It appears that when a country wide tragedy unfolds, the mainstream media is never content with just reporting the facts. They also engage in a war with what they call “conspiracy theorists” over whether or not their slip ups are showing. The prominence of conspiracy theory in contemporary American politics has always been with us. The difference now is that there is such a variety of theories out there which range from the completely insane, to actual points and views which should not be ignored but are.

The President of the United States has been known to entertain many ideas that have been produced by journalists that have been called conspiracy theorists.

This terrifies the media, who in turn decide to spin conspiracy theories of their own that include the idea that the President is either mentally ill, or that he is an agent of the Kremlin or that some of those conspiracy theories lurking in margins of the internet could actually influence national policy.

All the while it appears the media has and always will avoid talking about the elephant in the room and that is a concerted effort by Deep State agents with the intelligence agencies to destabilize the processes of running an efficient government where the people are protected against enemies of the state.

The appeal of what can be called conspiracy theory is solid when the people can already see that what is happening around them does not seem to add up.

The recent school shooting in Florida has sparked so much activism, and at the same time has generated a crescendo of alternative opinions about how everything appears to be conveniently staged and sanitized in order to push an agenda that appears to be breaking through and changing attitudes about how we handle mass shootings – most of them based in the bracketed gun debate.

Impressive mass shootings are not at the center of America’s gun problem. But they are very much at the center of progressives’ political strategy and obvious exploitation for increasing gun regulation. Gun control advocates are now so proud of the fact that they are parading young people in front of cameras, handing them scripts and telling them to be angry.

They really have no obligation to abandon this effective way of convincing the American people that it is all about the guns.

However, if we have balanced critical thinking we can also say that you really can’t fault the gun enthusiasts for seeing and calling out a manipulative strategy at work.

Of course, saying this gets you banned from YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Saying that there may have been another shooter, gets you banned.

Saying that you are sick of David Hogg defend the FBI when it was clear they dropped the ball, and blame everybody else for the shooting also puts you on notice that you are a bully.

It is even an offense to show that Hogg’s defense of law enforcement and the FBI is a conflict of interest because his father is a retired FBI agent.

After it was found that the FBI knew of Nicholas Cruz and his intentions to murder students at schools and did nothing – the media tilted hard against the FBI. That did not last long as the indictments in the Robert Mueller investigation were conveniently released and distracted everyone from what was clearly an act of negligence on the part of the FBI.

Then we see David Hogg on our screens telling us that the FBI are hardworking individuals that protect our freedoms it’s not too far of a leap to suggest that Hogg is just a patsy for the Deep State’s nefarious agenda.

There have been some bottomless pockets that have been throwing money into some underhanded political organizing.

This is very real—whatever is happening behind the scenes, is somewhat obscured by self indulgent coverage of the Parkland survivors and their activism.

As I have said before – that activism was compelling and welcome to some degree, but now it is just tuned into predictable gun control noise and distracts us from what we really need to focus on and that is the health of the agencies that are appointed to protect our national security interests.

We know that the FBI serves a crucial role in securing the United States from criminals, terrorists, and hostile foreign agents. Just as importantly, the FBI also protects civil rights and civil liberties, ensures honest government, and defends the rule of law. Its agents serve around the country and around the world with a high degree of professionalism and competence, often under difficult and dangerous conditions.

With that reputation it is taken for granted that the FBI upholds this ideal in all cases that they investigate.

However, if you look back into our history, it has been recorded that the FBI regularly oversteps the law, infringing on Americans’ constitutional rights while over-zealously pursuing its domestic security mission.

After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Congress and successive attorneys general loosened many of the legal and internal controls that a previous generation had placed on the FBI to protect Americans’ constitutional rights.

This is why the American people are being unfairly targeted for surveillance, infiltration, investigation, and “disruption strategies.”

It is now the new normal for Americans to accept that the FBI can use technological innovations to collect, store, and analyze data about millions of innocent Americans.

This has been utilized with utmost secrecy, and literally negates constitutional oversight.

Courts have been reticent to challenge government secrecy demands and, despite years of debate in Congress regarding the proper scope of domestic surveillance, it took unauthorized leaks by a whistleblower to finally reveal the government’s secret interpretations of these laws and the Orwellian scope of its domestic surveillance programs.

There is evidence the FBI’s increased intelligence collection powers have harmed, rather than aided, its terrorism prevention efforts by overwhelming agents with a flood of irrelevant data and false alarms. Former FBI Director William Webster evaluated the FBI’s investigation of Maj. Nadal Hasan prior to the Ft. Hood shooting and cited the “relentless” workload resulting from a “data explosion” within the FBI as an impediment to proper intelligence analysis.

Members of Congress questioned several other incidents in which the FBI investigated but failed to jail, or hold individuals who later committed murderous terrorist attacks, including the Boston Marathon bombing.

We reported that this has been the case for many recent incidents where there has been a tremendous loss of life.

It is not a crime to point this out – nor should anyone’s credibility be put into question when they raise some very important questions about what goes on with regard to intelligence gathering and why the FBI and other alphabet agencies are in the business of cover up and malfeasance.

When terror activities or mass shootings happen, how many times have we heard the phrase “the attacker was “known to the authorities?”

Why is this never addressed by anyone in the media? Why does this phrase have to be exposed by so called conspiracy theorists?

To add insult in injury there unforgivably pathetic response from the FBI: “We truly regret any additional pain this has caused.”

Pain is not the only thing that the people are feeling – they don’t feel safe and the incompetence of the FBI or the intentional ignoring of potential threats is creating a monolithic terror factory that appears to be manufacturing these incidents in order to either foil them – or let them happen in order to secure the money necessary to continue the move towards a massive police state.

We have to acknowledge the truth: the FBI, like so many other parts of the intelligence matrix, is a bloated mess that seems impervious to any kind of public accountability. The leadership of the FBI seems too busy pursuing political vendettas to do its own job properly or put its own house in order.

It is disingenuous for the media to jab at conspiracy theorists when they expose the FBI, especially when the FBI has been the focus of so many proven conspiracies and cover-ups.

These conspiracies and cover ups were most certainly the reason why television shows like the X-Files were created.

Fourteen years ago when the series was created, the protagonists, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were merely chasing alien bogeymen that have been part of conspiracy legend.

Now the series has evolved to include many nefarious activities that our own government has been a part of like MK Ultra, MK Naomi , technotronic surveillance, and some of the political pratfalls that are now part of the day to day political theater.

The original theme of the series was always “The truth is out there.”

However, the newest season is now changing its tune and has now demonstrated that “Truth is fluid and alterable.”

In the beginning, the X-Files was timeless as it dealt with FBI cover-ups about JFK and Roswell.

Now, I have had many listeners tell me that it appears that the producers of the show must be listening to Ground Zero or Alex Jones’ Infowars because American news and what Americans really care about has drifted into territory where The X-Files and shows like Infowars, Coast to Coast AM and Ground Zero has always been comfortable.

Agent Skinner, a character on the show now even name drops people like Robert Mueller as bosses and higher-ups to make the show mirror a bit of ripped from the headlines reality.

In fact, there is a moment in one of the episodes where Agent Skinner puts his ideals ahead of the bureaus which sends a message about the growing narrative and suspicion that the FBI is packed with dangerous partisans, and it contrasts with real-world politicians who seem willing to defend any lie that will allow them to maintain control.

There is even an episode where a mysterious, Doctor They, which we assume represents an agent for the Illuminati tells Mulder, “We’re now living in a post-coverup, post-conspiracy age. The public no longer knows what’s meant by the truth. No one can tell the difference anymore between what’s real and what’s fake.”

In fact, when I was told that I needed to bring Ground Zero to a national audience, I decided that perhaps it was time to modify the show so I wouldn’t be just focusing on monsters and aliens – I wanted to explore further the notion that American politics and culture were being reshaped and engineered.

This was long before the X-Files decided to do the same thing.

The big difference though is that FBI agents Mulder and Scully repeatedly risk their careers and lives in the quest for truth, and we are now seeing that faceless FBI agents that work hard for the same cause are ignored because those in leadership positions want to continue to be in the terror business.

Today’s FBI has exploited secret interpretations of the laws governing domestic surveillance to expand its reach and simply ignored other legal restrictions designed to protect our constitutional rights. It has frustrated congressional, judicial, and public oversight through excessive secrecy, official misrepresentations of its activities, and suppression of government whistleblowers and the press.

They are now used as press agents and give their perspectives that seem to prop up their terror factory operations.

The FBI has an extremely dedicated and proficient workforce that is given the crucial and enormously difficult mission of protecting our nation from a diverse array of domestic and international threats. When at its best, the FBI uses its law enforcement authorities in a narrowly tailored and focused way to protect American communities from dangerous criminals and defend the national security from foreign spies and terrorists. When it uses its power in a fair and equal manner, the FBI strengthens and reinforces the rule of law by protecting civil rights and holding corrupt government officials and abusive law enforcement officers to account.

Maintaining effective checks against error and abuse is necessary for the FBI to remain an effective law enforcement agency and essential to securing liberty and preserving democratic processes.

There is nothing wrong with pointing this out.