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Posted on April 5th, 2021 by Clyde Lewis


Historically, the American criminal justice system, flawed as it is, requires any jury in a criminal case to consider the Defendant’s level of conscious intent to commit a criminal act as well as the illegality of the act without specificity to the psychological issues of that intent.

Originally, hate crime laws were expected to offer special protection based on an individuals’ sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability or racial identity as perceived by the perpetrator.  

In a manner that does not occur in normal criminal proceedings, defining the “hate” component of a crime requires a distinct determination that the defendant’s actions were solely motivated by thoughts of ‘hate.’

Hate crime is thought crime – the exact Orwellian terminology for mental intent in the process of committing murder.

The reality is that hate crimes may be difficult to distinguish from a run-of-the-mill felony murder, thereby increasing the hate crime penalty makes little sense since first degree murder is already subject to the death penalty. Therefore, it appears that a redundant death penalty for a crime that would already call for the death penalty is little more than…overkill.

In other words, hate crime prosecution necessarily relies on criminalizing thoughts.

The Hate crime/Thought crime agenda has been abused by the mainstream media in order to facilitate discussions about domestic terror and gun control.

We have had a number of stories in the news recently where assailants have been reportedly triggered by thoughts of hate whether it be to the Asian community or to police officers.

Going back to square one and the Atlanta Massage parlor shootings – the media pushed the agenda of White Hate against Asian-Americans while police weren’t sure of the motive.

Then came the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado.

By the time of the Boulder attack, the news cycle that followed Atlanta was already geared up for reporting that this attack was another example of White supremacy run amok and domestic terrorism.

The suspect was a mentally ill Syrian born male named Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa.Boulder shooting suspect: Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder

Needless to say, that the story was about to be another repetitive lesson assuming white supremacy or domestic terror exploited for the anti-gun lobby.

Sometimes, such close repetition can galvanize national attention and grief– having the media jump the gun and developing a hate crime scenario for yet another attack is lazy and appears to foment an agenda of hate as well.

If the media wishes to promote thought crime, then perhaps they should give us the reason why these thoughts of hate are being programmed into the suspect in the first place.

If it is a thought crime, then maybe we should pay attention to the nuances of what is first reported by the police.

When I first heard of the Washington DC incident where a man tried to ram the barricade of the Capitol and killed one police officer, I listened carefully as the media tried to compare what had happened to the insurrection of January the 6th.

Again, the Domestic Terror proposals were being discussed by the experts. When it was discovered that the suspect was a member of the Nation of Islam –everything changed. Social media started spreading hate and there was a bipartisan agreement that the suspect Noah Green was obviously a terrorist.US Capitol attack: What do we know so far about suspect Noah Green? | US News | Sky News

This change was equally seen in the Boulder shootings as well when the narrative went from being a white supremacist – to being a Syrian Muslim identified as Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa.

the Atlanta shootings were not successful in creating the hate necessary to demand action – new domestic terror patsies are created almost like they are part of a stage play—and the court of public opinion sees red – what they don’t see is the probability that Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa and Noah Green may have been mind controlled patsies who were programmed using some advanced targeting mind control techniques.

According to authorities and the media, Noah Green, the man who rammed a car into two officers at a barricade outside the U.S. Capitol, killing one of them before he was shot to death by police, had been suffering from delusions, paranoia and suicidal thoughts.

In online posts since removed, Green described being under government thought control and said he was being watched. He claimed he was being tracked because he was a member of the nation of Islam.

He claimed of being harassed with phone calls, hearing voices and being under surveillance.

In 2013, officers with the Capitol Police and Secret Service fatally shot a woman inside her car after she led them on a high-speed chase that began outside the White House. Miriam Carey’s family said she suffered from postpartum depression with psychosis but was not dangerous.Trump riot draw attention to Miriam Carey Capitol police shooting | firstcoastnews.com

Carey also claimed that she was being remotely harassed by the government as well and that she wanted to drive directly to the White House to personally ask Barack Obama to stop the targeting.

Both Green and Carey claimed to be targeted, which lead their families to believe they were delusional.

In the Boulder shootings Ahmad al Aliwi Alissa made the same claims.

Alissa had become increasingly “paranoid” around 2014, believing he was being followed and chased, according to his brother. At one point, Alissa covered the camera on his computer with duct tape so he could not be seen.

He always suspected someone was behind him, someone was chasing him.

His brother continued to tell authorities that the family kept a close eye on him when he was in high school. He would say, ‘Someone is chasing me, someone is investigating me.’ And we are like, ‘Come on man. There’s nothing.’ … He was just closing into himself,” the brother added.

Alissa’s Facebook page, the authenticity of which was confirmed by his brother and a high school classmate, shows posts saying he believed his former high school had been hacking into his phone.

Alissa posted “Just curious what are the laws about phone privacy because I believe my old school was hacking my phone”

He made a second post on July 5, 2019, also claiming that people were hacking his phone, saying, “let me have a normal life I probably could.”

This information is on the record. It also shows a pattern.

When the media and the authorities are hell bent on criminalizing thoughts – it becomes a compelling thought that perhaps they have a hand in making those thoughts happen.

The NSA claims it has already developed a remote neural monitoringsystem revealing one’s most hidden private thoughts or an iphone may be bugged with implants to reduce impulse control.

According to some scientists involved in this program (their names are not revealed for obvious reasons), within a few years, it is expected that DNA microchips, under the guise of medical breakthroughs that will be presented to launch the disease cure processes on speed and efficiency, might be implanted in the human cerebrum, which would make it inherently controllable. R.N.M. would then have the ability to read and govern a person’s emotional mental procedures along with the involuntary and visions.

At present, around the world, supercomputers are watching millions of people at the same time, with the speed of 20 terabits per second, particularly in countries like the USA, Japan, Israel, and a number of European countries. A similar program is supposedly underway in Russia.

R.N.M. works remotely to control the brain under the objective to detect any criminal thought taking place inside the mind of a possible culprit. The inevitable question: How can you isolate a criminal thought if you do not have a comparative measure of non-criminal thoughts?

The idea that these new and improved technologies being developed around the world, supposedly to deal with crime and terrorism, and inadvertently intrude on one’s privacy, should probably bring us all to the brink of paranoia. These technologies are funded by governments at the highest level and some of the countries involved include the USA, UK, Spain, Germany, and France.

The research studies have shown that the human intellect thinks at a speed of about 60 bits per second and, therefore, does not have the capability to contest with supercomputers acting via satellites, implants, and biotelemetry.

The human brain has a characteristic set of bioelectric resonance structures. By using supercomputers, the R.N.M. system can home in on it, and send messages through an embedded individual’s nervous system in order to affect their performance in a preferred way.

The entire system has been developed after about 50 years of neuro-electromagnetic human experimentation.

One of the classic tropes of conspiracy theory is the idea that when an assassin or a shooter goes on a rampage and kills a political leader or shoots up a mall we can attribute the killers mental disintegration on mind control carried out by dark figures that use magic, hypnosis, and drugs to trigger someone into becoming a killing machine.

When our government undertook their various individual programs for exploring the possibility of mind control they were seeking out a way to disintegrate the personality of a subject and then replace it with some other convenient form that they could easily control.

During the Cold War, the purpose of this mind-altering was of course to create an army of unwitting “Manchurian Candidates” but it was also a way to create a cult of intelligence that can be called on or triggered at a moment’s notice to carry out some clandestine mission.

In Dr. John Coleman’s book, the “Committee of 300,” it is documented that there have been plans in the works to socially engineer the populace into accepting a “controlled superstate.” This super government can only be implemented if the people demand it. The way it is engineered is through several shocks to the system which in turn manipulate and wear down the populace into adjusting their principles for the coming changes.

The idea is to allow the idea of transcendence to die off in the human being making him more of a beast or an animal easily controlled and manipulated through trigger phrases, sounds, numeric sequences and other stimuli. The subject is then reborn and reprogrammed to do the will of its master.

This raises a lot of questions among those of the consensus.

They wonder if the there is that fuzzy line between sanity, insanity and external mind control that can conducted by Artificial Intelligence or intentional gang stalking or electronic harassment.

The public is left to decide what psychosis is and whether or not artificial environments and psychological operations trigger people into rages – or even prompt people to commit acts of murder.

Typically, these questions are left to be answered by technocrats and to the intelligentsia of related scientific fields. There are some psychoanalysts that declare that mind control and the resulting mass hypnosis and hysteria are myths concocted in the wild imaginations of conspiracy theorists that long for outrageous explanations for simple things.

It is however daunting, that the majority of people have limited knowledge of how mind control can be used to push people over the edge. When asked about what they know about mind control, the majority of people will immediately bring up the notorious MK Ultra program, a remnant of the Cold War brought to us by Nazi intelligence, borrowed from Project Paperclip.

There is also the well-known book and movie the Manchurian Candidate.

The Manchurian Candidate is a well-known conspiracy thriller novel by Richard Condon, about the son of a prominent political family who has been brainwashed into being an unwitting assassin for the Communist Party. The novel was adapted for the screen in 1962 and again in 2004.

The story goes that during The Korean War, Captain Bennett Marco and Sergeant Raymond Shaw were part of a platoon that was captured in 1952. They are taken to Manchuria, and are brainwashed to believe that Sgt. Shaw saved their lives in combat for which the Army awards him the Medal of Honor.

Years later, Marco, now an intelligence officer, starts suffering from a recurring nightmare about Shaw murdering two of his comrades, all observed by Chinese and Russian officers. When Marco learns that another soldier from the platoon also has been suffering the same nightmare, he sets to uncovering the mystery and makes a terrifying discovery.

Shaw is being used as a sleeper agent for the Communists, programmed as a guiltless assassin, subconsciously activated with a particular trigger – the Queen of Diamonds in a deck of cards. Thus, he is activated, kills the target, and immediately forgets.

Many people who are fans of the 1962 version remember that Raymond is triggered when he gets a phone call from an agent that tell him that perhaps it is time for him to play a game of Solitaire.

Manchurian Candidate, The (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Can You See The Red Queen?

He then proceeds to play until the Red Queen turns up.

The phone rings again, and the voice asks Raymond if he has seen the Red Queen—Raymond says yes, and the agent then gives him instructions on where he needs to be for a mental checkup.

In the 2004 version, Liv Schreiber plays the role of Raymond and his check up scene includes an implant sequence that causes your blood to crawl.The Manchurian Candidate (2004) Movie Review - From The Balcony

Ever since this story was told there have been many assassins in history that have been suspected of being mind controlled sleeper assassins.

Remote Neural Programming acts as an advanced “phone call” and can be triggered by a cell phone or a computer.Remote Neural Monitoring : A Technology Used For Controlling Human Brain - HubPages

The signals intelligence system which applies electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), to excite the brain for the system and the electronic brain link (EBL).

The Brain Stimulation system that has been planned as particle emission intelligence, which means receiving information from unintentionally created electromagnetic waves in the environment. However, it is not related to radioactivity or nuclear detonation.

The recording machines that have electronic equipment to examine electrical action in human beings from afar. This computer-generated brain charting can always record all electrical events in the cerebrum.

The recording aid system deciphers individual brain maps for security purposes.

The underlining technology of this system takes into consideration that the electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject’s verbal thoughts. R.N.M. can send encrypted signals to the audio cortex of the brain directly circumventing the ear.

The EMF emissions can be decoded into current thoughts and audiovisual perception, in the subject’s gumption. It sends complicated ciphers and electromagnetic pulse signals to activate evoked potentials inside the mind, consequently generating sound and visual input in the neural circuits.

With its speech, auditory and visual communication arrays, R.N.M. allows for a comprehensive audio-visual mind-to-mind connection or a mind-to-computer association.

With all the given paybacks for tracing the unlawful and traitorous activities, there are many alarms and dangers being pointed out by human rights advocates and scientists. The agencies of human rights, worldwide, have criticized the system as an affront to the basic human rights because it violates privacy and the dignity of considerations and events of life.

Several countries have opposed it and refer to it as an offense on their human and civil rights. Along with other biological concerns voiced by scientists, R.N.M. remains a controversial technology, which is being used in many countries for security maintenance and surveillance.

With this technology we go from creating Manchurian candidates to Futurian candidates.

The United States has a rich history alleged programmed killing machines. We remember Charles Manson and the artistic and synchronized way “Son of Sam” killer, David Berkowitz carried out his deadly handiwork. Mark David Chapman, Manson, and John Hinckley all had certain triggers that somehow jumped out at them in record albums and books.

To this day, the ghosts of these cases haunt conspiracy history –and many people look back and wonder if any of these stories of brainwashed alter egos have any merit.

Itundefineds on public record that MK-ULTRA, the mind control research which CIA director Admiral Stansfield Turner admitted to in 1977 spent millions of dollars in researching new and advanced silent weapons for mind control . On August 3, 1977, at a Senate hearing the then CIA director Admiral Stansfield Turner disclosed that the CIA had been conducting mind control on countless numbers of unsuspecting victims for years, without their knowledge or consent.Stansfield Turner, Who Headed CIA Under Carter, Dies At 94 : The Two-Way : NPR

These CIA mind-control operations were carried out with the participation of a least 185 scientists and at least 80 American institutions, including prisons, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and 44 medical colleges & universities. Many of Americaundefineds most prestigious institutes of medical research, had cooperated with the CIA. as well as numerous big-name corporations.

Many people to this day claim that they are targeted and perhaps many of these individuals wind up in the headlines committing murderous crimes under the influence of targeted mind control systems.

We have all been washed in the shock and awe of mass shootings, with reports of multiple shooters that eventually wind up becoming lone nut bad actors. This has prompted many vocal individuals to take to social; media claiming that most of these shootings are being carried out by crisis actors and that they are nothing more than fake news that can be used to start the rallying cry for gun control.

It becomes a lazy exercise when we know that there are real victims—and what is most frustrating is many of these killers are on the radar of the FBI before they even commit any of their crimes.

We all have heard of the government’s plan to identify and disable—anyone that they see as a potential threat. But what if they are enabling the treat and are able to trace

We are now hearing about hate crimes, which are thought crimes and how they are part of the agenda.

Who would know better about thought crimes than those who are responsible for manipulating those thoughts using advanced tools such as R.N.M.

We are now hearing of how advanced technology can be used to push you and your mind in directions they would certainly never go –and when you engage in unfamiliar activities you are left wondering if you did it because you are having a psychotic break or if something is contributing to some unexplained behavior.

The subject is pervasive and deserves your attention. It can be depressing so take it in small doses, but do not discount it. It’s an ugly control technique woven into individuals and concepts in todayundefineds realms of the media, education, politics, the military, entertainment and science. And we all need to be aware of its extent and help expose it.