Every year after the Super Bowl, I do my strange analysis of the commercials and the half time show. As many of you know, I usually analyze the big game and use it as an oracle of sorts, because the half time performances and the commercials are usually a weird form of what is known as the “Revelation of the Method” or what forestructures or what can be approximated in the immediate future and direction of the country, maybe even the world.

The Super Bowl always seems to be a blue print for the future as advertisers and performers tap into zeitgeist and magically steer the country with the use of neuro-programming and ritual that arguably is a preview for what is to come.

The big game has always been an exercise in mass media consumption, as it’s the epitome of what can be called bread and circuses, a term that indicates while the government continues to put the country into decline, the spectacle of the gladiators never fails to appease and distract the masses.

This exercise in hyper-reality generates a sense of universal awe that studies have shown is good for the psychological health of a country.

However, the Super Bowl is beginning to look a lot more like a highly-designed psychological programming tool that can trick us to believe we have experienced something more significant than we actually have.

The technology used in presenting the Super Bowl continues to grow in sophistication as more powerful, new sources of actual manipulation and stimulation have become readily available.

The presenters of the spectacle are now blending the reality of the game, with ritual and possible predictive programming that can be used to insert ideas that in the peak of awe inspiring gaming, plant seeds that may grow into realities in the future, becomes familiar to observers.

Often, it is seen as forestructuring and social engineering that has a long-term impact that push agendas and steers the hive mind into changing their attitudes about what are considered normal social values.

This year, the Super Bowl as a metaphor, and the meme seeds being planted by the commercials and the halftime show were subtle. They were not blatantly trying to sell you on some Illuminati plot – but they were undoubtedly using symbolism to raise the consciousness to be prepared for the avenging of a wrong that has been committed.

The commercials that weren’t Olympics ads or comical – most certainly had their share of looking to a future of old age, desolation and destruction, time travel and the eventual need for tranhumanism. We learned that Africa is doomed to run out of water and that even a comedic Pringles commercial can have a guy standing on a set that looks like it is taken directly from some apocalyptic disaster movie.

Disaster, redemption and technology are the blatant forestructuring components but what are the esoteric aspects of the game that need to be exposed?

Just before the Super Blue Moon and eventual eclipse I did something I had not done in a while. I invited an astrologer on my show to discuss the importance of the moon and its eventual eclipse. It just so happened that the night before the eclipse President Trump made his State of the Union speech. Robert Phoenix came on the show to talk about the significance of the Moon and how it was entering the star sign Leo and that the eclipse was noteworthy because President Trump is, a Gemini with Leo rising and Sagittarius moon, which by the way at the time of his birth, was also an eclipsed Red Moon.

Robert Phoenix also speculated about the relationship Leo had on the Super Bowl. He said that it would have been easy to predict the Super Bowl if the Detroit Lions were facing the New England Patriots. He then that what was really amazing is that if you were to connect Leo the Lion with an Eagle you have a Griffin which is an ancient symbol of revenge, or the avenging of something that was wrong bringing balance to everything.

Working with the Griffin as a mode of symbology – the eagle which is the lion of birds shall be the stronger opponent. It was with this combination that Phoenix predicted that the Philadelphia Eagles would be the most likely to win the Super Bowl.

Well, the big game was played and the final score was 41-33 with the Eagles winning the NFL championship.

I know there are many who see astrology is mere mumbo jumbo or hocus pocus to predict the future; however it is much more than that. Using the horoscope as an oracle is merely based on historic algorithm and what has happened in the past when certain celestial signs and portends are seen.

It is using the ancient symbolism of the past to approximate the future and is usually used as a guide or a map. The journey and the destination are often up for interpretation.

Now, with that out of the way, we know the month of January ended with the eclipsed moon. The eclipse happened in Leo.

Most of us are likely familiar with the parallel which has often been noted between the four Gospel Accounts and the four living creatures in the opening vision of the wheel by the prophet Ezekiel – The Lion, The Ox, (The horned one), the Eagle, and the Man.

The lion symbolizes supreme strength, kingship; the man, highest intelligence; the ox, lowly service; the eagle, heavenliness, mystery, divinity.

This is called a Tetramorph. It has been seen in ancient Egypt – even the ancient sphinx is a Tetramorph.

The animals associated with the Christian Tetramorph originate in the Babylonian symbols of the four fixed signs of the zodiac; the Ox representing Taurus; the lion representing Leo, the eagle representing Scorpio; the man or angel representing Aquarius. In Western astrology the four symbols are associated with the elements of, respectively Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

These four symbols together represent the rule of the one, the servant of the ruler and the suffering of the slave, the rite of becoming a man and the avenging of all of his imperfection to rise as an eagle which is known as the lion or “King” of birds.

In ancient writings the King of Birds was the Griffin, who was the guardian of the wheel.

The Wheel has often been associated with the Chariot of Nemesis. It is also seen in the Celtic Cross.

The Roman goddess of fate and revenge, Nemesis, was the personification of godly punishment of those guilty of pride. She was first portrayed as a female figure beside the wheel of fate and a Griffin stood guard at the wheel.

The Griffin’s association with avenging a wrong or a symbol of fate and Revenge brings balance to the duality of all things.

There have been many ancient sculptures that show the Griffin as the guardian of the wheel and the Griffin has also been known to be the herald of beings like Apollyon, who has been associated with destruction.

Apollyon, the destroyer is given in Revelation 9:11 for “the angel of the bottomless pit” (in Hebrew called Abaddon), also identified as the king of the pestilence from the abyss described in Revelation 9:3-10. In one manuscript, instead of Apollyon the text reads “Apollo,” the Greek god of death and pestilence as well as of the sun, music, poetry, crops and herds, and medicine.

Apollyon rises from the underworld to bring conflict among men. After he comes from the underworld we see death and destruction before the second coming of Christ.

Justin Timberlake, who performed the halftime show at the Super Bowl released a song with an accompanying video called “Supplies” just before Super Bowl aired.


The video is set in a very abstract world where he is watching a panopticon of events. Television screens are showing him all of the violence in the world. He is then walking through some strange streets and then he is seen observing a group of people worshipping a pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye. The woman he is with throws a torch and the pyramid where it is engulfed in flames. The pyramid appears to be made of money.

Later, the world is apparently in ruins and you see both Timberlake and the girl standing in what looks like the aftermath of a nuclear conflagration.

Timberlake is seen rising from the underworld to become the king of nothing as he tries to avenge the sins of a dystopian society.

The video, “Supplies” ends with a child that has a dirty face walking up and saying “Just leave. Die already. You’re still asleep! Wake up! Just leave. We good.”

The message appears to be that no matter how you try your fate is sealed and there is nothing you can do to beat the destructive attitudes that lead to extinction.

It seems to set the agenda for some dark fate or sin that will be committed.

During his Super Bowl performance, Timberlake is seen walking up to the stage from a cavern below the stadium. This again symbolizes the raising of man or creature from the underworld.

This can also be seen as Timberlake coming from a tomb or even a womb. This was something the early Egyptian initiates did in the secret schools to represent rising form death.

Initiates embarked on a journey into the kingdom of death, night & shadow to reemerge after three days resurrected and born again:

– having experienced the otherworld, death has been conquered & life renewed. Initiates embarked on a journey into the kingdom of death, night & shadow to reemerge after three days resurrected and born again.

One week before the release of the video Supplies, Timberlake released Filthy, a video that features him being replaced by a dancing robot.


At the end of Filthy, Timberlake “glitches out” and disappears, setting the agenda for a transhuman replacement or being born-again as a robot.

If you were watching the commercials during the Super Bowl there were also many hints being thrown our way with regards to transhumanism.

Toyota featured people it limb replacements and body part that can be replaced and Sprint introduced us to Evelyn and a whole group of robots making fun of stupid humans.

We see the old saying, “Ordo Ab Chao”: Order out of Chaos, in play here.

The Darkness is coming… the balance between Order and Chaos is rapidly shifting and the world is falling towards evil and horror, and all the misery that Chaos will bring.

In ancient Egypt, Set or Seth Egyptian god of war, chaos and storms, brother of Osiris, Isis, and Horus the Elder. His name is usually translated as “instigator of confusion” and “destroyer” and he was associated with disorder, foreign lands and people, and the color red. He is sometimes depicted as a horned red-haired beast with a forked tail and cloven hooves or a shaggy red dog-like animal—one of his symbols was the Griffin.

It was interesting to note that during the half time show and his tribute to Prince there was a shadow that appeared that looked like a man with a forked tail.

As we look at the symbolism of the performance and commercials of the Super Bowl and what the stars have aligned for us it is not at all out of character to say that freedom and commitment may come into conflict at this time.

There will be many people that will lose their patience over such things as politics and lack of money but the symbol of the Griffin is the symbol that sticks with me through this moment in time.

I await the moment that the avenging spirit rises up and we eventually right the wrongs that have been plaguing us.

The mystery is in what these “wrongs” or sins might be.