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Posted on December 23rd, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


Itundefineds Christmas time. For normal people that means spending quality time with loved ones and reflecting on the year we leave behind us. For governments and their authoritarian followers, that means more lockdowns, more boosters, and more mandates - even as their rationale for keeping the pandemic going is evaporating as the virus becomes endemic and mutates into a mild form.

But that future scenario will not be broadcast in any shape or form as the tyrants crusade against or freedoms and the Grinch AKA Dr. Fauci says that we must disinvite any unvaccinated family members to Christmas gatherings.If you're not vaccinated, you're not invited to Christmas lunch | News | The Sunday Times

Fauci told MSNBC undefinedWeundefinedre dealing with a serious enough situation now that if thereundefineds an unvaccinated person, I would say, undefinedIundefinedm very sorry, but not this time. Maybe another time when this is all over.undefined

It appears that if we needed an actor to play the inn keeper in the Christmas play undefined Fauci would already know his lines.

Fauci also said that the U.S. is considering shortening the 10-day isolation window for fully-vaccinated people infected with COVID-19. Instead of quarantining for 10 days undefined you can get away with 7 and in some cases 4. But I donundefinedt think they will let people off that easy.

They canundefinedt let go of their power all that quickly and what they say now is not making any sense and what is happening is not matching with the media and how they are using the new variant as another tool of terror.

Deaths have stabilized, with America averaging around 1,300 deaths per day - a steady figure for the past week and down slightly from two weeks ago. Encouraging new data from a leaked British study suggests that Omicron infections are less severe than prior variants.

But that hasnundefinedt stopped the scary stories that will interrupt Christmas parties and gatherings that will bring us cheer and happiness- another year another season undefined and another excuse to ruin the holiday.

Meanwhile, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky appeared to contradict President Joe Biden by insisting that the current surge in cases was expected, after Biden said on Tuesday that undefinedthe Omicron virus spread even more rapidly than anybody thought.undefined

Again, we hear the president lying as he recently brought us good tidings of great cheer saying that the unvaccinated can expect sickness and death this holiday season.Joe Biden Said All the Right Things on Omicron. But Will Unvaccinated America Listen? | The New Republic

The new outbreaks have forced a wave of disruptions, with holiday parties cancelled, the NHL suspending games through Christmas and withdrawing from the Winter Olympics, and Fox cancelling its New Yearundefineds Eve telecast from Times Square.

Nevertheless, many Americans are forging ahead with Christmas plans. Since Thursday, more than 12.5 million Americans have traveled by airplane, more than double last yearundefineds figure for the same period and approaching pre-pandemic levels, according to TSA screening data.

Americans have apparently had enough undefined as they are becoming more aware of the lies and the confusing information that the experts continue to spread during the holiday.

Maybe it is time to give some good news for the holiday.

More signs continue to emerge that Omicron appears to cause less severe illness than prior variants, with a South African study has suggesting the risk of hospitalization is 80 percent lower with the variant.

And British scientists gave a glimmer of hope in a leaked study showing Omicron is milder than the Delta variant.

South Africa is the least vaccinated in the world and yet they have everything under control undefined here in the United States we have a lot of citizens vaccinated and yet we are hearing horror stories of how you could be code blue without the vaccine undefined but again you can be code blue with the vaccine as well.

We are learning that once infected, vaccinated people seem to transmit COVID similarly to unvaccinated people.

U.S. health officials say 2021 is shaping up to be even deadlier than last year. Now how is this happening when we have more vaccinated people here than in Africa?

It’s too early to say for sure, since all the death reports for November and December won’t be in for many weeks. But based on available information, it seems likely 2021 will surpass last year’s record number of deaths by at least 15,000.

The report presents a final tally for last year of about 3.384 million U.S. deaths, about 25,000 more than a provisional count released earlier this year. Such jumps between provisional and final numbers are common, but 2020′s difference was higher than usual because of a lag in death records from some states that switched to new electronic reporting systems, Anderson said.

The CDC this week also revised its estimate of life expectancy for 2020. Life expectancy at birth that year was 77 years, a decrease of 1.8 years from 2019. The agency previously estimated the decline at 1.5 years.

The political lies are obvious undefined and the government should be put on the naughty list.

According to a University of Washington study, the Omicron wave will crash on US with 60% of people infected by March and 140 MILLION new infections - but 90% will never show symptoms, and very few will die.

This is hopefully the signs of a dying pandemic.

This apparently is not stopping the mandates, or the declaration of emergency. This is not stopping governments from acting like sociopaths and this is not stopping the mall Santa from cleverly saying to the kids that they will get their presents if they are vaccinated.

Dr, Fauci even gave Santa his shots and a booster as well saying undefinedThis year he is even more protected because he has been fully vaccinated and boosted. Santa will be just fine and is good to go!”Tesco ad featuring Santa with Covid vaccine passport cleared by watchdog | Tesco | The Guardian

That means children around the world can rest assured – Santa is ready to come down the chimney, eat cookies and participate in other traditions this holiday season.

But if you are not vaccinated, you canundefinedt participate or you at best are banished to the card table during Christmas dinner.

This is your new Christmas normal and everyone is suffering because of it -and it is unnecessary.

Someone should frown on Fauciundefineds Christmas propaganda because one has to wonder why a supernatural being needs a vaccine in the first place let alone a mask.. the mere thought if a dying or sick Santa sends a shockwave through the zeitgeist -and children should be best kept away from these cruel adults that are so out of touch with what the season means.

But of course we should be afraid and worried about everything even the health status of Santa Claus.. years ago we were assured that he wasnundefinedt drowning because of Ice Cap melt due to global warming and this year it is all about Covid Reindeer games.

If you remember last year, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer held a Zoom call with undefinedSantaundefined in which she encouraged the stateundefineds young people to call their grandparents and other relatives but avoid Christmas gatherings.Santa assures kids he's coming to Michigan & following safety protocols in meeting with Whitmer

Yea call grandma and grandpa and tell them to pound sand this Christmas, they donundefinedt deserve a Christmas visit undefined because you may murder them.

Merry Christmas kiddies undefined your Christmas nightmare will get rid of those visions of sugarplums that tend to dance in your heads this time of year.

Yet people are giving this a pass undefined no one is speaking up undefined they just act as though they deserve this treatmentundefined the lying and the gaslighting that we get.

Especially at Christmas.

In Norway the postal service has become woke as their new public service announcement shows a desperate lonely man waiting for a moment where he can intimate love from Santa.

According to a press release, Santa’s coming out makes perfect sense, given his uncanny ability to take on a wide range of identities.

This year, Santa is being portrayed as a lonely, ruggedly-handsome old gay dude who gets a man of his very own in his Christmas stocking.The ad has been produced to mark 50 years since the decriminalization of homosexuality in Norway.

They call the ad undefinedWhen Harry Met Santaundefined but donundefinedt tell Mrs. Claus.

The ad is being praised worldwide as being undefinedbeautiful,undefined undefinedpowerful,undefined and progressive.undefined

I guess they are allowed to do anything with Santa these days undefined they can make him white, black, gay or straight. He can even identify as a woman if he wants to.

The ad featuring Gay Santa is four minutes long. It takes a few years for Harry and Santa to get together, as Santa tends to disappear up the chimney every Christmas morning after heundefineds dropped off his presents. Thereundefineds a metaphor in that, for sure, but quite what that could be is entirely down to personal taste.

Harry dresses up nicely, sprays on some aftershave and sleeps on the sofa to try and catch his man. They chat and have their magic moments every year, but theyundefinedre not intimate. Until Harry writes Santa a letter: undefinedDear Santa, all I want is you.undefined He then draws a love heart.

Job done. Santa gets the Norwegian postal service to deliver all those pesky presents this year, and takes the night off. They then have their long, drawn-out kiss. And bam undefined Santa is gay undefined even without his gay apparel.

Santa has been detained for not wearing a mask, shot by a pellet gun and has been made into a gun toting madman that looks a lot like Mel Gibson.

This is Christmas in 2021.

It s hard to stay positive -and every one of us is having a tough time. The only thing we have to tell ourselves is that this will eventually pass. and when the dust settles we hope that the people take some kind of action against those who have mislead people into getting medical procedures that are ineffective.

The protective effect of the vaccines is waning and is now below the required regulatory efficacy of at least 50%. The US health agencies are already advising a booster third dose. They may even require a fourth dose undefined it doesnundefinedt end.

Leading vaccine experts and immunologists and the vaccine manufacturers knew this all along. It was hidden though from the public.

It is clear that people who recover from COVID-19 develop natural immunity, which is long-lasting with antibodies that are effective against several viruses or variants.

The promise of a vaccine that would give us freedom has been broken undefined people are still oblivious of the betrayal.

The programmed have already drank the Kool-Aid and the consensus becomes unstable when you question the validity and effectiveness of their efforts.

Achieving this kind of mass consensus is no easy feat. It requires a massive media campaign, one that:

a) develops a common, consistent message platform;

b) assembles the awesome power of institutional and expert authority to confirm and sanction the messaging;

c) saturates every media channel with the message, in a million iterations.

The goal of this kind of propaganda – or disinformation – campaign is to simply overwhelm the reader, the listener, the viewer, until he or she surrenders to the message, concedes its validity and, crucially, follows its mandates. Masking, social distancing, isolating and quarantining, vaccinating, boosting, and evangelizing the same to others.

As one after another individual falls into compliance, groupthink forms, and resisters are soon conquered by peer pressure. As anyone knows, standing against a crowd is not only frightening but requires a kind of fortitude that few possess.

But slowly we are seeing people who are fed up undefined but they easily become a political whipping boy for critics and those who wish to retain their power.

Compliance is enabled easily when the jab is required so that you can feed your family and bring them what little Christmas cheer you can.

It is the almost the necessary indictment of everyone harnessed by a exploitive system, a reality that, by the way, gives the lie to so much cancel culture, and Twitter and Facebook warriors who think they are somehow immune to hypocrisy

Virtue signalers are out in full force this holiday season.

The advantage is that they can scapegoat the unvaccinated because they carry the invisible enemy undefined they are the foul maggots who wish to contaminate the cheese.

We cannot see thew virus, but we can see the endless reams of statistical fear-mongering rendered by establishment authorities, from death tolls with unreliable attributions, to study after study that escalate the speculation of further horrors.

And with it we see the compliant, more vigilant than ever, behaving like citizen Stasi out to enforce the lockstep of groupthink.

The subtle genius of this campaign is that dissent is now considered life-threatening.

Folie à deux, also known as shared psychosis or shared delusional disorder, is a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief, and sometimes hallucinations, are transmitted from one individual to another.

Who will admit that what is happening is affecting them psychologically and who will admit that what they are doing to Christmas is harming the children?

Kids are being told that they need the jab so they wonundefinedt kill grandma and grandpa and Santa will be forever remembered as a character who wears a mask instead of a beard.

An authoritarian revolution afoot, a not-so-subtle gambit for a global autocracy built on the bottom lines of Big Pharma and Biotech and ruthlessly enforced by a fascist bio-security state.

The innocence of the holiday has been sacrificed on the alter of political avarice.