Last night as I was getting ready to leave, I went into my office and looked over news stories and ideas that would make for some great topics. I also take the time to post a few links on my Facebook page that I think would be of interest to my subscribers. I stumbled upon a video that made me feel uncomfortable because I realized that what I was witnessing exemplified the idea that whatever grooming or manipulation is taking place – it appears to be working, it is turning college students into imbeciles.

I found a video that was provided by the Freethinkers of Portland State University. It features a class discussion where a group of students stormed out of the classroom because The Evergreen State College biologist, Heather E. Heying pointed out biological differences in men and women. One or the students appeared to be Transgender and another student on camera said that college discussions should not include what he called Nazi propaganda.


Heying was just commenting on a paper that was written by a student that identifies the physiological and anatomical differences between men and women.

It was surreal to see students in a college trying to prevent the conversation from happening – a conversation that is just universally and widely accepted in biology.

Then I found another video that featured an interview featuring Tucker Carlson, where a woman who believes if we could remove the word “man” in reference to mankind the world would be a much better place and people would not be as offended.


She is referring to words like mankind, manmade or mail man etc and I am thinking that while words do change and culture evolves, this is something that needs to be addressed.

Now mind you this is not going to be an argument about sexual preference, or what you think you are between the ears, I want to address the future loss of universal truth.

It is unfortunate that we live in times where facts are treated differently in public debate. There is really no real way to pinpoint when we started living in what can be called a post Truth era, but I guess for the sake of argument we can at least admit that the reshaping of our culture is underway.

Many people will surmise that the proof that this is happening is evident;however, for those who claim that the organized effort of mind control for the consensus is the product of conspiracy theory there is now an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” where 40 million dollars of tax payer money will be used to initiate information warfare against the American people.

The Department of Defense will now double-down on their efforts to groom the population of the United States and other populations with what is called the Global Engagement Center an office established under the Obama administration initially to counter propaganda of other countries.

Make no mistake; this organization has been established to weaponries information and ideas – it is simply a Trojan Horse that has been created by the technocracy to reeducate the American people and reprogram them for a new era that will most certainly be plagued with war.

Information is a craft. Who crafts the information, controls the message and therefore what the population believes. As much as purveyors of information may wish to convey that the information they are reporting has objective value, free from bias and constituting simply ‘the news’, everything that is packaged as such is laden with assumptions, all of them ultimately geared towards ensuring ‘continuity of narrative’ and thus the status quo.

Information will eventually no more than a well organized psy-op that can be witnessed from the day to day perusing of the social network and how the trash talk, trolling and bullying becomes part of the daily routine. The political forum has been reduced to various tweets and small bites of information. Anything that is posted in the social network with a link to a referenced article or essay is seldom read, but armchair critics have much to say about the headline, how it is written and whether it is misspelled or misleading.

The political cavalcade of commentary is all but glanced at and forgotten in the social net. There is no 24 hour repetition or commentary that sways the audience. The fickle opinions the statistical cynicism in the opinion polls and the disenfranchised anarchists all have things to say about the system and it can be concluded that system has changed and that we are being dragged kicking and screaming into the new technocratic era.

It is arguably enlightening to realize that there is inspiration and a learning experience we gain from various failures. At least sane people learn from their various failings.

There is nothing new in politicians failing, and creating lies to cover up their failings. We are now seeing that politicians, the intelligence operatives, and the media are deliberately making inaccurate claims to suit their agendas.

The conspiracy theory was always about what government has covered up, what they lie about; this is old school and basic.

What feels different today is the way they respond when their claims are refuted or when they are exposed.

In the past, public figures tended to be uncomfortable when it was shown they had said something untrue, because public opinion frowned on what was a proven falsehood. Sometimes in an effort to save face, there would either be a half-hearted retraction, a hollow apology or some sort of explanation fraught with half truths.

Now it appears that the media, the intelligence infrastructure and those in politics are no longer afraid to tell outright lies in order to push their agendas. They even pay great sums of money to hire technocrats to come in and bolster their lies with their so0-called “expertise”- the phantom expert is all that is needed now to quash the public debate over whether or not the information is a lie.

If we look back in history the outright lie was associated with dictatorships, where politicians had no fear of public refutation. They would use state run media and propaganda experts and hire scientists and psychologists to refine and even alter perception in order for the lie to take root.

This is called a “filter bubble effect.”

The ‘filter bubble’ effect means that the increasing number of people who receive news online, and particularly through social media, may see only the lie and the dismissal of any rebuttal, or alternatively they may see only the rebuttal. Many people therefore never even glimpse the whole picture.

Eventually, the Orwellian propaganda lords will begin to program us with the idea that there is no such thing as the truth, only perspectives or interpretations.

The bottom line will be that the way we perceive and theorize about the world reflects our human cognitive structures and therefore we will be programmed into believing that there is no universal truth.

This is a frightening outlook, but it no longer can be ignored.

This brings new meaning to the axiom “Everything you know is wrong.”

Humanity is under attack. Our men are dying out. A technological revolution is reshaping our species. The future of mankind is uncertain.

Look out over a cityscape and you will likely see a mass of humanity distracted, absorbed in the glowing screens of handheld devices, largely unaware of the approaching crossroads of history.

These are similar to the telescreens that Orwell had predicted would not only transmit a constant stream of images and sounds intended to manipulate and control the population, but it would actively track and monitor the population to keep it from rebelling.

Look out over a cityscape and you will likely see a mass of humanity distracted, absorbed in the glowing screens of handheld devices, largely unaware of the approaching crossroads of history.

We are now being groomed for what can be called the dawning of a post-truth era in which there are no universal truths, only interpretations, or sets of ‘alternative facts’.

Even repeating that sentence gives me the chills, and reminds me of the Orwellian nightmare of 2+2= 5.

In the book, 1984, the protagonist Winston Smith uses the phrase to wonder if the State might declare “two plus two equals five” as a fact; he ponders whether, if everybody believes it, that makes it true. The Inner Party interrogator of thought-criminals, O’Brien, says of the mathematically false statement that control over physical reality is unimportant; so long as one controls one’s own perceptions to what the Party wills, then any corporeal act is possible, in accordance with the principles of doublethink.

When lawmakers make policy that affects the lives of American citizens, it should always be in favor of the solution supported by demonstrable truth and facts. However now we are seeing that policy and agendas are being programmed into the populace by what is being called “The Resistance.”

We live in an era of’ ‘sponsored content,’ ‘public diplomacy,’ ‘fake news,’ and ‘post-truth’ content: They’re all variations on propaganda, something that was easily identified in the 1920s and 1930s;however, in the era of the technocrats we can’t even discern between what can be called Russian information warfare and reality – and don’t let the media fool you – they are using it against you as well, they just can’t muster up the courage to admit it. They have a good thing going with their ability to conjure information and invent new words and phrases that cover up what used to trigger repulsive responses.

The invention of new words and phrases to conceal old evils is itself an old evil. Politicians and pundits, as always, seek out new innocuous phrases in an effort to dampen the revulsion of recognition.

As Orwell said about his fictitious dystopia, “In our time, political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible.”

If you can detect how you are being manipulated and lied to you will realize that snappy and clever phrases and words are being used to obscure both the truth and the continuity between past and present. It’s also a big linguistic step in the wrong direction. Now more than ever, Americans generally and the media especially need to stop trying to use clever words in order to euphemistically spray air freshener on a dog turd.

Fascism thrives on falsehoods.

The very idea that our government has established an Orwellian Ministry of Truth – or propaganda unit is most certainly and indication of what our future holds. It will be a future where the phantom experts and manipulators can convince you that it is within your right and obligation to cleanse the world of what will be deemed lesser peoples and weaker ideologies.

The internet with all of its convenience and communication capabilities has not been able to teach the average American how to sniff out propaganda. In the media madness that passes for our “information age” It’s uncomfortable to swallow that bitter pill and consider the possibility that we get the society we deserve.

Education cannot keep up with whims and theories that when published become facts in the minds of those too lazy to read and are ready to comment on the headline or hyperlink.

If your education or the education you want your children to have is merely a mechanism for mass programming within the marketplace then perhaps it is time to realize that you are effectively giving the technocracy a free pass to do whatever they want in the future to your mind and eventually your morality and core beliefs.

Big business, big data, and the big brains who control the intelligentsia and are responsible for the DNA databases, the genome mapping, the medical surveillance state and the micro chipped society that will eventually end up part of the singularity.

In government, the technocrats are pushing the modern psy-op, too. Their policies are beginning to sound like something out of Huxley’s “Brave New World”, many of the technocrats that give us our GMO’s in the national dietary intake sit on the board of directors of most pharmaceutical companies.

Technocrats both help and cause the global financial failures and they are also helping to both promote and destroy the information age by fighting these small battles and according to the government fueling sedition and terrorist ideologies.

The technocracy as it is applied now is seeing its golden age in behavior modification and mass population management. No one wishes to admit that they have fallen victim to a large scale deception and manipulation. We have fallen for a large scale manipulation of attitudes that generate dissociative disorders, sociopathic tendencies, and the inability to separate the facts from exaggerations.

The educational system in this country has also failed to grasp most reality and has asked science to state and secure the prime narrative which includes junk science that will lead us back to times of Eugenics and “blood and soil” concepts that prevailed during the times of Stalin and Hitler.

The ego and it’s so-called firewall has been appealed to by the sophistication of the technological methods of information and psychic warfare along with frequency manipulation that is exemplified in mainstream media and advertising. This all appeals to a bestial and base instinct that were once held in check by discipline are now falling into society.

This is now creating an alarming and sustained emotional identification with what is happening according to the information control apparatus. It is not enough to report a story as information; it now has to be an affair of repetitive sound bite and propaganda to push an agenda to its emotional attachment.

This emotional identification with a social hierarchy caused the millions of Germans and Russians to help in the holocaust and Stalinist Purges. The emotional following of an ideal without the intellectual evaluation of the reality, which can be completely opposite to the original ideal, was caused by this identification with the social structure.

Muslims are like us; that’s the problem. The Nazis were like us too. So were the Communists. They were and are what we are capable of becoming if we fall under the sway of a totalitarian ideology that insists it has the right and duty to enslave the human race.

We are being programmed to hate the wrong people in order to avert our gaze from the encroaching technocracy.

In fact, the technocracy thrives on chaos and inequality. The divisive tactics that pit black people against white people and the moral dilemma of how many Muslims should be killed, is morality manipulation that is being used through various acts of trauma to create a criminal populace.

A criminal populace needs an industrial surveillance apparatus so thorough that a panopticon will have to be required in every state and country under the technocratic order.

In a dark future, it will be the technocratic imperative to sacrifice liberty for the sake of cultural preservation.

The mind was an easy machine to control and from there the body will become an amazing tool in wartime and in maintaining a society free of criminal entanglements, at least from the citizenry.

One-size-fits-all schools, the corporate workplace, government bureaucracies and other giant, impersonal institutions routinely promote manipulative relationships rather than respectful ones, machine efficiency rather than human pride, authoritarian hierarchies rather than participatory democracy, disconnectedness rather than community, and helplessness rather than empowerment.

The sifting of human material knows no limits. It is a philosophy that is developed by those who see the material world being swallowed up by so-called wasters and malcontents who fit their ideology of scapegoating.

No one in the mainstream media will expose this or even pinpoint its cause. Nor will the media attempt to cure the underlying sickness. It will all be perpetuated for the furthering of the police state and the encouragement of the technocratic predatory state that America has become.