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Posted on November 28th, 2023 by Clyde Lewis

China now seems to be under disease protocol as they have brought back masks and social distancing because of a strange pneumonia that is spreading throughout the country. A Beijing childrenundefineds hospital told state media CCTV that at least 7,000 patients were being admitted daily to the institution, exceeding capacity. Commentators have already highlighted how the wave of sickness was eerily similar to the reports that emerged just prior to COVID, which China was accused of covering up. Be prepared: If any of these diseases cross the pond this holiday season with all of the travel going on, it will again be a Dark Winter. Are we seeing a repeat of security theater perpetrated by the safety cult? Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with The Epoch Times correspondent, Nan Su about SCARY MONSTERS FOR THE SAFETY CULT.



I was in the fridge yesterday morning to grab a couple of eggs to prepare for my breakfast. There was something on the egg carton that I never noticed before. It was a warning label and at first, I thought it was going to warn me about eating undercooked eggs and how you can get food poisoning from it.


I was surprised when the label said undefinedWarning May contain eggs.undefined

Well undefined duh undefined it is an egg carton and this is obvious.

I thought undefined well l should hope that what I have here are eggs.

Did you know your instant noodles undefinedwill be hot after heatingundefined? Or that your pencils undefinedmay be sharp after sharpenedundefined? And we can only assume an ill-fated Father suffered dire consequences when attempting to string up some Christmas lights on the wrong side of the drywall.

Why do Christmas lights come with the warning, undefinedFor indoor or outdoor use onlyundefined?

Where else would they be used?

Americaundefineds lawsuit-obsessed society has forced product manufacturers to cover their asses legally by writing warning labels to protect us from ourselves. Or, more relevantly, to protect them from us after we fail to protect ourselves. Some of these warnings are brazenly astonishing and some are absolutely ridiculous.

In the United States- we are gullible to what can be called security theater. We have always been told that we should do certain things to ensure safety undefined even though they do not make any sense.

Security theater refers to superficial security measures that create a false sense of safety. It gives the impression that someone is doing something for your safety, even though it really does not make a difference.

Security theater is essentially a placebo for a panicked public.

Similar to security theater, the terms undefinedhealth theaterundefined or undefinedpublic health theaterundefined have been coined for procedures that give the appearance of improving health but that are known to not actually accomplish anything useful. Rather than improving health, health theater can actually cause harm, including cost ineffectiveness, harm to patients, physician deskilling, privacy violations, and overconfidence in technology.

Remember when Dry Cleaning bags were lying in wait to pounce on unsuspecting kids undefined suffocating them?

Or how about abandoned refrigerators, where kids would crawl into to hide- and be found dead?

It is the 2020s. Entire schools ban peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because maybe one kid might have an allergy. Parents get visits from county protective services for letting their children play unsupervised in the park across the street. Jungle gyms are an endangered species. And third-graders are taught to not impose cisnormative constructs, let alone behaviors, on anyone or anything.

Admittedly there were children – one assumes – who did manage to trap themselves inside random refrigerators, hence the televised public service announcements asking the public to at least take the handle off of the appliance before heaving it over an embankment or leaving it in your backyard to put your potatoes in.

Security theater is responsible for the offering at airports to x-ray Halloween candy for things like nails and razor blades.

There was always an exception, where one of Darwinundefineds children either thinks a plastic bag is a toy or pours hot coffee in their crotch undefined making it necessary to put silly warnings and demand silly practices to make other people feel safe.

This pattern – whether with good and righteous intent or not – was and is being repeated over and over again as lesser people and groups actively search out something – anything – that could theoretically possibly be misused or can even remotely be deemed questionable (everything is questionable – all someone has to do is ask the question) to latch onto and save us from.

Whether out of true concern or some other nefarious motive – power, profit, societal purchase – the inexorable march towards the bubble wrap of today that was launched by the professional caring class continues all the way from the classroom to the living room to the newsroom to the board room.

The nefarious motives seem to be coming to the fore of late, with those who would control the entire society in the name of safety brazenly touting their desires under the rubric of “better safe than sorry – and we can make you very sorry very quickly.”

Obviously, we saw this process in real-time during the pandemic effort. From “two weeks to stop the spread” to fully vaccinated people being shamed/told to wear two masks a year later, to the laughable “We did the best we could” claims of the present day, this continuing impact is a perfect example of a cultural power version of “gain of function” experimental research principle being implemented not in a lab but in society at large.

The censorship movement is also part of the attempt to perma-coddle the world. Different thoughts are deemed both literally and figuratively dangerous, so for the safety of the general public, they must be stopped. This is not only a media issue but a personal one, as staying quiet is always safer than saying anything, let alone anything that may offend the perpetually offended.

Language itself is being made safer, as the euphemisms once only used by the absurd or the public relations department have become standard speech. If you can’t say anything unsafe, eventually you can’t think anything unsafe.

And there is of course the ultimate safety of the infant. Cared for, caressed, and controlled, the ultimate expression of the cult of safety is the demand by adults to be treated like children.

A bargain is being made: dependence for safety – barely enough stuff to get by, more than enough entertainment to pass the time, and a new pill for any new perceived ailment, all in exchange for staying quiet and compliant.

You will be safe and secure, but never completely secure because that would obviate the threat that the easy but empty life you enjoy could be whisked away on a whim.

And the process is being sold in the name of progress.

The Patterns are beginning again according to headlines I saw today in the Drudge Report.

The Headline was colored red in order to emphasize how immediate this is and the potential danger it may impose.

The headline boldly said:



Well if you wondered about whether I was baited to click it the answer is yes.

CHINA has brought back masks and social distancing because of a strange pneumonia that is spreading throughout the country.

Just like four years ago:

Alarming footage has emerged of mask-wearing crowds inside Chinese hospitals as fears of a new pandemic sweep across the globe.

Hospitals in Beijing and Liaoning have been hit the hardest, with reports emerging last week that they are being overwhelmed with sick children.

A common bacterial infection called mycoplasma pneumonia has circulated since May but is now showing ground glass opacity in lung scans - an indicator of severe respiratory illness.

Also known as undefinedwhite lung syndromeundefined, many parents are deeply worried and have to wait at least a day just for emergency care.

But China continues to insist that flu and the usual winter bugs are to blame for the latest outbreak, rather than a new virus, and can cope with the spike in sickness.

However, we all remember footage of people in China throwing up blood on busses and subways, while others just passed out in public and were whisked away by individuals in bio-suits never to be seen again.

This was the warm-up for what happened later in the United States. The security cult was formed and soon we were social distancing, walking single file in stores, and putting outdoor tends outside of bars undefined thinking that COVID-19 would not affect you if you were offered another closed area to drink in.

China now seems to be under disease protocol.

Local authorities, are already being called upon to open more fever clinics and promote vaccine uptake among children and the elderly.

Mi Feng a spokesman for the Chinese ministry stated:

undefinedEfforts should be made to increase the opening of relevant clinics and treatment areas, extend service hours and increase the supply of medicines.undefined

He also advised people to wear masks and called on local authorities to focus on preventing the spread of illnesses in crowded places such as schools and nursing homes.

But his statement comes after a Beijing childrenundefineds hospital told state media CCTV that at least 7,000 patients were being admitted daily to the institution, exceeding capacity.

It followed up the largest pediatric hospital in nearby Tianjin reportedly receiving more than 13,000 children through its doors.

The concerning spread of illness comes as the nation enters its first full winter season since lifting strict COVID-19 restrictions last December.

Professor Francois Balloux, from the UCL Genetics Institute, has blamed Chinaundefineds strict lockdown lowering immunity for the undefinedexit waveundefined sweeping across the country.

While the US and UK also saw spikes in infections like RSV and flu after pandemic rules were lifted, Chinaundefineds have been on a bigger scale.

Things escalated further last week when the World Health Organization was forced into a rare public intervention, formally requesting further information from Beijing on the infections.

The WHO said no unusual or novel pathogens had been detected in data provided by China, however.

But both China and the WHO have been accused of a lack of transparency in their initial reports on the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is also a weird synchronicity that exactly four years to the date when the first COVID-19 cases were detected in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in the latter months of 2019.

And commentators have already highlighted how the wave of sickness was eerily similar to the reports that emerged just prior to Covid, which China was accused of covering up.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has already said we must keep an undefinedopen mindundefined about the cause of the mystery pneumonia. According to internal accounts in China, health authorities have asked the public to take children with less severe symptoms to clinics and other facilities.

At the moment, though, WHO says there is too little information to properly assess the risk of these reported cases of respiratory illness in children.

While Covid-19 affected the elderly, it seems that younger people are in danger of dying of this strange pneumonia.

I would like to refresh your memory about a discussion we had back in May about a tabletop exercise known as SEERS 2025.

On October 23, 2022–The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted and conducted Catastrophic Contagion, a pandemic tabletop exercise in Brussels, Belgium.

This one was similar to Event 201 which was held in October of 2019.

Catastrophic Contagion simulated a series of WHO emergency health advisory board meetings addressing a pandemic set in the near future of 2025. Called S.E.E.R.S. 2025 “Severe Epidemic Respiratory Syndrome from Enterovirus 2025”. The epidemic begins in “two Latin American countries”, and then spreads rapidly. “Becoming a pandemic with a higher fatality rate than COVID-19 and disproportionately affecting children and young people.” In the simulation, 1 Billion cases are reached worldwide, with 20 million people dying, 15 Million of those being children. Those who are left alive will suffer from brain damage and paralysis.

The event states, that political leaders, in addition to health leaders, must be at the table during exercises to respond effectively during the next pandemic. Calling for a one-world system to combat “the next pandemic.” The “Pandemic Corps” would establish an international network of national public health leaders, pushing for trust to be established, resources to be managed, and information to be controlled—systems must be in place to swiftly combat “mis and disinformation.”

The only countries that would conquer the pandemic are those who “regularly practice” pandemic simulations and discussions. Countries that focus on having regional and international partnerships in place — while building up systems for the manufacturing and distribution of vaccines. This would be the only way to success.

Coincidences, usually, are not coincidences. It’s odd, that the same organization that hosted Event 201, conducted Catastrophic Contagion. Months before COVID-19 was made public and lockdowns were in place— a simulation on “a coronavirus” was held. Really odd timing to say the least.

Could there be experiments underway for a new pathogen that will afflict the young? That perhaps begins with cold symptoms and could lead to a peculiar pneumonia resistant to antibiotics.

As we have heard from China and Europe whatever this cytokine triggering disease is undefined it seems to be affecting the children.

In fact, Europe is now saying they are seeing a rise in this pneumonia affecting the young.

The Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research has reported that 80 out of every 100,000 children in the country between ages five and 14 came down with pneumonia last week.

The outbreak in the Netherlands is the biggest outbreak recorded by NIVEL in recent years.

Meanwhile, the UK Health Security Agency has issued a warning after a flu strain, similar to that found in pigs, has been detected for the first time in a human,

In a report issued today, the health body advised that a case of influenza A H1N2v had been picked up after a person started experiencing “respiratory symptoms”.

According to the UK Health Security Agency, the source of their infection is not yet known and remains “under investigation”.

Now the health body is urging anyone with respiratory issues, such as a cough or shortness of breath, to avoid contact with others.

But it is important to note that there was also a human case of the swine flu in the United States back in August. And this has occurred at a time when the bird flu is experiencing another resurgence.

At just one farm in Ohio, more than 1.3 million chickens are being put down due to an outbreak that has erupted there…

This month, it has popped up again in Japan for the first time in quite a while.

Japan detected the first case of highly pathogenic H5-type bird flu this season at a poultry farm in the south of the country, public broadcaster NHK reported on Saturday.

The local government in Saga Prefecture will cull about 40,000 birds on the farm, NHK said, citing agriculture ministry officials it did not name.

Let’s just hope that the bird flu doesn’t mutate into a form that can spread easily among people because the global death rate for H5N1 in humans is over 50 percent.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that public health workers wearing white hazmat suits have been spraying the streets in northern China.

Footage of this has created quite a stir on social media because we witnessed the exact same thing at the beginning of the COVID pandemic…

Public health workers wearing full protective gear have appeared on the streets of northern China, according to footage on social media, evoking memories of the country’s stringent anti-virus measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hazmat-clad personnel were seen spraying disinfectant in public spaces in Sanhe, in China’s northern Hebei Province roughly 50 miles east of the capital Beijing, according to the poster of the images and video footage. It remains unclear whether this was a local government initiative or a central government directive.

This spraying is happening at a time when “mask-wearing crowds” are overwhelming hospitals all over China.

Chinese authorities insist that it is just the flu and other common diseases, but of course, not everyone is buying that explanation…

Alarming footage shows mask-wearing crowds inside a Chinese hospital amid fears over a mystery pneumonia sweeping the country.

Beijing insists a new virus is not to blame for scenes of chaos, which have prompted officials to encourage residents to don coverings, socially distance and stay home if unwell.

Instead, health chiefs have pinned the rise on flu and other routine bugs, with China now battling its first full winter without a Covid-induced lockdown.

If the flu and other common diseases really are to blame, how is it possible that many hospitals in China are now operating at maximum capacity?

In some cases, patients are forced to wait “a day or longer” to see a doctor.

In the past days, China’s state-controlled media have reported on hospitals in Beijing, Tianjin and other northern areas operating at maximum capacity. Beijing Children’s Hospital alone reported admitting over 7,000 daily cases, one report said.

Patients said they experienced closed outpatient clinics and long lines, some enduring waits of a day or longer at emergency departments.

Something doesn’t smell right.

If this really is the flu, it is a flu outbreak on a scale that we have never seen before.

Do you trust Chinaundefineds explanation as to what is happening?

Be prepared, if any of these diseases cross the pond this holiday season with all of the travel going on undefined it will again be a dark winter.

People will rush to the stores again undefined and will go into panic buying mode where a roll of toilet paper can end up in your stocking.

Many were hoping that the outbreaks that we have witnessed over the past few years would fade away and that life would soon return to normal. Unfortunately, the truth is that “normal” is never coming back.

By globally synchronizing the public health response across the United Nations member states, new powers were granted to the UN and its organizations at the cost of national sovereignty. These universally applied regulations and multilateral agreements have given birth to an enlarged, globalized administrative state.

A State that has found power and profit from security theater.

Humans have faced illness before, but with the right kind of propaganda, a sneeze can be used as a cudgel to reinstate mask-wearing and social distancing.

The United Nations has morphed into a leviathan. Its various agreements and goals aim to centrally dictate the world’s economy, migration, “reproductive health”, monetary systems, digital IDs, environment, agriculture, wages, climate modifications, one world health, and other globalist programs.

To be clear, these are the goals of an organization seeking a globalized command economy, not an organization focused on world peace, ending wars, or human rights!

This UN aims to regulate every dimension of our personal and national lives. It is working to reduce and eliminate national sovereignty across the world, and thereby to decrease our diversity, our traditions, our religions, and our national identities.

The UN has partnerships and strategic agreements with member nations, as well as other globalist organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Bank, The World Trade Organization, The European Union, and the World Economic Forum.

The UN has fourteen specialized organizations under its leadership, all involved in global governance, including the World Health Organization or WHO.

None of these organizations have anything to do with the scope of the original UN charter, which was focused on ending wars and promoting world peace and human rights.

The UN has been quietly building power for years prior to the pandemic through various agreements and treaties. For instance, the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” is a recent example of such an agreement. Agenda 2030 is a treaty for “transforming our world” and was signed into international law in 2015. This treaty has elevated the United Nations to the position of a self-serving global government bureaucracy.

Agenda 2030 has 17 goals and 169 targets, which vary widely in scope and topic, but almost all of these goals directly affect world governance.

The WEF, the WHO and the UN have seen pandemics as a way to control the population undefined and it appears that they are the ones responsible for using scary monsters to rally the security cult.

The bottom line is that we really are living in extremely chaotic times, and pestilences will be one of the major themes of this new era.

In other words, we should fully expect deadly outbreaks to be quite common during the months and years that are ahead. Many of the diseases that will get unleashed in our time will have been cooked up in a lab somewhere.

So the truth is that much of the pain and suffering that we will soon experience will be the result of nightmarish “experiments” that our own governments have encouraged and funded.



Born and raised in China, Nan Su came to the U.S. in 1989.  Mr. Su has been serving as a news commentator for SOH International Chinese Radio Network and NTD International TV network since 2003, and has made many speeches at public events in the past decade on China-related topics.

Nan Su is currently a Senior Reporter for The Epoch Times, a newspaper that is published in 35 countries and 21 languages.