled and if you do not a pick a side, you suffer financially. That is why now Ground Zero survives solely on the support of its listeners – all advertising revenue goes to keeping the show on a satellite feed.

It can all be blamed on COVID-19 but I blame it on the political climate of this country and the cancel culture where snowflakes melt in both parties and unpopular opinion and speculation is attacked or even boycotted.

While Facebook, Twitter, and other foremast have waged a war on free speech, I have decided that while you may have your right to speak taken away, you still have a right to hear and to listen and to express yourself in a format that seeks to have a sound and sane way of having discourse.

Making the move was for survival and it also was a way to see who truly values free speech and independent thinking. It also is an attempt to weed out those who wish to abuse their right or privilege as there are people who want to do nothing more than mislead the people using lies as click bait.

I issued the warnings months ago undefined I warned you of Dark Winter, Joe Biden confirmed it and now I am giving you another warning to be prepared no matter what. Whatever happens may not happen immediately, it may be a slow burn but the way the major social platforms are acting you can bet there is something that they are planning for and you better plan for it as well.

Facebook has a number of options it could take including “slowing the spread of viral content and lowering the bar for suppressing potentially inflammatory posts” and “tweaking the news feed to change what types of content users see,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

Of course, Facebook has already been manipulating our news feeds for a very long time, but now it can and will get worse if things go the way experts forecast. All we can do is hope nothing bad happens but there are no guarantees that we will go through the election unscathed.

The Washington Post is also deeply concerned about what this election may do to our nation. In a very long article that they just published, they discussed the fact that both sides are convinced that “the wrong outcome will bring disaster.”

Most Democrats believe that Trump and his supporters are deeply evil, and likewise most Republicans believe that Biden and his supporters are deeply evil.

And of course, there are also many that are entirely convinced that all of them are deeply evil.

We have now as a country achieved the inability to be governed undefined the very climate that opens us to take over -and the World Reset awaits as America will be written off as a lost cause is democracy and a republic that is in need of repair from oligarchs from outside of our borders.

The dystopian use of disinformation, false narratives, blatant lies and propaganda by the totalitarians constituting the Deep State, as their never-ending coup attempt against President Trump attests, will be the catalyst for the next vicious phase of what can be seen as a great reset – but be not at all fooled this is a coup de tat not just for one President – but for the future one as well no matter who takes the seat in the Oval Office.

A myriad of co-conspirators have propagated the Big Lie to cover-up their traitorous actions of trying to overthrow our country – we know that the conservatives see it as an attack on Trump but it is simply an attack on the republic and many have been programmed to cheer it into existence.

Donald Trump, speaking at a rally in Michigan, speculated that even if Biden wins –he won’t be President for more than three weeks and then they use the 25th amendment to remove him from office. If Trump is correct this again will prove that there is a conspiracy of circumvention. I heard this on CNN just before they cut away from coverage of the rally.

It gets a bit uncomfortable when a conspiracy is in the offering and the media doesn’t want anyone to see that it is underway.

The infamous 25th Amendment to the Constitution lays out how a sitting president can be temporarily stripped of his powers if the vice president and a majority of Cabinet secretaries declare that he is unfit to serve. Nancy Pelosi reviewed it again in the beginning of the month and conservatives were claiming that it was being reviewed for getting rid of Trump undefined but it also sent a message that she along with other coconspirators have no faith in Joe Biden.

Pelosi described her review as a general good government reform proposal for the future, saying it is “not about President Trump,” whom she said will “face the judgment of the voters.” Indeed, there’s no chance this bill will be passed or signed into law this year. For now, it’s just an idea.

Another arrow in the quiver for subterfuge.

Congress would have to conduct “an examination of the President to determine whether the President is incapacitated, either mentally or physically.” Then they’d have to tell Congress their findings.

Finally, the vice president would have to say whether he or in Biden’s case she agrees or disagrees with the commission’s findings. If he agrees, then the president would temporarily lose his powers, and the vice president would become acting president. If he disagrees, then the president stays on.

The point of all this would be to take away this decision-making power on presidential inability from the president’s own appointees, who may be hesitant to defy him (and who he could fire), to a group of mostly medical professionals.

Still, most of those medical professionals would be appointed by congressional leaders of both parties (currently Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Chuck Schumer, and Pelosi), so politics clearly would not be removed from the process. That means the very high bar to deprive a sitting president of his powers would remain quite high.

Perhaps the most challenging thing about all this, though, would be convincing a president of the United States to sign a bill into law that would create a new way he could be stripped of his powers.

This could be seen as a bloodless coup, ready to be engaged if necessary in order to hand the power over to someone who will be more than happy to surrender the country to the World Economic Forum and other world bodies to secure their World Socialist Empire, molded in the image of the Chinese model of world government.

An honest truth-seeking press with unbiased journalists would have uncovered this conspiracy and revealed the truthful facts to a concerned public. Instead, a completely captured corporate media has turned a blind eye to the truth as they have acted as accomplices of the coup culprits. Just as evil is the suppression of truth through censorship and keeping silent regarding the truth.

The world is on the brink and our election outcome will certainly be a turning point for the West.

People living in the western world are in the greatest fight for the future of pluralist and republican forms of governance since the rise and fall of fascism 75 years ago.

As then, society had to be built up from a war. Today’s war has been an economic war of the oligarchs against the republic, and it increasingly appears that the coronavirus pandemic is being used, on the political end, as a massive coup against pluralist society.

Those building the Great Reset admit this gleefully explaining that the silver lining to COVID-19 was how easy it was to get the nations of the world to shut down and prepare for the New Normal.

We are being confronted with this ‘Great Reset’, alluding to a post-scarcity economy, which is equal if not similar to a post-war economy.

But for a whole generation people have already been living under an ever-increasing austerity regimen. This is a regimen that can only be explained as some toxic combination of the systemic inevitabilities of a consumer-driven society on the foundation of planned obsolescence, and the never-ending greed and lust for power which defines whole sections of the sociopathic oligarchy.

Recently, we saw the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson stand in front of a ‘Build Back Better’ sign, speaking to the need for a ‘Great Reset’. ‘Build Back Better’ happens to be Joe Biden’s campaign slogan— it also was the slogan used for the humanitarian program in Haiti created by Bill Clinton.

It is also interesting to note that the United Nations adopted the phrase Building Back Better which was a program which in essence was a holistic approach to using disasters as a way to rebuild economies of countries who struggle economically and politically in times of crisis.

According to the United Nations undefinedThe principle of undefinedBuild Back Betterundefined is generally understood to use a disaster as a trigger to create more resilient nations and societies than before.”

Now do you need it to be made clear to you as to what is happening? What the oligarchs are planning for you?

The election awaits and so does the coup – no matter who gets the vote.

Until now, we have only been given a steady diet of distancing, of lockdown provisions, quarantining, track and trace, and we have forgotten entirely about the fact that all of this was only supposed to be a two or three-week long exercise to flatten the curve. And now the truth is emerging that what is being planned is a new proposal being disguised as a ‘Great Reset’.

One of the large problems in discussing the ‘Great Reset’ is that a false dichotomy has arisen around it. Either one wants things to be how they were before and without changes to the status quo, or they promote this ‘Great Reset’.

We all know that the way things were before the pandemic was also a tremendous problem, and yet now it only seems better in comparison to the police state-like provisions we’ve encountered throughout the course of politicizing this pandemic for the benefit of those who wish to coerce us into a New World Order.

The fear is political policy – people are so enraged by Trump that they miss the context of Biden and his medical dictatorship. He says that it is based on the numbers and science fact over fiction – he repeats like he believes it and the American people are not hearing that he believes the mask is a sign of patriotism and not a sign of oppression.

All of the politics which create the need for a medical dictatorship is based in positive cases and not hospitalizations ostensibly linked to the novel coronavirus. Strangely, we are told to “listen to the consensus science” even as these very institutions consist of politically arrived at appointments. Certainly science is not about consensus, but about challenging assumptions, repeatability and a lively debate between disagreeing scientists with relatively equal qualifications.

People don’t want to admit that the politically appointed experts have special interest and investments in the very companies that are scrambling for a vaccine which will also be used as a political football and another way we divide the country as the elite scramble to “Build Back Better.”

Decisions that a society decides to take should be driven by reason, prudence, and justice. What is or isn’t scientific plays a role, but cannot be the deciding factor.

I always wonder, when Biden speaks of following the science, what science is he talking about? If he is speaking of science in general, then he is already a failure and so is his supporters because if all they care about are the science of quick fix vaccines and Climate Change – they are overlooking other valuable science that is being ignored.

Isn’t economics also a science? Is sociology not a science? What about psychology and psychiatry – as in the known effects of social isolation and, say, suicide prevention?

What about studies on how countries react when they are pushed to the limits of their ability to live their lives without intervention from the government—or perhaps world government.

Apparently, thereundefineds many in the U.S. who believe that the civil unrest and the volatility isnundefinedt just simply going to go away on its own after the election. This is probably why online purchases for military gear, including items like the $220 CM-6M gas mask which is resistant to bean bag rounds, are flying off the online shelves.

There has been a more than 20x the increase in the sales of such goods and military gear this year, according to Bloomberg News.

The military style gear has been donned by both sides of the political spectrum, with Antifa supporters wearing it while rioting and conservative supporters wearing it while trying to keep their streets and businesses safe from unnecessary assaults and property damage.

Gun stocks soared as Americans panic hoarded guns and ammo. Weapon background checks surged to record highs, rose 79% since July year-over-year amid pandemic fears and violent social unrest gripping major metropolitan areas.

Those who understand that this ‘reset’ is not a reset but rather a whole new proposal on the entire organization of society, but being done through oligarchical methods are now preparing for war.

They are not waiting for the twitch of the death nerve of the Republic to try and revive a dying Constitutional Republic.

Perhaps we have forgotten what it takes to preserve a Constitutional Republic, and perhaps things just have not gotten bad enough for people to feel the pain – maybe the idealization of the Republic is just that – an idealization based on some hollow promise to provide for the common defense support the general welfare and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

We should be planning our own reset strategies—ones that will reset us back to normal and not giving into the Orwellian New Normal.