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Posted on February 15th, 2022 by Clyde Lewis

The recent saber-rattling between Russia and the United States appears to be a one-sided overreaction from President Biden, the media, and his warlords. We have plunged so deeply into the theater of the absurd that we now have a case of Wagging the Dogs of war. Moreover, with the hypocrisy of hawkishness from the Left and the hysteria they are encouraging, it makes you wonder if the United States can even see this as a badly produced reality show, such as what we are witnessing with the Russia-Ukraine undefinedescalation.undefined Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with retired political science professor, Allan Saxe about WAGGING THE DOGS OF WAR.





I came home last night after the Super Bowl special exhausted. It was a long and arduous task of making sure the research was sound. It wasnundefinedt just about talking about so-called Illuminati imagery and farfetched Satanic observations undefined it was about how through a bit of show business you can keep people occupied.

The corporatists can create a mock war in a stadium of modern gladiators and people will cheer it on.  You can create commercials that promote electric cars because the technocracy has convinced the world that climate change is going to make it necessary.

It has been a constant barrage of fear and it works because people are so trusting of what comes over the TV and what oozes over the internet.

Charles Manson once said you can “get the fear,” where fear is king. he was speaking about the media and the technicolor terror they would use to traumatize the children, as you stare at the screens, you are no longer thinking since you are spellbound.

In a high-tech society, loneliness is far more prevalent than in the past. The technology has imprisoned people behind their screens and now the controlling forces are intent on closing this mechanistic circle if they can.

They feed us reality shows undefined that are really staged so that we canundefinedt differentiate between what is stagecraft and what is real.

All propaganda succeeds because it satisfies the needs that it has first created. If you follow the daily mainstream news reports and react to their rewriting of history, you will be caught in a labyrinth that has been set to entrap you.

Everyone knows by now the analogy often tossed about these days describing a frog in a pot of water on a stove.

The heat is turned up so slowly that the frog has no idea that if he doesn’t jump out he will be boiled alive.

It is sad that there are an enormous amount of people out there that are like that frog.

The powers that be donundefinedt care about the frogs that donundefinedt jump undefined they want to somehow convince the smart frogs to get into the pot.

It seems quite imperative that the majority of frogs stay in the pot because if most of them jump out, there will be no dinner for whoever is cooking them.

In order to fully know the degree of seriousness regarding the pot and water situation you have to believe that the point of being in the pot to begin with is to be boiled—dead.

If seeing is believing then perhaps the propagandists can convince the frogs that the pot is a warm bath and that it would be relaxing and calming to know that they have everything under control undefined that you should trust that it is only a bath and not a ploy to boil you to death.

Most people, historically, living under totalitarian rule are not that aware of the freedoms they have lost, or the dehumanizing power they live under. This control on a large populace was obviously achieved through government lies, confusions, departures from reality executed by the predominant media, censorship, and the silencing of opposing voices—on and on.

Controlling the narrative, without any debate is dangerous undefined and a government with this policy can convince anyone of anything undefined including the idea of a justifiable war that could lead to your suffering.

I remember that last Friday during our informal pre-meeting- I was talking about the possibility that all of this saber-rattling with Russia and the United States is a one-sided overreaction from President Biden and his warlords.

I told both Ron and Wes that if anything groundbreaking happens it doesnundefinedt happen on the same day as our Super Bowl show.

Ron said undefinedIundefinedll bet you that there will be no war.undefined  I said, yea, I get the feeling that this whole hysteria is a hoax to benefit the Biden administration.

It looks like we have plunged so deeply into the theater of the absurd that we now have a case of Wagging the Dogs of war. To see the hypocrisy of hawkishness from the left and the hysteria that they are encouraging undefined I often wonder if the United States can even see a badly produced reality show such as what we are seeing with the Russia Ukraine scenario.

It must be comical for Russia to sit back and watch the Clown Show at the helm of US foreign policy blunder and create conspiracy theories, with Biden’s press secretary insisting that a Russian invasion is “imminent” even as the Ukrainians who are in a position to know and also in a position to benefit if it was true – pour cold water on the Biden war-fear-porn.

Someone has to come forward and say that the provocations from Joe Biden are the equivalent of an Old man yelling at kids to undefinedget off of his lawn.undefined

We’re not having a war. We’re having the appearance of a war.

This morning I saw the headlines that Russia is considering pulling troops out of Ukraine that he wants to talk peace. I thought that this is so predictable undefined Putin said himself that there would be no war undefined but today President Biden spoke about how there is no proof that Putin wants a peaceful solution,

After Russian President Vladimir Putin signaled that he was open to diplomacy, He announced that some Russian forces were being sent home after completing drills, even as major military exercises continued near Ukraine.

And yet President Biden now is saying that in order to continue this charade we have to suffer. In his speech this morning Biden said that the likelihood that U.S. and allied sanctions on Russia in retaliation for an invasion of Ukraine would have significant blowback on the American economy, including possible price hikes and disruption to the nation’s energy supply.

“The American people understand that defending democracy and liberty is never without cost,” Biden said in remarks at the White House about the ongoing crisis. “I will not pretend this will be painless.”

He said the administration was working proactively to try to preempt supply issues by working with energy producers and shippers on contingency plans, and said he would work with Congress on unspecified “additional measures to protect consumers and address the impact of prices at the pump.”

The American people understand what it means to defend democracy undefined but what they donundefinedt understand is that Washington D,C. can create a Flim Flam pretext to give excuses for poor leadership and foreign policy,

No American wants a war with Russia and smart Americans know that if we provoke such a war we will be doomed.

Biden also said that the U.S. has “not yet verified” Russia’s claim that some of its forces have withdrawn from the Ukraine border. He said an invasion of Ukraine remains a distinct possibility.

I guess for Russia, World War III is on hold undefined in the United States, the scriptwriters for this Roland Emmerich movie they want to make have writerundefineds block.

I had been watching the pious liberal CNN coverage falling over itself to report the so-called Russian Ukraine conflict and I often get annoyed as they are without shame.

They have been using stock footage of tanks moving through the snow and troops loading weapons and pulling other soldiers out of the snow to make it appear that they are wounded.

It is all reminiscent of the film, Wag the Dog. In the ’90s, Barry Levinson’s satire film showed us that if the media distracts the people by burying the lead undefined then you will see that the tail can wag the dog.

In a world of quick-fix information, and viral news it, often baffles me that credulity is stretched to the snapping point when the Deep State masks itself political party suits in order to include selective intelligence meant to generate an air of impending war.

In the wake of the so-called Ukrainian crisis we learn some lessons about how things in Washington are planned, how they can be exaggerated, and in the case of the whole Ukrainian situation faked by the media.

The phrase “tail wagging the dog” predated the movie, but it took on its current specific meaning in the political lexicon—concocting a national security crisis to distract from domestic problems and to make a poor leader look like a hero.

Just months after the film was released, Bill Clinton ordered strikes on alleged al-Qaida targets in Sudan and Afghanistan in the midst of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. What made things worse is that the Sudan strike turned out to have been based on questionable intelligence.

Clinton would be accused of wagging the dog again as the impeachment saga wore on, with the 1998 bombing campaign in Iraq and then NATO’s 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia during the Kosovo war. George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump—on earlier occasions —have all been accused of wagging the dog at various points in history.

Like Gaslight or The Manchurian Candidate, Wag the Dog has created a concept that has taken on a political afterlife independent from the work it was originally associated with.

The idea that an administration can create hysteria over something that is non-existent in order to distract the public is a tale that has been thought about for a long time after the film has lost its shelf life undefined if you havenundefinedt seen the film, you should, if you want to know what it is about undefined just watch CNN and how the President and his minions are creating news with the whole Ukrainian crisis.

Arguably, the Biden administration’s media campaign regarding Ukraine is a cynical exercise in manipulating public perception and manufacturing a crisis. Washington wants Russia to invade Ukraine in order to justify a US policy of division and conflict. American imperial ambitions for hegemony must rely on inciting tensions and ultimately conflict within Europe and towards Russia.

A specific objective for American global ambitions is to sabotage the strategic energy trade between the European Union and Russia. The problem for the US is that its charade of Russian aggression is simply not working. That’s because Moscow has no intention of starting a war with Ukraine or anyone else for that matter.

Sure enough, Russia has put down red lines regarding its national security. They include no further eastward expansion of the NATO bloc and the exclusion of offensive American strike weapons from near Russia’s borders. To most reasonable observers, those demands are hardly signs of “aggression”. In fact, they sound like a plausible basis for discussing a new security framework for Europe.

It seems that because the Biden administration can’t get what it wants – that is, a Russian invasion of Ukraine – it is hellbent on forcing or fabricating one.

Even the Ukrainian government and security officials have pushed back against the American claims of an imminent Russian invasion.

Nevertheless, in spite of the lack of evidence and rationale, and in spite of a United Nations’ rebuke to desist from such inflammatory rhetoric, Washington keeps insisting on making its bogus predictions of Russian aggression.

So, when is this gargantuan hoax going to be held to account? This contemporary version of “crying wolf” should have political and legal consequences for the hoaxers.

It is significant that Washington and London are the most hawkish advocates for trying to impose harsher economic sanctions against Russia. This is while the United States and Britain are taking the lead in militarizing Eastern Europe and talking up belligerence towards Moscow. The combined Anglo-American stance appears to be one of goading Russia into an armed conflict which can then be used as a pretext for sabotaging Europe’s energy relations with Russia.

The danger is that the longer this American charade continues and the fantasy over Russia’s alleged invasion becomes more and more apparent, the risk increases of the US forcing a provocation for war. Perhaps not intended as a direct war, more likely as a proxy war using Ukraine.

President Biden and his administration, as well as the entire US corporate media, are at risk of being exposed in the eyes of the world as war hoaxers.

The cabal that lied us into war more than a decade ago is still around – and not only that, they are mocking us from their podiums in the media, justifying and obscuring their crimes. I have always been told that history should be a great teacher and that we are supposed to learn from history lest we find ourselves repeating it over and over again.

There is much talk of the “lessons” that past wars have supposedly taught us, and there is a significant debate about how and when we should begin or end wars, but what’s clear is the lessons that we should be learning from Deep State provocateurs is that if you canundefinedt have a war undefined provoke one and maybe even throw in a few false flag attacks to justify it.

I guess Americans now take war in stride – we are simply a warlike people and one day it just won’t be to our advantage. The costs, in troops, civilian deaths and the cost to America’s credibility in the world will all, in the end, add up to a devastating loss.

So far, you can choose to see the losses we faced in the war with Iraq and Afghanistan or you can continue to think that these wars were for the greater good of our country.

Ukraine is a target for the greater good of NATO undefined and for the Interests of the neocon organizers that installed brown shirt terrorist governments so that the people of Ukraine suffer.

How did we end up in this nightmarish perpetual loop, the same scenario being played over and over again, with no power to stop it – or to wake up?

How is it that we are allowing ourselves to again fall for this augmented reality where up is down, the guilty are praised and the truth tellers, and the innocent are punished on a daily basis?

It becomes cliché to now say: “Just when you thought it could get any worse…” because it always gets worse and we accept it as the new normal and no one cares to point out the folly and impunity that is happening in plain sight.

President Biden is inadvertently doing a bit of self-projection. It’s Biden who seems to want things that he can’t get. Even an aging President has a Bucket List.

He is just waiting to check off the box of Russia invading Ukraine. If that sounds a bit illogical, then why is Biden so obsessed about predicting an imminent military move by Russia against its western neighbor?

Biden and his administration have been warning that Moscow could order an assault on Ukraine “any day” since last November.

Well, months and weeks go by and there is no outcome that will please Biden and his hawkish advisors.

The acts of psychological warfare are now in play and those who are not seeing that pattern are those who will fall for the gerrymandering of emotional support for more warfare.

The bottom line is that there is no imminent war, the threat of war, even a tiny specter of war, in Ukraine. It’s all White House theater, and its about nothing more than–like director Barry Levinson’s Wag the Dog “suitcase nukes” from Albania, distracting from Biden’s plunging poll figures and lack of fixing a runaway economy.

All we see from these so-called legitimate administrations is false flag after false flag dress rehearsal after dress rehearsal.

If they have enough dress rehearsals, they may go real-time and a war triggered by an embellished narrative could be the deadly end to this reality show.


Allan Saxe is an American political scientist, author, lecturer, radio commentator, philanthropist, and professor. He is a emeritus of political science at the University of Texas at Arlington, where he has been a faculty member since 1965. Saxe has since retired, although he would air on WBAP occasionally. Saxe co-authored a book titled American Government: A Core Approach. He has also been published in several political journals and magazine articles.