In 1905, Albert Einstein determined that the laws of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and that the speed of light in a vacuum was independent of the motion of all observers. This was the theory of special relativity. It introduced a new framework for all of physics and proposed new concepts of space and time.

Einstein’s special relativity has proven more useful than ever, as scientists have now used it to discover alien planets, how they are rotating around stars and that their distances may be just perfect enough to sustain life elsewhere.

While the mainstream narratives love to focus on the political fracas that indicates the values of the world, there are very important stories buried in science journals that are making more and more arguments for life in space and the possibility of that life already among us; not only independent from human and animal life, but mingling with human life as it is being evidenced through genetic revelations of a second genesis.

Einstein’s physics simplified tell us that space and time are one, therefore the physical extent of the Universe: its size is inextricably bound by the length of its duration. We can surmise that as new revelations are being reported about the fossil record.

We can now admit that that extraterrestrial biological entities visited planet earth and that according to ancient writings these entities took part in DNA manipulation and even produced a new hybrid of human through sexual contact with primitive specimens of pre-humans.

If these beings traveled millions of miles to reach us then we would have to admit that these beings were masters of time travel and were highly advanced being capable of developing habitat and creating biological doppelgangers to live in the in the matrix they constructed.

Normally genes get passed down from parents to their young. But sometimes they can jump around, moving from one species to another.

What if during the dawn of creation a gene from an extraterrestrial being insinuated itself straight into human DNA?

What if more than a hundred genes from an alien bacterium ended up in humans? Would that make us some sort of alien Frankenstein?

Not necessarily.

It turns out that genes are quite capable of hopping from one organism into a completely different species. Not only do these genes jump, but when they land in a new host they can actively change it. This can give the host species new abilities, sending it down a new evolutionary path. Even humans play host to alien genes, and it seems they have shaped our evolution.

When we have children, we pass on some of our genes to them, and so those genes find a new host.

Sometimes the genes get altered along the way. These changes, known as mutations, help ensure that the offspring are different to their parents. Over many generations, enough mutations can build up to create a whole new species, and in the long run, all the diversity of the natural world.

Sometimes a gene can jump directly from one organism to another organism, which might belong to a completely different species. This process is called horizontal gene transfer.

What this means is that Darwin’s vision of the Tree of Life is flawed, and that eventually we will have to acknowledge a point in human evolution where we had help in improving our primitive state; into a stronger and more intelligent human.

Now mind you gene transfers are rare. That’s because any gene trying to move into a new organism faces a lot of barriers.

Imagine a rogue gene, a loose strand of alien DNA, is trying to get into a civilization of primitive human like species.

First, it has to get inside one of the primitive human cells intact. Then the cellular machinery might incorporate it into the cell’s DNA. It may not happen on the first try, but as new life tries to find a way through time we start seeing the changes happen in the fossil record.

As it continues to successfully occupy the body it stands a greater chance of long-term survival. Then comes the transference through the breeding process. It then stands an even greater chance of surviving and spreading throughout the population.

This is all sounds like simple biology, but with an alien twist.

What is fascinating in 1999, it was found that a layer in the placenta of a human fetus contains viral genes that our ancestors picked up over 45 million years ago.

Some of them are unknown – so could they be a form of alien genes?

Again, it is a possibility. If is now confirmed the human genome contains DNA from other species — a ghost species.

Everything from viruses to insects have given us genes, and those genes have changed the ways our bodies work and helped us evolve. Even our most distant cousins have been involved in the evolution of our species.

Horizontal gene transfer indicates that our relationships with the other life-forms on Earth are much closer than we thought. However, different from us an organism may be, it seems their genes can often be remarkably useful to us.

We are only starting to discover just how many alien genes we have in us and what it means for humanity and a genetic relationship with possible extraterrestrials.

With all of the new data it is becoming obvious that aliens, especially those we had an ancient relationship with might look a lot like us, due in part to convergent evolution.

Recently a University of Oxford research team notes, past astrobiology efforts have largely taken Earth life and extrapolated through the application of chemistry, geology and physics to predict what our extraterrestrial counter parts might look like.

For example, eyes are widespread on our planet, so it makes sense that aliens would have them as well. We’re carbon-based life-forms, so we might expect life-forms on the other side of the galaxy to follow suit.

However, according to the Oxford researchers, who published a November 2017 study in the journal International Journal of Astrobiology, natural selection is the firmest ground on which to base our predictions of alien life; natural selection being the directional force that led to life as we know it. In the absence of a designer, the authors stress, natural selection is necessary for the development of an organism, and we probably wouldn’t recognize it as an organism if it didn’t.

In an abstract called, Darwin’s Aliens we read:

“Here we show how evolutionary theory can be used to make predictions about aliens. We argue that aliens will undergo natural selection – something that should not be taken for granted but that rests on firm theoretical grounds. Given aliens undergo natural selection we can say something about their evolution. In particular, we can say something about how complexity will arise in space. Complexity has increased on the Earth as a result of a handful of events, known as the major transitions in individuality. Major transitions occur when groups of individuals come together to form a new higher level of the individual, such as when single-celled organisms evolved into multicellular organisms. Both theory and empirical data suggest that extreme conditions are required for major transitions to occur. We suggest that major transitions are likely to be the route to complexity on other planets, and that we should expect them to have been favored by similarly restrictive conditions. Thus, we can make specific predictions about the biological makeup of complex aliens.”

So even though the idea of complexity of the life forms is considered there is still a chance that aliens indeed might be more like us than we think.

Cambridge paleobiologist, Simon Conway Morris believes that aliens might look a lot like us, due in part to convergent evolution — the aspect of natural selection that sees the independent evolution of key biological features, such as eyes and wings.

Looking like us, I believe is a very broad statement as we know that horizontal gene transfer could create mutations in alien beings that would give them animal fish or bird attributes – even insectoid attributes that may be troubling if seen by a normal human.

Birds and some insects for instance, independently evolved the ability to fly. An alien life-form, sprung from the same process of natural selection, might very well evolve the same adaptations to sense and navigate its environment. Its eyes might look very different from ours, but they’d achieve the same purpose.

This could also explain the similarities between the apes and humans or even some humans that have reptilian qualities—it also explains that there may be among us alien hybrids that are the product of a continued breeding out process that has been carried out with many of the alien abduction cases that have been reported since the 1960’s.

There is a story that I have often shared about how aliens can supplant humans in the same way the cuckoo bird moves into a nest and forces another species of birds to raise their young.

The Cuckoo is a bird that lays its eggs in other bird’s nests. The Cuckoo bird manipulates other birds into hatching its eggs and raising its young along with their own. The victim birds, usually Magpies rear the Cuckoos and apparently do it under a threat that the Magpie chicks and other eggs will be destroyed if it is not done.

A Cuckoo bird has the ability to invade an unattended nest, snatch up an egg, lay a close copy and be gone within 10 seconds. After hatching, some cuckoo chicks instinctively shove other chicks and remaining eggs out of the nest, so they can have all of the food.

Now if you can allow yourself for a moment to let your mind wander, I would like you to put yourself in the place of the Magpie. The nest you occupy is your home, or in a larger perspective, it’s your world. Now allow yourself to think about the possibility of an invader being able come in quickly and mimic your genetic code. This invader has the ability to replicate its young with the attributes of your offspring.

This certainly would be a perfect analogy for what the so called alien agenda might be and what it always has been. Replacing primitive humans and animals with species that have alien DNA which either advances or diminishes a species no matter how complex they are.

We can compare what happens in nature to what may happen to the human species if we are to believe what we have been told about the possibility of a clandestine invasion, where human subjects are unaware or fully aware that they are a part of a cosmic experiment which entails the hybridization of alien species with that of human species.

In his 2005 Astronomy & Geophysics paper, “Aliens like Us?,” Conway Morris states that a human-like intelligence might just be a cosmic inevitability, though the physical brain responsible for it might, via co-evolution, be rather inhuman.

Retired Temple professor David Jacobs has been doing research on alien abductees and has also detailed the “Alien Agenda” in his book “The Threat.” He has researched and reported that it appears to be evident the alien human hybrids are now among us and that they are being supported by our leadership and world secret societies.

Jacobs has interviewed about 150 people who say they’ve been abducted by aliens, the forgotten details of their cosmic kidnappings resurfacing in relaxation sessions the self-taught hypnotist does in his home.

Citing public polls, he estimates that aliens have abducted more than a million Americans.

He readily admits that the evidence of extra-terrestrial life and body-snatching is “weak,” muddied by an abundance of blurry photos and phony or misinterpreted “memories.”

Yet, he insists evidence exists that now alien hybrids are among us and records from the ancients until now have a rich history of alien meddling on Earth.

His new book, Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity, examines a disturbing phenomenon that Jacobs began noticing in 2003. The alien integration action plan has kicked into high gear. The incidents of alien abductions have declined as occurrences of alien involvement in everyday life have accelerated.

So Jacobs is saying that a silent and insidious invasion has begun.

Has it really begun or are we just noticing and are many of us carrying some cosmic marking that indicates that we are all connected to extraterrestrial DNA manipulation?

History and now researchers have indicated the creation of an alien-human hybrid has been one of the extraterrestrial’s key projects here.

It appears they have been successful. We are now being aware of the possibility that hybrids walk among us. They look and sound and feel like us. The alien invasion’s intention is to have these hybrids become advisers to humans in positions of power.

Abductees for many years were saying that they have seen first-hand that these aliens were able to extract sperm and ova from them but many claimed that they saw clones of themselves and clones of several other mammals in labs that were on ships. Many abductees made claims that the aliens were using their DNA to replicate alien hybrids. These cases were best known and heard in the early seventies and eighties.

While we argued their validity in the 1990’s it is evident that in the year 2000 cloning is a reality and DNA sequencing has been going on in order to map the human genome.

Were the abductees telling the truth and were all of the cases truly alien abduction or some other experiences meant to duplicate the template or profile that had been suggested by the mainstream media?

As we reach for reality in the 21st century it is becoming more and more evident that what was considered fabricated prophecy 20, even 40 years ago is beginning to transpire.

That the tales of DNA sequencing, hybrid cloning and various other alien doppelgangers are appearing now, seemingly out of nowhere. Also diseases of all kinds are showing up and people are becoming resistant to other diseases. Is this evidence of alien contact with humans?

It can be eerily similar to what happened to the early inhabitants of the Americas when the Spaniards brought smallpox to the New World. When a new breed enters an unexplored region they bring with them new customs, new behaviors, mixed breeding, and disease.

All of this is debatable but think of all the things that have turned up in the past 20 or so years. While you are at it, think of when the first abduction case was reported in the modern era and then do the calculating.

Since the first reported incident of abduction from the Betty and Barney Hill case in 1961, we have heard the stories of needle like probes, DNA sampling, sperm removal, and ova removal and now, human mutilation.

Why would aliens want this?

Perhaps it is because the astrobiological evolutionary process has not ended and the idea of horizontal gene transfers and viral species jumps are not limited to Earth and must be spread throughout the known universe and perhaps the multiverse.