As I was perusing the channels this morning looking for some news item that would blow everyone away and I was reminded of how much I miss Halloween because of all of the Christmas stuff that has managed to creep into everything even before the pumpkin gets frost on its skin.

This year it seems that everything that I have been seeing is all wrapped up in ribbons and bows now and we are about 50 days away from Christmas.

I am already feeling all of the dread and the tension coming on and I am sure I share this angst with a lot of people.

Everyone is waiting for the big event – you know the one that is supposed to change our world that is supposed to be that errant false flag that never happened two days ago.

I was actually getting e-mails about some major event that was supposed to happen in Seattle. I was actually told that I was a gatekeeper and controlled opposition because I was ignoring the facts about an alleged attack that was supposed to happen on November 3rd.

I just did not see any reason to report on an unfounded rumor. After all, I don’t recall a Simpson’s episode predicting an attack or some sort of mega-disaster happening in Seattle so I figured it was a safe bet that nothing was going to happen.

However, when everything is in retrograde we tend to see everything go backwards.

We all know that we turn back the clocks.

Many people don’t realize what kind of toll it takes on the body.

Time changes in the fall and spring inevitably alter people’s schedules. It can take the body up to a week or more to adjust. Until then, falling asleep and waking up later can be harder.

If you are getting seven to eight hours of sound sleep and go to bed a little early the night before, you may wake up feeling refreshed. If you are sleep-deprived already, getting by on six hours, you’re probably in a bit of trouble, especially if you consume alcohol or caffeine close to bedtime. In this situation, you may well experience the decrements of performance, concentration, and memory common to sleep-deprived individuals, as well as daytime sleepiness.

Sure it’s just an hour, but it’s asking sleep-deprived people to alter their circadian clock.

In some cases, the time shift can be dangerous. If your sleep cycle is out of whack, driving can be a bad idea. One study showed fatal traffic accidents increase the Monday after both time changes.

Why is the change of one hour so hard? In the fall, when you’ve gained an hour of sleep, you might not feel tired, but you may get cranky when you have to wait an extra hour before your lunch break or when it feels like work should have ended an hour ago. It may be harder to stay up an hour later and wake up an hour later when your body and internal clock is used to a different schedule and can affect your quality of sleep when a different schedule is forced upon it.

But there are a lot of people that are saying that for some reason the clock switch has been harder this year for some reason – the answer as to why may be connected to the fact the not only is Mercury in retrograde, it will traverse the sun and align on November 11th.

It is called a Mercurial eclipse and while it does not block the Sun in any way from our vantage point to the ancients, it looked like the eye of God was looking down at the Earth.

This also happened when Venus was seen in front of the Sun as well, it was seen as the eye of judgment the ancients knew that it was time to get their things together because some calamity was coming as God’s judgment.

People who follow the Zodiac know what happens when Mercury is in retrograde. There seem to be more incidents of technological failures, missed flights, and fighting between people in relationships, wars, and disasters when Mercury begins its transit across the sun.

This year the retrograde window commenced on Halloween and will continue through November 20th.

On the 21st, an Apollo class asteroid is supposed to cross over the earth, however, this one is a big rock and it will certainly run the risk of hitting us or it may temporarily become a moon because of something called the Yarkovsky Effect.

We had a smaller asteroid that approached the earth within 4000 miles on Halloween. NASA did not catch it but it did approach southern Africa within 3,852 miles at the moment of closest approach, around 7:45 a.m. PT. To get an idea of how close this is, consider that many telecommunications satellites orbit at an altitude of 22,236 miles.

It was a bit of a white knuckle affair, but it passed over without incident. If it would have hit us, there wouldn’t have been an ELE but it could have been as damaging as Tunguska.

Right now, we are dealing with how this affects the planet and with Mercury Retrograde going on it is debatable that everything seems a bit backwards.

People are also saying that the Sun seems to brighter than normal and anomalies are being seen in the sky as well – these are not UFOs but strange phenomena.

In Trinidad, there was a strange pink anomaly that formed in the clouds that had people worried that they were witnessing the end of the world.

A very strange pink orb can be seen floating in the sky, among other clouds that looked perfectly normal.

We all know that anomalies occur in the sky all the time, and in many cases, there are some very simple explanations behind the phenomenon. However, in this case, none of those simple explanations seem to be congruent.

Of course, some astrologer for lack of a better explanation blamed it on Mercury Retrograde. It is the catch-all for all things bad that happen in the window of it happening.

Mercury Retrograde was being written about in astrology circles as far back as the mid-18th century. The event was noted in British agricultural almanacs of the time, which farmers would read to sync their planting schedules to the patterns of the stars.

During the spiritualism craze of the Victorian era, interest in astrology boomed, with many believing that the stars affected the Earth in a variety of (often inconvenient) ways. Late 19th-century publications like The Astrologer’s Magazine and The Science of the Stars connected Mercury retrograde with heavy rainfall. Characterizations of the happening as an “ill omen” also appeared in a handful of articles during that period, but its association with outright disaster wasn’t as prevalent then as it is today.

While other spiritualist hobbies like séances and crystal gazing gradually faded, astrology grew even more popular. By the 1970s, horoscopes were a newspaper mainstay and Mercury retrograde was a recurring player. Because the Roman god Mercury was said to govern travel, commerce, financial wealth, and communication, in astrological circles, Mercury the planet became linked to those matters as well.

An April 1979 issue of The Baltimore Sun instructed its readers. To not start anything when Mercury is retrograde.”
“A large communications organization notes that magnetic storms, disrupting messages, are prolonged when Mercury appears to be going backwards. Mercury, of course, is the planet associated with communication.”

The act of communication is always stressed in Mercury Retrograde. While technical problems happen all the time, there has always been the theory that Murphy’s Law always seems to happen during Mercury Retrograde.

Murphy’s Law is a popular axiom that states that “things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance,” or more commonly, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

I was asked today by a colleague about the Ouija board show and if I think that anything that was revealed that night will happen—I already mentioned the Iblis, Isis attack stuff but stopped short of talking about the dangers of being in big cities in November and a major event that is supposed to happen in Mercury retrograde.

That, of course, was said in our Ouija Board session.

When we are faced with possible futures, especially ones that put us at a crossroads, there is always the idea that we must always do what is best with the least amount of negative consequences.

In normative ethics, an action is right if it tends to promote happiness and wrong if it tends to produce the reverse of happiness — not just the happiness of the performer of the action but also that of everyone affected by it.

When you are in the middle of Mercury Retrograde you should always be careful of what you wish for or what you say out of anger than could backfire.

Utilitarianism also comes into play as it differs from ethical theories that make the rightness or wrongness of an act dependent upon the motive of the actor; for, according to the Utilitarian, it is possible for the right thing to be done from a bad motive.

This is what most certainly happens with politics – I am sure that many of the candidates will speak good things to your face and while everyone thinks that their causes are just and righteous. There are plenty of reasons to think that there are those who say they are doing the right thing but for a bad motive or a bad consequence; literally, the reversal of what is intended.

Utilitarianism is an effort to provide an answer to the practical question “What ought a man to do?” Its answer is that he ought to act so as to produce the best consequences possible.

The Utilitarian idea is that an action is judged not by consequence but by its moral worth to the larger group. The themes demonstrate that an action has a value determinant on who benefits and why. Events that happen in time simultaneously are contained and then with a glimpse into the future the present is altered.

The Ouija board that was used on the show also told us of ALICE – we had many ways of interpreting ALICE — we equated it with CERN and connected it to the ATLAS.

ATLAS was under the Earth carrying its weight on his shoulders as ALICE went into the rabbit hole below the earth to begin her journey.

In the movie, Alice in Wonderland, an Oracle foresaw a young girl arriving to slay the reptilian Jabberwocky. This affected all of the characters in the present Wonderland. When a girl does arrive they are not sure if she is the real Alice but no matter, the oracle had spoken and she had no choice but to face the demonic dragon.

She was already judged by her potentiality, not by her present stature. She was told that in the future she would save Wonderland. It affected her present and left her confused and frightened. She realized that she had to be the hero and prepared herself accordingly.

The idea of Reverse Causality to some might sound insane. However, I keep asking myself just what is real or insane anymore? You see what appears to be serious and delirious every day on the news, in church, on the streets and you hear it on television and radio.

People are losing their minds on a daily basis and yet they don’t want to admit that the world has changed and has changed them. They want to play along hoping that no one is noticing their mental breakdown. We all like to think that we have the potential of being something great. Some may want to avoid the pressure of success. Many are left to dwindle in complacency.

Much like Alice, we don’t want to be among the weirdoes, and we don’t want to acknowledge that perhaps a little weirdness and madness has rubbed off on us as if it is a contagion.

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here.
I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

Our realities are being challenged every day and personal reality is changed at the speed of a television or radio transmission. The words and the visuals are flashing at us constantly and sometimes fantasy images can eventually make themselves very real with the aid of technology and chemistry. There are contrasts of perspectives and shocking revelations that have you re-evaluate your beliefs on a constant basis.

Attitudes change like yesterday’s underwear and some of us have trouble keeping up. In Alice in Wonderland, the Queen tells Alice how easy it is to believe impossible things as you get older and claims that she believed in six impossible things before breakfast.

Maybe it is definitely a metaphor where adults will tell you to believe in God, and Satan yet will deny you the possibility of monsters or specters lurking in the shadows to take you away while you dream.

Finding the core of the subconscious mind where dreams are generated may yield some very interesting clues about past present and future. The difficulty is finding effective ways to harvest from the subconscious tangible metaphors and interpreting them effectively. It would be fascinating to find an oracle that accurately gives us a possible glimpse into tomorrow. The question is how it would affect us in the present.

We hear of Oracles in fiction and mythology. A tool that can open doorways into the dimensions and show us that past present and future are happening all at once and all we see is now.

It may be confusing but we must understand that there is so much about us that we do not know. The dreamscape may have vital information about our being, how time is simultaneous and how we all feel and store images and sounds deep inside of us. We may even have stored in us past lives and possible pasts and futures that can be extracted.

The human brain is one of the most powerful receivers of all messages whether they be electronic or from some other source. Good or Evil, the messages exist in a realm of multi-verses that are as infinite as the stars in the sky. Sometimes you can be a conduit and a receiver of inspiration and the voice of inspiration comes to you without even breaking a sweat.

All over the world, cultures have their shamans, medicine men, seers, occultists, fortune tellers, gurus, holy men, visionaries, and contacts that produce and put into zeitgeist ideas and scenarios that lead to predictive programming in the public.

They are capable of seeing numbers that appear in strange orders, combinations and cognitive connections. This is by lack of a better euphemism “The Pattern.” The process of seeing or hearing that pattern can be written off as being a form of Pareidolia, however, that does not mean that the pattern should be dismissed if it appears in context.

If it has significant meaning then why should it be discredited by skeptics as a flight of fancy or delusion?

It is just another form of communication – sending you a message from the future. In many cases, this is called divination but how it is interpreted falls again into that mythical theater or Mercury.

Mercury was the god of translators and interpreters. He was the most clever of the Olympian gods and served as a messenger for all the other gods. He ruled over wealth, good fortune, commerce, fertility, and thievery.

As one of the “planets” known in antiquity, Mercury’s name is at the origin of the name of “Wednesday” in French and other Romance languages: “mercredi” comes from the Latin “Mercurii dies”, or “Mercury’s day”. Of course, the English language takes the word Wednesday from the Norse god Woden or Odin.

Woden or Odin was a god of poetry and verse and was the father of Thor.

He had only one eye – he gave up one for wisdom. He communicated with runes.

Runes communicated in both forward and reverse.

Mercury or Hermes also communicated in both forward and reverse as well. It was in this way that all things were revealed from the gods.

Even the Bible speaks of all things revealed in both the obverse and reverse.

“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever you have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light, and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.”

All messages and revelations at this time will come from another realm—the question is what realm?

Nothing will be left to guess about in the apocalypse. All things shall unwind and the truth will be analyzed in both darkness and light and in both the world and underworld.

Perhaps this was the voice of the board during our on-air séance — all things interpreted and planned are merely shadows – their fulfillment will be in the eyes of those who can see the patterns for what they are, however, the task is hard when Mercury traverses the Sun in reverse.

It is merely Hermes traveling through the underworld, putting to rest the dead, old energies, and clearing the way for healing.

It will feel like we are traveling into the underworld with him, just like Alice through the rabbit hole.