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4/30/20: THE UFO MAY DAY

Posted on April 30th, 2020 by Clyde Lewis


The Pentagon’s decision to officially declassify three ‘UFO’ videos that have been circulating for years has triggered feverish speculation about what the famously secretive department is trying to distract Americans from.

For many years, we have been discussing the Tic Tac UFO’s – we have interviewed almost all of the witnesses and then just out of the blue, the videos have now been officially declassified.

This is funny in an awkward way because if they were truly classified, then how is it that they leaked out into the public?

Are we to believe that if that Navy officially says that the footage is real that this means that we are now in the cross hairs of an alien invasion? Has it already happened and is there a connection to the draconian practices that we have been forced to observe because of COVID-19?

Even though the clips have been circulating ever since they were leaked online between December 2017 and March 2018, the Pentagon putting its official stamp on the unusual films – supposedly to “clear up any misconceptions by the public” – confirmed their authenticity.

However, not all of the speculation had to do with the type of ‘little green men’ that might be piloting the objects. Even as hashtags like #aliensarereal and #ufo2020 dominated social media, many commenters were skeptical as to why the Defense Department had selected this particular moment in history to officially ‘release’ the videos. With the world in the grips of both a pandemic and an unprecedented economic depression and with anger rising at government responses to both – the timing raised more than a few eyebrows.

Given the Pentagon’s facility for ‘information warfare’, many assumed the release was an effort to shift the discourse to ‘aliens’

What is really odd is that it seems that their mission has worked.

Yesterday, many members of the news staff where I worked were all excited about the story, asking me question and wondering if this is the next phase in our little psychological operation known as COVID-19.

Well, I would say there is a good argument for it.

This has triggered a lot of talk about a possible alien incursion.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tweeted Monday that Americans undefineddeserve to be informedundefined about UFO information following the Pentagonundefineds official release of three Navy videos.

Reid reiterated that The Navy also confirmed an increase in UFO sightings in 2019. It formalized a new process to allow pilots to report sightings at the time.

Officials have clarified that, while UFOs are not necessarily indicative of extraterrestrial life, they do raise concerns regarding advanced aircraft flying near sensitive military facilities and military-controlled ranges.

Back when the New York Times leaked the videos. We interviewed many of the staff of these Naval ships that said that what they encountered what appeared to be an armada of these craft which had me thinking again about the 19 interstellar Centaurs that apparently have been waiting in space near the planet Jupiter.

The findings come more than two years after astronomers spotted the first interstellar visitor, Oumuamua. There is still speculation that the elongated object could very well be a derelict alien space craft.

Meanwhile, there has been a lot of activity in space that has triggered reports of UFO’s. Many people have noticed a string of lights in the sky and have been fooled into thinking that they are alien space craft, when in reality, they are the string of Starlink Satellites.

However, there are exceptions to all of this as what was once thought to be a Starlink sighting turns into something far more unexplainable.

Back on April 24th, a few people in the US witnessed a UFO that looked like a Mothership launching various lights in the shy, that was later said to be a large by a meteor that streaked across the sky and exploded mid-air and broke apart into tiny fragments.

The American Meteor Society reported that theundefinedfireball eventundefinedhappened on April 20 at around 10:30 pm MDT, or April 21 at 12:30 am EDT. Although most of the eyewitness reports regarding the fireball event came from the state of Idaho, the incident was also spotted by individuals from Washington and Oregon.

That night we were getting reports of this UFO but from what we were hearing reminded of us of Starlink. However, many of the witnesses say it was not a meteor – that it looked as if a Mothership had a glow around it, firing balls of light out of it like a roman candle.

As far as we know the sighting did not make it on the local news. Based on the descriptions submitted by the eyewitnesses, it is possible that the fireball event was caused by a bolide.undefined

Or again, a UFO – it just depended on what part of the sky you were in or what state - of course, you have to go with the most logical explanation but of course day in and day out we learn that secretly scientist are actually sequestering their science fiction fantasies about an alien invasion.

Earlier in the month NPR had an interview with quantitative futurist Amy Webb. Webb is known by a lot of geeks who last year heard her presentation at South by Southwest.

Futurists cover so many subjects from tech trends to industry, electronics, robots. A.I. and how it will all affect us in the future.

Amy made an interesting comment about COVID-19 which again cryptically sparks the imagination about what it may be the precursor to, something we have discussed before and that is the silent invasion of aliens or extraterrestrials.

Webb was addressing the issue of COVID-19 and how this has triggered someone’s idea of a future dystopia today. She declared that we are living in a dystopia.

The interview then turned a very science fiction corner – the commentator compared what was happening to an alien invasion and that we have an alien invasion to contend with.

Amy Webb concurred, “Futurists when we map out scenarios, sometimes when you get to where there is no winning solution to a problem, you kind of hope for an alien invasion.”

Amy Webb said “In a way, this is our alien invasion. This virus is essentially malware, attacking the source code of humanity. This should be something that brings us all together. It’s strange to me that it’s not. This is the time, this is the cause, this is the reason, to get Silicon Valley and Wall Street and Washington, D.C., in lockstep together.”

It is an interesting analogy and I along with those who practice conspirituality have been trying to find the link between a horrible unknown clade – Clade X and its relationship to COVID-19 and how that clade could have had its origins in space.

The extraterrestrial pathogen sounds like something out of the X-Files, but the point by point predictive blue print ends with a shadowy cabal demanding that we get a vaccine that contains that alien pathogen.

It is a terrifying proposal but it is not impossible to observe the empirical correlation to timing of space activities, namely interstellar invaders, close shaves with near earth objects and now the 19 0ther interstellar objects that are now watching us from the Jovian system.

Webb of course may not be a believer in the alien invasion but what she has implied is that what we are experiencing now is a dress rehearsal for what appears to be the silent alien creep.

Back in May of 2018 we reported that Psychology Today was taken aback by the earnest questioning of late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel about UFO’s and aliens to both Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

Each answer he got was awkward and full of stammering but with inside jokes aside –each leader was able to acknowledge their interest in disclosing the truth about aliens and the future of mankind.

This was not the first time this notion was put forward by a major political leader. Thirty years earlier, in his address to the United Nations General Assembly in 1987, President Ronald Reagan said: “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside of this world.”

These sentiments all stem from the fact that countries, societies, and communities are getting increasingly polarized. And the future looks bleak too. Those who govern us, often find it effective to break us up strategically to conquer our attention, loyalty, and votes. Social media and online networks seem to be using our own psychological tendencies to exacerbate and calcify the divides to gain more users, views, and profits.

It seems that we are not able to naturally reverse this tide. So, before we further turn on each other, could a strictly external, common adversary do the trick?

Science fiction has, in fact, recurrently played with the notion of uniting humans against a common, alien enemy. Like Twilight Zone, Watchmen, the famous comic-book series and the film based on them, also imagined a main character make up the threat of a hostile alien invasion to prevent a nearing world war. Independence Day, the 1996 movie, envisioned a scenario where that invasion actually happens. And lo and behold, citizens of the world work out all their differences and unite against the common enemy to ultimately defeat it.

If you recall from the interviews conducted by Kimmel most of the ex-presidents were very keen not to spill all of the beans but Clinton finished the interview with a curious sentiment. undefinedIt may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours,undefined he said. And by it, Clinton meant undefinedan alien invasion from outer space.”

Just like Reagan did when he was president.

Psychology Today reminded everyone that Reagan employed the same metaphor at the -end of the Cold War when he said “I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world,” he told Earthlings, before seguing into an argument for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Oh such is the metaphor of an alien threat when trying to convince the evil empire to reduce its nuclear weapons arsenal.

Pessimists weighed in on the possibility that an alien invasion would united us saying that this would probably not happen because there are many people that would see the possible alien invasion as either a threat to their religious beliefs, psychological well-being or scientific criteria.

Coronavirus has ripped open a lot of scabs, created bleak new storylines, and stripped us of our longstanding fable about global unity when threatened by a non-human Other.

Like an alien invasion it is silent, invisible and it robs humans of their dignity and their lives.

Over the last 2 and half years we have been bombarded with stories about possible alien encounters from Oumuamua, to the Tic Tac UFO’s that are following our Naval fleet.

These events and the mainstream media’s coverage of them, have yet to make a strong case for UFOs or aliens as a clear and present danger, at least not overtly. But like termites, emboldened researchers keep gnawing away in the shadows of the enervating COVID-19 drama monopolizing global news cycles.

This does not mean however that the big dance or the Deus Ex Machina of the alien invasion is not on the minds of many researchers.

Of course, I certainly think that while we are focused on the advice of the technocracy undefined this would be the perfect time to announce that we are not alone. Not that we have not noticed that there have been plenty of hints that we are not alone undefined and certainly like Amy Webb has said there is a point where you kind of hope that an alien invasion will happen to save us all.

Slowly, surely, the story behind the Pentagon’s secret UFO program continues to surface in piecemeal fragments. And, like so much else in Washington now, the Department of Defense is experiencing a conundrum, unable to respond to the UFO dilemma, except with confusion, contradiction, and obfuscation.

The Great UFO Taboo is beginning to swim in the mainstream: How many of us perked up at the mention of the USS Roosevelt during its quarantine fiasco, not so much for the activities in operations Enduring Freedom and Desert Storm, but for its role in documenting UFOs off the Florida-Georgia coast in 2015?

Does that strike an awkward chord as the Roosevelt was one of the ships that protected us from the Tic Tac UFO’s?

We now live in a time in human history where our collective world view had to change so abruptly, so fast. But it is going to happen and has already started to happen with the disclosure and declassification of the Pentagon UFO programs.

Japanundefineds Defense Ministry plans to draw up procedures in the event Self-Defense Force pilots encounter unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. The US Defense Department on Monday released videos of what it claims to be UFOs racing through the sky Defense Minister Taro Kono told reporters on Tuesday he does not believe much in UFOs, but he would like to know why the Pentagon released the videos and its analyses of them. Kono added there have been no reports of Self-Defense Force pilots encountering UFOs, but his ministry will be prepared in case they do.

Ready it or not, we’re getting a preview of the probable chaos ahead when and if governments across the world come to their senses, lose their minds, and speak with one voice in admitting that our state-of-the-art weapons platforms are, at the very least, being dreadfully outclassed by advanced technologies no power on Earth has the ability to counter.

We’ve already seen what a mere terrestrial virus can do to markets confronted with the specter of vulnerability and powerlessness. Imagine how the planet would react to advanced spacecraft that can wipe out entire fleets?

If it’s just a matter of convincing a few rational people to take things forward in progressive steps in providing sound information. Problems arise when you impinge upon the political – the layer where appearances matter most.
As we have seen in the past 2 and half years politicians when asked about the UFO issue always give an awkward answer and it is because they too lack the intelligence to take on anything unknown in a sane and rational way.