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Posted on March 3rd, 2022 by Clyde Lewis

One of the most prominent dangers we face is the rise of digital dictatorships that will monitor everyone all the time. If you know enough biology along with having enough computing power and data, you can hack a human body and brain with the result of understanding the targeted person better than they understand themselves. We are seeing the advent of the Digital Dionysus undefined the god that spreads insanity, ritual madness, and theater within the data colony. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about DIGITAL DIONYSUS - WELCOME TO THE DATA COLONY.





It is foolish, naïve, and downright insane for anyone to even entertain or believe the notion that those who acquired their fortune through pillage, plunder, rape, genocide immoral and ruthless business practices designed to create monopoly have repented and have become true philanthropists to design and restructure society to benefit the greater good.

This is why I stand amazed at such devotion to the technocracy and the oligarchs that are forcing us to emotionally invest in their schemes of war and control.

The real war if you decide to accept it is a war of survival of our entire planet.

Neutrality, passivity, and apathy are not viable options, we are either on the side of humanity undefined the side of sovereignty and righteousness or we will become collateral damage.

Empire building, whether it be by Russia, NATO , the EU, the US or China has always employed different players in different countries for centuries in order to achieve their goals which results in wars, genocide and death for the ordinary people.

There is no hate or disrespect to the people in the crosshairs undefined there is only the loathing of government and billionaires that wish to toy with our emotions in order to support their death purges for power.

The Ukrainian war is very real, very murderous, and very much in line with the strategy of world domination and the movement of corrupt parties that are pushing the New World Order.

For some people, it gets a bit uncomfortable when someone like me decides to question the propaganda. If you decide that you do not want to be emotionally invested in what is happening in Ukraine, or with Russia you end up being accused of being a water boy for Vladimir Putin.

For some odd reason, people today have this idea that Since Event Y followed Event X, Event Y must have been caused by Event X.

So If I say that I think the war in Ukraine has a lot of complex reasons for happening and that everyone involved is corrupt- then I must be a Putin supporter even though it is a fallacy.

It is like saying the rooster crows immediately before sunrise; therefore, the rooster causes the sun to rise.

I think this about the situation in Ukraine so it is assumed that I think that Putin is a darling and so on undefined sort of like correlation appears to suggest causality. The fallacy lies in a conclusion based solely on the order of events, rather than taking into account other factors potentially responsible for the result that might rule out the connection.

I have been called a Communist, a Putin sympathizer, and a Nazi. I have been told that I am on the wrong side of history undefined even though those who tell me this probably never liked or paid attention to history.

If people are this emotionally charged up with something that has nothing to do with them, then I have to realize that the propaganda has been very powerful or that people are investing their emotions in data undefined that algorithmically has put a spell over them.

It is digital witchcraft when you get right down to it . It is like we have been at war for years instead of weeks undefined and within 36 hours it looked as if people already knew who the good guys and the bad guys were undefined it was all so sudden.

Does that sound normal to you? That all of a sudden, a country that was a part of a scandal involving President Trump and eventually Joe Bidenundefineds son Hunter became sacrosanct and seen as a new shiny thing that the media could flaunt and exploit?

Wars are happening everywhere undefined people are dying everywhere, but Ukraine is special, have you asked yourself why?

Have you asked how so many people have been manipulated into emotionally investing in one country and all of a sudden hating another?

Questioning authority in times of crisis is not unpatriotic. Itundefineds critical.

To be human and humane is to doubt all the things coming out of the mouths of the so-called authorities, the so-deemed experts, the technical whizzes, think tanks, corporations, government agencies, politicians, and anyone with a small or huge stake in raking in profits over the deaths of innocent human beings.

This goes for Putin, Russia, NATO, China, and whoever else wants to try and take over the world leaving mass graves in their wake.

But saying that is not enough undefined not when data and algorithms make the choices for those who think they know better. It is terrifying to watch all of this unfold undefined it is like witnessing the horrors of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where emotions are turned off and turned on, by either a pod under the bed or mind control at its most advanced.

We are now seeing evidence of a population that is easily being controlled under the penalty of death or the penalty of being erased or forced into a show trial where in order to save face you must go on an apology tour.

Cancelation does not breed accountability; it breeds ignorance and it puts to death the idea of healthy and meaningful discourse.

These techniques of silencing the inconvenient opinion have become an effective tool of the Deep State and operatives of psychological warfare.

Neurolinguistic programmed combined with advanced propaganda and algorithmic alchemy is being conveyed daily by “producers, anchors, editors, journalists, and pundits,” who love doping out the very spectacle it presents to us.

Presenting madness as sanity requires brokenness of mind that seems to be common today. the pandemic has broken a lot of minds -and so I ask how can you not doubt the mainstream corporate narrative coming from the news? It is obviously exploiting the crisis to play on your emotions.

I donundefinedt know why I find this terrifying undefined why I see the reactions as unbelievable.

I canundefinedt stop wondering why would any free-thinking, democracy-loving, First Amendment-wielding, so-called open society believer who “honors” diversity censor and de-platform and dishonor any level of debate on every subject from climate, Covid and warfare?

Doesnundefinedt this strike you as odd or unamerican or even inhumane?

It is like our minds are being colonized by aliens that know what buttons to push, and what mental faculties can be controlled.

Welcome to the Data colony -where your opinion is engineered through various traumas that are breaking your mental stability.

We know why governments might want no questions about its role in bombing civilians and children.

We understand how China might not want any questions about its role in polluting the planet but also propping up despotic hit squads. Lots of reasons why domineering parents might not want children to question said parents’ truthfulness and actual knowledge about things.

But what is happening now is being brought to a whole new level. The biggest enemy of the state questions. Public enemy number one is debate, and the biggest frustrations we are seeing are from those who canundefinedt understand why there are people out there that have still not taken the bait or have responded to the mass mind control that is being carried out en masse.

We know that there are groups that are gathering evidence and are working to expose these crimes against humanity. We know that all of these lockdowns, leveling the economy, installing 5G, and vaccinating people is part of the plan for setting the entire foundation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

If you listen in on what their plans on for you, you would understand that perhaps the choices you make are based on data control and information rationing.

A while ago a listener sent ne a video of a lecture that was given in Davos by Yuval Noah Harari.

Harari is is an Israeli public intellectual, historian, and professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the author of the Popular Science bestsellers Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

Harari has been very outspoken about the war in Ukraine.

When he spoke at Davos for the World Economic Forum, he warned the world about too much dependence on data-driven technologies.

He states that this could result in data colonialism, which can lead to the creation of monopolistic corporations and tyrant governments.

To quote Harari:

undefinedThe two biggest problems with big data are at national and global levels. The danger on the national level is that a few groups—be the governments or large corporate monopolies—may use it to create unequal societies or totalitarian regimes.undefined

undefinedFor the first time in human history, it is possible to follow everybody all the time and to know a person better than the person himself,undefined he added.

Harari also pointed out that none of the past dictators and tyrants could do this because they did not have the required technologies. According to him, the only way out is to prevent such regimes and situations. He also emphasized that in the 21st century, one country need not send in its soldiers to conquer another nation; all it needs to do is take out the data of its leaders and its people.

undefinedImagine a situation wherein China or the US has the entire personal records of a countryundefineds politicians, journalists, judges, military leaders and begins to judge them by the jokes they crack and the diseases they struggle with. Then it will no longer be an independent country but a data colony.undefined

I can sense that the data colony is already in play as the cancel culture has been efficient in judging people by the jokes they tell, the people they associated with, and even past quotes that are used as fodder for character assassination.

People immediately rush to judgment and condemn someone without knowing the context and then try them without due process.

There is no debate, no other side of the story undefined just an agenda, and this is what is terrifying,

The general tendency (or intention) to focus public attention on phenomena that require something akin to religious faith is a very old means of exerting control and diverting attention from the destructive activities of those in whom control has been concentrated.

We have been brainwashed into directing our faith towards scientism -and now we are being manipulated into the next crisis to be concerned about- like dogs trained to jump through hoops.

Ask yourself Do you have ideas, or do ideas have you? What exactly are ideas? Are they divine sparks of inspiration, the accidental by-products of our weird brains, neuronal fireworks displays that find meaning in our lives – or are they more than all these things?

Are your ideas and the various fad causes you to involve yourself benefit you or do they benefit others who have mastered the dynamic necessary to trigger a response.

Well-thought viruses can influence and program like minds and so it appears that it is easier to program people and create a viral meme that can exponentially change the course of history.

Again, Yuval Noah Harari says that the major danger we face is the rise of digital dictatorships that will monitor everyone all the time.

He then says that this danger can be stated in the form of a simple equation which he thinks might be the defining equation of life in the 21st century.

B times C times D equals R which means biological knowledge multiplied by computing power multiplied by data equals the ability to hack humans.

He goes on to say that if you know enough biology and you have enough computing power and data you can hack a human body and the brain and you can understand a person better than they understand themselves.

You can know their personality type their political views their sexual preferences their mental weaknesses and their deepest fears and hopes.

We are seeing the advent of the Digital Dionysus undefined the god that spreads insanity, ritual madness, and theater within the data colony.

This has triggered the metaphoric burning of books and the cessation of thoughts and debate.

Media and the platforms control the information and feed the various agendas by triggering self-doubt about mortality, health, and overall wellbeing.

The mantra is that you are a victim and someone is responsible because you canundefinedt be your own worst enemy undefined the saviors of the world know what to do, if you just follow them, and listen to them they will certainly guide you to a Utopia undefined a new age, a great reset.

Work from home, get a prostate check on Zoom, learn in schools with electronic blackboards with one teacher for a thousand students. Get your food ordered by smartphone and delivered by self-driving car or flying drone.

We are already seeing the transformation and many people have already participated in the convenience of the data colony undefined many have been fully colonized and this is why they are emotionally invested in things that are out of their control.

It is learned helplessness with the solution of AI and the internet of things on steroids.

Now you are getting a clue as to why they wanted to push things into 5G undefined it all can happen so fast undefined the tool of compliance and manipulation undefined the data colony that is an invisible carnival that traps you in the midway, playing games that you can never win.

Controlling water, food, travel, thought, dreams, hopes, fears, and one’s own body has to be done through a very simple but wide complex of actors throwing the gauntlet down on people.

Think of how they did it -they used fear, lockdowns, isolation, and misinformation on a nanosecond by nanosecond cycle.

Think of all the lies that are now being exposed. Think of how busy the liars are in trying to censor those who want to debate and tell the inconvenient truth.

Think of all of the noise, and the mental trash they are using to distract people from their lies. The wars they want to emotionally invest in undefined this football team, this athlete, that actor, this millionaire that politician, this singer, and this and that human stain who gets air time and digital ink, that tractor that is carrying water for Vladimir Putin.

No, you can tell yourself that you arenundefinedt being screwed with mentally and that surveillance, and peering eyes, know every button to push to get you to act like an animal in a jungle that has its eyes on your bank accounts school records, health records, driving records, social media posts, police records, housing records, purchase records, travel records undefined I could go on, but who am I?

Just a Communist, Fascist, Nazi talk show host that is a punching bag for those who are unaware that they are being programmed.

Ask yourself why you have to be incentivized to be vaccinated, why all of your digital apps are asking you to donate to Ukraine, and discourage any questioning of the motives of the powerful.

Ask yourself why the algorithm awards certain behaviors and discourages others and how they want you to get in line and hate those that question the narrative.

In the end, those who are bold enough to speak up will be slapped with a diagnosis of Opposition Defiance Disorder -and will be encouraged to go to a deprogramming camp or some other facility to be programmed for happiness.
Any defiance will conveniently go into your behavior record and social credit score.

Internet companies have converted instruments that were designed to battle national safety concerns to now suppress alternative opinions, or what the Biden administration refers to as “misinformation,” “disinformation,” and “mal-information.”

However, do people understand that even though they want to stamp out political discourse they still allow for the grooming of children by Human traffickers, advertisements for drug cartels … child sexual abuse, material, child exploitation, and pornography?

All that seems to slip through the cracks, while people are getting shadow-banned for opinions about COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine.

There are even bots that are farmed out to patriotic citizens by the Chinese Communist Party, to spew bile all over the internet or cheerlead for the CCP.

And yet, it is okay to ban Russia Today and Sputnik because they are spreading Russian propaganda. I guess they are choosing what data is harmful and what isnundefinedt undefined it is an idea of bellying up to the digital bar to drink your poison, provided by the technocrats of the digital colony.

We have failed to agree on a definition of misinformation and disinformation, and so we have to assume that it is data that the powers that be donundefinedt like. But no problem, there is always that microchip that has the patent number 060606 that can be used to turn off and turn on your neuro impulses.

Couple that with the trans-human world of command and control of our bodies network and you have zombies that behave because they are being fed what they already assume.

They call this the new freedom, where you will own nothing and be happy, and you will know nothing and that will be blissful ignorance. You will have the freedom of the billionaire class to continue to plunder across the globe.

And the freedom of citizens to submit.