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Posted on February 5th, 2024 by Clyde Lewis

The media tends to report more on the political circus instead of the obvious takeover of what can be called undefinedDevilundefineds Advocatesundefined that somehow find a way to make what was abhorrent, the norm. We are living in a society that they are designing for their twisted purposes and represents their depraved values. It is all paranormal and winds its way into becoming an absurd spectacle intolerant of morality and social cohesion. Public truth is being dissolved and the new trend moves ever closer to the subversive nature of Satanism. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about some of the more recent bizarre news stories in DEVIL’S ADVOCATES - MESS WITH THE DEVIL YOU GET THE HORNS.



I am hopeful that people are beginning to understand that several activities are happening that are of far more concern than the political circus the media favors to report over the obvious takeover of what can be called undefinedDevilundefineds Advocatesundefined that somehow find a way to make what was once abhorrent in society undefined accepted as the norm.

The other day there was a story that happened in Astoria Oregon a haunting seaside town that has ties to the bloodline Astor family and is home to a house that was featured in the movie undefinedThe Goonies.undefined

A man is facing arson and other charges after he allegedly tried to burn down a home after spray-painting it with black crosses.

Voices told him that the house was infested with vampires.

Based on witness descriptions, the Astoria Police Department identified that person as Derrick Brett Gill.

Police say Gill undefinedinitially refused to comment on the fire and requested medical care for unrelated matters.undefined He was given medical attention and obtained temporary housing at a local shelter.

Police say Gill admitted that while in the homeundefineds vestibule, he undefinedheard voices telling him to burn the house down because it contained vampires.undefined

Gill then told investigators he found a can of black spray paint that he used to draw crosses on the walls and used a cigarette lighter to ignite the aerosol paint and start the fire.

Police say Gill gave specific accurate details about the scene and had black spray paint on his hands.

Meanwhile, right-wing New Yorkers are calling for the deportation of a group of undocumented immigrants who were released without bail after brutally beating two NYPD police officers in Times Square.

The officers were assaulted attempting to break up a disorderly crowd outside of a Midtown migrant shelter on Saturday night, video released by the NYPD shows. Five suspects were arrested but were later released without bail.

The suspects were seen flipping off cameras, and yelling obscenities to the media as they were released -sending a message that there seems to be no justice and that the invisible borders are contributing to criminal activity here at home.

Another horrific story was reported about 32-year-old Justin Mohn. Mohn allegedly shot his father before using a knife and machete to decapitate him.

He then posted a rambling video on YouTube advocating the torture and killing of US government employees. All the while holding the head up so all could see.

The video was on the site for several hours before it was taken down, authorities said.

Ironically all this was happening around the time Mark Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley royalty were being grilled in the Senate about how violence and child exploitation have been running rampant on social platforms.

Ted Cruz asked Mark Zuckerberg why Instagram users are given the option to “see results anyway” when attempting to pull up images of child sexual abuse.

He held up a blown-up screenshot of an Instagram prompt that asks users if they want to ‘get resources’ or ‘see results anyway’ when browsing harmful images.

The warning read ‘these results may contain images of child sexual abuse’, with an explanation underneath.

‘You gave users two choices: “Get resources or see results anyway”,’ Cruz said.

We are living in a society that they are designing for their twisted purposes and that represents their twisted values.

It is all paranormal and it winds its way in becoming an absurd circus undefined that seems to be intolerant to morality and social cohesion.

For example:

Do you remember Michael Cassidy? He was the guy who beheaded the statue of Satan at the Iowa Capitol, and now he is being charged with a hate crime.

Cassidy drove up to Iowa after the Satanic display was erected in the state capitol and took it down. He will be arraigned on February 15.

Polk County prosecutors charged Cassidy with felony third-degree criminal mischief, saying that he acted “in violation of individual rights” under Iowa’s hate crime statute.

Prosecutors upgraded his attack on the alter of Baphomet to a hate crime.

The display was set up near a Nativity scene at the state capitol. While some Republicans, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, criticized the display others, like Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, said it had to stay up and that the answer to the Satanic display was more free speech.

In addition, evidence shows the defendant made statements to law enforcement and the public indicating he destroyed the property because of the victim’s religion, according to prosecutors.

It is such a weird time in history where we are surrounded by Devilundefineds advocates that demonstrate undefinedif you mess with the devil, you get the horns!undefined

Stories that sound like they have been taken from Horror movies are everywhere undefined and we realize that we are living in a world of paranormal horror that many people are in denial about.

When you find yourself reporting about a paranormal world, you have to develop an open mind. But the open mind has to be a guarded one as there are many charlatans out there who can try to fool people to get attention.

Progressive ideology is finding itself to be more of a paranormal endeavor as many of the ideas that come with it become outrageous and strange.

Whenever we have to address the issue of “progressive” ideology in America today, the debate inevitably finds its way around to the grand idealism of “acceptance” and “tolerance.”

There is nothing wrong with acceptance and tolerance, but in some situations, we need to state that there should be boundaries and rites of passage that seem to have been thrown away because of new ideas that are truly pushing the limits of sanity.

What we have been witnessing in some cases is a cadre of clowns demanding that their absurdity be supported and tolerated and that their chaotic circus must be accepted or face the thought crime of prejudice and bigotry.

Everything in America is based on self-perception undefined you are what you think you are and it is simple if you are not harming anyone and it makes you happy then by all means be who you feel you are.

But there seems to be a disconnect in the fact that there are those who think the collective is only valuable so long as it reaffirms their identity.

Anything that might restrict their pursuit of self-aggrandizement is considered oppressive. This is why they often argue in favor of moral relativism. They have a delusion in their mind of what they are; they see themselves as a fantastic gift to the world. But, if people are allowed to judge them on their moral failings then they will always be reminded that they are not all that impressive. So, they seek to control the views and speech of others.

While they speak constantly of acceptance, they rely on zealotry to achieve their objectives. They are highly intolerant of people who do not want to participate in their movement or their activism.

The assertion that has now been introduced by radical leftists is that they are on the side of “freedom” and human rights and that by confronting or separating ourselves from certain behaviors we are revealing bigotry and discrimination.

In other words, they assert that all personal beliefs and behaviors must be embraced by the populace for society to become pure.

But it has to be said undefined that like in all societies there are differences in the population undefined and to ignore them makes the society boring.

There is always someone out there who is going to be offended or triggered undefined but we now somehow feel we need a non-profit organization or a slapped-together religious or political group to lobby away the choices and beliefs of someone else.

The collectives always believe they have power undefined but it is the collective that will break up the United front that we as Americans need to survive.

Collectives that war with each other within the united framework of a people destroy a system from within.

This threat to the republic is known as the Permanent Revolution of The Open Conspiracy.

The symbol of the permanent revolution has always been the raised fist- the symbol that was adopted by Black Lives Matter.

At first Trade unions and socialist and communist parties used the raised fist- but now it has become a symbol for many political movements as it represents undefinedrevolution.undefined

H.G. Wells was the author of a book called, The Open Conspiracy. This book was an expose of what the elite were planning for the future and how a new form of socialism would gradually take over the world. Creating a New World Order that would replace world religion and world government.

He stated that it all would be replaced by collectivism. He stated that collectivism would kill religion and old forms of government by replacing it with the ideology of the New Age, ushering in a new government.

Collectivism is a term used to describe any moral, political, or social outlook, that stresses human interdependence and the importance of a collective, rather than the importance of separate individualism: in other words, defining one’s self or one’s work by a group or collective, rather than by one’s individuality.

In 1901 Wells wrote:

“It has become apparent that whole masses of the human population are, as a whole, inferior in their claim upon the future, to other masses, that they cannot be given opportunities or trusted with power as the superior peoples are trusted, that their characteristic weaknesses are contagious and detrimental to the civilizing fabric, and that their range of incapacity tempts and demoralizes the strong. To give them equality is to sink to their level, to protect and cherish them is to be swamped in their fecundity. “

He was saying that the people are incapable of governing themselves and that the elite should be in charge — He believed that the elite was sort of the priest class that would be capable of managing world affairs.

Other things had to happen to change the direction of world sovereignty undefined namely the removal of borders and the destruction of the Abrahamic religions.

The new government needed to eliminate legacy systems, destroy Judeo-Christian belief systems, and weed out undesirables for the new priest class to operate.

The Open Conspiracy pointed out what had to be done to create the New Social Order of the ages:

According to Wells:

“The old faiths have become unconvincing, unsubstantial, and insincere, and though there are clear intimations of a new faith in the world, it still awaits embodiment in formulae and organizations that will bring it into effective reaction upon human affairs as a whole.”

In his book, Wells outlines the need for a new scientific gospel to supersede the Judeo-Christian faiths of the Western world.

He was simply describing a new Oligarchy that relied on science instead of faith.

Outlining the aims of The Open Conspiracy, Wells writes: “Firstly, the entirely provisional nature of all existing governments, and the entirely provisional nature therefore, of all loyalties associated therewith; Secondly, the supreme importance of population control in human biology and the possibility it affords us of a release from the pressure of the struggle for existence on ourselves; and Thirdly, the urgent necessity of protective resistance against the present traditional drift towards war.”

Just to give you an idea of the progress of the Open revolution and its Open Conspiracy we can point out recent news stories where the oddity of this so-called tolerant world is beginning to unravel the social cohesion within our country.

In Montana, one family just had their 14-year-old daughter permanently taken away from them because they wouldn’t allow her to transition to a different gender.

A Montana mom and dad who lost custody of their daughter after they refused to transition her gender have told DailyMail.com the ordeal ‘has torn their family apart.’

Krista Kolstad revealed the family’s nightmare began when they received a call that their 14-year-old daughter Jennifer told friends at school that she wanted to commit suicide in August 2023.

Later that night, Child Protective Services (CPS) went to Kolstad’s home in Glasgow to inspect the house and interview Jennifer, later determining that she needed to transition to get better.

Republican Governor Greg Gianforte was confronted about this case, and he is defending the decision.

Again, I ask when someone will step up and declare this type of treatment part of the Eugenics directives aimed at de-population and the mutilation of young people so they have no sexual feelings whatsoever.

This is a politically accepted form of sterilization.

Meanwhile, it was discovered that bio-labs in Montanna are synthesizing various ways to kill us all with biological warfare.

A super “bioagent super lab” in the state is doing experiments with “Ebola, Lassa fever, Nipah, and even the plague.”

Distressing new images show animals being infected with deadly pathogens at a US lab with ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Photos and footage obtained by watchdog White Coat Waste show scientists at the Rocky Mountain Lab sedating monkeys and pigs – and carrying out experiments with deadly viruses.

This of course is one of many labs that have been discovered.

There was one in California that was operated by Chinese scientists -with ties to Wuhan.

While there is no suggestion any of the footage from Montanna shows illegal activity, it gives an eerie glimpse into what goes on at the National Institutes of Healthundefineds Rocky Mountain Lab, which has come under scrutiny in recent months.

Last year, this website revealed that RML in Montana had been experimenting with SARS-like viruses a year before the Covid pandemic, and while that research has stopped, current projects involving other deadly pathogens with the potential to spark a new pandemic are still being carried out at the lab.

Sources have said that they have uncovered how NIH gain-of-function researchers linked to EcoHealth and the Wuhan lab import primates to the Rocky Mountain Lab from Fauci’s Monkey Island in South Carolina, infect them with viruses including Ebola and COVID, and then completely withhold pain relief while the animals suffer excruciating deaths.

Again if this were happening in the Middle East you could bet that we would be sending drones or planes to wipe it out. yet the experiments continue here undefined shouldnundefinedt there be a ban on these activities?

Why do we tolerate it here? Is this because no one feels the need to speak up against it? is it a political thing or are people becoming more and more sick and evil?

We are giving all of our attention to so-called leaders who have many cards missing from a full deck of humanity.

As I have said before they are being allowed to slowly initiate their Marxist creep undefined and the world glitterati love inventing and marketing the toys of lobotomy and anti-social thought control – laying down the destructive propaganda that pits people against people, race against race, religion against religions, class against class, gender against gender, nation against nation in this clawing and shooting and pummeling cultural slipstream that teaches each next generation the devaluing of ”the other.”

When we coyly say that Soylent Green is people undefined the devil screams back undefined You damn right it is and proceeds with the march to the meat grinder.

Money, derivatives, the billionaires’ four-timing shuffle, the perversions of debt and credit, and the realization that there are plans to devalue the dollar, and create a digital currency.

We have reached a point where thousands of businesses all over the United States have already gone cashless.

The global cashless movement has reached Washington D.C, where a growing number of fast-casual and other establishments are saying no to cash in favor of plastic and mobile payments.

A cashless society is one of the goals of sustainability, in the scheme of the Great Reset. It wonundefinedt be long before we begin to feel the sting of their master plan.

Some are feeling it already, some are awakening to how the devil is in the details.

Many already understand that the future is all about biometrics and control of the mind.

TSA introduced facial recognition technology into the screening process at select airports. Facial recognition technology represents a significant security enhancement and improves traveler convenience.

There are also proposals for subdermal chips to be implemented for things like contact tracing and tracking of the elderly. There are also proposals for the chipping of children so that parents can keep track of their whereabouts.

It is yet another convenient way for the nanny state to track them when they are adults.

We have been forewarned about these things in religious writings undefined however, these prophecies are being written off as delusions, and the interpretations of a beast system are simply alarmist hyperbole.

You must come to your conclusions but every day we can see that the war is on for the hearts and minds of the people.

We are currently seeing a shift in the intellectual currents of our time.

The idea of “private truth” is making serious headway against public truth. That headway is beginning to impact science and we know this because of all the policies that swirl around the worldundefineds obsession with Climate change.

We are also witnessing a shift in religious importance among the younger generations.

Salad bar spirituality has boomed in the last decade, and interest in traditional “public truth” religion has declined.

The University of Exeter in Britain now proposes to offer a master’s degree in “witchcraft, magic and occult science.” That raises a question: Will science faculties and publications be forced to accept witchcraft as a science?

Science may prove as vulnerable as religion.

Public truth is being dissolved and the new trend moves ever closer to simplistic orders of Satanism.

Realm of Satan—a documentary that premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival upends expectations. Focusing on a collection of diverse international disciples of Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan.

It presents a series of carefully staged portraits of its subjects that aim to convey their lifestyles, personalities, and philosophies.

Whereas Satanists sometimes argue that their religion is merely one about freedom—of thought and desire, and from rules and judgment. The Realm of Satan contends that they’re far closer to the devil worshipers that movies, books, and TV shows have made them out to be for decades. Since everything in Realm of Satan has been self-consciously orchestrated to highlight these individuals’ dark and demonic visions of themselves, there’s nothing particularly scary about their appearances, attitudes, or practices, most of which come across as over-the-top affectations.

The film does occasionally strike upon a legitimately unnerving sight which suggests that these folks aren’t just playing around but, in fact, sincerely want to commune with the abyss. Of those, none are better than an early scene in which a woman, clad in a black-and-red hooded robe that obscures her face and flows over the bales of hay upon which she sits, breastfeeds a baby goat that we’ve just seen emerge from her mother’s womb—a jaw-dropper that’s all the more malevolent given that, once the animal stops nursing, the woman coaxes it to continue by gently rubbing its throat.

This is all about tolerance undefined really. Yes, there is a novelty to all of this undefined and it can arguably be more bizarre than evil undefined but what have we become if not bizarre and tolerant of strange fetishistic lifestyles?

These things were once probate affairs undefined now everyone has to be exposed to it in this brave new world.

It is entertaining, as it is a senseless absurdity.

In the mix, though, the controllers, they keep ladling pap or pabulum, pushing the spine-loosening pacification into each moment of our lives — respect for all peoples, bring in the consensus crew, respect all opinions, all people while they kill us with their smiles and hypocrisy.

It is all about living the dream, daily, watching people running around in tights and redneck t-shirts, everyone looking like they are in a Walmart clothing competition. Or the fake ones. All the inside jokes, the memes, from Facebook.

We are all choosing the clickbait, both online and in life.

So many corners and so many stones overturned showing all of the bugs and nasties that infiltrate our soil.

Now imagine all of the bugs and nasties that infiltrate our souls.

The globalist establishment and its puppets within the political left are relying on provocateur tactics to a certain degree. One might suggest that they want us to lash out violently so they can demonize us further, or they want us to embrace government power more fully so they can paint us as authoritarian. This is a simplistic grade-school view of provocateur methods, though. In reality, the goal of provocateurs is not to get us to react, their goal is to frighten us into doing nothing.

We no longer can call out bad behaviors only to live with them.

Doing nothing is not tolerance – it is to our detriment.