It is obvious that if you pay attention to any of the overlooked news and ignore the political claptrap that has become pervasive these days, you will know we are living in interesting times. The times we live in now are fraught with dramatic change.

We have discussed numerous times that at this time of mass disinformation campaigns that it is difficult to be clear on much of what is actually transpiring in the word today. We know now that propaganda is being used by our adversaries and also by our own media. We now can acknowledge that it has been designed to serve the special interests of governments, multinational corporations and large religious institutions.

One of the things that has been of a major interest on the internet is the massive amount of information on a space program that is underway and the space race has been sparked again. While nations are racing to become dominant in space again, we are also seeing competition happening between various corporate entities.

A team of researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have tested a hypersonic plane in a wind tunnel to speeds of Mach 7, or 5,600 miles per hour, according a paper published in the Chinese journal Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy.

This reported breakthrough comes hot on the heels of other Chinese hypersonic successes, including China’s DF-17 HGV as well as various scram jet test flights and rocket-powered space planes.

The test adds credibility to U.S. Admiral Harry Harris’s warning to Congress that China is looking to lead the global hypersonic arms race. Hypersonic vehicles are considered potential strategic game-changers. The speed would allow for greater global reach, but also could nullify current air defenses.

Harris said that we are having a hard time keeping up with China’s ground-based missile development due to arms limitation treaties that it’s signed with Russia.

He is talking specifically about the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

However, with new developments in Chinese hypersonic space technology – we are seeing that perhaps that SDI program proposed By Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s did not really die. It evolved into a secret space race where many classified programs have not only include the threat assessment of extraterrestrial threats, but also the threats of earthly adversaries that want to dominate space with hypersonic weaponry.

On March 23, 1983, President Ronald Reagan announced his aim to develop space-based anti-ballistic missile systems that would render nuclear weapons “impotent and obsolete.” The administration would subsequently call the comprehensive research effort SDI, but it was quickly dubbed “Star Wars” because of the systems’ planned reliance on high-technology laser and beam weapons deployed in space.

Critics of Star Wars asserted that these futuristic defenses would not work effectively, would stimulate a defensive and offensive arms race, and would make war more likely in a crisis by provoking a preemptive strike. SDI also threatened the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty, which was designed to constrain such a program and which would have to be abrogated or violated long before a deployment decision could be made.

Times have changed and advanced weapons systems in space are working and are effective.

China’s new hypersonic weapons programs indicate the nation’s getting serious about extending its economic and military reach into space . In addition to conventional instruments of global military power like aircraft carriers, it has invested in revolutionary technology like quantum communications, exascale supercomputers, and hypersonic aircraft that could reach any point on Earth in a couple hours.

It is being proposed that these treaties are keeping us in the dust and governments allegedly have their hands tied but corporations are seeing this as a big opportunity.

Governments can’t lay claim to territories in outer space, but corporations can. The 21st century version of the “Space Race” is a commercial satellite race — at least, according to the agenda laid out by the National Space Council meeting that recently happened February 21st.

The National Space Council, a Cold War-era space oversight committee, relaunched last June after being disbanded and re-launched several times, announced a series of measures designed to make it easier for private companies, such as SpaceX or Blue Origin, to launch satellites into space. Basically, by reducing regulations, the goal is to get as many satellites up in the air as possible.

Per the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, governments aren’t allowed to claim territories in outer space — such as the moon or an asteroid — on behalf of their own countries. However, that doesn’t mean businesses can’t do it. That means the way to promote national dominance in space is to promote space businesses, which in this case, includes commercial satellites.

President Barack Obama signed the Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act (H.R. 2262), which incorporates, as Title IV, H.R. 1508 — now termed, the Space Resource Exploration and Utilization Act of 2015.

Many people say that this law authorized big businesses to mine asteroids, the Moon and Mars without many legal hassles. Some say it is an endorsement of slave labor in space.

While Title IV states, “A United States citizen engaged in commercial recovery of an asteroid resource or a space resource under this chapter shall be entitled to any asteroid resource or space resource obtained, including to possess, own, transport, use, and sell the asteroid resource or space resource obtained in accordance with applicable law,” it also states that , “It is the sense of Congress that by the enactment of this Act, the United States does not thereby assert sovereignty or sovereign or exclusive rights or jurisdiction over, or the ownership of, any celestial body.”

The Space Resource Exploration and Utilization Act raises some very troubling legal issues about future mining operations by U.S. based mining corporations. However, rather than a hypothetical legal problem to be debated by space law attorneys, there is testimonial evidence that space mining operations already secretly exist.

We have discussed the theoretical idea there are already mining operations on the Moon and on Mars being conducted by robots equipped with artificial intelligence.

It appears the future was once the subject of comic books and movies; however, it already happened secretly with covert military operations hijacking the space program, and constructing bases and facilities to swallow up resources.

Now, space operations have moved to the corporate sector and the elite are waiting for their cue to move forward and spread out in the solar system like a plague.

The UK recently launched the UK Space Agency to promote its commercial space sector, and countries like France, Japan, Russia, and China are all investing in this sector as well.

The National Space Council is taking crucial steps in making it easier to launch as many satellites as possible, including with technology we’ve never seen before.

Under Obama, authorizing these missions fell under the Department of Transportation. Under Trump’s National Space Council, mission authorization is shifting to the jurisdiction of the Department of Commerce, which is known for prioritizing the interests of business over regulation.

Over the next several years, we may see the emergence of asteroid mining technology – an attractive venture for space companies, but one that could produce debris that threatens the safety of people and technology in space. If asteroid mining becomes a reality under these National Space Council policies, these missions could more likely to be approved as missions than they were before. There are other risks involved with a large number of satellites. Too many radio-emitting satellites can also interfere with one another’s signals, and too many satellites in one area greatly increase the risk of collision. It’s worth noting that SpaceX hopes to launch over 11,000 satellites to provide global broadband internet.

Bigelow Aerospace has focused on building inflatable space modules that provide habitats in Low Earth orbit with more breathing room. Bigelow Space Operations (BSO), a spinoff venture dedicated to marketing and operating these inflatable space habitats, can be used as dwellings for miners and military personal in Low Earth Orbit. The inflatables are also being tested for habitat potential on the Moon and Mars.

Now, the corporate race for space also includes many contracts being signed with Defense contractors who are keeping their paper trail well hidden in corporate infrastructure providing even more fodder for speculation on a cosmic cold war enterprise that we are actually paying for with our tax dollars.

It is now being exposed that the U.S. Government, Air Force, U.S. Navy and other military branches, in partnership with various corporations, have been funneling trillions of your dollars, large chunks of your paychecks, into secret research and development projects to create advanced technologies that could propel our planet into a full on Star Wars type society complete with our own “Death Star” satellite capabilities.

We always hear of everything in the military being seemingly overvalued and money being funneled into nowhere or some black hole where politicians are left pretending like they do not know where trillions of dollars end up.

It is becoming more apparent that they are going into new Cold War 2.0 programs to facilitate not only corporate interests but defense interests as well.

Two years ago trillions went missing from the Military. It was reported that the Pentagon could not account for 6.5 trillion dollars in tax payer money.

The report revealed the Defense Finance and Accounting Service could not provide adequate documentation for how it spent $6.5 trillion.

Just before the September 11th attacks, various individuals with the government were investigating the whereabouts of a size-able portion of money in the amount of $2.3 trillion dollars and where it had gone:

“On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld gave a speech at the Pentagon where he stated:

“According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 Trillion dollars in transactions.” “The adversary is closer to home, it’s the Pentagon bureaucracy.” “In fact, it could be said that it’s a matter of life and death.”

We know from past experiences that the people of the United States have been funding and supporting projects of an undisclosed nature.

Could it be that the trillions of dollars that have been lost or unaccounted for are winding up in the hands of corporate interests that are conducting their various space activities on behalf of the Defense Department?

The truth appears to have been hidden so well that even if evidence poured down from the sky, most of the uninformed masses would not be unable to comprehend the importance of what they were seeing.

The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, whose existence was not classified but operated with the knowledge of an extremely limited number of officials.

Apart from the discoveries of UFO’s, or strange aerial phenomena, there was so much more to be found in the threat assessment of advanced space machines developed by Russia and China.

Perhaps it sounds a bit outrageous, but the threat assessment study accidentally stumbled upon the UFO reality and the media ran with the sensational part of the study.

However, a more immediate reality was hypersonic weapons from China and Russian nuclear capabilities.

One possible theory behind the unexplained incidents, according to a former congressional staffer who described the motivations behind the program, was that a foreign power; perhaps the Chinese or the Russians, had developed next-generation technologies that could threaten the United States.

For the record this program has now given credibility to UFO theorists, who have long pointed to public accounts by military pilots and others describing phenomena that defy obvious explanation.

The Pentagon’s efforts also focused some of its inquiries into sci-fi sounding concepts like “wormholes” and “warp drives.” The program also drafted a series of what the office referred to as QUEU reports or “queried unverified event under evaluation,” reports, in which pilots and other personnel who had reported encounters were interviewed about their experiences.

The report also reveals that America’s chief adversaries in space are familiar ones: Russia and China are extending above the atmosphere the competition and conflict already boiling down here on Earth — from Syria to Ukraine to the South China Sea to cyberspace.

China and Russia are taking aim at America in space with a dizzying array of weapons seemingly borrowed from science fiction. Russia has deployed what could be multiple kamikaze satellites such as “Kosmos 2499” designed to sidle up to American satellites and then, if ordered, disable or destroy them. China has launched the “Shiyan,” equipped with a grappling arm that could snatch US satellites right out of orbit.

These are not experimental weapons of the future, but weapons of today, already operating from Near Earth Orbit, just 100 miles up and home of the International Space Station, to Medium Earth Orbit at 12,500 miles, where the GPS satellites fly, all the way up to 22,000 miles in Geostationary Orbit, home of the nation’s most sensitive military communications and nuclear early warning satellites.

So what this report is telling us is that while we have adversaries in space that are the well-known cold waresque foes — the mysterious extraterrestrial enemy is still being kept under wraps.

Now the question whether or not the US moving quickly enough to respond to the new threats in space – or is this new Cold War 2.0 where the final battle will be waged over satellites, grid systems and extraterrestrial treaties?

George Lucas couldn’t have written this any better that the reality of it all.

Arguably, he probably has.