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It is becoming evident, that is if one is paying attention the mainstream media is becoming less and less capable of laying aside their political bias in order to report there is a conspiracy in the shadows that poses a threat to the well-being of every citizen in this country.

A shocking amount of what you are hearing now is based purely on the equivalent of contemporary ghost stories and witch hunts exacerbated by the mainstream media’s lack of understanding. So in an effort to save the ratings instead of warning the nation, they have decided to report in a style that can only be called, exaggerated sensationalism.

We are no longer in the communication age, we are no longer in an information age — we are in an age of one way distribution of content. It is labeled as vital, realistic and is packaged like a well-directed movie. It is not in any way interactive or participatory.

The fact is, the commentator has more of an effect on you than you on him or her. You have no immediate access to them, but they direct their agenda to you. You are a recipient of programming and it is assumed that you the recipient are to accept the programming without questioning it.

To do so makes you a conspiracy theorist.

Well, the days of cloak and dagger conspiracy theories are back and the biggest conspiracy theories are being spun by the Deep State and the people now appear to believe every allegation that is being made about secret meetings with Russians and wiretaps.

The Cold War matrix in the crowd psychology is now being re-constructed in order to create a gradual acceptance of an all out war for global take over.

The Cold War technically didn’t end – it just had a bit of distraction with the War on Terror.

The Cold War should have ended in 1991 when Communism and the Warsaw Pact did, but instead it continued on in the form of NATO. NATO was a very profitable enterprise for what Eisenhower called the military industrial complex. Now Donald Trump is being called by haters-of-Trump, a U.S. national-security risk because he wants to end the Cold War on the U.S. side — 26 years after it had ended in 1991 on the communist side.

However, the attempt to do this has spun a lot of cloak and dagger conspiracy theories in the media involving the CIA, Russia, Trump’s associates and now tables have turned has President Trump has made accusations that Barack Obama in “Watergate” fashion, wiretapped Trump tower during his campaign.

This prompted Nicholas Burns the former U.S. ambassador to NATO, who also served as undersecretary of State for political affairs during President George W. Bush’s administration to say that these wild allegations are a threat to our national security.

Burns, who is now a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School, predicted that Trump’s charges would be quickly dismissed if investigated because they don’t seem to be true.

Conveniently absent in the media circus is the admission of hypocrisy regarding this conspiracy over the alleged Russian interference with our election, in which deep state agents have not been able to produce any proof of these allegations.

The media accepted the CIA’s version of the Cold War conspiracy hypothesis without questioning it – and now allegations against Barack Obama are out of the question and a threat to national security.

What we are seeing now is a severe case of fluid morality which is guaranteed to engender a hostile reaction from the people.

What I mean by fluid morality is that the media is now conveniently dismissing the history of the civic sins that Obama was committing while in office and the impunity that continued under his watch.

For some reason, his track record conspiracy parapolitical maneuvers have been ignored and that for some reason the media wants to paint this picture of his nonsensical sainthood, paying no mind to his underhanded war in Libya, the attempted destabilization of Ukraine, The continued war in Syria, his killing of an American citizen with his unprecedented drone use, and don’t forget his kill lists.

Obama is the perfect example of an ex-president that believes that he can escape fault if he retires with dignity somewhere in Palm Springs, build a library, or having a coffee table book made with photographs of him looking thoughtful and conflicted about his past decisions.

Perhaps it would be prudent that we should all start thinking about this dirty conspiracy of resistance that has been created is now a matter of government instability. Life and death could be in the balance and guess what – no matter how they try the deep state cannot fix death nor do they care to. This is obvious enough; however, do we hear this from the media?

No we do not, because a Cold War is once again good for business, and a constitutional crisis will fill up most of the air time so we don’t have to watch CNN’s version of the Christ story on finding Jesus.

We are horrifically close to entering into a war of potentially global proportions. The comedy of errors in this entire exaggerated situation is that no one wants it to happen.

However, no one is being smart enough to avoid it and so it goes on.

The conspiracy theory eventually revealed is that there’s a “Permanent State” or “Deep State” inside the US government, made up of its intelligence and security establishment, and that this government-within-a-government’s attacks against the Trump administration are a threat to democracy. You may support their leaks when they hurt Trump, so you might think, but the precedent is extremely dangerous — one that threatens to undermine American democracy in the long run.

You must understand regardless of what you might think of Obama or Trump or anyone else that what is happening is showing us critical failures in our democracy’s health.

To add to the conspiracy theory about Deep State takeover, a news story crept into the Twitterverse via Google Home. Google’s Virtual Assistant, when asked if Barack Obama was planning a coup against the Trump administration – the virtual assistants reply was surprisingly, yes!

The assistant then gives details of an alleged Snowden leak provided by the website “Secrets of the Fed” that states:

“According to details exposed in Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video, not only could Obama be in bed with the Communist Chinese but Obama may in fact be planning a Communist coup d’état at the end of his term in 2016!”

While internet news outlets are bending over backwards calling this fake news, it is uncannily a bit of bad timing as former United States Attorney General Eric Holder announced that former President Barack Obama is planning for an early return into the political spotlight.

Oh, the conspiracy web that is now weaving.

According to Holder, Obama spoke with him about strategizing how he can help the new National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) gain control across the nation for the Democrats.

Conspiracy theorists are speculating, otherwise.

The Daily Mail reports that the Obama team is setting up shop at a posh $5.3 million mansion in the Kalorama section of D.C., referring to it as a “nerve center.”

President Barack Obama’s former top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett is moving in with him and will help with what is being called a “resistance.”

Trump tweeted over the weekend that hat Obama had orchestrated a plot against him. Trump wrote: “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!”

In another tweet, Trump wrote, “How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

A senior White House official told has said that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, an independent authority, may have authorized some form of surveillance of Trump and his campaign associates, who have been accused of improper contact with Russian authorities.

But the White House produced no evidence about a connection to the court. And if the court allowed such surveillance, it would have meant that a judge concluded that there was probable cause to believe that Trump or his associates were colluding with a foreign government, in this case the Russians.

All we need now is Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover to rise from the dead—and this would be the most outrageous parapolitical story ever!

Well maybe their ghosts have arrived along with suspicion of a few Nazis infiltrating with good measure.

Another experiment with Google Assistant has shown that the nice voice on the other end thinks that all republicans are Nazis.

When asked “Are Republicans fascists?” The answer: “Yes. Republicans equals Nazis.”

So our bit of clandestine deep state cloak and dagger coup d’état is being narrated by Google Assistant, which isn’t at all surprising.

The North Koreans are using virtually the same technology to notify their spies that they are plotting some event.

Strange number messages were broadcast through the airwaves of North Korea’s station Radio Pyongyang, using a virtual assistant voice.

North Korean dictator Kim Jon Un is believed to be using cryptic Cold War like broadcasts to direct his spies in the south.

The coded message, intercepted from a Pyongyang propaganda station, instructs members of the ’21st exploration team’ to ‘review’ their ‘math assignment’. The broadcast then recites a series of numbers, which it is believed could be used by North Korean spies in South Korea to translate into orders amid high tension between the nations.

North Korea launched four missiles today and intelligence reports that these were practice firings before a presumed attack of military bases in Japan.

According to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, three of the four missiles landed in Japanese territorial waters, making it likely North Korea is rehearsing attacks against U.S. military stations in Japan, from where reinforcements for the Korean peninsula would arrive in the event of war.

Seoul said all four projectiles were most likely midrange ballistic missiles that are not capable of reaching the continental United States.

The question is why has the President chosen to pick a fight with Barack Obama instead of addressing the issue of a possible nuclear strike in Japan?

Is this a distraction?

Yes of course it is – and it smacks of obfuscation on a permanent state level.

The United States has a permanent national security bureaucracy, that’s a banal observation that applies to nearly every country on Earth. They work in tandem to pave the road towards a globalist government with hawkish intentions.

If your Google Assistant is observant of outrageous conspiracy theories, then maybe what we are learning is that the fake news psy-op is back firing and people are now catching on to the idea that the cloak and dagger operations have become business as usual in this never ending apocalypse.