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Posted on October 4th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


Over the weekend, I found some TV channel that was celebrating 31 days of Halloween. Every film that they were showing on this channel had some sort of paranormal theme to it. I was first distracted by the Addams Family, The Corpse Bride and Ghostbusters. Not really scary films but fun none the less. I really didnundefinedt have time to watch all of the movies and so I had them on as background noise as I was doing things around the house.

I noticed that one of the cartoonish horror films they presented was, Men In Black with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. The movie makes the MIBundefineds look cartoonish and funny chasing aliens and protecting the world from a cosmic catastrophe.

However, the Men In Black that exist in the real world are sinister agents that not only appear when UFOundefineds are present but are simply custodians that carry out the dirty work that Government turns a blind eye to. They act with malice of forethought and create chaos without any sense of morality.

They are part of a vast security agency that does not answer to congress or the President or anyone else. In fact, we can venture a guess that they are part of the deep state. G-men of a secret cabal that do what must be done undefined much like the Agents in the film the Matrix or the Observers in the TV show, Fringe.Pin on Tulpa character's outfit/style board/ make-up

We have realized through various mainstream news outlets that military generals like Mark Milley and others rule our fate. We see that the likes of Nancy Pelosi has been given more power than she deserves.

Pelosi raised eyebrows with a specific a phrase she uttered during a leadership team meeting. The massive agenda that Democrats were pushing, Pelosi told her colleagues, undefinedwas a culmination of my service in Congress.undefinedInfrastructure vote postponed despite Pelosi's efforts to push forward: 'We are not there yet' - ABC News

She repeated the phrase publicly at her weekly news conference, leaving some Democrats with the impression that she was making a personal plea to deliver for their leader of the last 19 years as she ponders the end of her political career.

Whether she retires next year or not, the next few weeks and months will serve as a major inflection point for Pelosiundefineds legacy. If she can usher President Joe Bidenundefineds ambitious agenda into law, Pelosi will cement her place as one of the most powerful members of Congress in history of the country.

Meanwhile, the President was cornered by the Press while holding Pelosiundefineds hand and was asked by reporters when the bill would be passed into law.

Biden told the press to calm down and then uttered a strange reply.

undefinedWeundefinedre going to get this done. It doesnundefinedt matter when. It doesnundefinedt matter whether itundefineds in six minutes, six days, or six weeks. Weundefinedre going to get it done,undefined he said.Six minutes, six days or six weeks': Biden vows infrastructure deal - EXCELSIO | News & Information - A way to know! ✓

It was a sentence that certainly was meant to be divisive. It was a statement that reminded me of a quote from Benjamin Disraeli:

undefinedThe world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.undefined

Disraeli for those who donundefinedt know was a British statesman and Conservative politician who twice served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

He knew that behind the scenes there were against that carried out schemes that were not of benefit for the people.

It is no secret that there are those who do not care about the poor or the middle class and so they make their plans against us. They are sinister agents that are pushing the limits of rationality and morality.

These men and women in black are metaphors for the sinister operatives that are pushing us all into the red- our fate in in the hands that wish to push a scarcity economy in order for us to beg them for sustenance.

The unfortunate thing is that most Americans are unaware of what is happening behind the scenes, and they tend to cheer on their own demise undefined they tend to ignore the warning signs that something sinister is afoot.

When it comes to a “typical” day, most of us are too wrapped up in our own routines to think about what is happening in the new normal which is now the simulation of American democracy.

You can say all you want that we are a Constitutional Republic and all of that other nostalgic yarn but many who are seeing the truth are now understanding what is at stake.

We are staring down the barrel of a confluence of several scenarios–each of which individually is a significant, life-changing event but which are together conspiring a dangerous and incendiary situation: food shortages, inflation, and a breakdown of the supply chain.

A new media narrative today acknowledges food shortages, and blames animal agriculture, over consumption, a dwindling economy, indicating we are reaching an inflection point in the collapse.

They are telling you lies because they know they can get away with it undefined they know that no one is strong enough to rebel undefined they are taking it on the chin because they do not know how to fight such evil.

There are people who are in denial and are still reliant on their personal saviors in Washington who seem to be preparing us for the Build Back Better budgets undefined which is part of the Great Reset.

But again, they are unaware that the agents are plotting away and it doesnundefinedt matter if it takes 6 minutes 6 days or 6 weeks to get the job done because they are patient and are gradually moving clandestinely and stealthily until you are trapped in their Matrix.

By all accounts this is the imperial cult of stakeholder capitalists that wish to create their ecumenical beast system that will eliminate legacy systems undefined meaning systems that we have depended on for decades like property, cash, and other things that have kept us sustained and safe.

According to economists and Dr. Fauci Thanksgiving and Christmas are cancelled as supply chains crumble, inflation mounts, and jobs are lost… How long will it last, will there be a buying opportunity, and what will a new normal economy look like?

I donundefinedt have the answers undefined but an ounce of preparedness may be something to consider as the future seems to be spiraling towards undefinedyear zero.undefined

Over the weekend all I was reading about is how dismal they economic future is.

There are supply chain crunches, and “inflationary headwinds” rising labor costs, jobs being denied because of vaccine mandates, transport failures and missing deliveries being the latest way to describe the post-pandemic consumer recovery that’s been stopped in its tracks.

Much of the crisis apparently stems from China – where the worldundefineds manufacturing center seems to have closed.

I am beginning to wonder if anyone can see this as a reason to get prepared with food, water and other necessities that may not be here during the winter of 2021 and 2022.

We are being told that all this will be temporary but we were told the same thing about the pandemic- two weeks has now become two years of stagnation.

The longer supply chains remain in turmoil, the higher inflation will go, rising demand and falling supply has only one possible outcome: higher prices. You can imagine an economy where central banks are forced to hike rates even as unemployment rises- an even greater threat are bank disruptions and internet failures.

If anyone noticed Facebook and Instagram were shut off today undefined an outage that no one has commented about. Facebook is rather quiet when it comes to failure.

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook all had gone down in a major outage.facebook latest news whatsapp instagram back up running 7 hour shutdown ont | World | News | Express.co.uk

The three apps, which are all owned by Facebook and run on shared infrastructure – all completely stopped working.

Visitors to the Facebook website simply saw an error page or a message that their browser could not connect. The WhatsApp and Instagram apps continued to work, but did not show new content, including any messages sent or received during the problems.

I have warned people that this would happen and now it is happening undefined as I see myself as a weatherman and when I am right, I dread the outcome and the attacks from people who do not like what I say but I am compelled to do what I do.

Think the skyrocketing meat prices weundefinedve seen in stores recently. was it all because of COVID? Not a chance. This has all been planned for years! With the Wall Street Journal reporting dollar stores are raising their prices while bacon prices are hitting record highs, with no signs theyundefinedll be going down any time soon, Americans better be prepared for this going on a very long time; undefinedforeverundefined if the globalists get their way.

Maybe even 6 days, 6 months or 6 years to paraphrase the devilish wit of President Biden.

You need to think long and hard about how much your choices matter, and how much is your life laid out for you by larger issues. Whether you want to view those things as a divine plan or not is your choice undefined but it is becoming obvious as to what is coming.

Whether you wish to answer to the big corporate structure, or when youundefinedre trying to deal with a bank whose system has been stymied by ransomware , and you have no idea why. Or whether youundefinedre trying to deal with government bureaucracy.

In the modern world most people feel oppressed by these structures. However that is the conspiracy undefined the conspiracy is full of the men in black undefined the agents of chaos that now admit that they are pushing their various agendas. They are pushing us into the red.

Societies have become hollowed out. They have increasingly resembled empty boxes whereby the main component lurking inside is a giant mechanical hand of government and media propaganda with the threat of state violence lying in wait. And its only function is to pull the lid shut if anyone ever dares to tear it open and shed light on things. If successful, they will see the immorality, the lies, the hypocrisies.

And they would also be able to identify cynical methods of social control. But most canundefinedt identify the external threat as they are distracted by the suits on the mainstream news. many of them former agents of the security apparatus.

But this is precisely what is supposed to happen when we acknowledge that it is all part of the ‘great reset’ undefined the fourth industrial revolution and the reset of the Roman empire, a facsimile of the third Reich that culminates with the metaphoric year zero where all satanic forces and their men in black converge on all of the things that we have sacrificed and fought for.

It will most definitely result in a different economy based on new businesses and sectors. In turn, this means older enterprises are to be driven to bankruptcy or absorbed into monopolies. It also entails massive job losses, property losses, you will rent everything and own nothing and according to these agents of chaos undefined you will love your slavery undefined you will surrender your sovereignty.

The shutting down of the old economy was already happening as there was insufficient growth, well below the minimum tolerable 3% level to maintain the viability of normality.

Then comes the idea of employers firing people who do not get the vaccine, or public businesses telling people that they canundefinedt buy something unless they are masked or have a vaccine passport to prove their loyalty the system.

There is nothing like shooting yourself in the foot undefined but it is being done and we will all suffer for the brainwashed masses who feel they have lost control of their lives and so they wish to punish everyone around them.

They will go broke eventually because of sheer stupidity.

Fear makes people do stupid things.

Economies are being ‘restructured’ and ‘downsized’ and COVID restrictions and lockdowns are being used as a battering ram to implement this agenda.Let's Stop Talking About Social Distancing

COVID-19 is being used to inject neo-liberal capitalism with new life by destroying livelihoods and implementing a social and economic tectonic shift.

Companies are not minded to pay more for staff as trading conditions deteriorate. The only groups of workers getting pay rises are the strongly unionized ones – by-in-large in the public sector. Their pay – financed by increasing taxes on private workers – is rising. Their guaranteed state final salary pension schemes will be pumped up to cover any losses – again financed by rising taxes on private workers.

All of which means that in a few months’ time most of us will be living on greatly reduced real incomes with struggling pensions, and the only workers able to consume will be on those working for public bodies.

The Biden administration is now insanely pushing undefinedpapers pleaseundefined for interstate travel another sign of just how bad things could get in the months ahead as winter approaches, Americans revolt against undefinedvaccine mandate madnessundefined and store employees sharing with us their own firsthand knowledge of what is to come, with the words undefineditundefineds only going to get worseundefined being freely tossed around this is our future.

the words undefineditundefineds only going to get worseundefined being freely tossed around.

The prospect of persistently higher inflation worldwide is gaining traction after the heads of the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of England and Bank of Japan acknowledged on Wednesday that the spike in price gains seen in many advanced countries this year may stay elevated for some time. Over the past week, worries about inflation and the prospect that the Fed might need to tighten monetary policy more aggressively down the road were factors behind the run-up in Treasury yields, which caused stocks to falter and the U.S. Dollar Index to spike.

A crackdown on the energy sector in China, record energy prices in Europe and cargo pile-ups at California ports are some of the events that have once-complacent investors considering the notion of longer-lived priced gains, even if they haven’t been fully priced in yet. The forecast from Capital Economics goes further out than most firms’ expectations, while delving into the impact on bonds, stocks and currencies.Ship Logjam at California Ports Is Easing After March Import Deluge - WSJ

A lack of class consciousness among ordinary people debilitates their ability to unite and recognize that their interests and those of the government and the people they really serve are diametrically opposed.

I have had enough of the cheer-leading that exists over lockdowns and vaccine mandates. I am disgusted with the fascist cheerleaders that wish to impose their cancel culture and their censorship of views that are different and oppose their insanity.

Free from the shackles of mainstream propaganda, ordinary people would be better placed to resist current restrictions and challenge the prevailing narratives about vaccines and COVID-19 as they are obstacles that are being used as excuses for the fall into poverty.

This globalist corporate State is to be centrally controlled and administered by a distant global governance cartel of appointed bureaucrats. Tasked only to serve the interests of a tiny, disproportionately wealthy group.

Every aspect of your life will be monitored and controlled, as we move towards the ultimate surveillance State. Your ability to work, to socialize, to travel, conduct business, access public services and to purchase essential goods and services will be dictated to you, and restricted, by the State, based upon your biosecurity or immunity status.Biosecurity & One Health

This transformation process is well underway. You are no longer a human being; you are a biosecurity risk.

We have a diminishing window of opportunity to stop this global fascist dictatorship. Violent protest will not work. Not only are they morally indefensible, they are tactically naive.

Violence is the language of the oppressor. The global State holds total dominion over instigation of the use of force. To crack down, in response to a violent uprising, is the fervent hope of the oppressor. It allows the State to exercise more, not less, authoritarian control.

In order to foist this upon us, the apparatus behind it has invested billions in propaganda. The fascist technocracy, presently being constructed at an alarming pace, requires our cooperation. Without it, the biosecurity dictatorship cannot gain its desired authority.

People need to remember that our constitutional democratic systems are what our forebears gave everything to build. Are we going to stand by and let extremists destroy everything they fought for? What our men and women in uniform fought for?

What everyone should be fighting for?

We are the scientists and the engineers, the doctors and the nurses; we are the builders and the architects, the mechanics and the farmers; we are the soldiers who kill and die for their enrichment, we are the police officers who enforce their unlawful rules; we are the people who build and work in their factories, we are the office workers and bank clerks who administer their system, the shop workers, the programmers, the writers, the artists, the teachers and we are the people who, through our belief in their mythical authority allow the Men In Black – the sinister agents to walk all over us and lie to us openly without any shame.

In reality, to stop it, all we need to do is refuse, en masse, to comply. We must do this with our eyes open. It won’t be easy and many of us will face harsh punishment from tyrants that fear they are losing their grip on their ability to control you.

However, if we don’t stand up now, we are condemning future generations to unimaginable levels of slavery and misery.