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It is becoming painfully apparent that America has slept through its history, failing to awaken to the corruption and the journey into despotism. Americans need to have their eyes pried open to see reality, and even then many people will be content with not getting involved with the process of real change. Many are under the false assumption that a lot of what is going on doesn’t apply to them, but only to people who are poor, uneducated, or in a minority group.

It is time to pour yourself a hot cup of “wake the hell up,” because the next gulp you take is going to go down hard.

It has been said that, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time,” a quote that has been falsely attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

And now we make a liar out of whoever said that, because we have all been fooled. We can once again go back to asking “what went wrong?” There was no real positive change for the future. We only got chump change touted as deliverance from “evil.”

Honesty is a thankless attribute. How much praise and acceptance goes to those who program and are programmed to accept the New America without thinking outside of the parameters of their own prejudice and polarization?

Are there people out there capable of accepting that everything we think we know is wrong? Or, that we need to approach the New Year with objectivity in the face of our chagrin when we realize that the lies in the November election were so convincing that we fell for them?

The Leviathan Globalist Empire is not dead – nor are any of its agents that are hiding in the shadows of the Deep State.

In Thomas Hobbes book, Leviathan, from 1651, that classic work on the philosophy of statecraft, asserted people will always fight with each other to their mutual ruin (what he called “the war of all against all”) unless an all-encompassing absolutist sovereign can take over and save us all from ourselves.

Hobbes proclaimed that this dictator must control both the power of the sword and the power of the crown and the mitre (the military power of the state and the ecclesiastical powers of the clergy). He will subsume every single aspect of society, including the people themselves, into the gigantic body of his empire, with himself as the head. This creature he likened to the monster Leviathan from the Bible. This man-beast was illustrated in the frontispiece to the book, above the words from The Book of Job 41:24: “There is no power on earth to be compared to him.” A special copy given to King Charles II showed the creature with multiple faces.

Now what does it say to you that a work of philosophy like this was presented to and eagerly accepted by the King of England, who is also a direct descendant of many of the power elite today? Do you realize this book is still considered a classic and studied in colleges today as a legitimate ideal of how a state should be run?

Sir Francis Bacon wrote that “all governments are obscure and invisible.” This seems to apply to the present shadow government that has many secrets. Much of what was once secret is most certainly being discovered, and there are dots that need to be connected in order to bring the truth into the sunlight.

In 1615, The Rosicrucian Manifesto made it clear how the revelation of the method works as part of “the making manifest of all that is hidden.” Secrets are revealed at the right moment in order to demoralize the uninitiated.

Entropy is going to force the revelation of the method. If the “crowd think” cannot be controlled or predicted, there will be gradual decline into disorder. The biggest revelation of all is that now with this entropy, the elite are openly showing us their dark side.

They are no longer hiding their lies and they are excusing their crimes.

There are also a number of people who are excusing their crimes and accepting them as the way things are done. It is as if we have forgotten that there is another way to right the wrongs of the world.

The elite have the advantage because of wealth. Their criminality is being financed by fake money and thin promises of beneficial change. We can all see that they are resigned to behaving like tyrants to maintain control.

The dark side of the cryptocracy has been hidden for years, and has been relegated to mere conspiracy theory. However, it is now been confessed that the final objective is a New World Order.

One of the classic conspiracy stories of our time is the story of reporter Danny Casolaro. He along with many other journalists paid the ultimate price for digging into the corrupt practices of the deep state. You can call him a whistle blower that first had the documented evidence to prove that a special type of software was stolen by criminal elements in our government and used to hack into computer data bases of many countries during the Reagan/ Bush years.

Has he was uncovering allegations of blackmail and other treachery with the INSLAW scandal and PROMIS software Casolaro became convinced that no single conspiracy could explain the cover ups and lies in government; he created the metaphor of “the Octopus,” a hypothetical network of local conspiracies and/or affinity groups that could act together as a single entity at certain times (when they had a motive to act together) and then at other times would go back to working on their own goals unrelated to each other.

The globalist government tendrils can be found in the media, in the schools and in our neighborhoods. We have the government we see, and another government that has been called the “Deep State” led by individuals behind the scenes using well-placed programming and covering the tracks of “agents” that act on behalf of the New World Order.

The head of the multi-tentacle Octopus of Intelligence and continuity of government has been in power at crucial moments before this intelligence. The wall of secrecy has been in place through 5 presidents. The Intelligence Wall was first erected just after World War II.

The Octopus can be defined as a vast, interlocking network of criminal conspiracy that reaches into every branch and agency of the U.S. government, many other national governments, and every sector of our society.

The untold conspiracy narrative points upwards toward what can be called “elite criminals” or downward toward “subversive parasites” that are now reaching out to the intelligence agencies to bring down the President of the United States.

On the outside we have a Constitutional Republic. However, there are a few people who are aware that we have operating within our government and political system, a well-organized political-action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state. It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our government.

This group does not answer to the President, the Congress, nor the courts. It is practically irremovable.

Today in America, we have conflicting visions of the future and conflicting ideas on how we are to save ourselves if America falls to some criminal or cancerous ideology. There are many people who are waiting for the starting gun to react to such a catastrophe.

There are others who see the cancerous ideology of tyranny that already has its tentacles in everything we do.

No matter what we do, the Deep State Octopus System is destined to become a figure that moves throughout our unfinished history. The looming Octopus’ tendrils have now reached out to grab at Trump’s cabinet where it is believed one by one, they will be removed by the intelligence apparatus in what can be seen as a soft coup.

Former Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn’s term as President Trump’s National Security Adviser came to an end yesterday after less than a month in the position, facing a growing controversy surrounding his denial and later admission to a phone call with the Russian ambassador regarding the Obama Administration’s sanctions against them.

Reports initially surfaced on Sunday claiming that Flynn was in jeopardy of losing his job at the White House over a phone conversation where he discussed “the possibility of lifting U.S. sanctions on Russia once Trump took office, which could potentially be in violation of a law banning private citizens from engaging in foreign policy.”

Flynn called this shift on the content of the phone call “initially incomplete information” provided to the vice president in his letter of resignation, and praised President Trump for his loyalty. Early reports suggest that Trump had urged Flynn to stay, though later accountings said Trump had asked for his resignation.

The scandal was growing well beyond a simple oversight, however, with the Justice Department having warned the Trump Administration that Flynn was potentially vulnerable to Russian blackmail. This warning came from then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who Trump subsequently fired for refusing to try to defend his immigration ban in court.

There are questions about whether or not this means a broader shakeup at the National Security Council as well, with the unprecedented resignation just weeks into Trump’s term giving him a chance to change course if he chooses. There were reports, even before Flynn’s resignation, that there is considerable turmoil on the council.

It was reported this morning on CNN that General Flynn may have technically violated the Logan Act, though the Act has never been enforced, and Flynn’s status as an incoming official made any such violation a minor issue in and of itself.

So we can determine that what is happening is a continued campaign by the United States intelligence agencies to bring about a deep state power play.

Red flags are flying high that the octopus is looming because Michael Flynn’s conversations with the Russian Ambassador were intercepted and then widely distributed inside the government.

Not only had that but Donald Trump tweeted that quote, “The real story here is why there are so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington? Will these leaks be happening as I deal with North Korea?”

If anyone wonders what a Deep State intervention, looks like all they have to do is watch what is happening to the Trump administration. The neo-cons and neo-liberals should be delighted in watching the octopus slither into Washington removing what they see as their enemy.

They have wanted a Deep State intervention all along – and it most certainly will have consequences as they are relaying on the CIA to come in and save their agenda from complete ruin.

They have also demanded a police state as well not understanding what this would mean to our country.

What is extremely worrisome is that what we are seeing is what can be called dossier black mail reminiscent of what happened during the Clinton Administration.

This was something that Casolaro revealed in the Octopus investigations, pertaining to the Vince Foster, Whitewater scandals.

As a matter of fact, Hillary Clinton chimed in on Twitter about the Flynn resignation by forwarding a Tweet from Phillepe Reines who said “What goes around COMETS around” and linked to an ad for jobs at Domino’s, “given your pizza obsession.”

Hillary of course was vindictively pointing out with the tweet that Flynn deserved what he got because he and his son were tweeting out accusations about Pizzagate.

Which alleged that Comet Ping Pong, a pizza place in Washington, D.C., hosts a child sex slave ring connected to Clinton and John Podesta.

It is also alleged that Donald Trump political operative Roger Stone made up the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory in order to aid the defeat of Hillary Clinton . Roger Stone claims he was poisoned by political enemies. In the deep state because he knew too much about what was going on behind the scenes and wanted to testify that the Russian scandal over the hacking of the DNC was a lie.

The long-time Trump supporter claimed to have been told by doctors that a mysterious and debilitating virus he was suddenly struck with in December was in fact polonium poisoning. At the time, Stone had just been accused by the Obama Administration of having prior knowledge Vladimir Putin was planning to meddle in the election.

He says the poisoning was an attempt to stop him from testifying at a Congressional Hearing where he claimed he could prove the accusation was a lie.

Another thing to consider is that General Flynn was the man who exposed the United States ties to ISIS.

He accused the Obama Administration of lying about the rise of ISIS and the assertion that they were somehow caught off guard. He says that far from being surprised by ISIS, the Obama regime allowed them to form in a deliberate act intended to unite Sunni Muslims against the Basher al-Assad government in Syria.

Flynn was highly Islamophobic and championed a war with Iran.

Flynn has been under attack by the mainstream media ever since it was announced that he would be a part of Trump’s Administration. The question is why has Trump thrown Flynn under the bus?

Is it part of a coup or is it capitulation?

The situation we are facing cannot be changed by voting, or impeachment or anything else that would give satisfaction to those who still believe in the left-versus-right paradigm. The left wing and the right wing are most certainly two sides of the same coin that has been minted as worthless currency.

The Octopus conspiracy is so deep that the center cannot hold and soon we will be hearing of more casualties that have been pulled under the waters of the abyss.