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Posted on December 30th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


The other night, when talking about the Quantum Universe, I mentioned off-hand that scientists stumbled upon an anomaly where they think it could be a doorway to another universe that goes in reverse or is like the upside down from the TV show “Stranger Things” undefined I believe I have talked about this before but to refresh your memory, in a scenario straight out of “The Twilight Zone,” a group of NASA scientists working on an experiment in Antarctica detected evidence of a parallel universe.

The experts used a giant balloon to carry NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna, or ANITA, high above Antarctica, where the frigid, dry air provided the perfect environment with little to no radio noise to distort its findings.Scientists cast doubt on NASA parallel universe theory

It detected high-energy particles can only be coming “down” from space, going back up into space.

They are called neutrinos.What are neutrinos? | Earth | EarthSky

The finding implies that these particles are actually traveling backward in time, suggesting evidence of a parallel universe.

Principal ANITA investigator Peter Gorham, an experimental particle physicist at the University of Hawaii, suggested that the only way the tau neutrino could behave that way is if it changed into a different type of particle before passing through the Earth and then back again.

Gorham, lead author on a Cornell University paper describing the odd phenomenon, noted that he and his fellow researchers had seen several of these “impossible events,” which some were skeptical about.

Not everyone was comfortable with the hypothesis.

NASA was one of the first agencies to try and quell public excitement about the find and so they went to great pains to silence and discredit the scientists.

The simplest explanation for the phenomenon is that at the moment of the Big Bang 13.5 billion years ago, two universes were formed — ours and one that from our perspective is running in reverse with time going backward.

Of course, if there are any inhabitants of a possible parallel universe, they’d consider us the backward ones.

These discoveries backed up a speculative paper that was published which argued that our universe might have a mirror reflection across time, a partner universe that stretches beyond the Big Bang.

If thatundefineds the case, and a series of other extremely unlikely and outlandish hypotheses turn out to be true, the paper argued, then that in turn could explain a mysterious signal hinting that a completely new particle is flying out of the ice in Antarctica.

In his celebrated book, A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking posited that if the universe were to cease its expansion and start to contract instead, that the arrow of time would flip and things would happen in reverse, including people knowing what the stock market numbers were because they had already happened. Broken tea cups on the floor would reassemble and return to the table top.A Brief History of Time From The Big Bang to Black Holes: Hawking, Stephen  W., Sagan, Carl, Sloan, Sam: 9784871871150: Amazon.com: Books

Conversely, if everything is happening in reverse, thoughts, light, motion, and yes, even bodily functions would be happening in reverse as well. But if that’s true, not only would people not know about the stock market numbers, but they also wouldn’t know anything as your thoughts would blink into the new normal.

That’s right. If Hawking were correct, all life would stop at the moment of reversal because everything that had happened already would be the only thing happening let alone in reverse.

Life it is theorized would be one big palindrome.

If you are familiar with the sentence “Madam, I’m Adam,” you might know what a palindrome is. A palindrome is a term for when a word or phrase is spelled the same way backward as it is forward. Some other examples of palindromes include level, kayak, civic, radar, solos, tenet; names like Mom, Dad, Bob, Otto, and Hannah, and sentences like, “Was it a bar or a bat I saw?” or “Too hot to hoot.”

My favorite word that is a palindrome is undefinedracecar.undefined

Numeric palindromes exist as well.Palindromes

This year was a special year because it had 22 palindrome dates, which when digitally written out were the same backwards and forwards.

One was four-digit palindrome – which occurred on 1-2-21;

Nineteen of them were five-digit palindromes – which occurred in January and continued through the month of December.

Two of them were 6-digit palindromes through the month of December.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021, marked the beginning of a 10-day palindrome stretch. For 10 consecutive days, we had five-digit palindrome dates, which are common usage in the US. These dates read the same forward as they do backward:











January 20, 2021 is also a seven-digit palindrome date 1-20-2021.

January 20, 2021, Inauguration Day—was first palindrome-number Inauguration Day in American history, and the next one is in 1,000 years, on 1-20-3021.

Also it is important to point out that January 21st was the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.

After Januaryundefineds palindrome dates undefined the month of December gave us:

After January, we’ll see the next set of consecutive palindrome dates in December. Beginning December 1, we’ll have 9 consecutive five-digit palindrome dates:










The dates of 12-11-21 and 12-22-21 are also palindromes in the six-digit format (mm-dd-yy), for a total of 22 for the year.

December 2, 2021 is also an eight-digit palindrome date (12-02-2021).

The only two years in a century that contain 22 palindrome dates are the ones ending with 11 and 21.

The synchronicities were interesting undefined especially when one calculates how many years have passed since calendars could do this.

December 21st was actually the 21st day of the 12th month undefined that ends the 21st year in the 21st century.

In January when the last chime on the clock ceases to vibrate at midnight some people believe that 2022 will be secretly known as Year Zero.Download wallpapers 4k, Happy New Year 2022, blue neon lights, 2022  concepts, 2022 new year, 2022 on blue background, 2022 year digits, 2022  blue digits for desktop free. Pictures for desktop free

The birth of Jesus Christ occurred in the year zero, as we date forwards from the birth of Christ. The Latin term undefinedanno Domini nostri Jesu Christiundefined, translates to undefinedin the year of our Lord Jesus Christundefined.

But this year zero is reversed to mean that the beginning of the reign of the Antichrist will begin and the Great reset will be underway. Some people are awaiting the date of Tuesday February 22nd 2022 or the second day of the week, second month, 22nd day of the month, and 22nd year of the century as a date that will change the world.

Now, no one knows for sure, and one cannot say that a wonky date will mean anything undefined but numerologists and others see it as a day of truth and unraveling of secrets.

It will be the date of the ultimate Saturn return and what is also interesting is that it will fall on my 58th birthday.

Year zero is from the idea that after the Antichrist takes over they would eliminate the calendar so no one could refer to time as they once did. Since the Gregorian calendar is based on Jesusundefineds birth, the idea is that the Antichrist would want that removed from use.

Year Zero is considered the Prime Mover date for the second incarnation of the new Roman empire-fourth Reich, fourth industrial revolution.

It will be the moniker for the rise of the imperial cult.

There is a song called Year Zero by the Band Ghost B.C. a well-known horror rock group that sings about the devil undefined the lyrics describe what year zero means to those who worship Satan.Ghost B.C - Year Zero (Lyric Video - HD) - YouTube

undefinedSince dawn of time, the fate of man is that of lice, equal as parasites and moving without eyes. A day of reckoning when Venice is to burn, countdown together now

and say the words that youundefinedll learn-

Hail Satan, Archangelo

Hail Satan, welcome year zero

Hail Satan, Archangelo

Hail Satan, welcome year zero

Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub

Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer.

Crestfallen kings and queens comforting in their faith, unbeknownst to them is the presence of the wraith since fate of man is equal to the fate of lice,

He will tremble the nations, kingdoms to fall one by one victim to fall for temptations a daughter to fall for a son the ancient serpent deceiver.

The masses standing in awe He will ascend to the heavens above the stars of God.

It is very descriptive of what Year Zero means to the rise of the incarnate son of the devil.

The question is whether or not Year Zero will become a reality and that our existence will become a reversed mirror image of what our normalcy is or was.

Year Zero is considered Satanundefineds great reset - a reversal of all policies and legacy systems for those of a new narrative.

Year Zero is also a concept music album from Nine Inch nails which is about the end of the world. It is an album that predicts that the United States dystopian downfall begins in 2022.

Again we ask if this is all part of the revelation of the method undefined we also are well aware that the apocalyptic scenarios of scarcity, eugenics, and cannibalism, in the film and story or Soylent green happen in the year 2022.

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, we were told repeatedly that the world was changed forever. Now we are told that after COVID-19, life will never be the same.

This is the “new normal,” while the post-9/11-pre-COVID-19 world must have been the old new normal. So everything is different but normal also.

Everything that we have held as sacred has now been reversed and made profane-anything from declaring your sovereignty and freedom to how you worship and whether or not it is fashionable to have faith in God rather than blind faith in the technocracy.

We now live in a world of of abstract images and beings. We live in a world of abstract thoughts, double-think and cognitive dissonance.

We the People are involuntary participants in an authoritarian game of “Simon Says”, or “Mother, or some insidious, fraudulent compromise under the threat of death.

We are under the watchful eye of the devil who has imprisoned us and we have garnered sympathy for that devil undefined in some reverse mockery of the reverence we should be having for God.

Year Zero is inevitable if not soon undefined and those who see 2022 as the coming advent of the counterfeit God may soon see their prophecy fulfilled.

Satan the deceiver uses death as a threat to manipulate the masses. he has become your critical parent and warden. The New attitude of the government is that they are now the stern-parent authorities that will let you out of your room– and remember, The Devils in power never told you that it was a punishment but a difficult decision made for your own good– but you must promise to cheerfully and uncomplainingly comply with the onerous, oppressive, socially pernicious, and escalating “public-health” measures.

You’re living in the New Abnormal now, and by God you’ll like it! We will take from you, you will own nothing and be happy in your own private hell that is a box with only the necessities the devil feels you are entitled to.

The Megadeath narrative of Doom has already terrorized and bamboozled enough of the population, including controller-class executives and administrators, to an extent that engenders resistance and “conscientious objection”.

What right-thinking citizen would flout indefinite, even permanent, compulsory wearing of PPE, the necessity and utility of universal repetitive testing, and the absolute need for universal physical social-distancing?

What right thinking person would believe that they should continually jab themselves with poison to somehow make the beast go away?

Something is making us go insane undefined doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result -can anyone see how this is not working?

That this is malevolent mind control?

This is mega trauma that the Machiavellian overclass has longed for.

It is complete with the grim reports of unburied corpses stacking up, the mishandling of bagged bodies left in the rain as personnel pack refrigerator trucks to capacity.

We are seeing healthy relatively young individuals dropping like flies after getting the vaccine- and people dying of COVID after getting twice jabbed and boostered undefined now they are requiring number 4.

This is outrageous.

The media is treating us to a complementary theme of stories about officials and medical personnel breaking down and weeping in public in response to the overwhelming circumstances.

If it bleeds, it leads– but if it weeps, it tears at the heart strings and we all begging to sympathize with the wardens that are responsible for our suffering.

It is sickening, really.

It is all an exercise in consent manufacturing -through deceit undefined it is the devil on your shoulder using a machine gun to kill the angel on the other shoulder.

Widespread fear is being deployed to advance the so called “lock step” agenda which includes: repressive social controls, restrictions on travel, replacing cash with electronic transactions, mandatory vaccinations, unlimited surveillance, limiting personal freedom, eliminating political protests, freedom of speech and so on. In addition, the Davos ghouls are also eager to implement a microchip to identify those who comply to their new prison planet reset.

The program would gather birth registration and vaccination records of all newborns using a biometrically-linked digital identity. GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, identifies itself on its website as a global health partnership of public and private sector organizations dedicated to “immunization for all”. GAVI is supported by WHO, its main partners and sponsors are the PHARMA-INDUSTRY. Gates Foundation pledged $750 million to set up GAVI in 1999.About our Alliance

COVID-19 is being used as justification for initiating a worldwide economic, social, and political restructuring.

What we will be seeing in the future are a number of preparatory events, all pointing into the direction of a worldwide monumental historic disaster.

They will be used as an excuse to reverse all previous normality into a new normal, a new order and a new year free of the spiritual and transcendent nature of humanity.