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Posted on April 4th, 2022 by Clyde Lewis

The Department of Defense announced on Friday that the U.S. will provide $300 million in additional security assistance to Ukraine. Why are we so willing to give our money away during a time of food scarcity and famine? Most people in the United States are now having a tough time putting gas in their vehicles, putting food on the table, and having adequate health care. But our government and several other countries have billions for Ukraine! It is astounding how easy it is to serve our masters and follow them to our own peril. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks about HUNGER PAINS - SEWING THE SEEDS OF SUICIDE.





So, over the weekend, the Grammy Awards were broadcast on TV and again they plaid to a minimal audience. I guess I am getting too old for music awards shows because I donundefinedt recognize some of the names of the artists. I never wanted to be that guy undefined out of touch or irrelevant.  If it werenundefinedt for having a teenager at home- I would not have known many of the presenters but there was someone who appeared at the Grammy’s, and I was again aggravated over the virtue signaling the limousine elite love to flaunt.

That person was none other that Volodymyr Zelensky.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, addressed the Grammy Awards in a video, giving an emotional plea for support in his country’s war against Russia.

“What is more opposite to music?” Zelensky said. “The silence of ruined cities and killed people.”

While the tragedy is great and the sadness of seeing people littering the streets of Kyiv is tragic undefined this is beginning to become just as propagandized as COVID -19 and it is the blood cement that we have decided to participate in which makes this even more suspicious.

In case you are not counting  we have given 10 percent of our GDP to Ukraine.

The Department of Defense announced on Friday the U.S. will provide $300 million in additional security assistance to Ukraine.

In a press release, the department said that it had notified Congress of “additional assistance activities under authority provided by the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.” The money is aimed to bolster Ukraine’s defenses against Russia’s invasion that has been going on for more than a month.

This package includes tactical secure communications systems, a counter-unmanned aerial system, nonstandard machine guns and other defense systems.

Zelensky’s appearance at the Grammyundefineds made me wonder how much more do we have to give to a country that just over a month ago was considered corrupt and their leader a mob boss.

Free money for Ukraine undefined donations, Go Fund Meundefineds for everyone, and the whole world is paying the price.

Why are we so willing to throw our money away in order to secure a time of food scarcity and famine.

What juice do we get for the squeeze?

Most people in the United States are now unable to put gas in their vehicles, put food on the table and have adequate health care. But our government and several have billions for Ukraine!

It is astounding how easy it is to serve our masters and follow them to our own peril.

This morning I was reading statistics worldwide on how prices of food are soaring to 30 % in most places in Europe because of the war in Ukraine. As I have said many times before when we look at what is happening abroad you can count on it happening in the United States some 60 to 90 days later.

Just days after Germany reported the highest inflation in generation (with February headline CPI soaring at a 7.6% annual pace and blowing away all expectations), giving locals a distinctly unpleasant Deja vu feeling even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine broke what few supply chains remained and sent prices even higher into the stratosphere…

Germany will take one step toward a return of the dreaded Weimar hyperinflation, when according to the German Retail Association consumers should prepare for another wave of price hikes for everyday goods and groceries with Reuters reporting that prices at German retail chains will explode between 20 and 50%

In Spain, the country started experiencing sporadic shortages of different products like eggs, milk and other dairy products almost immediately following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. In early March, major supermarkets began rationing sunflower oil.

Coincidentally it was announced that another 5 million egg-laying chickens in Iowa would have to be put down because of the bird flu.

The death toll from the bird flu in Iowa alone will be pushed beyond 13 million as a result of this latest incident.

Overall, this is what the total national death toll from the bird flu currently looks like: “22 million egg-laying chickens, 1.8 million broiler chickens, 1.9 million pullet and other commercial chickens, and 1.9 million turkeys”

We are being warned that the winter wheat harvest in the United States will be “disastrous” due to severe drought.

In Greece, at least four national supermarket chains have started rationing food products like flour and sunflower oil due to critically low supplies caused by the crippled supply chains coming out of Russia and Ukraine.

France’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said the EU must get to grips with the prospect that the war in Ukraine could prompt an “extremely serious” global food crisis.

The Biden administration is worried Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will cause famine in parts of the world; White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair Cecilia Rouse told CNBC on Friday.

Wherever you live in the world, energy prices are surging upwards. But a new global survey shows that people don’t blame climate policies for rising energy costs and strongly support moves to end the use of fossil fuels.

A survey of over 22,500 adults in 30 countries, conducted by Ipsos for the World Economic Forum, found that, on average, more than half of consumers expect rising energy costs to significantly reduce their spending power in 2022.

Results varied by country, however, with two-thirds of people living in South Africa, Japan and Turkey saying they expect to have less money to spend this year, compared to just over one-third in Switzerland and the Netherlands. People on low incomes and those aged 35 to 49 were most worried about their financial future.

We are spending 10 percent of our GDP for the war in Ukraine and we have also poured more money into climate enterprises.

But despite the impact on their financial situation, people remain strongly supportive of the ware spending and climate policies.

Someone tell me how we are allowing this to happen. Someone tell me how the people canundefinedt know the consequences form their programmed altruism.

It is virtue signaling at your own peril.

The smoothness with which the corporate media redirects its viewers’ base emotional response — emanating from the deepest reptilian caverns of the  “reptilian brain” — is paranormal, paramoral and utterly  jaw-dropping.

No combination of adjectives could do justice to this most marvelous of propaganda coups over the human psyche.

Almost overnight, sometime in February 2022, the left’s Public Enemy #1 morphed from the much-maligned “anti-vaxxer” murdering their grandmother by coughing up COVID undefined to the entire country of Russia, and with that came the propaganda that it is up to you to save a country that no one cared about a month ago.

The social engineers have achieved the intentional interweaving of various identities into a single consolidated, hated enemy and people are now willing to strave to death undefined and the question is why?

All for the New World Order?

Biden has warned that there is going to be a New World Order. Putin and Xi are writing joint statements about the creation of a New World Order. In fact, all of the globalists are interested in a New World Order.

Have we been lolled into feeling guilty enough to fall on the sword for a few internationalists that are expecting us to jump whenever they say?

This moral outrage is nothing but theater undefined Sean Penn said that he would be willing to smelt his Oscar trophies if Zelensky didnundefinedt appear at the academy awards to beg undefined and well they ended up being the topic of the year undefined with a slap undefined and the grammyundefineds allowed him to beg which should be called a slap to the American people.

Months ago, nobody knew the flag colors of Ukraine and now they are everywhere undefined being flown side by side on every democrat’s lapel pin that appears on CNN. Every single one of these people all of the sudden pretending to have a deep abiding interest in Ukrainian national sovereignty- it needs to be said that this is creepy as hell!

Can we continue this trend when we know that by the end of the year  more people will have died from hunger, despair and suicide because of COVID-19 and now the every growing inflation and the breakdown of the food chain?

This hunger pandemic will be under-reported or not reported at all in the mainstream media. In fact, it has started already. And it is only going to get worse in the months ahead.

Not only have many or most already lost their meager living quarters because they can no longer pay the rent but they need to scrape together in the outside world whatever they can find to feed their families and themselves. They have to go out and work for food and if there is no work, no income – they may resort to ransacking supermarkets in the city or farms in the country side. Food to sustain life is essential. Taking the opportunity to take food away from people and continue to war effort in order to starve a nation is sheer and outright murder.

While we are told that Vladimir Putin is conducting genocide in Ukraine we can also say that the mass murderers of the Global world order are obviously doing it as well.

They are committing mass genocide on a worldwide scale in proportions unknown in recent history of humankind. And this to dominate a world under a New World Order, aiming at a massively reduced world population.

The self-imposed new rulers decide who will live and who will die. Their self-promoting altruist agenda is going to push us closer to the breaking point.

How are they carrying our their population reduction? How do they eliminate poverty?

By starving the poor.

They were quick to warn us of the Dark Winter undefined but are they going to warn us of the Food Riots that could come this Summer?

The pace at which things are changing around the globe right now is absolutely breathtaking, but most people assume that life will just continue to carry on as it normally does.  Unfortunately, the truth is that a very real planetary emergency is developing right in front of our eyes.

BlackRock Inc. President Rob Kapito told an audience in Austin, Texas, hosted by the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association, that an entire younger generation is quickly finding out what it means to suffer from shortages, according to Bloomberg.

“For the first time, this generation is going to go into a store and not be able to get what they want,” Kapito said. “And we have a very entitled generation that has never had to sacrifice.”

Basically, you will not be able to go into a supermarket and just buy whatever you want, whenever you want.

The head of the UN World Food program says that what the planet is now facing is unlike anything that we have seen since World War II…

“Ukraine has only compounded a catastrophe on top of a catastrophe,” said David M. Beasley, the executive director of the World Food Program, the United Nations agency that feeds 125 million people a day. “There is no precedent even close to this since World War II.”

During a recent interview, one prominent U.S. farmer stated that most Americans won’t like it when “your grocery bill is up $1,000.00 a month”.

They are getting hit on every front on every expense possible, from fertilizer to fuel to labor insurance, everything in between .

I have been warning people  over and over again that this day was coming, and now it is here.

You can mock preppers all you like and you can claim that me hocking food storage is a way to sell out but go ahead and wave your Ukrainian flag, and pretend that everything is going to work out -even with food storage in my home and being as prepared as I can afford undefined I canundefinedt even get the medications I need because they are running out undefined or they have not been supplied on time undefined these are medications that are suppose to help me to survive.

So far so good undefined but I like you am watching the prices go up and my paranoia is now growing undefined crime is also happening close to home and with gun crime on the rise I am sure the Biden administration will boast some sort of way to take guns away from citizens leaving them helpless to defend what little they have.

In my entire lifetime, I have never seen anything like this in the United States undefined I have seen it south America undefined as bread would be 50 cents one day undefined and close to 3 dollars the next. At least with local bakers and butchers, you could make a few deals to get the food you needed.

Now it is almost impossible to make deals like these as the corporations answer to the other conglomerates and if they decide to withhold sustenance for a war effort we all will have to start rationing or hoarding depending on what you feel works.

Conditions are getting worse with each passing day. A truly nightmarish global food crisis really is upon us, and hundreds of millions of innocent people are going to deeply suffer as a result.

You see the social engineers took advantage of our antisocial state of mind. They wanted us all to care – or even over care about the global problems facing humanity.

They wanted us all to move all of our trauma and project it on a country that is being attacked by a madman. But the grooming process was being carried out for at least 4 years during the Trump administration.

This self-induced trauma programming has shaped us into the species we are now

The challenging part is imagining the way forward from here. Is it all about suffering to show how much we really care?

In all of the altruistic show and tell are you going to value your “taking a stand” when you are forced into a breadline or have to make sacrifices to feed your family?

It is time to eschew the theater and start playing in reality.

There is no depth to which Globalists will not sink to achieve their ends. Their script was written long ago.

Now all “The Narrative” requires is that we slot comfortably into the roles set out for us by our drama coaches.

That’s the scenario and the answer is still, no.

And with many great actors, we need to ask ourselves what is the motivation for this role we are playing because no one is going to applaud when we have to face the final curtain call.