When a country and in particular, a superpower like the United States has opted for so long to define itself by reference to its socially liberal attitudes and entertainments, any perceived betrayal of these ingrained attitudes is going to create a social schism that will it will seen as mean spirited.

As we have seen recently, it spawns highly-speculative conspiracy theory from the media’s left-wing gate keepers.

To students of history, there is yet another rhyme being forged in the timeline. It is all too familiar and creepy as is everything you find in the treacherous avenues of conspiratorial history.

2016 was a year where it appeared that the media became a mouthpiece for the body politic. The overwhelming feeding of dirty politics was breeding an air of social division and there was turmoil brewing throughout the four years of campaigning.

It can be said that all of the mistrust in government has been created by deep state operatives that are using the country’s own intelligence apparatus to destabilize any and all processes of running the republic.

There is something ominous-sounding in the Deep State. It implies that beneath constitutionally ordained systems and principles, there is a deeper and more potent power in control of the nation. It implies a unified force deeply embedded in the republic that has its own agenda and the means to undermine the decisions of elected presidents and members of Congress. Its power derives from control of the mechanisms of power and being invisible. The Deep State is, in fact, a very real thing. It is, however, neither a secret nor nearly as glamorous as the concept might indicate. It has been in place since 1871 and continues to represent the real mechanism beneath the federal government, controlling and frequently reshaping elected officials’ policies. This entity is called the civil service, and it was created to limit the power of the president.

The Deep State seeks to frustrate radical and progressive change, so as to preserve their own power, and that of the establishment in general. In contrast to overtly authoritarian rule, Deep States must operate more or less secretly, like terrorist groups, so preserving secrecy is a high priority. Control of the commercially-controlled media is essential to the effective preservation of secrecy need for the deep state to work effectively. In the U.S., this is affected through deep state control of the CIA. With the apparatus of nation states under their control, their subterfuges can be elaborate and complex. The Deep States of the world have a natural common interest in hiding their existence, which predisposes them to mutual assistance.

It is quite obvious the Deep State has declared war on those who wish to oppose the establishment order that is progressing to a world government.

Everyone has dark suspicions about their political opponents from time to time, and Americans are highly-distrustful of government in general. When there is any opening at all for members of the public to suspect that officials from the legislative and judicial branches could be vulnerable to leverage from secretive agencies within the executive branch and when those officials can even suspect they might be subject to leverage, that is a serious problem for our democracy.

When someone is nominated for a political or judicial appointment, that person faces a stringent vetting process that probes for past political, personal, or financial improprieties. Among other goals, vetting helps avoid the risk of scandal during the Senate confirmation process or once in office. Those who seek employment in jobs that implicate U.S. national security are also formally vetted, and they must answer specific questions on security clearance forms concerning past embarrassing or criminal behaviors. We ask these questions to avoid hiring those whose past conduct might make them an appealing target for foreign states or non-state actors who wish to use those behaviors against them. In essence, the clearance process tries to guard against giving foreign states targets to blackmail.

Yet our candidates for the highest office face neither of these processes. Yes, they must run the public gauntlet and opposition research as both sides attempt to dig up harmful information about opponents. Political parties usually have incentives to avoid selecting candidates with the kind of baggage that might drag down the entire ticket. But these processes are far from perfect.

I guess saying this is an understatement.

In a reverse case of Russian collusion, the conservative side of the coin has now found their own Russian conspiracy ammunition against Hillary Clinton.

A very real conspiracy involving uranium, Russians, and bribery managed to trigger a congressional probe this week.

The controversy centers around a 2010 deal that allowed a Russian company to take over management of uranium mines in Wyoming and Utah, and it gained steam after The Hill reported on October 17 that the FBI had been investigating allegations that American trucking companies offered bribes to Russian nuclear officials tied to the deal.

According to documents released by The Hill, the bribes were organized by Vadim Mikerin, who managed U.S. operations for the Russian firm Rosatom and its subsidiary Tenex — the company that would buy Uranium One, the manager of the mines and allegedly helped the American companies secure deals to truck Russian nuclear material in the U.S. through kickbacks to Russian officials.

The Hill described the bribes as “designed to grow [Russian President] Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States,” although the alleged bribes, which totaled about $2 million, covered only transport contracts for Russian nuclear material and didn’t actually increase Russian uranium sales in the U.S.

I first heard about the Uranium One scandal long before it was a talking point on Fox News. If you recall, the subject was talked about briefly on Ground Zero when we were covering the Oregon Malheur federal-protestor standoff.

If you recall the story included the standoff between the feds and the Hammonds, the Bundys, militias, just a grab bag of cowboy patriots that no one really wanted to talk about because of the nature of the aggressive move by these ranchers.

The event resulted in the death of Lavoy Finicum and the argument over who shot first it was a media mess because out of the gate the mainstream media called these men terrorists.

As you may or may not know there was a January 4th Intellihub Report that the Hammond’s ranch and other ranch lands surrounding the refuge sat atop a vast swath of precious metals, minerals, and uranium that of course was heavily desired by not only the federal government but foreign entities as well.

However, at the time of the article’s publication, the federal government’s full motive to seize the land was not yet known other than the fact that these elements do exist in the vicinity and are invaluable.

After these so-called cowboy terrorists stood their ground and were jailed, the media failed to report that all charges were dropped in the case, but the conspiracy of silence once again was used in order to deter any and all talk about a uranium deal that was being brokered and negotiated by none other than Hillary Clinton.

We now know that Hillary and her foundation are now being implicated in the collusion scheme along with the Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation, Rosatom, and a few dubious Canadian elite, which is where the news gets really bad.

Rosatom is ranked #2 globally in uranium reserves and #1 globally for annual uranium extraction. The sheer power, strength, and size of the corporation is undeniable. Rostom is a major power-player in today’s world and didn’t become that way for no reason.

You see, Rosatom wanted to expand their operations into America and needed a way in. So, in 2013, Rosatom acquired a Canadian company named Uranium One as part of a sinister side deal which involved multiple parties. Ultimately the deal opened a typically secure and closed-door, thus allowing the Russians to salt their way into the Continental United States as part of a vast and extensive plan to mine Uranium ore out of states like Wyoming, Utah and Oregon.

In April of 2015, two reporters for the New York Times reported how the plan worked:

At the heart of the story are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family. Members of that group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One.

Beyond mines in Kazakhstan that are among the most lucrative in the world, the sale gave the Russians control of one-fifth of all uranium production capacity in the United States. Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. Clinton’s wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

At the time, both Rosatom and the United States government made promises intended to ease concerns about ceding control of the company’s assets to the Russians. Those promises have been repeatedly broken, records show.

Soon, Uranium One began to snap up companies with assets in the United States. In April 2007, it announced the purchase of a uranium mill in Utah and more than 38,000 acres of uranium exploration properties in four Western states, followed quickly by the acquisition of the Energy Metals Corporation and its uranium holdings in Wyoming, Texas and Utah.

That deal made clear that Uranium One was intent on becoming “a powerhouse in the United States uranium sector with the potential to become the domestic supplier of choice for U.S. utilities,” the company declared.

That is how easy this was – she signed her name on the dotted line and one-fifth of America’s uranium resources went to the Russians.

While the United States gets one-fifth of its electrical power from nuclear plants, it produces only around 20 percent of the uranium it needs, and most plants have only 18 to 36 months of reserves, according to Marin Katusa, author of “The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped From America’s Grasp.”

“The Russians are easily winning the uranium war, and nobody’s talking about it,” said Mr. Katusa, who explores the implications of the Uranium One deal in his book. “It’s not just a domestic issue but a foreign policy issue, too.”

Powerful people don’t want you to know anything or to gain knowledge about anything that will put into jeopardy their best interests and so if you want an equal opportunity offensive Russian conspiracy this one has the proof you need to warrant an investigation and possible jail cells for those who have sold out the United States.

However, the Clinton way of doing things has always been dossier politics that involves blackmail and entrapment. This is why you shouldn’t be surprised that Hillary Clinton is involved with another scandal of the “dirty dossier.”

Blackmail and entrapment have been the tools used by intelligence groups and syndicates in every kingdom and empire – in this round, the Clinton Crime Syndicate has been exposed, but I am sure there are many people within the Deep State that are mounting a counter attack against Donald Trump.

Politicians are fallible, corruptible and human, but they feel they are invincible and in some case above the law. So there is guarantee that there is going to be blowback.

The elite never fail to betray and subvert the many branches of government. They buy favors in the media that that set the agendas and talking points for the American Establishment, and yet still Americans play the game with them and no one dares to explore the psychology and motive behind destabilizing the United States in favor of a world government.

It is time to face facts and that is the United States at this moment in time is fighting for its very survival. We may think that the enemy we face is terrorism and radical Islam, but I am beginning to see it as a major distraction to the treachery that is being carried out by the miscreants that either side is fighting for.

Neither shares your morality and standing up for impunity is killing us and our cognitive selectivity is constantly lowering the bar as to what we will tolerate form either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

We are all caught up in the miasma of faulty revolution and competition, but where we fail is in cooperation. The discoveries of impunity appear to be cannon fodder for which ever media outlet stoops for a certain political party, but we must conclude that all of this is outdated and silly.

The problem is not just one side – it is both sides and the ignorance that is feigned for the sake of cognitive bias.