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Posted on April 22nd, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


NASA had their Orville and Wilbur Wright moment last Monday when Ingenuity, a space fairing helicopter, successfully completed the first powered flight on another planet.

NASA bestowed an honor on Orville and Wilbur, as the location of the latest history-making moment in aviation will forever carry their names. A small piece of material that covered the wing of the aircraft, Flyer 1, that made four flights on Dec. 17, 1903 at Big Kill Devil Hill is onboard the Ingenuity Mars helicopter.NASA powers up Ingenuity Mars helicopter in space for the 1st time | Space

On Monday, NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter became the first aircraft in history to make a powered, controlled flight on another planet. The Ingenuity team at the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California confirmed the flight succeeded after receiving data from the helicopter via NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover.

Many people have asked why we need a helicopter on Mars.

Well, of course to get aerial views of the planet and some speculate that secretly NASA wishes to get aerial views of extraterrestrial artifacts, ruins, or even wreckage that may be left behind by extraterrestrial civilizations.

Richard Hoagland in his book, Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever, hypothesized that sentient beings spent time on Mars millions of years ago assembling behemoth structures whose ruins are still seen today.

Apollo Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, has mentioned many times about anomalous artifacts found on the Mars moon, Phobos, including a monolith structure, and how a settlement on Mars should be led by the United States and that historians will record our success in leaving earth for mars sooner than later.

In Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey series, the Monolith is an advanced alien technology. It is a “magnetic anomaly” that somehow triggers a massive shift in conscious evolution. Clarke named the Monolith builders the “Firstborn”. While the Firstborn were in many ways physically different from human beings they were still mortal beings made of flesh and blood. The evolutionary projects of the Firstborn required very long time spans to complete, far longer than their own lifespans. Thus the Firstborn eventually discovered how to transfer their consciousness into computers. Later they even surpassed this achievement, transferring entirely from physical to non-corporeal form, omniscient and immortal, the “Lords of the Galaxy”. They were considered a kind of Galactic Federation that wanted to enable mankind with knowledge.Strange metal object from Utah desert inspires '2001: A Space Odyssey' comparisons | Dhaka Tribune

Observing the monoliths of Mars would become more compelling now that we have a helicopter capable of swooping in to give us a better view of what may be evidence of Martian architecture—or maybe even Martian technologies.

Reverse engineering the Space Odyssey plot in the context of recent history it becomes obvious that culture creators like Arthur C. Clarke imagine that we will see the arrival of the firstborn “Lords” or Galactic federation who are the “omniscient and immortal” future manifestation of what we are led to believe is the new idea of the trans-human.

This has been the objective of the secret leaders –namely those who meet in Davos or the Bilderberg’s – they have been busily plotting the future of our world. Their global reset includes the move towards a transhuman existence.

Perhaps we are indeed capable of not only observing technological monoliths but also uncovering the mysteries of Cydonia or even the King’s Valley of Mars.

The King’s Valley on Mars is proposed to contain strong evidence for artificiality. Many people are aware and many are not aware that while Richard Hoagland reported a Face in the area of Cydonia – there was also a capture of what is called “The Crowned Face” in the King’s Valley on Mars. While the Crowned Face is best known, there are many other unusual formations in the King’s Valley. In some areas it is difficult to find any part of the valley wall without a face of some kind on it.Shadows in Eden: Cydonia: Faces of Mars

Their proximity to each other makes them hard to explain. Other valleys in Libya Montes have no possible artifacts in them, these are all concentrated within five kilometers in one valley.

Libya Montes contains some of the oldest surviving Noachian terrain on Mars, it is also considered by astrobiologists to be one of the most likely areas to find life signs. This is because of the dense concentrations of dendritic valley networks indicating atmospheric precipitation and longitudinal valleys indicating groundwater. This also makes it more likely to contain artifacts, since the Noachian terrain dates back 3.8 Giga Anum to 2.8 Giga Anum this is when sentient life on Mars could have created these formations.

By the way Giga Anum is estimated in billions of years, or a long time ago on a planet far far away.

There are also dark dune fields on Mars where researchers have found what is known as the Meridiani Face. The Meridiani Face was discovered around early June 2007 by a Mars researcher Terry James.Do These 7 Strange Features Show Past Life on Mars? | Gaia

Recognizing faces, often referred to as pareidolia, is sometimes considered to be an innate ability people have.

Inverted faces are more difficult to recognize also the more distorted or jumbled they are the more time it can take to recognize them.

A special part of the brain may recognize faces but not other kinds of Martian formations. This problem has often occurred as researchers examined Mars images for possible artifacts.

A apace helicopter like Ingenuity could fly over these regions and give us definitive proof of artificiality.

Back before Avi Loeb received a lot of attention about his opinions on Oumuamua, he appeared on Ground Zero and spoke of something else that intrigued him about new missions to the moon and to Mars. He believed that these two celestial spheres were like spider webs and that they may have been able to capture what he called relics or artifacts that would change the way we view our position in the universe.Why physicist Avi Loeb thinks there's a

He stated that he had an interest in what he called space archaeology where we explore the moon and the planets on the solar system for signs of ancient life, and technological relics that may indicate that civilizations thrived in space at one time or that they may have gone underground and that this is why we have not detected them yet.

Loeb said:

“To me, the most interesting thing to do would be to do space archaeology, which is similar to digging into the ground, except you dig into space and you search for relics, for burnt out surfaces of planets, for artifacts on other planets. That’s an interesting future frontier, finding relics of dead civilizations out there.”

But the big question is that is we have advanced equipment that finds these artifacts on distant planets are we looking at relics of an alien civilization or are we looking at a human civilization that existed in our long distance past.

What would that do to the tangent universe?

There are good reasons to seriously consider the possibility that at some point in the Earth-Moon system’s 4.5 billion year-old history, an alien intelligence may have passed through our solar system; leaving physical artifacts of their visits.

These artifacts would likely entail more than just alien spaced detritus , and would arguably include evidence of alien scientific or industrial activity, such as extremely advanced lunar mining, energy generation; even technology related to lunar nearside Earth reconnaissance.

There is even more reason to believe that same about the planet Mars – and truly the Perseverance mission has set out to open up the possibility that there are artifacts on Mars and it will be just a matter of time before we find them.

When we were away for a few days, because of my senior producer Wes’s illness, I was still very busy preparing another presentation for the virtual conference, “Contact in the Desert.” The presentation is about Bracewell probes and as I was looking over some of my past work and other studies about them, I stumbled upon an old Cold war conspiracy theory about space, Mars and quite possibly another one of the reasons we are experimenting with a helicopter on Mars.

In the summer of 1979 British tabloid newspaper Reveille published an article on its front pages concerning the mind-blowing claims of Soviet astrophysicist, Professor Sergei Boshich - that he had discovered “the wreck of a spaceship from another planet” that was in orbit around the Earth and “could contain the bodies of alien beings!”In 1979, Soviet scientists claimed to have found the wreck of an alien spacecraft in space, what happened afterwards – yqqlm

There were even reports that the ship may have originated from the planet Mars and as it moves closer to the earth it somehow collided with something send in debris into space and some of hot may have fallen on the surface of mars.

The story was picked up on and published in various publications, including New Scientist, who approached the claim with skepticism, to say the least, and given the time it ran it is easy to see why.

Boshich claims that scientists had first begun to notice wreckage floating around the Earth in the 1960s and had “identified” ten pieces of “debris” – with two of them alone measuring over one-hundred feet each. They measured their orbits and trajectory and with the aid of computer analysis claimed they had traced where the objects began their orbits and from what date. Bosich would state:

“We found they all originated from the same spot on the same day, 18th December 1955. Obviously there had been a powerful explosion!”

This date is important because the first man-made object to go into space was Sputnik 1 in 1957.

Russian science fiction writer, Alexander Kazantsev, who was a ufologist and an astrophysics researcher according to Boshich’s claims added that by studying the larger pieces of the “wreckage” they were able to guess at the size and shape of the craft. He would state, “We believe it was at least two-hundred feet long and one-hundred feet wide. Its size would suggest (it had) several floors. We believe alien bodies will still be aboard!”

There had been suggestions that the “wreckage” could indeed be the fragments of a meteor. However “top Moscow physicist” Dr. Vladimir Azhazha stated, “Meteors do not have orbits! They plummet aimlessly, hurtling erratically through space. And they do not explode spontaneously! All the evidence we have gathered over the past decade points to one thing – a crippled alien spacecraft!”

What the Russians now wanted was to launch “a rescue mission” so that the vessel could be “reassembled here on Earth.” 

Although both the American and British governments showed a steady interest at the time, no joint venture (at least to the public’s knowledge) ever happened in an attempt to locate and possibly board the alleged wreckage. Is it possible, being that the Cold War was raging during this time that the claims were an attempt to lure the Americans into diverting billions of dollars into researching and possibly sending out astronauts for something that wasn’t there? 

Dr. Myran Malkin who was director of NASA Space Shuttle office of space technology said at the time, “We would consider a joint salvage attempt if the Russians approached us.”

Dr. Desmond King-Hele, a space researcher at the Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough in the United Kingdom added, “Like the Americans, we would be interested to look at this if the Russians make the information available!”

Basically – the United States nor the United Kingdom were willing to take the risk alone, with Dr. King-Hele being even more dubious than his American counterparts stating, “There are over four thousand pieces of wreckage orbiting the Earth – each has a catalogue number!” implying that should he be able to see Boshich’s information in full, they would in all probability identify the wreckage.

It is easy, knowing what we know now about such things as the Cold War and the undefinedgetting one over on the otherundefined that went on between the East and West during this time to believe that this was an attempt to entice the Americans into looking for something orbiting the Earth that simply wasn’t there, and so causing embarrassment on the international stage.

However, just as easy to believe, is that Boshich and his team were correct and truthful, and that a joint venture was launched to retrieve the craft – only it was done in secret with nothing mentioned in the public arena again, aside from ridiculing any such ideas when necessary.

One last thing of interest to note - an article that appeared in Icarus magazine in 1969, written by American astronomer John Bagby, expressed that he had located ten “moonlets” orbiting the Earth “after breaking off from a larger parent body” – he had managed to trace back the date of the explosion – he claimed it was 18th December 1955.

Russia would have to wait until 1989 before they could explore the possibility that something bizarre happened in the space between Mars and the Earth.

In 1989, Russia sent two probes to Mars to investigate the Martian moon, Phobos. Keep in mind that Phobos is where the so-called Monolith resides.

The first probe was lost on its way to explore the Martian moon. NASA had said that the probe was destroyed by a Meteorite. However, the other probe recorded something far more frightening. Something that was large enough to cast a shadow on the Martian surface.

Photos of a very long cigar shaped object were the last transmissions of the probe before it was obliterated. One of the photos showed an elliptical shaped shadow was cast on the Martian surface. The other photos transmitted what appeared to be a ball of energy beyond the probe. There were of course other shots taken by the probe reportedly showing some “sensitive information.”Phobos Moon UFO (Page 7) - Line.17QQ.com

The Russians have always had trouble with their experiments to explore Mars. The United States has had problems as well and there have been many people who have stated for the record that someone or something wants us stay away from Mars or is keeping us from exploring some its mysteries.

The trek to Mars has always been difficult and many of the launches to the Red Planet have been vexed with some sort of extraterrestrial sabotage.

There is always the question of whether Perseverance or even Ingenuity would fall prey to the phantoms of Mars.

However so far so good – as the rover successfully converted some of the plentiful carbon dioxide on Mars into oxygen as a first test of its MOXIE instrument. The name MOXIE is short for Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment.MIT to test making oxygen on Mars

After warming up for about two hours, MOXIE produced 5.4 grams of oxygen. This is enough to sustain an astronaut for about 10 minutes.

The thin Martian atmosphere is 96% carbon dioxide, which isnundefinedt much help to oxygen-breathing humans.

Something that can convert that carbon dioxide into oxygen efficiently could help in more ways than one. Bigger and better versions of something like MOXIE in the future could convert and store oxygen needed for rocket fuel, as well as supply life support systems with breathable air.

For future tests, MOXIE likely will generate up to 10 grams of oxygen per hour. The instrument will run tests about nine more times over the next two years, and the research team will use data to design future generations of MOXIE.

Much like the objectives set for the Ingenuity helicopter, which is also a technology demonstration, the goal is for MOXIE to push the limits of the instrument.

These are fascinating times we live in today – as the technology to explore new worlds is in its infancy, perhaps using these tools will yield the secrets which have been kept close to technocrats who believe the people of earth are not ready to accept that they are not alone in the universe.