We know that after the Super Bowl, there is always some buzz about what is coming up with the Academy Awards. Film awards or any awards for that matter should now routinely be viewed through filters of identity politics.

Here is the catch – the politics of and the identities or ideals of most Americans are not invited.

However, many Americans will be glued to their TV screens to watch who will be called the best actor, or actress, and which motion picture failed to win the hearts of most Americans but impressed the politically pious academy that has been coerced into being part of some pious critics that are held to some standard that can only be described as cult-like.

We all know that the Academy Awards are nothing more than a bought and paid for employee of the week show where everyone dresses up and appears on camera just to show off the latest fashion and to just be seen by an adoring public.

The politics of everything has left a bad taste in the mouths of movie goers because it is becoming obvious that there is plenty of money being poured into films and music and promotes a certain type of political archetype.

A little over a week ago, we saw what that the prevailing clique in the music industry leans neo-liberal during the Grammy Awards. They were most certainly beside themselves when they invited their patron saint, Hillary Clinton to read from the pages of “Fire and Fury,” a book written by Michael Wolff that has sparked controversy over its salacious take on the Trump presidency.

Objectively speaking we should all be grateful for what we in America believe is a “free press.”

As I was going over the nominees for Best Picture, I noticed that Steven Spielberg’s movie, “The Post” was up for it.

In my social circles of journalists and news reporters, The Post was a boring and plodding film that was hard pressed to keep the interest of anyone I knew.

When my wife and I saw the film together, the credits rolled she woke up, gave me loving slug to the shoulder and said “I can’t believe you didn’t fall asleep during the film.”

My friend, Dave Paull warned me to steer clear of the film — I told him that he was too late, I already saw it.

The Post, stars Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep and director Steven Spielberg claims he made it urgently because of Donald Trump’s administration.

The Post is a political thriller set in 1971, when the Washington Post published the Pentagon Papers. The documents were the Defense Department’s history of the USA’s political-military involvement in Vietnam between 1945 and 1967.

Spielberg said that he thought the movie was timely because of Donald Trump’s insistence that many new outlets are publishing or broadcasting fake news about him.

In the film, there are a couple of cutaways to Richard Nixon bemoaning the press and how he believes that both the New York Times and the Washington press are undermining his presidency.

We all know that Nixon was always at war with the media.

The comparison between Nixon’s attitude and Trump’s attitude towards the media are valid, but with the caveat that the Washington Times had documents and sources that provided proof of the scandal that Nixon was in and that it was a mere stepping stone to what happened eventually with the Watergate conspiracy and cover up.

The press in the 1970’s was certainly dealing with more issues than just a bellicose president that expressed his anger to the press only to appear with British talk show host David Frost, falling apart during an interview and saying that “he was above the law.”

We have very serious issues now with the news we get form the corporate media conglomerates.

After Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, various members of the mainstream media saw him as a cancer to this country. One particular treatment for cancer is chemotherapy – basically the idea is if you poison the body you kill the cancer.

The media has decided that in order to bring down a president they don’t like — they are now in the process of poisoning the information we receive.

If the mainstream media continues to say that that much of the news that we are getting from other sources is fake, it poisons the credibility of the entire system of a free and objective press.

The mainstream media despises independent media and so they believe that drawing attention to fake news will kill it and the system recovers.

So far what they see as a cancer has not died — their form of chemotherapy isn’t working and the effects on the body politic are damaging and they are going to last for a long time.

This journalistic chemotherapy has many guises and many of them were employed during Hitler’s Germany, and here in the United States after the Cold war was in full swing.

Hitler would hire agents and propagandists to “dope up the excitement” about his twisted ideas.

It was also a tactic where the media would use artificial incitement to rally people against his enemies. It was a programmed artificial incitement of emotion that culminated, inevitably, in mass hatred and fear of the “other,” whether it existed politically in domestic affairs or in foreign affairs.

It is this doping of excitement that leads to everyone believing that there is proof that the president colluded with Russia. It is the doping of excitement that and the incitement of emotion that creates protests and uprisings – it is the doping of excitement that is used as fodder at the Grammy awards and that puts vapid movies like The Post in the running for best picture.

Remember, it was the mainstream media that is responsible for creating the term, “fake news.”

It has made its way to Hollywood, a place where fantasy is the main export and music which is now becoming as disposable as a paper plate full of warm potato salad.

It is also silly that the mainstream news uses another doping of excitement creating a narrative that the President is intolerant of the free press because he fires back the Fake news allegations at them.

CNN has fired back with their silly “Facts First” campaign, which is a disingenuous object lesson in fruit identification saying that some people want to call bananas apples, but they are wrong – it is still an apple and that’s a fact, meaning that CNN does not misrepresent the news.

Well that is not the truth – and the network has gone bananas.

CNN is always the first to say they are credible when it comes to presenting what they call facts about Russian collusion – Fox News says they are “fair and balanced, but the media cannot in good conscience tell the public that they have never published or broadcast any “misrepresentations,” because they have.

By constantly questioning the factual basis of claims that are by definition not factual, the mainstream media has opened up the door to all facts being questioned, especially what they report.

A few shows ago, a woman called me and told me that I should not be defending Trump because it is obvious that his character says it all and that she was convinced that this alone is reason to believe that he has obstructed justice.

She proceeded to take over the conversation and she asked me if I condoned his behavior – I replied saying no, because sometimes President Trump can be a douche bag.

I worried about that comment, especially since I made it under duress. I certainly did not want to be disingenuous saying that I always approve of his character.

Later, I had a moment to reflect on that call and my off the cuff comments.

I realized that in court, evidence about the general personality and credibility of a given party is usually inadmissible by one party against another.

Now, if a party enters good character evidence about itself, then all character evidence about that party is admissible, good or bad. This is called “opening the door,” and it can be a fatal mistake in defending or prosecuting a case.

In the People vs. Donald Trump trial and before the jury of public opinion, the mainstream media has opened the door to questioning all facts in the marketplace of ideas. In doing so they think they are striking a blow to fake news, but they have also inadvertently poisoned their own credibility, credibility which has been successfully challenged.

Another blow the mainstream media’s credibility is that now they are pulling from their arsenal a Cold War tactic that was once named Operation Mockingbird.

Operation Mockingbird was a secret CIA campaign to spread disinformation and false stories to foreign governments during the Cold War. The CIA did this by manipulating the media into focusing on propaganda, sabotage, and subversion.

It was later revealed in Congressional hearings that the CIA operatives were literally paying off editors and reporters and most mainstream news outlets: the New York Times, CBS, Washington Post, Newsweek, AP, Reuters, and countless others.

Yesterday, it was reported that former CIA director John Brennan became the latest member of the NBC News and MSNBC organization officially signing with the network as a contributor.

NBC has done this pretending that this is all situation normal and that no one will pay attention to this Orwellian nightmare.

Brennan’s official title is national security and intelligence analyst.

Brennan, who played a key role in the construction of the establishment’s Russia narrative that has been used to manufacture public consent for world-threatening new cold war escalations, is just the latest addition in an ongoing trend of trusted mainstream media outlets being packed with Deep State operatives from the U.S. intelligence community. Brennan joins CIA and DoD Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash on the NBC/MSNBC lineup, who is serving there as a national security analyst, as well as NBC intelligence/national security reporter and known CIA collaborator, Ken Dilanian.

Former Director of National Intelligence, Russia gate architect James Clapper was welcomed to the CNN “family” last year by Chris Cuomo and now routinely appears as an expert analyst for the network. Last year CNN also hired a new national security analyst in Michael Hayden, who has served as CIA Director, NSA Director, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and an Air Force general.

Michael Hayden leads the list of NeoCons and anti-Russian crusaders, Victoria Nuland, Robert Kagan, Michael Chertoff, and Richard Haas.

Senators Lyndsey Graham and John McCain are also under the influence of this cadre and were all part of the destabilization process in Ukraine.

Both Senators have been used as contributors to CNN as well.

Former CIA analyst and now paid CNN analyst Phil Mudd, who last year caused Chris Cuomo’s show to have to issue a retraction and apology for a completely baseless claim he made on national television asserting that WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange is “a pedophile”, is once again making headlines for suggesting that the FBI is entering into a showdown with the current administration over Trump’s decision to declassify the controversial Nunes memo.

More and more of the outlets from which Americans get their information are being filled not just with garden variety establishment loyalists, but with longstanding members of the U.S. intelligence community which could very well be operatives of the Deep State conspiracy that wishes to dismantle the presidency of Donald Trump by disseminating disinformation about Russia.

Time and again you see connections between the plutocratic class which effectively owns America’s elected government, the intelligence and defense agencies which operate behind thick veils of secrecy in the name of “national security” to advance agendas which have nothing to do with the wishes of the electorate, and the mass media machine which is used to manufacture the consent of the people to be governed by this exploitative power structure.

After World War II, the Central Intelligence Agency has been a major force in US and foreign news media, exerting considerable influence over what the public sees, hears and reads on a regular basis. CIA publicists and journalists alike will assert they have few, if any, relationships, yet the seldom acknowledged history of their intimate collaboration indicates a far different story–indeed, one that media historians are reluctant to examine.

The CIA and similar intelligence agencies’ have had continued involvement in the news media to mold thought and opinion in ways scarcely imagined by the lay public.

Now the media does not seem to want to hide the fact that they have now brought on Intelligence consultants and distributors that have a major conflict of interest.

America can now expect a consistent fountain of disinformation to flow unhindered from the mouths of Deep State actors on the major news networks, and you can also expect them to all prop up their exploitative globalist power establishment and advance its geopolitical agendas.