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Posted on February 2nd, 2022 by Clyde Lewis

A transhuman future in which mortality is optional may sound like paradise, but if it arrives sooner for some of us than for others, it could prove to be a dystopia. This is the technocracy moving forward with their idea of progress where all things will be electric and technology will force a synthetic existence that will have to include augmentation of the human body. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about  AUGMENTAL HEALTH - MOVING FORWARD WITH THE END OF HUMANITY.





We are now living through a chaotic period in human history, a proclaimed “time of troubles.”

What you must realize is that much of this deconstructive chaos is not the product of human stupidity but is being purposely fomented and utilized as a powerful catalyst for change. World leaders speak of change constantly, but it is incredibly rare that they provide any details concerning such change.  Do not allow yourself to be fooled the changes that we now witnessing are leading up to the ultimate goal: the total reconstruction of the human mind, body, and spirit from the inside out.

Einstein once warned us that crisis is the pretext for extinction. Every crisis that we try to overanalyze, every traumatic event that we develop new theories for is tantalizing mental masturbation, but it does nothing to help us overcome and get beyond our collective victimhood.

We can manufacture all sorts of “what ifs,” but we may want to watch the “what now’s” that indicates, the only hope we have now is to grow in knowledge and shatter the well-organized lies that seem to cloud our development.

The new normal includes a new bizarre human experience where we seem to be fighting against toxicity, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The intimidation tactics are becoming evident and the specter of voluntary extinction looms heavy as we begin to realize that we are living in a geoengineered pre-transhuman world.

The new evolutionary process is being prepared as we speak, and many people are ready to convert.

Since the 1970s, huge efforts have been made to sequencing the human genome. Today, after many years of research and billions of data points, that sequence is known.

As gene sequencing yields a comprehensive map of human biology, researchers are increasingly able to target parts of the sequence and modify them in order to achieve the desired result.

As patterns begin to emerge in the behavioral sequences, they too may be targeted. The ledger could be given a focus, shifting it from a system that not only tracks our behavior but offers direction towards the desired result.

The proposal for the future is that with technological advancements we can escape our mortal fragility and become transhuman avatars.

Welcome to year zero undefined the year of the beast, and the proposal to give life and humanity to the beast undefined the religion of scientism and the promise of eternal life granted by the technocracy.

The objective is to create a future with interchangeable hyperreality but arguably, the Mark of the Beast in the initiation into the pit of the metaverse and eventually the full surrender to the portal to the other side.

If you want it to be broken down in educational terms, we are now in our freshman year of being groomed into accepting this system, and eventually, we will become apt pupils and eventually advance into a new age of pleasures and the promise of eternal life through technology.

The Synthetic biology forecast is that as computer code is written to create software, to augment human capabilities, so too genetic code will be written to create life forms to augment civilization.

Scientists at the University of Copenhagen are working on a third PNA strand –a synthetic hybrid of protein and DNA – to upgrade humanity’s two existing DNA strands from double to triple helix. In doing so, these scientists “dream of synthesizing life that is utterly alien to this world.

They see this as progress and the pathway to eternal life undefined not natural all synthetic.

The past two years have been a checklist for the worst impulses of government and public sentiment.  The pandemic has allowed for supposedly temporary measures to morph into two years of “emergency” restrictions. But now we are learning that this is just and opening act -paving the way for the end of humanity as we know it.

No, it is not the end of the world undefined it will be the end of an age-and the new civilization will change.

Six million years of evolution to where we are today and now we have the tools in our hands to decide how our continued evolution should be shaped.

However, for us to adapt, we have to be acclimated to divorce ourselves form out humanity and perform like machines in order to appease the technocracy and their great reset.

Irony is something that many people believe is dead and yet we are seeing a lot of it play out around us. The media has done its best to make things homogenized and black and white but the middle continues to be overlooked.

The Middle must be extended in order to understand the future without political hindrances.

Your future will no longer be decided by politics but by a governmental body that relies on the religion of scientism. Many people have already made an agreement with the beast cult that is being established undefined and many people do not know that they have made a compromise that is leading them to become just another technology in the eyes of the technocracy

It sounds bitterly ironic now, during a global pandemic, but not long ago some of the most forward-looking people in the world believed that humanity was close to abolishing death.

Scientists were saying 5 years ago that within 10 years people would be able to extend their lives because science is going to come through with call sorts of miracles to extend life and yet the irony is that we now see 800. 00 or more dead from COVID-19.

Eternal life through advanced technology seems like a pipe dream for a society that, until recently, had trouble manufacturing enough masks to save doctors’ and nurses’ lives.

Yet Covid-19 may turn out to be just the kind of crisis needed to turbocharge efforts to create what its advocates call a “transhuman” future. With our biological fragility more obvious than ever, many people will be ready to embrace the message of the Transhumanist Declaration, an eight-point program first issued in 1998 which envisions the possibility of broadening human potential by overcoming aging, cognitive shortcomings, involuntary suffering, and our confinement to planet Earth.”

Transhumanists, many of them associated with nonprofits and think tanks like Humanity Plus and the Extropy Institute, have long been driven by the fear that our entire species could be wiped out by nuclear war, asteroid collision, technological accident—or a pandemic.

Given the focus on science and technology being our latter-day saviors, it is interesting to watch how ideas and ideologies continue to change and how attitudes in science have changed since we were first introduced to an unknown invisible virus.  As much as we grow tired of being in lockdown and mask torture it has to be noted that the technocracy has plans for me and you.

Transhumanists envision several possible avenues to immortality. Nanorobots could live inside our cells and constantly repair the damage, halting aging in its tracks. Genetic engineering could eliminate the mechanisms that cause us to age in the first place. Such technologies are still out of reach, but transhumanists believe we will be able to master them sooner than most people think, with the help of superpowered artificial intelligence.

Ultimately, however, the hope is that we won’t just use computers—we’ll become them.

These plans can be seen as science fiction but they are no longer science fiction as the mad scientists are now looking forward to the end of humanity as we know it.

After reading some scientific papers brought to my attention by the various doctors we have interviewed, I have an important message to share with all of you.

This message can basically outline the future for all of us and you may find it useful and others may not care about how the paradigm is shifting and it sounds as dark as we may have imagined.

The technocracy knows that they now have the power to convince millions to get medical procedures they donundefinedt need. However, they are important for the plans for a transhuman transition.

The plan of the technocrats is to conceptualize human beings as a platform undefinedtechnology,undefined one that comprises physical, psychological, and social performance.

Literally, the process is to create transhuman drones that can easily be controlled through genomics and augmentation.

The outline for the future is a mind-controlled existence in both the tangible physical world and in the virtual existence within the metaverse.

As a platform technology -we would no longer need faith is God or need a spiritual guide- the technocracy would provide for your pills, injections, and genetic treatments that can improve things like cognition, emotion, and motivation. In the long-term we will be able to rely on the technocracy and the transhuman medical complex to provide us with improvements in memory, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision making. This will mean that even emotional health can also be handled through a series of treatments, programming, and inoculations.

The bottom line is that through technology the technocracy wishes to implement all kinds of controls to guarantee group cohesion.

The arrogance and hubris in this point of view is enormous. That is one or two generations, the technocracy will pivot to controlling human evolution via genetic engineering and human augmentation is not only naive, ethically corrupt but fundamentally dangerous.

Today, cognitive scientists often compare the brain to hardware and the mind to the software that runs on it. But a software program is just information, and in principle there’s no reason why the information of consciousness has to be encoded in neurons.

The Human Connectome Project, launched in 2009 by the National Institutes of Health, describes itself as “an ambitious effort to map the neural pathways that underlie human brain function. If those pathways could be completely mapped and translated into digital 0s and 1s, the data could be uploaded to a computer, where it could survive indefinitely.

This could eventually lead to consciousness being loaded completely into digital avatars where your eternal life would live in what has been called by Rudolf Steiner the eighth sphere.

Rudolf Steiner saw it as the domain of Lucifer and the Antichrist – the two opposing forces towards mankind. Anti-spiritual forces are precursors to anti-life actions, and many see Transhumanism as the bridge to extinction, like a thousand paper cuts as we are beguiled to trade our bodies for avatars and our souls for bytes in a technological Eden.

Rudolf Steiner explains that the ultimate goal of the adversarial powers is to draw as much of humanity into the Eighth Sphere as is possible. If you imagine a future where people’s minds are permanently connected to the internet, which by then will likely be a quantum internet controlling all aspects of life both real and virtual; the virtual made up from countless worlds indistinguishable from physical reality, then you will have some idea of how consciousness will be controlled, harvested and bottled up like Data — just like DNA is being cataloged for what Bill Gates has called the new final solution-which, by the way, triggers him into maniacal derisive giggles which people think is charming.

This may sound like science fiction, but it’s also the natural conclusion of the technological advances of the last 20 years. The internet has already made it largely unnecessary to physically visit places like banks, post offices, and movie theaters, and the lockdown has given a big push to this trend.

And the lockdowns will not stop with Covid with the plans of the technocracy to push the climate crisis undefined the lure of the metaverse will sound so inviting instead of going off-world, can go to that inner sphere of the counterfeit existence.

Implementing significant but partial restrictions, one by one, in the name of the common good can allow for encompassing government control that results in relatively little backlash. Fear over climate change could lead to long-term soft lockdowns, given the precedent of the immense growth of government power and significant support for sweeping state actions.

This isn’t a right-wing fever dream. Calls for harsh government measures in the name of saving the environment are already in the parlance of influential organizations and figures. In November 2020, the Red Cross proclaimed that climate change is a bigger threat than COVID and should be confronted with “the same urgency.” Bill Gates recently demanded dramatic measures to prevent climate change, claiming it will be worse than the pandemic.

At the same time, either through direct government fiat or due to ineffective green energy policies, some areas of the country could regularly experience California-style rolling blackouts. And as fossil fuels go by the wayside, consumers may be prevented from buying new gasoline cars, lawnmowers, or anything that has a connection to fossil fuel.

Significant measures are already being planned to combat climate change. California will ban the sale of gasoline cars in 13 years, as will Germany. Britain plans to do the same in just eight. Prohibiting internal combustion engines could save the planet, the argument goes. As each negative weather event is blamed on climate change, the government will increasingly use its restrictive tools.

In synthetic biology, anything goes — and as the planet has been shown to deteriorate and ecosystems start to fail, we are told by a cabal of wasting oligarchs that it is all our fault and that we must pay our penance with carbon taxes.

The truth is obvious — this is all be design and a few force multiplied storms that are created in the laboratory called earth are evidently weapons of warfare. It is obvious that geoengineering or hacking the planet has been accomplished as we are now being told that genetically engineered diseases are the result of the geoengineered planet.

This is the technocracy moving forward with their idea of progress were all things will be electric and technology will force a synthetic existence that will have to include augmentation of the human body.

It is important to understand that the development of human augmentation goes beyond lockdowns and human direction or mandate, it suggests that technocracy will now control our own evolution via genetic engineering.

According to the: undefinedHuman Augmentation - The Dawn of a New Paradigm. A strategic implications projectundefined treatments involving novel vaccination processes and gene and cell therapies are examples of human augmentation already in the pipeline.  The need to use human augmentation may ultimately be dictated by national interest and they also add National security.

The report goes on:

Human augmentation is our first insight of what lies beyond todayundefineds Information Age - the coming of the Biotech age. The Biotech age will see focus on the human grow. No longer will it be adequate to regard people merely as the means to operate the machine. The interdisciplinary nature of human augmentation will render our current Industrial Age model of Defense ineffective. Defense must consider how it reorganizes to meet a future that will demand a human-centric approach to warfare where the person is armed with the capabilities to integrate fully into a single platform.

Differences in national, cultural and legal approaches will lead to an uneven uptake of human augmentation within international alliances. This will further complicate interoperability, integration and deconfliction. Overcoming these challenges will demand closer cooperation between allies. Alliances must therefore start work now to understand how and where to prepare for the use of human augmentation.

Another aspect of the report delves into personal information and the need to supersede such issues:

The key to developing effective human augmentation is an improved understanding of how both the body and technology work and how they work together. This will require access to, and analysis of, personal data: whether it is psychophysiological variables, collection of personal reference data, analysis of medical markers, or supervision of training routines. Only if these building blocks are put in place, will there be enough understanding to ensure that human augmentations can be made precisely and with certainty that the desired effect will be achieved. Only when (or if) this happens will the science of human augmentation arrive.

Synthetic biology will look at various markers to identify your compliance undefined this is most definitely the true definition of the mark of the beast and the human code of 666.

Do you want to see the future? Do you want to know why 5G is important in their plan?  The internet of things is the network that you will be required to plug into.

People have always feared death and dreamed of escaping it. But until now, that hope has been formulated in religious terms. Transhumanism promises that death can be conquered physically, not just spiritually; and the movement has the support of people with the financial resources to make it happen if anyone can. Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, and Elon Musk are among the Silicon Valley moguls who have invested in life-extension research. In 2013, Google entered the field by launching the biotech firm Calico, short for California Life Company.

As technology makes it possible to escape more of the burdens and dangers of physical existence, this class and professional divide could deepen into an existential one, with a virtual elite being served by an embodied working class. Of course, wealth and power have always offered some insurance against life’s risks.

A transhuman future in which mortality is optional may sound like paradise, but if it arrives sooner for some of us than for others, it could prove to be a dystopia.

There is always the threat of death with this mad science — and the people are unaware that crisis after crisis is being used to scare people into compliance and the offer on the table is a new normal where all worries will disappear. History shows us we should know better.