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Posted on December 12th, 2023 by Clyde Lewis

The Netflix movie undefinedLeave The World Behindundefined has generated a major discussion on social media because it appears that it gives fan service to conspiracy theorists everywhere. It is a film full of subliminals and triggers, that leave you with a sense of dread because of how realistic the plot is undefined and how it seems like it is a bit of predictive programming with the foreshadowing of what the World Economic Forum called Cyber Polygon. As long as they have the distraction of entertainment, youundefinedre going to ignore the literal collapse of society. Again it all goes back to that line,  undefinedDoes the media serve as both an escape and a reflection?undefined Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Ryan Gable about KISS THE WORLDundefinedS BEHIND GOODBYE.



Over the weekend, I watched the movie undefinedLeave The World Behind.undefined I knew as I was watching it undefined that it would become part of a major discussion on social media because it appears that it gives fan service to conspiracy theorists everywhere.

It is blatantly obvious that the director wanted that response, I picked up on so many subliminal, and obvious triggers, that I cannot talk about it without giving out a few spoilers undefined but I wonundefinedt talk about every part of it undefined just the parts that if you look close enough you realize that there is a subliminal undercurrent to this film undefined and so this time I will admit that I may give out some spoilers undefined but I promise will not give away the ending or any plot points that have not already been revealed in the trailers for the film.

That is the best I can do. If you want to listen to find the subliminal I welcome you to stay undefined if you want to be surprised I suggest you go back and listen on aftermath.media.

Written and directed by Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail, Leave the World Behind is an apocalyptic thriller based on the 2020 novel of the same name by Rumaan Alam. Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke star as Amanda and Clay Sandford, who rent a beautiful house on Long Island for an impromptu vacation with their two children. But after they receive a surprise visit from the rental’s owner Mahershala Ali, it quickly becomes the vacation from hell.

The film reminded me of a lot of other films like the recent M Night Shyamalan film undefinedKnock at the Cabin.undefined It also has some story arcs that remind me of the Twilight Zone episode undefinedThe Monsters Are Due On Maple Street.undefined

It is a film, that leaves you with a sense of dread because of how realistic the plot is undefined and how it seems like it is a bit of predictive programming of foreshadowing of what the World Economic Forum called Cyber Polygon.

There is a line in the where Ethan Hawkeundefineds character Clay speaks to his wife played by Julia Roberts about a student of his that wants him to write the forward for her new book. He goes on to explain that her new book is about the media.

He explains that her book is about how the media serves as both an escape and a reflection which is a contradiction that she needs to reconcile.

It is at that point that I figured the script tells us blatantly the agenda behind the movie. It is the viewer who needs to reconcile whether the story in the movie is escapist entertainment or a reflection of what we may see in a mirrored world of apocalyptic trauma.

Literally, it is a blatant attempt at predictive programming undefined forestructuring what can be called Operation Polygon where the United States and other countries fall victim to a cyber attack.

The new movies in Netflix is very unsettling because it play out like a puzzle, where you are fed pieces of the story and you have to figure out what exactly is happening.

There are also various easter eggs that also are subliminal that only people with a grasp of history will understand and when you add it all up you realize that it is obvious that the producers of this film want you to subconsciously acknowledge things like a revolution and a civil war.

Oh, and we cannot ignore the fact that this film is produced by Higher Ground undefined the movie company owned by Barack and Michelle Obama- in fact the ex-president actually was a consultant on the film undefined which the director said in a press conference was very intimidating.

The director Sam Esmail during a presser said to reporters that the cyberattack story had already been based on the book by Rumaan Alam and that the Obamas were very fond of it.

The former president and first lady signed on to executive produce the film. As part of the deal, Obama was able to share his perspective on the events that unfolded on screen. Esmail said “He had a lot of notes about the characters and the empathy we would have for them, I have to say he is a big movie lover, and he wasn’t just giving notes about things that were from his background. He was giving notes as a fan of the book, and he wanted to see a really good film.”

The director reflected on what it was like to receive that feedback. “I am writing what I think is fiction, for the most part, I’m trying to keep it as true to life as possible, but I’m exaggerating and dramatizing,” he said. “And to hear an ex-president say you’re off by a few details…I thought I was off by a lot! The fact that he said that scared the fuck out of me.”

So there is really no word on what the former President contributed, but it appears that whatever it was, he was hiding it in fiction, what I am sure he knows about a possible cyber attack and that it could cause civil upheaval in the United States.

Everything in the film seems uncomfortably close to the edge of possibility.

The fact that a lot of the scenarios are being buttressed by a former president makes it even more unsettling.

But is it a mere work of fiction, or could it be a carefully orchestrated act of predictive programming, subtly urging us to brace for the storm that looms on the horizon?

For those who know a thing or two about the intricacies of our world “Leave The World Behind” is not just another thriller; it’s a stark warning, an omen of things yet to come.

The Obamas, now find themselves at the helm of a movie that paints a bleak picture of the nation they once led.

Is this a calculated move to prepare the masses for a nefarious agenda, or merely a coincidence wrapped in the guise of entertainment?

There are some things in the film that are very subtle or subliminal that the audience may or may not notice- There were many things that stick out to me, and as I explain, I donundefinedt want to give off any spoilers, and so if you want to watch the movie, maybe you should watch it and then come back and listen to the show on aftermath.media.

I first noticed that there is a scene in the beginning of the film where Ethan Hawke is in bed while his wife Julia Roberts is packing to go on a trip. She had booked an Air B&B for a weekend on Long Island a place called Point Comfort.

While in bed we see a number of easter eggs. There is a coffee cup with the number 76 on it. The six is highlighted in white. The 76 of course represents 1776 which of course is the day the Declaration of Independence was signed and has also been associated with the American Revolution- next to the cup is a clock that has a six highlighted as it is approximately 6:30 in the morning undefined the right of the bed with a digital clock that also has a six- it subliminally sends out a 666.

Whether it was intentional or not is anyoneundefineds guess.

After the family is packed, they are on their way, getting out of the New York hassles and expecting a great vacation.

In the car the kids are in back, completely buried in their video appliances. The older son is playing a video game, while the 13 year old daughter is watching the tv show undefinedFriends.undefined What is interesting is that the episode she is watching is called undefinedThe Last One.undefined

This of course is some foreshadowing undefined and it is also creep when your realize that the book undefinedLeave the World Behindundefined was written in 2020 undefined and I am sure that the production was going on a year before Mathew Perry the star of Friends drowned in a hot tub.

After arriving at their beach house, the kids immediately head for the pool.

While the kids are occupied, The mother goes into town to buy groceries. As she is loading the car, she sees a grizzled Kevin Bacon, loading water and supplies in the back of his truck. She also notices that he is also loading case lots of canned goods.

She returns to the house and then the family packs a lunch and heads to the beach. There is an area of the beach covered with litter and plastic undefined but the family pays no mind and sets up their umbrellas and towels.

While they are calmly sitting on the beach undefined the daughter sees a huge oil tanker out on the horizon. The tanker slowly moves closer and closer to the beach -the family realizes that it isn’t stopping and is eventually going to run a ground on the beach. The boat keeps coming and eventually pushes umbrellas and crushes lifeguard towers as it continues to edge its way into the land.

The tanker has the words undefinedWhite Lionundefined painted on the side.

White lions are believed to be direct messengers of the divine and symbolic of the consciousness of God or the creator. But it also has another meaning undefined It was also the name of a slave ship that brought the first Africans to the English colony of Virginia in 1619, a year before the arrival of the Mayflower in New England.

The event is regarded as the start of African slavery in the colonial history of the United States.

The 1619 project is also a very controversial program that attempts to reframe our understanding of American history by alleging the central event in the founding of the United States was the first importation of enslaved Africans to Virginia in 1619 and not the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Now the 1776 coffee cup in the first part of the movie, moves us to 1619, slavery and a divisive project that is being taught in school curriculums.

This appears to be a woke easter egg.

But why?

We realize why when the owner of the home, GH- played by Mahershala Ali arrives with his daughter played by Myhaundefinedla Herrold.

Both are African American.

They claim that there has been a blackout in the city and they decided to go back to their home and wait out the chaos in the city.

Julia Roberts immediately starts acting peculiar as she barely hides the fact that she doesnundefinedt trust them undefined because they are black. She starts interrogating them and they are made to look suspicious.

As the program continues we start seeing curious photos of slaves hanging on the walls, and a picture that looks like The United States divided into regions- and by the way, this is not addressed in any way in the script undefined it is just subliminal.

We also notice that the black manundefineds daughter has the number 69 tattooed in are left shoulder.

Keeping within the theme -we can conclude that perhaps the 69 refers to 1969, the year of the Tate Labianca Murders, or Helter Skelter.

Charles Manson ordered his followers to murder the pregnant actress Sharon Tate and eight other people in the summer of 1969.

Manson believed that the Beatles’ “White Album” contained subtle messages about an impending race war in America between blacks and whites.

After this we start to see various forms of symbolism happening subliminally that adds to the intrigue. First, there is a mural of an ocean on the wall that goes form being calm to showing huge crests, representing how the tension is building.

GH tells the family that this situation may be more than meets the eye as he had a discussion with a client of his, who is some sort of big mucky muck that we assume is in the Illuminati telling him that something was going to go down and that he said that the markets were taking a dive and that he should have understood that those he knew in the upper echelons of power were already preparing for this.

He also said that what is most disconcerting is that when it all goes down there will be no one in charge, that we will all be on our own with no one helping us.

The Julia Roberts character says that she somehow got some emergency texts saying the East Coast suffered a blackout and that hackers were the cause of the emergency.

Ethan Hawke’s character decides to go into town but this time without GPS because apparently hackers have taken out all communication and GPS. He gets lost and becomes helpless.

He steps outside of his car to gather his senses undefined but while he is outside undefined the radio shuffles to a signal on 1619 AM talking about the disaster unfolding.

We have already discussed the 1619 meaning.

He also encounters a terrified woman who can only speak Spanish. He doesnundefinedt know how to help her and so he leaves her behind.

He is also terrified by a drone, that flies over dropping red leaflets over the area.

He eventually learns that they say undefinedDeath to America.undefined

There is also a moment, in the film where there is an ear-splitting sound that is used as a weapon. It cracks the windows and in one scene causes the young boy to lose his teeth.

Both the young girl and the young man are outside looking for deer when the sound hits, Amidst the chaos, the daughter’s constant attire of a NASA shirt takes on a dual meaning. The young boy wearing a shirt that says OBEY on it undefined brings together the words Obey NASA.

Who knows what that is about undefined but it is obviously there sending a subliminal signal.

But the noise is terrifying.

This we learn is a sonic direct energy weapon similar to what possibly caused the white brain problems associated with Havannah syndrome.

In a world dominated by algorithms and artificial intelligence, it is the human spirit that must rise above the noise. As we navigate the treacherous waters of predictive programming, “Leave The World Behind” emerges as a cautionary tale, a provocation demanding our attention. The time for complacency has passed; the time for vigilance is now.

I wonundefinedt give away the ending to the film because that certainly would spoil everything –and I havenundefinedt given away a lot of the twists and turns that also give away the whole notion of the movie being clever predictive programming.

“Leave The World Behind” may be packaged as a mere thriller, but the ominous undertones suggest a far more sinister narrative at play. The Obamas as producers of this presentation now find themselves at the center of a storm, orchestrating a story that mirrors a potential reality.

The symbolism, the references to the Cabal or the Illuminati, and the deliberate gaps in the storyline paint a picture of a calculated effort to mold our perceptions.

To remind us that it doesnundefinedt take much to trigger a civil war in America.

They show us that there is a three-tier method to bringing down the United States.

In fact, the main character GH explains how it is done/

“The first stage is isolation,” G.H. explains. “Disable their communication and transportation. Make the target as deaf, dumb, and paralyzed as possible, and set them up for the second stage: Synchronized chaos.

Terrorize them with covert attacks and misinformation, overwhelming their defense capabilities, and leaving their weapons system vulnerable to extremists in their own military. Without a clear enemy or motive, people will start turning on each other. If done successfully, the third stage would happen on its own: Coup d’état. Civil war.”

If this theme sounds familiar it reminded me of the Twilight Zone episode undefinedThe Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.undefined

Someone messed with a few electronics, sent down a few weird fliers, made a few loud noises, and then sat back and watched as society fall apart.

Depending on how cynical you want to be, the ending of the film is unsatisfying undefined but gives everyone the message that we should all stock up on food and water undefined because no one is going to save you undefined and you better also include stocking up on things to entertain you like board games and card games because there wonundefinedt be anymore, video games, music or DVDundefineds unless you have an electric generator or back up system.

As long as they have the distraction of entertainment, youundefinedre going to ignore the literal collapse of society. Again it all goes back to that line undefined Does the media serve as both an escape and a reflection?

Or is it a restructuring of a mirror world that becomes all too real?

Think of the parallels of how they ignored the slow-approaching ship until it was too late, how they ignored the warning signs in the news that Kevin Bacon picked up on, and how all of us are currently ignoring slow, incoming disasters that we see all the time and think we wonundefinedt be affected by them.