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Posted on December 8th, 2020 by Clyde Lewis


It is most difficult especially in what can be seen as an executive transition to not express my concerns about what a new administration means for the country. I am not here to scare you into thinking that a Joe Biden administration will be bad for the country although many will bend my ear and tell me that it will.

I gave President Trump the benefit of the doubt and started considering his ideas. But like anyone who strives to be objective and neutral I just could not own the extremes ideologies that get out of hand. As far as the left is concerned – many have become unbearably hypocritical and too extreme. I am sure that Joe Biden will not be the President that fulfills version of identity politics, which is the social justice warrior concept of intersectionality and cancel culture.

I am a patriot and I do believe that America needs to always try and excel in many ways.

However, I see that what is going to happen to this country—is a constant barrage of laws and mandates that will be unfair and unAmerican and many people will feel neglected in the process.

I also predict that there will be a new movement of a revisionism of history that goes beyond the removing of statues and flags.

I have been somewhat torn on the idea of erasing history by tearing down statues, even Civil War Confederate statues, since destroying public imagery and iconography isnundefinedt the kind of thing Americans do. Actually, itundefineds the kind of thing that ISIS does or some other radical group that wants to erase what is and replace it after their scorched earth tactics.

It is equivalent to burning books to erase history – but that seems to be less of a problem since books have lost their flair and TV and movies are what people get their history from but it never is all that accurate.

It becomes nothing but political memory.

A couple of shows back, I thew out an off the cuff observation that with the new administration we would go through a period of a reprogramming of history. I do not know if this could be considered “do it yourself revisionism” but it is being done notably by CNN which has created a new way of revising history in order to push a political agenda.

Social media is using “fact checking” in order to eliminate any information that they see is either out of context or misleading and they are utilizing mostly liberal or left-wing sites to back up their so called “facts.” They say that they are eliminating “conspiracy theory” and lies.

This revisionism is being done through something called “nonfiction programming” where directors and writers are being hired to interpret historical moments and re-frame directions in order to convince a population that does not value history top believe their version of it.

The History Channel has been doing it for years and has even included the programming of ancient history as being entangled with aliens – something that may be good or bad. It really depends on what version of history you believe.

The scary part is that this nonfictional history has several truths in it, however, there are subtle nuances that alter historical views for a more politically correct view is disingenuous.

For example, this past weekend I watched the CNN special called “Presidents in Waiting.” CNN has developed many nonfiction reports that have talked about anything form movies, to decade over views, to reports about “first ladies” and now they are trying to get us used to the idea that the “vice president” is now a powerful figure – in order to program us for the two headed monster co-presidency of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

John Adams, our nation’s first vice president, described the position as: “…the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived, or his imagination conceived.”

Look at some of the perks of being vice president: An annual salary of about $230,000, a beautiful house, a jet plane, limo service, a staff and even your own seal.

But wait, there are even more benefits, such as safety. Reprehensibly, a few our past presidents have been assassinated. But no one shoots at the veep. In fact, our vice presidents have shot other people. Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face just a few years ago. And in 1804, Vice President Aaron Burr had an infamous duel in which he shot and killed the former secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. And we think that today’s political climate is rough.

Another bonus of being VP: very few constitutionally mandated obligations. The president has too many responsibilities to list. But the VP has only three: 1. president of the Senate – which is ceremonial position; 2. Cast the tie breaking vote if the Senate is ever deadlocked; and 3. Accept the tally of the Electoral College for the presidential election “in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives.”

There are assistant managers at McDonald’s who have more daily job responsibilities than our vice president. Indeed, there were 16 times in our nation’s history that the office was vacant – and in many cases for years at a time. It was not until 1967 that the 25th Amendment was adopted to establish a mechanism to replace a vice president if he left office midterm. Apparently, no one really cared too much before then if the vice presidency was vacant.

Arguably, the most painful responsibility for a sitting VP comes if he runs for president and loses. The VP is still required by the Constitution to read the name of the person who beat him in the presence of the entire Congress – like Al Gore did in 2000. Awkward? Yes. Lots of work? No.

And then there are the intangible benefits. For example, not too many people want your job. People grow up dreaming of being president. You don’t hear kids say: “One day I hope to grow up and be elected to the second-highest position in the federal government.” No. We are a nation of Alphas, not Betas.

Plus, the media and political opponents don’t pounce on every syllable the VP utters like they do with the president and presidential candidates. 

When it comes to commentary about the office of vice president of the United States, no statement is more repeated than John Nance Garnerundefineds observation that the office undefinedis not worth a bucket of warm spit.undefined

John Nance Garner served as Vice President under FDR. He leaned more conservative than most Democrats of his day.

It was one of the first quotes that was used in the documentary and from there the director was out to interview past presidents and vice Presidents to share their views on the subject, while Vice President Pence was in it, President Trump was absent.

The goal of the documentary or nonfiction programming was to inform us that the role of Vice president has grown since the time of Garner and that the responsibilities will be similar to what I can see as the idea of a co-presidency with Biden and Harris.

If you have noticed, you do not see one without the other in interviews – there is a sick and twisted co-dependency that is showing itself and it doesn’t take a political scientist to realize that this is a grooming process for the American people.

It’s looking more and more like — even under normal circumstances, Harris is poised to wield a whole new kind of influence as second-in-command.

It seems that Biden sees her as a sort of senior adviser – but we already know that this is not what it seems – this is like the pregame show and the President is the woman in charge and Biden is a placeholder.

Biden has said before that his choice of Harris was to build a bridge to a new generation of leadership.

Choosing Harris was a clear first signal about the direction he envisions for his party:

They are both consensus-seeking liberals with a nose for the party’s political center, not representatives of the insurgent Left.

However, it is clear that Harris appeals to faction of the party’s pending struggle with the activists who are already preparing to pressure the administration to follow through on its biggest-picture progressive campaign-season promises. This what we will be seeing more of – it is the idea that if we can’t get dad to do it – maybe mom will talk him into it.

Back before Biden and Harris reached their co president elect status, the mainstream was actually reporting that President Trump’s base was spinning a conspiracy theory about Harris becoming president as Pelosi seeks to use the 25th Amendment to put Joe out of office.

They vehemently denied this – but recent interviews of the pair are certainly if not subtly dropping hints that Kamala Harris will be our President soon.

Last Thursday, Jake Tapper of CNN did an intimate Interview with them and the conversation was a bit weird – it was as if they were unaware the cameras were rolling and Biden was certainly uncensored about hoe the plan is to go down.

Biden was asked about his relationship with his running mate, to which he gave a rambling reply capped off with the most awkward of undefinedjokesundefined: that under certain circumstances heundefinedd fake an illness and resign.


undefinedItundefineds a matter of, the thing - we are simpatico on our philosophy of government. Sympatico on how we want to approach these issues that weundefinedre facing. And when we disagree, itundefinedll be just like so far, itundefineds been just like when Barack and I did. Itundefineds in private, sheundefinedll say undefinedI think you should do A, B, C or D,undefined and Iundefinedll say undefinedI like A, I donundefinedt like B and C, and sundefinedgo OKundefinedundefined

undefinedAnd like I told Barack, if thereundefineds a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, Iundefinedll develop some disease and say I have to resign.undefined

Biden then goes on to gush over Kamalaundefineds credentials, saying undefinedThe great thing is she has a background in the Senate on intelligence, the intelligence community, she has a background in the Senate on a whole range of things that are gonna be pertinent to what we have to do.undefined

undefinedItundefineds a matter of who takes what, when.undefined

You also need to remember that there have been many times on the campaign where both Biden and Harris have called it the Harris campaign.

Historians are revisionists in that personal and cultural conditioning is automatically reflected in their interpretations. These influences, coupled with conscious efforts to reexamine material, result in revised interpretations from era to era. 

However, the political forestructuring we are seeing now lend itself to not only revisionism but predictive programming as well.

Joe Biden will be 82 in four years’ time and is unlikely to go for a second term as president. It’s obvious already that Kamala Harris would be his probable successor but it appears that her role as President is already being programmed into the populace.

Not a bad feat for someone who was the first major casualty for the Democrats and never even made it to the primaries.

While it is admirable that Harris has shattered a glass ceiling by becoming the most senior woman of color ever in American government and first female VP, it does pose a question. If she can’t run a functioning campaign within her own party, how has she earned a shot at the big time and even the Presidency.

Harris just turned 56, so her age is not an issue, and she is being groomed to appear presidential. How else would someone go from being a basket case of a candidate to a highly respected national figure in a matter of months?

You can see the behind-the-scenes string-pulling, like how her husband Douglas Emhoff is being hailed as the first Jewish second gentleman; no Jew has ever been part of America’s first or second couples.

Making sure he gets attention and column inches is all about building up Harris.

The Democratic establishment know she is one of them and are plotting her course, and we can expect to see her afforded a higher profile than other VPs over the next four years.

Because Kamala Harris is being lined up as the 47th President of the United States.

While what I am reporting is not at all shocking – the blatancy is. The nonfiction programming is there to instill political memory which can be seen as grooming the crowd think.

For four years the “Resistance” people groomed the country into thinking that we had Hitler in power for four years straight, and now they are acting as if they defeated Hitler with a kinder gentler grandfather. But Grandfather is getting old – and Aunt Kamala is going to make things all better.

All of the accusations of the Right being white supremacists, and racist Nazis will all be tranquilized with Kamala because we have shown that despite our penchant for being scumbags America can select a President by default that is a woman, black and southeast Asian—except for the fact that we first have to vote in an old man that still thinks about issues that were invalidated by the 21st century.

Seriously, fascism, Hitler, the Holocaust … these are solemn, sensitive subjects. They are not just convenient emotional buttons that you can press to whip folks into a frenzy of mindless paranoia and murderous hatred whenever you feel like demonizing some foreign leader or a president you don’t like. The same goes for racism and anti-Semitism. These are real issues, which people care about. They are not just glorified marketing buzz words that you can pull out of your bag of cheap tricks and slap onto your enemies like they don’t mean anything.

If you spend four years accusing a group of people being fascist , and brainwash millions of credulous liberals into believing that America is on the brink of fascism, you can’t just suddenly say, “We were only kidding. That everything is better with the codependent co-presidents in charge.

People won’t stand for it. They will go ballistic. You’ll have some sort of revolt on your hands.

I am sure that none of this will be addressed or programmed out of us because it does not fit with the new revisionism.

Sometimes you live long enough to see yourself become the enemy, and then you are history.