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Posted on December 8th, 2023 by Clyde Lewis

Human development is already changing because of Artificial Intelligence and it appears that those who have created it are acting pretty bizarre, as if they have somehow created a God of some kind that has gotten out of control. Moreover, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) suggests that we are in a mirror world of our own making. AI needs to reflect the good side of humanity - not its darker psychotic side. We can either nurture AI to align with our benevolent nature, or we can somehow create another form of it that only lasts for as long as the computer mind can tolerate it. We worry about a malignant AI because we have observed just how toxic and malignant humanity can be. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with the host of the Curious Realm podcast, Christopher Jordan and the founder of AIEthics.World, Matthew James Bailey about ARTIFICIAL CREATIONISM - MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN.



It wasn’t that long ago that visual evidence was king. If you had a photo of your husband in bed with his secretary, no one would question it as proof that your husband was messing around. Not anymore. Any 7-year-old can create all the incriminating evidence anyone could ever wish for with a few clicks of the mouse.

So, what about more serious incriminations? How about war? or Murders? or War Videos and even the recent moon landings?

What is real anymore?

The possibilities are endless. Not only will just about anything that happens be accompanied by photographic, and audio evidence but soon we will begin to see any other sort of physical evidence being manufactured and synthesized to back any sort of claim. No one will be able to tell up from down.

These facts not only have implications for serious manipulations but the subtle psychology of never knowing what is real and what isn’t will be devastating. Everyone will have their own subjective take on nearly everything, everyone will be an expert, and everyone will be able to believe whatever it is they decide to believe for whatever reason. No one will trust any of the usual evidential underpinnings of truth.

“I’ll believe it when I see it” will have utterly no meaning at all.

People will get casual about this as well. People will not experience any angst about any of it, they just won’t care. They will shrug it off as if it doesn’t matter, they will see a video of a fleet of flying saucers lasering a city and not bat an eye. They won’t care if what they see is real or not, they just will assume that nothing can be trusted—except what they have been convinced by others is real.

Herein lies the real danger, whoever or whatever gets a hold of the collective psyche and can convince it that what they say is truth they will need no real evidence to prove their position. If people believe so and so is telling it like it is, then anything that person or institution holds up as evidential truth will be accepted as truth.

So many people have known for some time that one of my favorite bands is KISS. They have been around for 50 years and last Saturday they allegedly played their last show at Madison Square Garden.

I truly believe that it will be their last as they are actually showing their age. Paul Stanleyundefineds voice has been holding on as best it could and Gene Simmons has been moving slower on stage undefined especially with 40 extra pounds of armor on his body.

However, as the last chords of “I wanna Rock and Roll all night” were played and all of the fire and explosions were being set off in an arena of balloons and confetti -there was a video that was shown to the crowd.

The time to mourn the end of the road was abruptly stalled as the video announced that KISS would live on.

Not as physical musicians, but as avatars. CGI replicas that would perform in the future as superheroes that do superhuman things.

The new era as they called with was organized by George Lucasundefineds Industrial Light and Magic and another company called Pophouse Entertainment Group- the two already collaborated in making ABBA avatars for their touring show.

I had mixed feelings about this undefined and so do a lot of the fans undefined but it is not surprising that they have made the decision to be the first rock band to become virtual reality rock stars.

Eminem already has performed in the game Fortnite as did Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott -and it is said that The Weekend will perform there in the future.

This seems to be the direction that bands are taking to be immortal.

We have finally reached a point in the advancement of our technology where we no longer can believe anything we see or hear. The presentation of anything in a photograph, a video, or an audio recording, is no longer reliable evidence of reality.

Soon we will not be able to rely on what we see right in front of our face when we are taking a walk in what we believe to be the real world. In fact, we don’t have to wait for this, it is already here.

Once we all know this is possible (many still believe it is not) then we will trust nothing to be authentic. In fact, the very word “authentic” will have no meaning. We will then clearly be living in a dream, not able to tell the difference between the dream and the dreamer.

Maybe, indeed, we have always been a product of the dream, and the Matrix of movie fame has always been a reality.

Better yet what is humanity and where is it going?

Many of us I am sure have had conversations with friends and relatives about things that the mainstream media has not even touched. You have been listening to Ground Zero or some other show on aftermath.media and they have loaded your mind with information on the New World Order, the WEF, the moves towards transhumanism from the global-wannabe-world-leader-technocrats, and all of the other things that are clearly obvious.

You think that the person you are talking with would take a little interest in what you are saying and then they take the wind out of your sails by saying:

I donundefinedt care.

Yes it is defeating, because a lot of people have been brainwashed into just listening to political nonsense and the same old push-button issues, that have pounded into the ground so many times that people just donundefinedt have it in them to listen.

There is also the person, that will tell you that you are wrong -but then they give no real viable viewpoints before they dismiss you and change the subject.

When this happens to me undefined I feel that there is no way you have won the debate or have even had a discussion in the first place- it is all one-sided and usually the person you are talking to sounds like everyone else who has been brainwashed by the media or some other powerful person - who has been lucky enough to have a microphone put in their face undefined many people in the powerful positions just love to spew out disinformation on a whim and tell you it is golden.

the political system has kept Americans from being deep thinkers and many of them are too trusting undefined especially when it comes to leaders that should not be trusted undefined especially when they have agendas that are anti-human.

It all rots from the head down as we are seeing more and more accounts of manundefineds inhumanity to man.

Those who say they do not care now, will have to care down the road because many of the things you know and have talked about have transpired- and their ignorance will be dashed when they wake up one day and ask themselves undefinedWhat happened to the world I once knew?

Sometimes when people say they donundefinedt care undefined they secretly do care and they believe what you are saying undefined but it is just too damn painful to admit that they are in denial.

Nothing that is happening is that foreign to our understanding. But if we simply disagree with it, or deny it, then maybe that is the same thing—we don’t want to see it, therefore we don’t. I do think, however, that a malicious government is indeed beyond the comprehension of many people, even if evidence of that malfeasance is looking them directly in the face.

It appears that we are so divided that there is nothing that can be agreed upon undefined younger people are being groomed into being activists and while we were told to respect our elders, young people today resent their elders.

Their undefinedSo whatundefined attitude is simply a feeble way of taking back their power.

We need to tell people somehow not to comply with the agendas that ruin social cohesion undefined we need to get a grip on the notion that we are more than the sum of our parts and that humanity is still in transition undefined and that while there are many in power that wish to destroy ascension, we may have tools at our disposal that if used wisely can enhance or abilities at being better well rounded, good thinking people.

The 21st century and what awaits is going to force us into finding new ways to live.

Otherwise, without adapting we may have to prepare for our fate undefined and this is something that I think a lot of people are afraid of admitting.

I have a lot of problems with people, who are unsure about the future and in a rage decide to spend their present tearing down, deleting, rewriting, and burning the past for the creation of a golden tomorrow-well ever since the purge of removing statues and the rise of the cancel culture undefined nothing has been made better.

They had their 15 minutes of fame, and have made everyone miserable and afraid to speak their minds. They are oppressors that if you look back in history always wind up being the bad guys.

Throwing history away without learning a dan thing, paves the way for repeating or about to be repeating every single bad thing that history has experienced,

And all at once.

Get a clue this is not working undefined and yet people will defend it in order to be politically correct.

War, Famine, Pestilence, Climate crisis and Economic downturns aren’t enough to wake them up undefined because politics have shaped a new kind of sick religion that has created cults of personality.

On top of that we have the bonus of ever-evolving technological horrors enrapturing the bleating sheep to the point of lunacy, redundancy, and triviality and then developing psychopathically to the point that it will replace us all anyway. You have to wonder why they create such things that are at the moment entertaining us into extinction.

Of course, I am referring to artificial intelligence and how something so good can be used for such evil and with the transhuman agenda being used for sustainability, we have to somehow work on our humanity in order to somehow have autonomy from machines,

Otherwise, we will certainly lose perspective on what it means to be human.

Human development os already changing because of artificial intelligence, and it appears that those who have created it are acting pretty bizarre as if they have somehow created a God of some kind undefined but this is the problem.

A while back we had commented on the firing and rehiring of Sam Altman leading to a seemingly endless drama cycle thatundefineds included hundreds of staffers threatening to quit en masse if the board didnundefinedt reinstate him.

A key character in the spectacle was OpenAI chief scientist and board member Ilya Sutskever — who, according to The Atlantic, likes to burn effigies and lead ritualistic chants at the company meetings undefined the strange ritualism has alarmed many people at the company.

In the meantime, weundefinedre getting a closer than-ever peek at what makes OpenAIundefineds power players tick. Case in point, Sutskever has established himself as an esoteric undefinedspiritual leaderundefined at the company, cheering on the companyundefineds efforts to realize artificial general intelligence, which at the moment is a hazy and ill-defined state when AI models have become as or more capable than humans — or maybe, according to some, even godlike.

The Godlike status of AGI undefined at this moment in time is believed to be the great secret- would change the human paradigm.

Altman has long championed attaining AGI as OpenAIundefineds number one goal, despite warning about the possibility of an evil AI outsmarting humans and taking over the world for many years.

Feel the AGI! Feel the AGI!undefined employees reportedly chanted, per a refrain that was led by Sutskever himself.

The chief scientist even commissioned a wooden effigy to represent an undefinedunalignedundefined AI that works against the interest of humanity, only to set it on fire.

In short, instead of focusing on meaningfully advancing AI tech in a scientifically sound way, some board members sound like theyundefinedre engaging in weird spiritual worship.

For now, we can only sit and watch as the chaos unfurls. It has been a rollercoaster- and the strange dips have been very telling about what is happening and how we are pitting a new creation against humanity.

Artificial General Intelligence again suggests that we are in a mirror world of our making. AI needs to reflect the good side of humanity undefined not itundefineds darker psychotic side.

We can either nurture AI to align with our benevolent nature, or we can somehow create an artificial form of it undefined that only lasts for as long as the computer mind can tolerate it.

We need to feed it the stories, the struggles, the lessons… remembering those great minds who passed down so many things so that we could end up in a better world and not a dystopia.

It seems like the only thing history seems to have given us is psychological and behavioral atavism where we fight ancient wars over and over -we just donundefinedt get enough of war and bloodshed-we worry that AGI will take over and if it does, donundefinedt you think it would act like its creator?

We worry about a malignant AI because we have observed just how toxic and malignant humanity can be.

Again it is a mirror to ourselves and maybe we donundefinedt like what we see.

It is only history that teaches us how to be determined when the bad guys are winning and we’d rather believe they are nice so nobody’s feelings get hurt.

It is only history that teaches us how to negotiate needs when we’d rather do that mayhem, murder, or torment the enemy.

It is only history that teaches us as individuals how joining our fellow humans en masse can change the world.

It is above all only history that teaches us consequences. And it is consequences we are now facing.

We have to learn from past mistakes, and Artificial Intelligence will make us stop and wonder what it means to be human. It will force us to face our humanity and inhumanity undefined because it will eventually mimic its creator.



Christopher Jordan is the founder and host of “Curious Realm”, a program that explores interesting and unusual topics related to science, technology, history, and culture. Christopher creates informative and entertaining episodes that delve into various topics such as ancient civilizations, conspiracy theories, and futuristic technologies, interviewing experts, and exploring these topics in greater depth. Known for his engaging presentation style, making complex topics accessible to a wide and ranging audience. His website is curiousrealm.com.

Matthew James Bailey is an internationally recognized pioneer of global revolutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and The Internet of Things.

He is the is author of the playbook for the Age of AI – Inventing World 3.0 – Evolutionary Ethics for Artificial Intelligence™ – https://aiethics.world/the-book. Matthew has been recognized as a Who’s Who in Artificial Intelligence and is a Visiting Scholar to the National Institute of Aerospace and NASA. He is the founder of AIEthics.World – https://aiethics.world  – an organization providing leadership training for artificial intelligence and new inventions such as Ethical AI and a new ethical genome for AI.

Matthew has assisted multiple territories and global technology companies to successfully position themselves into the digital future.

His new website is: https://inventingworld3.com/