While the American people are being bombarded with news reports about the investigation of the New York terrorist attack, most of which the reports are based on deliberate FBI and law enforcement leaks spoon-fed to the news media, important lessons can be drawn from what recently happened in Las Vegas and what is happening now with the New York investigation.

The recent attack in New York has now convinced me that the War on Terror has ultimately failed and no matter what laws they make to take away your rights in the aftermath, we must band together and stop the never ending cycle of political hijacking of a crisis which has been created by the alphabet agencies themselves.

Furthermore, the FBI’s long history of infiltration, incitement to violence, and entrapment, is little known to Americans because the media’s lack of integrity.

As you know, last night I made some esoteric connections between what happened in Las Vegas last month and what happened just days ago in New York. As I was connecting the dots with the occult ritualism of both affairs, I got the overall feeling that the minute I started talking about the super predator mentality – I lost a lot of people’s attention.

I admit it is hard to grasp on to a new concept, but many things that we see and hear about are motivated in some way by actions that are highly misunderstood. Once you are able to uncover the occult symbols and signs left behind by the elite, it is time to get down to what the conspiracy of silence is about and why once a crime of act of terror is committed, the details are only shared with the public only if it is politically expedient to do so.

It is not about whether or not the public is in danger; it is not about what they can do to protect themselves, it is not about the families of the victims or the victims themselves. It is about what corporate media can report that will push a particular political agenda.

This is why the people of Las Vegas will not get justice. This is why the event in New York takes precedent because it pushes a number of talking points that have already been established by the Military Industrial Complex, the deep state, and the surveillance apparatus.

When a shooter opened fire in Las Vegas on October 1, killing nearly 60 people and injuring more than 500, the response from both law enforcement and the mainstream media was aggravating.

The suspect was named “Stephen Paddock” and the first photo that was released featured a white man in a bar. In response, the FBI was quick to announce that it found “no evidence to indicate terrorism in Las Vegas Shooting.”

By Las Vegas law, the attack was considered terrorism. The question the baffled the media was how they would package something like this to keep the interest of the people. They opted for the sympathy card. They were interviewing people that had lost loved ones, while the conspiracy theorists were arriving at conclusions that the media chose to ignore.

There were videos of multiple shooters, and helicopters flying over the crowds. There were police radio broadcast leaks where people heard the head of the SWAT Zebra team say that they had just one of the suspects down, indicating there was more than one shooter.

Eyewitnesses were disappearing, one of them died unexpectedly and two more died in a car crash.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported three days ago that Dennis and Lorraine Carver died after their vehicle crashed into a metal gate outside their community in Riverside County, California, on October 16 and burst into flames.

The Carvers were at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival on October 1 when the massacre started. Dennis Carver jumped on top of his wife to shield her from bullets.

It appears that the aftermath of the Vegas shootings now turning into a plot that could only be found in a Final Destination movie. It is uncanny how all of this is happening and yet the media seems to ignore what is happening.

If you follow along and connect the dots you will understand why there is no justice for the people of Las Vegas.

When a suspect plowed a truck onto a bicycle path in New York City, killing eight people and injuring a dozen others, the attack was immediately labeled terrorism by both law enforcement and the media, and the hashtag “#NYCTerroristAttack” began trending on Twitter.

If you listened to what was described by witnesses and the media at fist is that the only indication that it was terrorism was that the suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, was heard shouting, Allahu Akbar.

When I heard that this was the only reason why the attack was terrorism, I was dumbfounded. Using the term, “Allahu Akbar” is about as common as a term used by Muslims as “praise Jesus” is used by Born Again Christians.

While the claims that Saipov emerged from his truck yelling “Allahu Akbar” and left a note apparently saying that he carried out a terrorist attack in support of the Islamic State, are textbook examples of everything the U.S. government wants Americans to associate with terrorism, the similarities end there.

What you are seeing here is yet another part of the story that when it gets the oxygen of publicity – it becomes the only talking point that Americans know about radical Islamic terrorism.

This is a reminder that the term, “Terrorist Attack” only comes into play when it fits a narrative that justifies the United States’ foreign policy.

The Las Vegas shooting details were all about guns, and the gunman’s ability to get the guns which was enough fodder to trigger a gun control debate. It did nothing to solve any confusion about the situation; in fact, it encouraged the confusion in order to cloud a very important event with Second Amendment arguments.

Now, in order to illustrate my argument further, as I was producing my Halloween show, the director of news operations here in Portland told me that a terrorist plowed through a group of bicyclists and then got out of his vehicle and started shooting people.

It was odd that when I was about to go on the air I was informed that this so-called terrorist shot no one, but carried with him a BB gun and a paint ball gun. Once again, I was suspecting that this was yet another FBI entrapment exercise gone bad.

The “shooter” report evidently was pushed as a talking point for the media’s ravenous hunger to push the agenda of gun control.

The suspect shot no one.

There always seems to be a team of politicians, celebrities and media pundits who take to social media to call for gun control before any of the actual details are released, this attack was different.

The same can be said for the Las Vegas shooting as it first was reported by alternative sources that Stephen Paddock was an ISIS soldier to justify the U.S. foreign policy on Syria; then, it was reported that he was an Antifa liberal paid off by George Soros to fuel the alt right’s cognitive bias about gun seizure and of course, the gun control issue was only the lazy default provided by the mainstream media.

Initial reports from the scene claimed that both a truck attack and a shooting occurred in downtown Manhattan on Tuesday. However, that story had to be revised.

While there were reports of Saipov brandishing a weapon, it was “later found to be a pellet gun and a paintball gun.” Both pellet and paintball guns are widely available to the public, and they are often used by children. While it appears that all of the fatal injuries from the attack were caused by the truck Saipov was driving, it remains to be seen how gun control advocates will choose to respond to this attack. Chances are they are backing off on this because how are they going declare a ban on pellet guns and paintball guns—what constitutional right does that violate?

Which leads me to the declaration that the war on terror has become a sick joke and a distraction that seems too timed to draw attention away from other important news that needs to be examined further.

The “War on Terror” has failed to keep Americans safe, no matter how much it actively infringes upon our civil rights and freedoms. Every time an attack occurs, each of the government agencies who have increased their own power in the name of “freedom” should be held responsible.

I believe that if you did deep enough you will see that most of the terror attacks that happen here on American soil are nothing more than entrapment exercises that go real time.

This would explain why Sayfullo Saipov had no real guns in his truck – he literally had toy guns, which indicates that this would be terrorist quite simply was yet another useful idiot propped up by the FBI to carry out a fake attack so that the alphabet agency can say they foiled another attempted act of terrorism.

After the first World Trade Center bombing, on February 26, 1993, the news media breathlessly reported detail after detail of the FBI’s painstaking investigation. Sifting through bomb debris, investigators found an axle with a VIN (vehicle identification number). That led them to a truck rental outlet in New Jersey. When one of the alleged bombers, Mohammed Salameh, returned to the rental store to report that the van he had rented had been stolen, and to get his deposit back, he was arrested. Good police work led to other conspirators, and eventually the case was cracked through methodical detective work. The reality was quite different.

Three months after the bombing, in May 1993, it was revealed that an FBI informant had taught Salameh how to drive the van, two days before the bombing. In June, it was disclosed that a former Egyptian military officer, Emad Salem, had penetrated the alleged bomb conspiracy for the FBI, and had helped test explosives, and had rented the apartment where explosives were mixed. Even as more reports came out over the Summer, the FBI maintained that its informant Salem did not know in advance about the plans to bomb the World Trade Center. Eight months after the bombing, on Oct. 28, 1993, the New York Times published a blockbuster story revealing the existence of tapes that Salem had made while talking with FBI agents, which showed that some agents and supervisors had known all along about the bomb-making plans.

Law enforcement officials were told that terrorists were building a bomb that was eventually used to blow up the World Trade Center, and they planned to thwart the plotters by secretly substituting harmless powder for the explosives.

An informant was to have helped the plotters build the bomb and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called off by an FBI supervisor who had other ideas about how the informer, Emad A. Salem, should be used.

The FBI’s role in the 1993 bombing was raised on April 16, 2013, the day after the Boston Marathon bombings, by Fox TV’s Ben Swann, on a “Reality Check” segment. Swann asked directly, whether the Boston bombings were the product of an FBI entrapment operation gone awry. He described the 1993 New York bombing, and then said: “So the question tonight must be asked, did the FBI have any knowledge of this plot before it happened?” and, “Is the practice of the FBI creating terror plots only to break them up before they can actually happen, really making us safer? What happened here?”

Were entrapment schemes used in the Las Vegas Massacre? Did a gun deal with ISIS operatives go bad in the Mandalay Bay Hotel room? Is this why the FBI has placed a gag order on any and all reports out of Las Vegas now?

Is it also the reason why the New York terrorist had basically Toy guns in his Truck? Did he go rogue and decided to use the truck as a weapon because he realized that the toy guns his alleged FBI informants gave him?

It was reported weeks ago that The FBI knew alleged Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza and visited his home in 2004.

The FBI reportedly went to the Newtown, Connecticut home that he shared with his mother Nancy in 2004 and asked about his computer activity but left before even sitting down with the then 12-year-old.

Newsweek reports that FBI agents went to the family’s home because they had tracked Adam online after he hacked through two layers of government security.

Remember, most everything on the Sandy Hook case sealed, which gives many conspiracy theorists a reason to believe the event never happened and that all of the children and those involved were actors.

The newly released report about the home visit is just one in a growing number of missed clues in the lead up to the December 14, 2012 shooting that left 26 students and his mother dead before he turned the gun on himself.

Once again, the same old story of FBI agents having prior knowledge of a so-called lone wolf speaks volumes.

Under the FBI’s new mission of “prevention, pre-emption, and disruption,” the Bureau has carried out numerous entrapment operations, to the extent that most of the major terrorist prosecutions in the U.S. over past ten years actually involved plots created by the FBI.

Isn’t it obvious that while we are all shouting false flag when these events happen we should all investigate how the FBI recruits informants with extensive criminal records and pays them tens of thousands of dollars to ensnare dupes that they have coerced into taking part in terrorist plots?

The sad reality is that investigative journalism is dead – common sense tells us that there obvious malfeasance which is washed away by clever propaganda aimed at pushing political and corporate interests.

Even though a number of journalists and legal scholars have raised serious concerns about possible entrapment in many post-9/11 terrorism cases, there is no sign that the FBI has shifted its tactics to reduce the risk of entrapment. Neither have courts indicated a willingness to block the convictions of terrorism defendants, even in the most egregious cases of alleged entrapment.

Once the magic word, “terrorism” is used to describe an event, it becomes more of a human interest story. This is why the deadliest mass shooting in modern history has been forgotten.

Justice for Las Vegas.