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10/26/12: Ground Zero Live at Fat City Cafe

Posted on October 26th, 2012 by Clyde Lewis

undefinedMarked Womanundefined and
the Ghost of Mayo Methot

10/26: Ground Zero Live at Fat City CafeWith the help of local listeners, we continue our investigation into what - or who - may be trapped down in the cellar of a legendary local eatery. Tonight on a very special Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis broadcasts live from the Fat City Cafe in Portland, Oregon to venture down into the undefinedChamber of Gufundefined to try and set these spirits free. Weundefinedre even calling on NW Ghost Recon to help examine the tortured life and despondent death of film star Mayo Methot. Could it really the ghost of Humphrey Bogartundefineds ex-wife that haunts the building? Can our team do anything about it? Join Ground Zero as we attempt to solve the mystery of the undefinedMarked Womanundefined!