There seems to be a conceptual cosmic relationship with events and the collective unconscious is responding to them. It seems that in ritual and in ceremony these concepts can be activated in a form that can only be described as magic.

Magic loosely meaning that there is no real explanation for the words that have been pronounced and the importance of them being pronounced correctly. There are thought forms that drift in the ether and it seems that their relationships are constantly coming together in a form of causality.

During the show we did with the Ouija board, there has been a social media argument over whether or not the use of the board was a Satanic act. There are many that are saying that what we did was wrong and that all you get from the board are lies and yet much of what was revealed on the board has somehow come to pass.

I have said that there was no devil involved with what transpired but I may acknowledge that what we were witness to was pure causal engineering which gave us a glimpse into how true causality even if it may be retrocausality operates.

We are dealing in pure metaphor that many can identify with as the Ouija board gave us names of demons or devils who are charged with destruction.

The names of Abaddon, Apollyon, Iblis, Ahriman, and Shiva were all named in the session each one a chief figure in the legion of devils that have the charge of being destroyers of all things on Earth.

We already reviewed the moment when the board spoke of Iblis, the Muslim Djinn or devil rising with ISIS for an attack. By some act of causal engineering, there was the report of the attack and eventual death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the man known as the Scorpion. His death was in form ritualized in such a way that he died in the sun passed through Scorpio. His second in command was also killed.

However, as was also spoken of on the board, the Hydra, the multithreaded leviathan loses one head and there are others that grow back.

ISIS already has a new leader — Abdullah Qardash, a feared former officer for Saddam Hussein which coincidentally is known as “the Destroyer.” This head of the hydra or dragon vows that there are sleeper cells that will seek revenge for Baghdadi’s death.


Perhaps the message from the board with regard to an attack is something that is going to happen in the future, again giving us insight into what can be seen as retrocausality or causality in the future.

Nostradamus was a well known seer who was able to predict future events and at one time was used by mystics and others to somehow provide knowledge about what was to come.

Nostradamus spoke in his epistles to those future generations that would witness the
 planned culling of humans, birds, fish, and animals. The culling would happen as the result of rare plagues and war.

He also saw what can be described as organized bloodthirsty tribes under the control of Satan –that would be given the charge of bloodletting of the innocent.

It was at this time that mankind would have to prepare for the arrival of a vampiric and cannibalistic darker command — under the direction of a demon known as Ahriman. This ruthless tribe would pave the way for the arrival of the third antichrist whose symbol would be that of the Hydra.

In 1558, Nostradamus wrote in his ‘Epistle’ to Henry II.

“The Antichrist will be the infernal prince again for the third and last time so many
evils shall be committed by the means of Satan, the infernal Prince that almost
the entire world shall be found undone and desolate. Before these events happen, 
many rare birds will cry in the air, “Now! Now”! And sometime later will vanish.” – 

While Nostradamus’ prophecies can be brought out of the cobwebs for effect, sometimes
 there are things all around us that indicate that the world is on a collision
 course with destiny.

I have told you there is a pattern that is, once again, showing itself with all of the familiar symbols, sigils, and philosophies. In my research, I have found that there seems to actually be some satanic mysticism that is used to traumatize people.

In Old Testament writings, it was common to read about how those who refused to listen
 to their spiritual nature would have a curse brought upon them. In Deuteronomy, the
 curse upon the people would be fewer children born, a bad harvest and the death of the farm animals.

The idea of angels being anointed or appointed for the purpose of a “culling” does not sound like it would come from a loving and merciful God, but from an Archon that crosses the light and brings with it a “dark night” of the soul.

In ancient Persia, armies who were said to be under the command of men possessed with the soul of Ahriman were known to ride into villages at night and decapitate their chosen victims. They would ride with severed heads on staves to terrify those that would wish to attack them.

Lies are often cloaked in truth – it is a conundrum that many say is the product of a devil. The basic devil or chieftain of hell for most people is Satan. However, there are many in a hierarchy of the legion that have names and are charged with conducting affairs against mankind.

Ahriman has been said to be a future commander of a horde of reptilian beasts of men that are the equivalent of the modern vampire.

According to the Jewish encyclopedia, the dark command of Ahriman has been trying to form and reign with wrath and terror for 3000 years. His appearance and his attempts to incarnate happen in cycles of 30 years.

Ahriman, according to the testimony of the Mazdian religion in its earliest epoch, is surrounded by an army of evil beings like-minded with himself. These evil beings bring with them their terrifying acts of war, pestilence, and disease.

There have been tribes of cannibals organized in war that have fought in Persia, Macedonia, and Romania; in fact, the true story of Vlad Dracul may have had connections to the attempts of Ahriman to incarnate into the body of a religious hero.

Many years ago, there was a film called Dracula Untold that was panned by the critics as being anti-Muslim.

In the film, the story of Vlad the Impaler, a Christian hero in Romania is retold where in order to fight the Turkish Muslims, Vlad makes a pact with a half-human, half-demon man-eater.

His colleagues warn him about the monster, but he rationalizes that whatever it is that lives in the cave “eats Turks” and therefore would be an asset to his army.

This Dracula unwittingly sends the message that in order for the Christian heroes to beat Muslim vampires they must learn to be vampires themselves.

Transylvania is under attack by Mehmet, the Turkish Sultan’s military leader. And nothing could be more upsetting to old Vlad than to find Turks on his land. That’s because when Vlad was a child, the Sultan demanded tribute in the form of strapping young boys to fill out his troops -— and Vlad’s father handed his son over to the Turkish, to be raised alongside Mehmet in the Ottoman Empire’s army.

The Sultan tells Vlad that he is looking for troops again, and he’s demanding 1,000 boys to join his army including Vlad’s son. Vlad realizes that there is a madman recluse that lives in a cave on a mountain top that legend has it is a cannibal.

Vlad believes that he needs a supernatural force to bring down the Turks and so he makes a deal with this demon.

To sum it all up the film is ultimately all about how a nice Christian prince turns himself into a demon to destroy a Muslim army. It seems to be a good metaphor for what is happening today.

The question is should the United States give up its moral cause and become murderous in order to slay the vampire known as ISIS?

Now, this may be fiction but what if the meeting that Vlad Dracul had was with the demonic Ahriman and that the power of this devil was given in order for him to be victorious against the Turks?

What if there is truth to this fictional account and that tribes of marauding vampires have existed for thousands of years and that the spirit of Ahriman can be found in groups like ISIS?

The Ahrimanic Vampire would be a different breed of incarnate demon as it seeks refuge in the middle as it nourishes in both the darkness and in the Noon-Sun as it is known as the time of Shaitan in the north and Iblis to the South.

Ahriman is the Black Dragon that hears the calls of his vampiric command in the North.

Now in the well-known book of Dracula by Bram Stoker, we read that Dracula was known as the sun of the Black Dragon. He is transformed into a vampire by his own Satanic pact with a dark entity – If Dracula is the son of the Dracul or the Dragon, then perhaps we know who that Dragon is.

The symbol of the dragon is also called the Hydra, Leviathan, Tiamat, and Ahriman.

The Dragon race or the reptilian vipers in human form are also known as the Dracul, Draconum, and Draco.

The Yaktuk Dinohi, a Luciferian grimoire it states that the lines of Persian Sorcery and Vampyrism are very close. The use of blood to enrich dead souls is a call to practice.

The Christian Satan, or devil in charge evolved over time from ideas and personifications provided by Mesopotamian, Egyptian, classical mythology and Hebrew demonology. Egyptian gods had qualities that were both good and evil. The evil god Set represents the dark side more so than others. In Egyptian mythology, Set kills Osiris, dismembers him and scatters his body all over Egypt. Osiris’s wife, Isis, reassembles his parts enough for a sexual union with his corpse. The result is the birth of Horus.

Many Mesopotamian demons have a genealogy that can be traced to these so-called unholy unions.

The Sumerian goddess of Chaos, Tiamat, is also responsible for the spawning of many of these demonic forces. Her and partners Anu and Aspu have always been cited as the rooted causes of diseases, illness, plagues, nightmares and all misfortunes that plague mankind.

Tiamat is again is called the Black Dragon or Hydra the same as shared by Ahriman.

In Zoroastrianism, the monotheistic god Ahuru Mazda who became Ohrmazd generates the twins Spenta Mainyu who is holy, and Angra Mainyu who became Ahriman. Like Satan, Ahriman Angra Mainyu dwells in a pit of darkness.

The map of the Middle East drawn up after the end of the Ottoman Empire in 1918 is uncoiling, dissolving into a region-wide Sunni-Shia civil war. The territory ISIS wants to control is in the same territory as the heart of ancient Assyria.

The war of the righteous against the Vampires lives on as ISIS is under the dark command of the Dracul—the Dragon, Hydra – Ahriman.

When Ahriman is summoned he brings with him harmful and unclean rabid animals. He also brings plague. Mostly unknown or rare incurable diseases, He can also command an army of evil Djinn, In order to destroy the whole good creation.

If ISIS is under the control of Iblis and Ahriman then they certainly are the vampiric horde that attempted to incarnate in the 12th century and may have now incarnated in the 21st century – the number that is the mirror opposite or reversal in the timeline.

In Friedrich Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil there is that old saying “He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

We can agree that “fighting monsters” is a recognizable moral “event horizon” for heroes, and both antiheroes and well Intentioned extremists live just near the boundary of becoming monsters in order to kill a perceived monster and in most cases become heroes no matter how bloody and immoral their campaign.

There has always been that blasphemous theory that people have an inert, dormant part of them that can be vampiric.

A villain who has an overall goal which the heroes can appreciate in principle, but whose methods of pursuing a said goal, such as mass murder are problematic despite any sympathy they may have with his cause; the heroes have no choice but to stop him. Taken to extremes, he may fully believe that becoming a monster is necessary to guarantee victory. It is a case of how to reach Utopia. The end justifies the means.

In the Dracula Untold version of history, we see that terms “Turk,” “Moor” and “Mohammedan” are interchangeable and the bottom line is they are used to identify Muslims.

Both Vlad the Impaler and the Sultans of the Ottoman empire are portrayed as desperate and blood thirsty that the metaphor of the Muslim or Ahramanic vampire is not lost in the translation and that the monster in Vlad is just waiting to be unleashed in order to bring balance and then victory over the bloodletting.

The spiritual mentality in war, creates dangerous tulpas and thought forms that theoretically plunge us towards a mass genocide.

It can be said that in spiritual warfare and material warfare, Christians and Muslims have been fighting and in some the minds of both groups, there is an evil desire to hunt each other into extinction.

The attitudes of both Muslims and Christians have been so galvanized with a vengeance and the want for more death and destruction the powerful resonance may be creating a spiritual black hole that at its zenith, will be contained and used in a manner that no man can fathom.

In fact, it is believed that it is already happening.

The practice of summoning darker forces in order to provide victory in war has always been in practice for thousands of years.

Melek Taus is generally believed to be the devil by most mainstream Muslims. Is the god of the Yezidis, which compels us to wonder if we are participating in activating the fire of the Djinn, fortified by the activation of the Yezidis demon god? ISIS is already possessed with a passion for blood lust and now we have somehow activated the Djinn in the territory. The threat of the fire Djinn has now been employed, esoterically.

If we go back to ancient times and Middle Eastern mythologies, it was Thoth who restored the head of ISIS and helped her when Osiris was murdered by Set. Thoth also describes the purging of Babylon of all of the Djinn and other chaotic entities in order to find the body parts of Osiris. The Iblis and seven Djinn were cast out of the Emerald Mountains (heaven).

There are also accounts of Djinn that shapeshift and have been known to seed or possess humans in order to commit acts of chaos. It is a creepy thought that there may be people possessed by the Djinn and that there are magicians and wizards who are capable of conjuring these Djinn and sending them our way as an act of psychic warfare.

While Djinn have been relegated to fantasy characters in the West, to countless believing Muslims, there is no doubt they exist.

An August 2009 Gallup poll, for example, found that 89 percent of Pakistanis respondents surveyed, believed in Djinn. Witches, sorcerers, and fortune tellers are all believed to be under the guidance of Djinn and are sometimes referred to as “Djinn catchers.” The Islamic strategy has always been to encourage their followers to have faith and to submit to Muslim dogma.

This provides supernatural protection; it is also a solution for the woes of their people. They see all of their problems as spiritual in nature. So it is not out of the question that a deep fear of powerful Djinn can provide safety or even defense in times of war.

U.S. leaders tend to attribute the root causes of violence to secular, social, and economic factors such as poverty, illness, illiteracy, and hunger. It will never be said that there are custodians of causal engineering that imprison the people within the Hegelian dialectic.

But the power of a darker influence is evident. As with every good we see transpire, there is a powerful evil that keeps us fearful and in some cases faithful.

We see our demons and angels as powerful entities in religious dogma. However, due to the relationship with our enemies, we must also see their evil entities as powerful agents in a war that is not only material but spiritual as well.

Today the secular world does not really need a Satan to tempt it into becoming a doomed and blighted pariah. The public secular cult has already agreed upon the notion that psychopathic bloodsuckers can be voted for and put into power for the notion of protection.

Good and evil, however, is in great demand for the coercion of good-natured Americans to act against a perceived evil that is often created by their vampiric overlords. The Persian dualistic demons are also being mentioned by satanic organizations like the Satanic Temple and the Dakhma of Ahriman Angra Manyu.

Baphomet is now the mascot that has been proposed to be planted in the parks near government institutions exposing their secret societies that breed magic behind the closed doors of government.

The ancient dualism that is making a comeback is most certainly showing mankind as a closeted vampire ready to pounce at any time. The focus of this ancient dualism is now on Islam and ISIS which is now led by someone who is called the “destroyer.”