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Posted on March 19th, 2024 by Clyde Lewis

We have all been hearing about Central Bank Digital Currency and the plans for the monitoring of your money as it is connected to a social credit score. Global developments in finance and geopolitics are prompting a rethinking of the structure of banking and the nature of money itself. Once CBDCs are rolled out for public use, the system will be a collective network containing everyone’s personal data, digital ID, social credit score, vaccination status, and money. Perhaps it is time to be aware of investments, precious metals, and things that you can have in a safe place when the legacy banking system transforms into a surveillance and woke state. Tonight on Ground Zero (7-10pm, pacific time), Clyde Lewis talks with financial and economic analyst, Joe Zane Morgan about WOKE BANKING - SPREADING THE DIGITAL WEALTH.



Living in the technological world of the internet divorces us from real life as it passes into inert, abstract, and dead screen existence. It should not be surprising that people grow sick and tired of the steady streams of “woke news” that fills their days and nights.

Real news that affects all of us is no longer a part of the national legacy media. Activism has taken over and the commentators on the nightly news seem to be scab pickers. You know, people you are so obsessed with scabs they pick at them until they bleed -and after that the blood dried and there are more scabs to pick.

From the Trump Biden fiasco to the Trump bankruptcy watch, the LGBTQ snubs and praise, and all of those socialites living a precious life if, amid the pervasive despair of an economy in free fall.

Their uppermost concern is clinging to their damn pronouns.

Being woke, being inclusive, telling us about women in history, taking time to honor people because they are handicapped telling us about Oprah and whether or not she is weak because she lost weight using Ozempic.

These are the stories they follow undefined and quite frankly this should be embarrassing undefined but they deliver this load of horse dung and pass it as news.

Meanwhile, the world is being taken over by the psychotic inmates who are running the asylum.

I wish there were more Americans who would come right out and say they are sick of it all. They would start putting their money and their attention toward those who give them real information and things to think about.

Real important subjects, spiritual, social, and financial.

We see known checks and balances in the media as they are supposed to be public trustees reporting what is in the public interest undefined not a media that meddles in peopleundefineds lives and manipulates choices undefined developing the talking points for the month.

Many of them are just hollow and empty.

The vapidity of it all is painful to hear and feel.

That being said, what happens when a culture at large experiences, within that culture, something that deviates sharply from legacy systems undefined or norms that we have counted on for decades?

The occurrence of such a deviation could come directly from the government, or come from the collective, or, in our current situation, appear to come from the collective, but in fact is an intentional deviation created by the agenda.

What should happen in this case is that the culture doesn’t stand for it. They make their dissatisfaction clear, and they revolt, or at the very least, do not comply with the agenda.

Unfortunately, that time when our society would demonstrate such self-regulation is long past.

People need to admit that The New World Order or the Fourth Industrial Revolution has been in the works for at least 40 years.

As awareness grows of the international establishment’s globalist plotting against liberty and national sovereignty, problems on the road toward a “New World Order” are becoming increasingly obvious, and there is some opposition surging in tandem. 

But not enough to put a major dent in their globalist operation.

When I was discussing the vision of the New World Order, described the late George Herbert Walker Bush – I failed to demonstrate that when Bush made his famous speech he spoke about this new order in an idealistic way. As a globalist, he saw it as a good thing, a reason to apply the American ideal to the building of a world empire under the direction of the United Nations and NATO.

Former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Kissinger — a key frontman for a powerful movement aiming to impose what he and other globalists refer to as a “New World Order” has said that there will be many that will die while fighting against this globalist order and considers them speed bumps on the road toward the globalist vision of planetary government.

Kissinger hinted at what was in store for humanity if it continued to resist the imposition of a “structure of international rules and norms” — a phrase that sounds suspiciously like world government. He said “The penalty for failing will be not so much a major war between states but an evolution into spheres of influence identified with particular domestic structures and forms of governance

In other words, many factions that have a power hold on the hearts and minds of the world will use their influence to wage asymmetrical civil war to destabilize democracies around the world.

We know of socialist groups making plans for the future as far back as the 1920s but the real push is evident now, and we are now suffering because of the wars, inflation and the value of our money has been diluted because of economic warfare.

The government has a tendency to put its tentacles in every facet of our lives and someone who thinks they are smart even tries to make everything we do political undefined we canundefinedt enjoy something for what it is undefined we have to do a political inventory on something as simple as listening to a recording artist.

Every day the government wishes to find ways to monitor us and slap our hands for things we thought were part of our rights.

At least the basics undefinedLife, Liberty, and the pursuit or happiness.undefined

When I was studying history I learned that the word happiness had a broad meaning to the founding fathers.

Happiness in this sentence was defined as money, or land, or a home. All things that man can have if he works hard and does not have a government make it harder for him to find that happiness undefined the basic legacy currency available to get that land and home.

But now Americans are dissatisfied with how they are living and the American dream is a tailor-made nightmare,

The government, or whoever it is behind this current march to oblivion, has made certain that such a “dissatisfaction with the policies” of the ruling faction was not questioned, and if it is, the person or group questioning is severely punished.

We have all been hearing about Central bank Digital Currency and the plans for the monitoring of your money as it is connected to a social credit score.

Global developments in finance and geopolitics are prompting a rethinking of the structure of banking and of the nature of money itself.

Our Neighbor to the North is moving a lot quicker to establish the world Banking structures,

Canada is radicalizing its banking system by linking citizens’ bank accounts to a tyrannical social credit score.

The Canadian banking system will soon be transformed by a so-called “open banking” framework.

Proponents are framing this as a more “inclusive” way for banks to easily share information and access user data.

However, the move will merge social standings with banking to provide governments and unelected bureaucrats with complete control over our finances.

The organization Open Banking Excellence, a World Bank partner that originated in the UK, boasts that it will incorporate social credit scores and bank information, and likely digital cash and IDs, in one “convenient” and “inclusive” place.

The organization which has reached 40 countries, aims to “create exceptional platforms and content that promotes knowledge sharing, new thinking and partnerships within the industry – catalyzing the adoption of Open Finance and Data for better financial inclusion worldwide.”

Open banking is approaching a major regulatory hurdle in the United States. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has proposed rules that would allow third parties to access financial data held at banks, with customer permission.

Evangelists for the open banking shift underway globally praise it as a way to boost competition, dramatically shift how payments are made, and overall move to a more people-oriented financial system.

Helen Child, founder of Open Banking Excellence says “It’s about having that fairer, more inclusive, more open society,”- sounds more like it is undefinedWokeundefined banking undefined because hey everyone in a socialist cashless society should deserves some sort of equality because of the old school inequities of the legacy banking system undefined right?

Open banking works by giving consumers the option to share their banking data with other firms. I am sure it is also shared with government operations as well undefined connections to the Fed and the intelligence agencies that monitor spending and income

The most common use is granting access to budgeting or money management apps and companies so that a customer can pool different bank accounts and credit cards into one place.

Who is this open about their finances? Who in their right mind would accept this? Well, No one that is why many countries are forcing their citizens to be a part of this woke banking scam.

What Child failed to mention is that data will be worth more than gold as we move forward with a cashless society.

There is no easier way to control the masses than to control their access to money, and their ability to buy, trade, and freely move about.

Open Banking claims that it is a convenient service that grants simpler payments, automated accounting, and business finance management.

Under open banking, lenders could directly access an individual’s banking data, so they can look beyond credit scores. Consumers can also use it to build their credit scores, for example by providing reliable rent payments.

Looking beyond credit scores equates to determining if a person is fit to participate in the global economy based on their personal views, political leanings and religious affiliation among other things beyond their spending habits.

The Canadian government already tested these plans by shutting down the bank accounts of the Freedom Convoy protesters in 2022.

As we have reported undefined the model crackdown on hate speech from Canada plays into thought crime and social credit demerits that could keep you from accessing your money undefined because of the new and overreaching undefinedOpen society.undefined

Of course, “Open Society” is an ideology championed by radical billionaire George Soros which involves open borders, no prisons, and rampant crime, among other “progressive” ideas.

However, the need for inclusivity and fairness in banking is not explained, despite being repeatedly pushed by proponents of the plan.

Imagine in the future, you wake up in the morning and realize that you have been debunked without knowing what offense you have committed -and I am sure it is something simple but it was enough to deactivate your debit and credit cards.

This is how you are barred from society at a momentundefineds notice. It kind has the same feeling as when the IRS puts a lean on your bank account and you find your account has been completely drained of your digital money.

Where is your value then and how do you recover? Ask for a loan? Great Idea but the loaner could see you as a credit risk and reject you or lend to you with Loan shark interest rates.

In China, when banks were facing a liquidity crisis, the Chinese Communist Party simply denied depositors the right to access their money.

Citizens were blocked from physically accessing their banks. The government successfully prevented a bank run by intervening.

We saw a few celebrities debunked from the system for voicing unpopular opinions without any legal proceedings or crimes committed.

And look at what is happening to Donald Trump. The media is applauding the fact that he appears to be going broke undefined well wake up people undefined this is an example of that Open banking that the Great Reset wishes to employ.

You can say that Trump has it coming undefined but if it happened to you even if you did no wrong, we here in the United States see financial ruin as a moral failing.

We praise opulence and despise the peasantry undefined but soon a lot of people will be living as peasants undefined or damn close to it.

What are we now- a paycheck away from being homeless?

Canada is one of many nations hoping to use unofficial social credit scores to control the masses.

All of these actions are setting the stage for how Central Bank Digital Currency will operate.

Once CBDCs are rolled out for public use, the system will be a collective network containing everyone’s personal data, digital ID, social credit score, vaccination status, and money.

Governments have already begun debanking individuals. I am sure that perhaps you have been debanked at one time because of outstanding debt and a low credit score.

These latest steps will make it increasingly easier to force the masses to bow down and relinquish all control to the globalist elite.

The Biden administration has declared that the development of digital cash is a “key duty” of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

The Fed and the Biden admin have been reassuring the public that they are not planning on introducing a central bank digital currency in the country.

But they are lying about their plans and here is why.

the central bank has just quietly told Congress that steps leading to a digital dollar are among its “7 key duties.”

The admission from the Fed was revealed by Republican Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN). Emmer shared a document on X that highlights that the Biden admin views CBDC development as a top priority.

The congressman explained that his office received it as the Fed representatives were in Congress for a presentation. The document asserts that digital “payment systems” are among the “key duties of the Fed.”

Listed under “key duties” are the development of the CBDC and FedNow – the Federal Reserve’s digital cash payment system.

What caused the alarm is the mention of Automated Clearinghouse and FedNow among the “key duties.”

These payment systems are widely regarded as stepping stones toward a CBDC.

FedNow has also been discussed as a way to link a CBDC to digital ID systems.

It’s been two years since the U.S. Central Bank first came out with a paper looking into the possibility of launching a CBDC.

Executive Order 14067, officially titled Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets, was signed on March 9, 2022, and is the 83rd executive order signed by U.S. President Biden. The ultimate aim of the order is to develop digital assets responsibly.

The introduction of the World Economic Forum’s so-called “cashless societies” plan is a major concern for freedom-loving citizens everywhere.

The concerns have been mounting long before this latest development was revealed by Emmer.

The ability of the state to impose financial surveillance over the population – in the vein of what is already happening in China in earnest – is the main reason for this.

The most vocal opponents in Congress are Republicans.

Emmer also said undefinedThe Biden administration sees it as their ‘key duty’ to abandon our core American values and create a surveillance-style CBDC. Let me be clear: A government tool for financial surveillance will NOT happen so long as House Republicans are in the majority.”

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, has vowed to block an American CBDC from ever being released, if he is re-elected in November.

Trump accurately describes digital cash as “a dangerous threat to freedom.”

However, the Fed – despite its chair appearing to be convincing America that this “danger” is in no way imminent, has had highly positioned officials like Vice Chairman Lael Brainard push for it.

Putting aside the implications on the financial freedom of Americans, Brainard is reported as saying a CBDC would “reinforce global dollar dominance.”

Brainard argues that a CBDC would be “a safe central bank liability in the digital financial ecosystem.”

So undefined it appears that it is business as usual in the apocalypse and the business is good for the banks and the globalists.

Perhaps regaining a sense of, and actual wider control over, or even slight influence upon larger issues and concerns — bureaucracy run amok, you name it — starts with addressing and confronting whatever issues are within one’s own immediate reach and grasp, then gradually working and navigating one’s way out, into and throughout the wider world.

It almost doesn’t even matter where you start.

But we all know that finances and the ability to survive in this world are vital undefined and perhaps it is time to be aware of investments, precious metals, and things that you can have in a safe place for when the time comes that the legacy system of banking transforms into a surveillance and woke state.

All people want to be good and do good. Americans are good when you let them

The problem is, when someone lies to them they wonder if the playing by the rules attitude is not working.

Societal Rage aimed at constructive ideas is what can change everything and the fact that we have people fighting in Washington against CBDCundefineds is a good start.

We have to be strong because the republics and democracies around us are falling for this financial surveillance apparatus.


Joe Zane Morgan is a Precious Metals specialist with United Gold Group and an industry analyst with experience in helping retirees move their IRA or 401K or cash accounts into tax-deferred precious metals. Their phone number is 800-753-8534 and their website is unitedgoldgroup.com